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Walter Parker papers

Guide to the Walter Parker papers
circa 1940-2014

Collection number: HMC-1180.
Creator: Parker, Walter B.
Title: Walter Parker papers.
Dates: circa 1940-2014.
Volume of collection: 37 cubic feet and 87.8 GB.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers of an Alaskan resources and transportation adviser who held various positions in governmental and public interest organizations.

Biographical note:
Walter (Walt) Parker was born in Spokane, Washington in 1926. After serving in World War II, he married Patricia Ertman in 1946 and the couple moved to Alaska where Parker began work with the Civil Aeronautics Administration and the Federal Field Committee for Development Planning. In 1971, he joined the University of Alaska and taught classes in political science and urban and regional planning. During this time, he and Patricia founded Parker and Associates, Inc., consulting primarily on transportation and telecommunication issues. Parker was also elected to the Greater Anchorage Area Borough Assembly, serving from 1971-1974. In 1974, he was appointed as an environmental consultant to the state on the pipeline and oversaw the construction of the Dalton Highway. Parker became Alaska’s highway commissioner under Governor Jay Hammond and was charged in forming the Department of Transportation. In 1976, he became state chairman of the Joint Federal/State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska, which provided input for the Alaska National Interest Lands and Conservation Act (ANILCA). He also served as chair of the Alaska Oil Tanker Task Force, served on the board of Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc. (RurALCAP), was an Alaska delegate on the Pacific Oil and Ports Group, and chaired the Alaska Telecommunications Task Force. Governor Cowper appointed Parker as chair of the Alaska Oil Spill Commission after the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS). Under United States President Bill Clinton, Parker became a member of the Arctic Research Commission and held various positions in other governmental and public interest organizations, such as the Northern Forum, the Institute of the North, the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, the Bering Sea Forum, the Anchorage Citizens Coalition, and the Anchorage Trails and Greenways Coalition. Parker also served on the boards of the Prince William Sound Science Center, the Oil Spill Recovery Institute, the North Pacific Research Board, the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association (AMIPA), and was a chair for the Alaska Humanities Forum (AHF). Walt Parker died in 2014.

Collection description:
The collection contains the professional papers of Walt Parker. A majority of the records relate to his work with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Commission, the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, the Bering Sea Forum, the Land Use Planning Commission, the Alaska Oil Tanker Task Force, and the Alaska Telecommunications Task Force, as well as Parker and Associates, Inc. The collection also contains Parker’s professional correspondence and his appointment books.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the order it arrived to the Archives.

Alternative formats: Some records are only available digitally due to fire and mold damage. Please contact an archivist for further information.

Digitized copies: Digital copies of collection material are not available online. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: Some of the records may contain fire, smoke, and water damage. Researchers with allergy issues should let an archivist know prior to accessing the materials.

Rights note: The Archives holds copyright to materials created by Walter Parker. The collection contains materials not created by Parker, which may have copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Walter Parker papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
“After a Long Life of Service, Walt Parker Passes Away.” Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council, June 2014. Web.

Dunham, Mike. “Longtime Alaska Resources and Transportation Adviser Walter Parker Dead at 87.” Alaska Dispatch News, 26 June 2014. Web.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some were added to Rare Books. Materials that contained water and fire damaged were digitized and destroyed. Please contact Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to the Archives by the Parker family in 2014. A deed of gift was signed by Douglas Parker, Walt Parker’s son, at the time of donation.

Processing information: A basic box level description was completed by Veronica Denison in 2014. Damaged material was digitized between 2014 and 2016, and described by Denison between 2016 and 2019. Wherever possible, original folder titles have been retained.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 [Digital file] Alaska Energy Center: Equal Rights for Women undated, 1981
1/2 [Digital file] Environmental Impact Statement: Regulations for Tank Vessels Engages in the Carriage of Oil in Domestic Trade undated
1/3 [Digital file] Letter of Recommendation response from J. Veronica Biggins to Governor Sheffield 1994 August 24
1/4 [Digital file] Scenic Byways: Opportunities and Threats undated
1/5 [Digital file] Talking Anchorage: Forums on Community 1995
1/6 [Digital file] Letter from Jim Rudd to Parker regarding interview 1994 August 19
1/7 [Digital file] Impacts to the Division of Spill Prevention and Response (SPAR) operating budget 1992
1/8 [Digital file] Political correspondence regarding the legalization of abortion, the wolf population, environmental research of UAA and UAF; Development of an Early Warning System for Accidental Radioactive Releases 1970, 1994
1/9 [Digital file] Problems of the Oil Tank Vessels Operating Between Valdez and the West Coast: Recommendations for State of Alaska Actions by Parker Associates, Inc. prepared for The Alaska Citizen’s Oversight Council on Oil and Other Hazardous Substances; Status of Prevention Measures in the Valdez-West Coast Oil Tanker Traffic presented to the States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force Annual Meeting by Walter Parker; A Research Program to Ensure that Best Available Technology is Used in Preventing and Responding to Oil Spill in Alaska and the North Pacific by Parker 1991, 1994
1/10 [Digital file] Parker’s resume 1971
1/11 [Digital file] Parker’s press release regarding the formation of the Alaska Department of Transportation; Letter form Florence Collins regarding the Parker’s statements on the Elliot Highway; Correspondence regarding Commission of Natural Resources, Department of Highways, Juneau District Election, AHF elections, American Society for Public Administration, Department of Transportation; Cordova Fisheries Institute “Oil Impacts & Renewable Aquatic Resources” agenda undated, 1974-1977
1/12-13 [Digital file] Alaska Planning and Management, Consulting Report, “All phases of Development Planning in Alaska”; Proposed Campbell Creek Park System maps; Finding and recommendations for educational broadcasting needs of rural Alaska draft; Some Suggestions on Communications Satellite Planning for the Pacific Area by Parker; undated
1/14 [Digital file] Hazardous Substance Spill Technology Review Council notes and correspondence; Alaska Humanities Forum letters to politicians; Notes on In-situ Burning; A Preliminary Proposal for a Tilt Rotor Project in Indonesia or the Philippines; Alaska in World War II Product List; Parker Associations Corporate Resume and Alaska Projects List as of June 1984; AHF 1984 Draft Annual Report by Steve Coleman; Report of Known Airports North Slope; Federal Aviation Administration Alaskan Region Ad Hoc Committee Bulletin Sinclair Oil Company airstrip; Oil industry, tonnage, transportation requirements; Notes on oil industry in Alaska; Construction of a Radio Beacon at Chandalar Lake rough draft; A Comprehensive Usage for Mechanized Vehicles in Chugach State Park; North Slope Information Needs; Notes on tankers in Northwest Passage; FAA North Slope Ad Hoc Committee travel information; Dew Line; North Slope Traffic System Capacity undated, 1968, 1984, 1994-1995
2 Oil Spill Commission files, A-I undated
3 Oil Spill Commission files, I-Y undated
4 Speeches; Subject files; Committee files undated
5 Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council undated
6 Prince William Sound Science Center; Angola investments; Russia and Far East undated
7 Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response (EPPR); Telecommunications; Notes; Protection of Arctic Marine Environment (PAME); Learn Alaska undated
8 EPPR; Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS); Arctic Research Commission (ARC) undated
9 Research files; Oil Spill Commission; Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council undated
10 Appointment books undated
11 Subject files; Oil and gas; Pipeline; Parker and Associates, Inc. undated
12 Subject files; Parker and Associates, Inc. undated
13 Subject files undated
14 Transportation files; Subsistence; Correspondence; Inter-office memos; Satellite communication files undated
15 Subject files undated
16 Conservation files; Oil Spill Commission undated
17 Rural Air Study undated
18 Subject files undated
19 Subject files undated
20 Subject files undated
21 Subject files undated
22 Bartlett Democratic Club; Transportation files undated
23 Country files (listed by country name) undated
24 Notebooks; Subject files; Transportation files undated
25-26 Oil Spill Prevention and Response Committee; Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council; Appointment books undated
27 North Pacific Research Board undated
28 Commissioner of Highways files; AEPS; Institute of the North (Note: removed one folder from box due to mold) undated
29 Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council undated
30 ARC meetings undated
31 Oil Spill Recovery Institute; Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council undated
32 Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council; Notes; Research files undated
33 Northwest Gas Policy; Oil and gas; Power Alaska; Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council; Circumpolar Infrastructure Task Force undated
34 AK Trans Alliance; Pipeline; Institute of the North; Weathercam Study; Tankers files; Parker and Associates, Inc.; AMIPA undated
35 Transportation workshop and seminar files and notes undated
36 Audiovisual materials: Alaska history and Oil Spill undated
37 News clippings; Notes; Northern Forum; Photographs; Arctic Design; Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council; EPPR; Telecommunications; Oil Spill; AMIPA; Correspondence undated
38/1 [Digital file] Alaska Oil Spill Commission 1989
38/2 [Digital file] Planning Commission reports, correspondence 1977-1979
38/3-9 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission correspondence 1977-1979
38/10 [Digital file] Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission conference 1979
38/11 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission reports, correspondence, legislature, notes undated, 1979
38/12-13 [Digital file] Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission testimony; municipality of Anchorage; memoranda; news releases 1973-1979
39/1-3 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission: Easement recommendations for lands under section 12 of ANCSA 1978
39/4 [Digital file] Aleutian Planning Commission director’s report and meeting minutes, 1974 March; Abstracts “Alaska in the 70s”; Transportation Improvement Program: Memoranda and Parker’s notes; Impact and Restoration of Alaskan Arctic Tundra as Exemplified by the Trans Alaska Pipeline and Highway Systems; Federal-Aid Highway Program Manual; Statewide Multimodal Transportation Study by Parker and Richard Boeglin; Authorizations, Federal and Highway Act of 1973; Department of Highways memoranda, and constructing a road named for Milo Fritz; Correspondence with Niilo Koponen, Roger Allington; The Proposed Alaska Department of Transportation 1974-1976
39/5 [Digital file] Department of Highways National Governors’ Conference, Task Force on Environmental Management; Letter from Parker to Gov. Hammond and Dept. of Highways; Certificate of Membership for The American Road Builders’ Association; SB 423 notes (repeal of law requiring the state to compensate leaseholders for rights of way); Correspondence regarding settlements against the Highway Department; Senate Bill 548, HB 63 creating the Department of Transportation, draft and Parker’s notes; Parker’s CV; Land Use Planning Commission easement correspondence; Transportation and Utility Corridor Hearings; Parker as arbitrator for Bristol Bay Native Corporation; 1973-1976
39/6 [Digital file] House Subcommittee on General Oversight and Alaska Lands testimonies regarding easements; Calista Corp. v Andrus correspondence; Resolution by the Planning Association of Alaska on D-2 Lands; D-2 Lands, Alaska Realty Association; Draft legislative language for Section 17(d)(2) of ANCSA; ANCSA implementation 1976-1979
39/7 [Digital file] Testimonies before the House Subcommittee on General Oversight and Alaska Lands: George Rogers, Walter Parker, Esther Wunnicke; Proposed amendments to ANCSA; Federal-State Land Classification Commission 1977
39/8 [Digital file] Testimony of Esther Wunnicke and Walter Parker before the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, before the Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, before the Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation and the Environment Committee on Merchant Marine Fisheries; Testimony of Walter Parker before the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs Subcommittee on Special Investigations 1977-1979
39/9 [Digital file] Special planning for Arctic Alaska; Arctic Cooperative Region; State of Alaska Comments on Draft of Native Conveyance Language for Title VIII; Easement meeting and decision correspondence, townsite regulations; D-2 legislation 1978
39/10 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission correspondence and meeting agendas; Testimonies of Esther Wunnicke and Walter Parker before the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, includes notes and drafts; Alaska Lands Bill correspondence; ANCSA D2 deadline expansion request; Access Issues in Wilderness Areas; Steering Council for Alaska Lands: Proposed Revisions; Section 704 (b) of the Udall (d) (2) bill correspondence; Wildlife management, hunting, subsistence, and other subjects in relation to d-2; Mineral exploration and development; Management Systems in Alaska in relation to d-2 lands 1978-1979
39/11 [Digital file] D-2: Land issues and pending legislation; Proposed Revisions to the Mining Law of 1872; Certain Legal and Policy Implications of Utility and Transportation Corridors Across (d) (2) Lands undated, 1976
39/12 [Digital file] D-2 meetings; Correspondence, issues, and implementation of ANCSA; State Land Ownership Concerns; Section 14 (h) (8) of ANCSA 1975-1978
39/13 [Digital file] Easements and easement policies; Townsite regulations; ANCSA issues; Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission correspondence regarding ANCSA; American Society for Public Administration trip to China correspondence; AFN Land Manager’s meeting; Public involvement meetings regarding Utility Corridor Land Use Proposals; Alaska Land Managers Cooperative Task Force agenda; Fire Sub-committee Land Managers Task Force meeting minutes; Bristol Bay Native Corporation comments on the Draft Environmental Supplement 1976-1978
39/14 [Digital file] D-2 and ANCSA related correspondence, recommendations, and implementation; Commission Review of Tentative National Interest Lands recommendations; National Interest Lands issues; State selection; Recent Actions Affecting Public Land Law; (d) (2) broadcasts in Alaska and Askalaska; BLM, Soil Conservation Service, and Land Use Planning Commission agreement for sharing electronic digitized data; Preliminary Proposal for Federal-State Agency Review Development of an Alaska Resource Information System (ARIS) 1976-1978
39/15-16 [Digital file] Preliminary Analysis and Goal Formulation for ARIS Project, carts circa 1976
39/17-18 [Digital file] Arctic Summary and Arctic 01: Coastal Inventories, Southcentral circa 1966-1978
39/19 [Digital file] Aleutian Summary: Coastal Inventories; Southeast circa 1966-1978
39/20 [Digital file] South Central Summary: Coastal Inventories, Southcentral circa 1966-1978
39/21 [Digital file] Arctic and Bering Coastal Inventories circa 1966-1978
39/22 [Digital file] Southeast Summary, Coastal Inventories circa 1966-1978
39/23-24 [Digital file] Southeast and Southcentral Summary, Coastal Inventories circa 1966-1978
39/25 [Digital file] Public Transportation in Anchorage circa 1971
40/1 [Digital file] Transportation: Anchorage Public Transit 1970-1982
40/2 [Digital file] Interior Alaska Transportation Study: Parker Associates Inc. Doyon LTD circa 1980
40/3 [Digital file] A Preliminary Assessment of Shipping and Terminal Costs for Transportation of Lead and Zinc Concentrates from Bear Creek Mining Company’s Ambler District Site, prepared by Parker Associates 1982 September
40/4 [Digital file] Telecom billing undated, 1982
40/5 [Digital file] Coal proposal undated, 1981
40/6 [Digital file] Gas Pipeline Proposal to DNR undated
40/7 [Digital file] Air System Programs reports prepared and written by Parker Associates: Critique of Alaska DOTPF Report on Air Transportation Projects contained in Chapter 50, SLA 1980; Continuing Problems in Rural Air Transportation; A Position Paper on the Airline Deregulation Act and its Effect on Essential Air Service to Rural Alaska; A Proposal for Evaluating the Economic Effects of Air Carrier Deregulations on Alaska and its Effect on Essential Air Service to Small Communities; Recommendation on Field Lighting at Rural Alaska Airports; 1980
40/8 [Digital file] Interim Report on the Implementation of the Rural Aviation Improvement Program in Alaska; Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Step to the Future 1980-1981
40/9 [Digital file] Rural Air Weather Reporting: Rural aviation, includes reports written by Parker Associations 1980-1982
40/10 [Digital file] Bear Creek Billing: Resource development and Bear Creek Mining Company; A Proposal to Bear Creek Mining Company for an Ambler District to Seaport Transportation Analysis Including Institutional and Legal Constraints 1983
40/11 [Digital file] [Parker Associates] Billing—Interior Airports 1982
40/12 [Digital file] Correspondence: Shirley Blackmen, S.B. Productions 1986-1987
40/13 [Digital file] City of Chignik: Request for proposals regarding Chignik Economic Development Plan; Proposal Phase II Chignik Economic Development Plan (Marine Industrial Park) by Parker Associates 1987
40/14-15 [Digital file] Anchorage Traffic: Transit Planning and Transit Management Assistance 1979-1984
40/16 [Digital file] Air commerce; Testimony on CS HB648, CS HB649, CS HB651, CS HB 652, and CS HB654 – transportation related bills undated
40/17 [Digital file] Department of Highways correspondence, projects; Earth stations; Parker Associated: “Remote Gas Conversion, Transportation, and Utilization, Advanced System Concept” study; Effect of the Communications Act “Rewrite”on Alaska memorandum; Testimony of Terry Miller on HR 3333 1975-1990
40/18 [Digital file] Alaska Science and Technology Foundation 1988
40/19 [Digital file] Airport Planning Health: Aviation Planning Methodology by Parker Associates undated
40/20 [Digital file] 1981-1982 Rural Contract Billing file 1981-1982
40/21 [Digital file] Telecommunications notes and correspondence; Graduate Admissions Committee Department of Landscape Architecture; Alaska Academy of Engineering Sciences 1988-1989
40/22 [Digital file] Interim 1981 report: “Interim Report on the Implementation for the Rural Aviation on Improvement Program in Alaska” to the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Rural Aviation 1981
40/23 [Digital file] Reg. Corp. Meeting: Notes from the meetings with Regional Corporations regarding airport improvements 1981
40/24 [Digital file] Rural Air – Reports: Final: “Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Step to the Future” A Review of the Actions of the 1980 Alaska State Legislature Dealing with Rural Aviation 1980 June
40/25 [Digital file] Impact Report Alaska Highways 1975: Includes notes, correspondence, and report 1975
40/26 [Digital file] Advisory Memorandum: Reductions in Fiscal Year 1976 Expenditures, Capital Budget proposal 1975
40/27 [Digital file] Public Land Problems in Alaska and the Recommendations of the Public Land Law Review Commission, a staff paper prepared for the Federal Field Committee For Development Planning in Alaska 1970 October
40/28 [Digital file] “The D-2 Book”: Lands of National Interest in Alaska, Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska (Primary Draft Subject to Change) 1977 February
40/29 [Digital file] Various pieces of correspondence: Seward Association for the Advancement of Marine Science (SAAMS) creation; 1989 and 1990 Arctic Science Conference; Alaska airports; Alaska Humanities Forum; 1983 Trustees of Alaska; US Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs; 1990 Alaska World Affairs Council program 1983, 1988-1990
40/30 [Digital file] Parker and Associates corporate resume and Alaska projects list 1984
40/31 [Digital file] Artic Environment, Alaska History Instructional Television Series correspondence and program design 1982-1983
40/32 [Digital file] Alaska Regional Planning Commission creation; Remarks to the Resources and Finance Committees Alaska State Legislature; Local Government study; Roadless area review and evaluation; Sea Use Council correspondence; Coastal management; Oil spills; Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System working group; Northwest Alaska Pipeline Company’s request for alignment approval; Land Use Planning Commission meetings; HB 66, management and disposal of state land; Upper Cook Inlet Airport System Plan; Alaska State and Local Remote Sensing Program; An Alaskan Region Aviation Data and Model Workshop 1979
40/33 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Step to the Future: A Review of the Actions of the 1980 Alaska State Legislature Dealing with Rural Aviation 1980 June
40/34 [Digital file] Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska: Parker’s correspondence 1979 June
41/1 [Digital file] 82 Report: Emmonak jet runway study, includes flight schedules, research, Alaska airplane accident reports, Alaska state budgets for runways, Parker’s notes, Rural Airport Runway Improvements undated, 1981-1982
41/2 [Digital file] 82 AV Program: Alaska State Transportation Budget, HB830 Transportation funding 1981-1982
41/3 [Digital file] 80 AV Program: Rural Air Transportation Capital Budget, includes notes for funding recommendations, budget detail and summary of runway projects undated, 1980
41/4 [Digital file] Calista, Rural Air: Summary and findings in regards to Lisa Parker’s trip to investigate airstrips and to speak to personnel in Alaska, includes SEAIR flight schedules circa 1981
41/5 [Digital file] Future Prospects for Arctic Wildlands in North America by Walter Parker 1980-1981
41/6 [Digital file] A Commentary on Institutions and Legal Regimes Arising from the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and the Alaska National Interest Land and Conservation Act by Walter Parker; Our State Land Heritage: An Address to the 1988 Alaska State Land Use Symposium “The Future of our Heritage” by Walter Parker; Transportation Options in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, on Site Oil Tanker Loadings by Walter Parker and Virgil Keith 1984, 1988, 1992
41/7 [Digital file] Alaskan Society and Alaska’s Lands: The Social and Economic Effects of the Designation of Certain Federal Lands in Alaska to: National Park or National Monument, Wildlife Refuge, Wild and Scenic River, National Forest Status by Walter Parker, Federal State Land Use Planning Commission; Alaska Academy of Engineering and Sciences (AAE&S) newsletter Number 11, September 1988; Twenty Years of Distant Education Delivery via Satellite in Alaska: Lessons for Developing Countries by Walter Parker undated, 1979, 1988
41/8 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Study in Inadequacy by Parker Associates 1979
41/9-10 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Study in Inadequacy, Executive Summary by Parker Associates 1979
41/11 [Digital file] Executive Summary: An Assessment of Shipping Ore Concentrates from the Ambler District to Ports in North America and Japan by Parker Associates undated
41/12 [Digital file] National Transportation Safety Board Special Study: Air Taxi Safety in Alaska 1980
41/13 [Digital file] Future Air Navigation Systems in Alaska by Parker Associates, prepared for the Senate Committee on Finance, Subcommittee on Rural Air Transportation 1982
41/14 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Step to the Future: A Review of the Actions of the 1980 Alaska State Legislature Dealing with Rural Aviation  by Parker Associates; Future Horizons for New Federalism in Alaska delivered to the 29th Alaska Science Conference by Walter Parker, 1978 1978, 1980
41/15 [Digital file] Erosion Problems in Six Western Alaska Communities by Walter Parker 1984
41/16 [Digital file] A Comparative Examination of Limited Entry Regulations in the Fisheries of South Africa, Japan, and Canada by Walt Parker; A Comparison of Some Northern Transportation Systems by Walter Parker; Distant Delivery of Education in Alaska via Telecommunications by Walt Parker for Symposium VIII Alaska Education Using Telecommunications undated, 1972, 1988
41/17 [Digital file] High Fares and Low Incomes: The Problem of Intra-Alaska Air Routes by Walter Parker, Transportation Planning Officer 1970
41/18 [Digital file] The Community and the Land Alaska-1973 by Walter Parker, Assemblyman Greater Anchorage Area Borough; Towards and Alaskan Land Ethic  by Parker, delivered to the Tongass Historical Society; Towards a Greater Sense of Community Through Land Planning by Walter Parker delivered to The Ketchikan Golden Age Club’s Land Use Planning Seminar 1973
41/19 [Digital file] Testimony before the Federal-State Joint Board on Separations Procedures by the Alaska Federation of Natives, the Alaska Native Foundation, the Alaska Rural Community Action Program, the Alaska Legal Services Corporation; Task 9DC.5 Alaska OCS Socioeconomic Studies Program: Analysis of Baseline Transportation Needs for Beufort Sea (71) Lease Sale prepared for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. by Peter Eakland and Associates 1979-1980
41/20 [Digital file] The Effects of Aircraft Financing Programs on Rural Air Services by Parker Associates 1982
41/21 [Digital file] Federal Involvement in Scientific Research and Development in Alaska prepared by Alaska Council on Science and Technology Walter Parker Special Council 1981
41/22 [Digital file] Erosion Problems of Six Western Alaska Communities by Walter Parker 1984
41/23 [Digital file] The Relationship of the Western Alaska Fisheries and the Rural Air System Senate Committee on Finance; Land Use Planning with Alaska Natives by Walter Parker 1979, 1982
41/24 [Digital file] Subsistence Realities by Walter Parker; The Alaskan Satellite Experience Lessons for the Developing World by Walter Parker undated, 1977
41/25 [Digital file] Some Suggestions on Communications Satellite Planning for the Pacific Area by Parker undated
41/26 [Digital file] Air Cushion Vehicles as Knik Arm Ferries: A Feasibility Study by Parker Associates 1980
41/27 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Study in Inadequacy by Parker Associates 1979
41/28 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: The System Develops 1982
41/29 [Digital file] Statewide Alaska Native Inter-Regional Economic Development Project 1979
41/31 [Digital file] Northwest Alaska Marine Transportation System prepared for the City of Kotzebue by Parker Associates 1982
41/32 [Digital file] Proposal Regional Government Study Aleutians East Region by Parker Associates; Parker Associates Corporate Resume and Alaska Projects List circa 1984


41/33 [Digital file] Technology Assessment: Assessment and Recommendations of Effective Applications of Educational Technology in Public Schools in Alaska circa 1983
41/34 [Digital file] Options for Federal/State Cooperation in Alaska by Parker Associates 1988
41/35 [Digital file] 1976 State of Alaska budget 1975-1976
41/36 [Digital file] More on the Copper River Highway Cordova Times article and Parker’s letter to the editor regarding the article 1977
41/37 [Digital file] Three Year Local Service Roads and Trails Program 1975 1976 1977 State of Alaska Department of Highways 1975
41/38 [Digital file] Eleventh Legislature information and committee and subcommittee lists 1979-1980
42/01 [Digital file] Letter to Honorable Judge Mitchell written by Parker against potential criminal proceedings against Senator Mike Gravel; Poem “The Suns of the Pacific Rim” written by Parker undated, 1971
42/02 [Digital file] Alaska Dog Racing News vol. 1 no. 5 undated
42/03 [Digital file] Site Selection Process for Alaska Weather Video Cameras, 2003 weathercam study 2000-2003
42/04 [Digital file] Interviews with Patricia and Walter Parker, Patricia’s obituary, correspondence 1983, 1999-2000
42/05 [Digital file] Prince William Sound Science Center 2001-2002
42/06 [Digital file] Anchorage Transport and Trails, includes plans and various committee meetings minutes regarding transportation and trail improvements in Anchorage 1994-2002
42/07 [Digital file] Traditional Knowledge Regarding Contaminants undated, 2001-2002
42/08 [Digital file] PWS-RCAC [Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council]: Includes correspondence and various committee meeting minutes and agendas, most of the materials pertain to oil and gas, the Trans-Atlantic Pipeline System (TAPS), and the environment circa 2000-2001
42/09 [Digital file] Pacific Environment circa 2001-2003
42/10 [Digital file] US Arctic Research Commission: Includes papers on telecommunications, Arctic Council Structures circa 2001-2003
43/1 [Digital file] Braer Incident 1993
43/2 [Digital file] Brown, Jerry 1991
43/3 [Digital file] Canapian general: Standards Board 1991-1993
43/4 [Digital file] CIRCAC (Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council) 1991-1992
43/5 [Digital file] CIRCAC: Props (Proposals) undated
43/6 [Digital file] Clinton papers: Environmental issues report and summary undated
43/7 [Digital file] ECO, NW (Northwest) Proposals: Northwest Alaska Coal Transportation, Northwest Alaska Resource Development Transportation Alternatives Study 1991
43/8 [Digital file] Coast Guard 1991-1992
43/9 [Digital file] Contractors list—simulation and marine planning 1992
43/10 [Digital file] Common Ground: Alaska Common Ground 1992-1993
43/11 [Digital file] Parker Associates: Barrow Arch and North Aleutian Basin Transportation Impact Analysis Study Proposal solicitation, charges, financial information for services; Assessment of Department Condition, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, request for proposal, forms 1983
43/12 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission: Easements; A Proposal to the Municipality of Anchorage to Conduct an Analysis of Mass Transportation Nodes Suitable for Primary Transit Corridors 1975-1976, 1981
43/13 [Digital file] Parks and Recreation correspondence, proposals, objections: Bicentennial Park Alaska Native Cultural Center proposal, Articles of Incorporation of Friends of Bicentennial Park, Alaska Native Heritage Park proposal, Hilltop Ski Area, Friends of Campbell Tract 1979-1991
43/14 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission: Easements; US Arctic Research Commission, UA Arctic Environmental Information and Data Center workshop information; Alaska Paideia Project Workshop; Correspondence 1977-1990
43/15 [Digital file] Alaska Science and Engineering Foundation information; Alaska Science and Technology Foundation information; Science and Technology in Alaska: The Years Past—The Years Ahead by Walt Parker 1988
43/16 [Digital file] Captains and Microship ship simulators 1989
43/17 [Digital file] Alaska Academy of Engineering and Sciences commentary; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge proposed video treatment correspondence 1986-1988
43/18 [Digital file] Land Use Planning Commission: Easements 1977
43/19 [Digital file] Cordova OSRI [Oil Spill Regulations and Implementations] 1993
43/20 [Digital file] CYGNUS 1994 1994
43/21 [Digital file] Dickinson, James [Draft report by Captain James Dickinson regarding oil spill prevention actions appropriate to Alaska and Prince William Sound] 1991
43/22 [Digital file] Letter to William Reilly of the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding Exxon’s and Alyeska’s negligence regarding the Oil Spill 1992
43/23 [Digital file] Exxon Deposition 1992
43/24 [Digital file] Fineberg, R Ballast Water Treatment Plant 1989-1992
43/25 [Digital file] Fire Island Study [Fire Island Deep Water Port] 1991
43/26 [Digital file] Forum for Applied Research [Policy Lessons from Exxon Valdez Spill] 1991
43/27 [Digital file] Greenland [US Arctic Research Commission] 1990
43/28 [Digital file] HB 196 [The Legal Relationship Between Oil Spill Response Action Contractors and Other Parties to an Oil Spill] 1991
43/29 [Digital file] Havelock [TAPS Task Force] 1992
43/30 [Digital file] Hunter, Celia [Denali National Park Road Jurisdiction Study] 1987-1991
43/31 [Digital file] Icebreaker: Whale Charter 1982
43/32 [Digital file] INPFC [North Pacific Fishery Management Council] 1991-1992
43/33 [Digital file] Int’l Arctic Science Committee 1992
43/34 [Digital file] Jennings, D. [The Western Arctic Claim] undated
43/35 [Digital file] Jennings, D.: Fusion undated
43/36 [Digital file] ISOPE (International Society for Offshore and Polar Engineering): Transportation Options in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas: On Site Oil Tanker Loadings 1992
43/37 [Digital file] LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committees), Mail List 1992
43/38 [Digital file] Nancy Lord [Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill] 1992
43/39 [Digital file] Menard: Joint Senate Transportation and Senate Oil and Gas, TAPS 1991
43/40 [Digital file] Miller, Geo, US House [Alyeska Pipeline, Oil Spill Issues] 1988-1992
43/41 [Digital file] Navy, US [Oil Spill] 1989
43/42 [Digital file] NW Telecom 1989-1992
43/43 [Digital file] Oversight Council RFP [Citizens’ Oversight Council on Oil and Other Hazardous Substances, Document Collection and Evaluation of Agency Implementation of Oil Spill Prevention and Response Planning Legislation] 1992
43/44 [Digital file] Oil Spill Co-op [Oil Spill Technical Cooperative] 1989
43/45 [Digital file] Oil Spill Intelligence Resources undated, 1992
43/46 [Digital file] OPA 90 [Oil Pollution Act of 1990] 1990
43/47 [Digital file] OPA 90 Update 1990
43/48 [Digital file] OTA Studies [Technical Studies Status Report by Office of Technology Assessment] circa 1991
43/49 [Digital file] Oversight Council 1992
43/50 [Digital file] AK Cargo RFQ [Request for Proposals Package, Anchorage International Airport Air Cargo Marketing Services] 1992
43/51 [Digital file] Finland Trade, The Role of Sea Ice Research in Arctic Science Policy by Parker undated, 1982
43/52 [Digital file] Gulkana – IAS (International Airport Services) Report undated
43/53 [Digital file] Goldberg Dirksen Ahtna [Robert M. Goldberg and Associations Attorney, Dirkson Appraisal Company]: Transportation Corridor Red Dog Mine, Ahtna/Alyeska Gross and Benefit Matrix, Snettisham Transmission Line Corridors, Utility Corridors in Alaska, Transportation Corridors in Eastern Alaska 1984-1985
43/54 [Digital file] Foreign Trade Proposal: A Proposal to Promote Trade, Investment and Business Between Alaska and Europe undated
43/55 [Digital file] Jessen, Sabine 1984
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45/09 [Digital file] Notebook: Economic Forum, St. Petersburg 2005, meetings in Anchorage with LPS & interview, weather cam meeting 2005
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45/28 [Digital file] HR39, designation of lands in Alaska as units of the National Park, National Wildlife Refuge, National Wild and Scenic Rivers and National Wilderness Preservation Systems 1979
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45/37 [Digital file] 470 Fund; Human factors research support for the Alaska Hazardous Substance Spill Technology Review Council 1993
45/38 [Digital file] A Comparative Examination of Limited Entry Regulations in the Fisheries of South Africa, Japan, and Canada by Parker undated
45/39 [Digital file] International North Pacific Fisheries Convention paper; King crab fisheries summary; Proposal for a study of The North Pacific Fisheries; The effect of different regimes of the territorial sea as they would affect the fisheries of the Aleutian Chain and the Eastern Bering Sea undated
45/40 [Digital file] Conference on Fisheries notes from closing session and limited entry results undated
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45/44 [Digital file] Correspondence: Village satellites, improvements to Juneau’s airport, international ocean management, letters to various others regarding development in the state, snowmachining, and natural resources in Alaska, and in particular Anchorage; Terminal facility locations; Mobile home court placements; Recommendations for us in D2 lands circa 1971-1973
45/45 [Digital file] Department of Highways correspondence regarding various roads 1974-1975
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45/49-51 [Digital file] An Evaluation of Some Educational Uses of ATS-1 [Applications Technology Satellite] in Alaska by Walt Parker 1972
46/1 [Digital file] Anchorage World Center or Regional Center? undated
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46/6 [Digital file] Presidential Commission on Indian Reservation Economies; Proposal to State of Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development Division of Energy and Power Development for Energy Conservation in Alaska by Parker Associates; Preliminary Recommendations for the Washington State Pipeline Office Northern Tier Pipeline Project (Proposed) by C.A. Champers and Walt Parker 1980-1984
46/7 [Digital file] Damage Function Proposal: Request for Proposal No. 3075 Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service by Parker Associates 1983
46/8 [Digital file] Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, proposal form; Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta air service Parker and Associates project proposal; Parker Associates, Inc. Cost Proposal: Bethel and St. Mary’s Airport Master Plans 1983-1984
46/9 [Digital file] Parker Associates letter of interests: Kenai Regional Transportation Study; Interior Airport Land Use Plan committee score sheet consultant rankings; Whittier Access Study; Adult Basic Education study proposal; Valdez Airport Master Plan Program

A Proposal to Perform a State-Wide Assessment and Analysis of Adult Populations in Alaska who are Limited in English as a Second Language Proficiency;

46/10 [Digital file] A Proposal to Analyze the Economic Relationship between Alaska and the U.S. federal Government from 1959 to Date; A Proposal to Prepare an Analytical Report on the Recent Experiences of the Non-contiguous American States and Possessions; City and borough of Juneau, Alaska comprehensive plan update—phase II; A Proposal for an Analysis of Marine Service to the Ports of Western Alaska Including the Utilization of Modern Icebreakers 1981
46/11 [Digital file] A Proposal to Promote Trade, Investment and Business between Alaska and Europe circa 1981
46/12 [Digital file] Woodside Village Development Plan Executive Summary 1985
46/13 [Digital file] Seward Comprehensive Plan: Capital Improvements Plan 1982
46/14 [Digital file] Arctic Science Policy: A Proposal for an Icebreaker Based Experiment Program in Alaska Waters for the Spring 1983; Proposed Department of Energy Arctic Program; Alaska Council on Science and Technology offshore oil and gas development proposals; A report to the Council on Science and Technology from the Committee on Transportation Research Meeting 1981-1983
46/15 [Digital file] Arctic Science Policy, workshop on future sea ice research policy in the Western Arctic proposal; Department of National Resources State Forest Resources Plan; 1981
46/16 [Digital file] MHM Homeowners: Minchumina Natives Inc. certification of eligibility ANCSA 1984
46/17 [Digital file] International Conference on Coal, Minerals, and Petroleum Emphasizing Alaska’s Resources, Resource Development Council 1983
46/18 [Digital file] Alaska’s Coal 1982
46/19-31 [Digital file] Capital Costs of Rail and Highway Systems to Service Ambler District: Chapter II: “Rail and Road Route Descriptions” regarding Ambler District to a port for shipment, Cape Krusenstern and Cape Darby, and Whittier; Chapter IV: “Rail Construction and Operating Costs”: Rail lines and ports in Ambler Mining District; Chapter VI: “Total System Transportation Costs”: Alaskan port sites and marine transportation to Japan or Vancouver, Ambler Mining District; Chapter VII: “Management and Ownership Options for Port Terminals and Railroads; Chapter VII: “Conclusions and Recommendations” shipment of ore concentrates from Ambler District; Chapter V: “Highway Construction and Operating Costs” for shipment of ore from Ambler Mining District; Chapter III: “Port Construction and Marine Operating Costs” Ambler District; Tables and figures circa 1982-1984
46/32 [Digital file] Municipality of Anchorage, Planning Staff Analysis, Tract A, Tanage Terrace Subdivision; Woodside Village; 1985
46/33 [Digital file] Application of Damage Functions to Commercial Species in the Bering Sea; Woodside Village Anchorage Planning staff analysis 1983, 1985
46/34 [Digital file] Request for proposal, Assessment of Cumulative Impacts of Petroleum Development on the Alaskan Arctic, pricing proposal 1983
46/35 [Digital file] Barrow Arch and North Aleutian Basin Transportation Impact Analysis Study Proposal 1983
46/36 [Digital file] Cole Reed Associates, Convention of Alaskan Federation of Natives, Doyon LTD ANCSA 1982
46/37 [Digital file] Alaska Department of Fish and Game: Letters with proposals, salmon snagging sport fish regulations, proposed regulations for the salmon fishery in Alaska (Alaska Fishermen’s Union) 1973-1974
46/38 [Digital file] Institute of Industrial Ecology Advisory Board Meeting, Colorado School of Mines 1978
46/39 [Digital file] Issues of Land Use Determination in Alaska for an Alaska Omnibus Land Act 1970
46/40 [Digital file] Applications of Damage Functions to Commercial Species in the Bering Sea—A Proposal 1983
46/41 [Digital file] Alaska Board of Fish and Game, case of B & B Fisheries, Inc., et al. v. State of Alaska; Alaska Board of Fish and Game Commercial Fishing Regulatory Changes, Copper River dip netting, utilization of Arctic Char population in Kivalina and Wulik River drainages, Kachemak Bay 1973
46/42 [Digital file] Petition for Assistance due to glacerization of creek at mile 14 Old Glenn Highway and Deborea Subdivision; Public hearing at Kivalina regarding aircraft use for hunting and guiding at Kivalina and Wulik River, notes; Parker’s notes for proposals; Bristol Bay red salmon catches graphs; Anadromous Fish Catalog; 1973, 1976
46/43-44 [Digital file] Maps: Pan Alaska Fisheries Proposal Akutan District, Egg Island, Umnak District, Akutan District undated
46/45 [Digital file] State of Alaska, University of Alaska telecommunications report 1979-1980
46/46 [Digital file] Proposed evaluation system, University of Alaska, Instructional Telecommunications System draft and research 1980-1982
46/47 [Digital file] Learn/Alaska network audio conferencing, University of Alaska, 1980 instructional television programming summary—University of Alaska circa 1980-1981
46/48 [Digital file] 1979-80 Instructional Television Utilization Report Summary; Proposed Project Operation Policy Statement (Instructional Telecommunication Project); Instructional Television Services Summary of Goals circa 1979-1981
46/49 [Digital file] Instructional Telecommunications Systems in Alaska—1980 On; Feasibility of Telecommunications for Instruction in the State of Alaska; Planning for the Use of Telecommunications for Instruction, Anchorage Community College 1980
46/50 [Digital file] Alaska Innovative Technology in Education Project Technical Reports and notes, technology assessments circa 1983
46/51 [Digital file] Survey in examining advanced technologies which may be of value to the future of education in Alaska; Project: Education technology in public schools in Alaska 1983
46/52 [Digital file] A Request for Proposals for Alaska School Finance Study 1983
46/53 [Digital file] Survey for educational technology use in schools, includes calls for proposals, questions, and research 1983
46/54 [Digital file] DOE Adv. Tech. [Department of Education Advanced Technology] 1983
46/55 [Digital file] Future Legislative Television Coverage Options prepared for Richard Engen, Director of State Libraries and Museums 1982
46/56 [Digital file] Plans and Budget for Video Coverage of the 1977 Legislature; Future Legislative Television Coverage Options draft 1976, 1982
46/57 [Digital file] 1981 Legislative Television Coverage Outline of Programming Requirements; Future Legislative Television Coverage Options 1980, 1982
46/58 [Digital file] Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission provision of television coverage for Legislative Sessions; A Survey of Past Legislative Television Coverage and Suggestions for Improvements 1977, 1980-1982
46/59 [Digital file] “The Cross-Cultural Tele-education Workshop” information, agenda, sessions/papers 1983
46/60 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska a Study in Inadequacy Executive Summary; Alaska State Operated Schools ATS-I Educational Project; Satellite the PEACESAT Bulletin 1973, 1983
46/61 [Digital file] Air Service to Rural Alaska: A Step to the Future draft circa 1980
46/62 [Digital file] California Interagency Tanker Task Force draft report for review and comment, Law of the Sea Institute Program, Investigation of Transportation in the Alaskan Trade; Radio beacon list and original airports circa 1972-1981
46/63 [Digital file] Mental Health: Overview of Plan for Comprehensive Community Mental Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Services; Alaska Center for the Environment Center News; “Roderick Sewers”: Meeting minutes regarding Public Works and a sewer system in Anchorage; VAN-guard Volunteers for Anchorage Neighborhoods a description of the Greater Anchorage ACTION Council’s past and future activities; Greater Anchorage Area Borough (GAAB) Memorandum “Common Traffic Offenses and the Right to Jury Trial 1973-1974
46/64 [Digital file] “Employment Application Form Questions which may Lead to Discrimination; GAAB Assembly Memorandum Nominations for School Budget Advisory Commission undated
46/65 [Digital file] Department of Human Rights formal complaint handling checklist, GAAB minority status report; Community School Program GAAB Parks and Recreation Department; Area G Home and Land Owners Organization, Inc., plaintiff, vs. GAAB, defendant, vs. Village Developers, Inc. et al.,; Anchorage School Board 1974 November 6 meeting; Combined Airport Programs costs 1974
46/66 [Digital file] GAAB sewer bonds and utility fund 1974
46/67 [Digital file] Alaska State Testimony by Governor Jay Hammond to the Senate Commerce Committee regarding the Ports and Waterways Safety Act of 1972; An Assessment of the Proposed Prince William Sound Vessel Traffic System; Statement by the Honorable Rogers C.B. Morton, Secretary of the Interior, before the Joint Economic Committee, June 22, 1972; Oil pollution from tankers circa 1975-1976
47 Photographs; Certificates; Invitations, Postcards undated



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