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Henry S. Kaiser Jr. papers

Guide to the Henry S. Kaiser Jr. papers

Collection number: HMC-1148.
Creator: Kaiser, Henry S., Jr.
Title: Henry S. Kaiser Jr. papers.
Dates: 1913-1994.
Volume of collection: 1.0 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Mainly photographs taken by an Alaska resident.

Biographical note:
Henry Kaiser was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1932. Born with a heart defect, he contracted tuberculosis in his late teens and spent three years in the Seward Sanatorium, from 1950 to 1953. After his discharge from the sanitorium in 1953, he spent a semester at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, and then hitchhiked to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where he underwent surgery that corrected his heart defect. He graduated from the University of Alaska in 1960 with a degree in education, and later worked as an educator and for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Kaiser also taught elementary school in Nenana and Ft. Richardson, and was an avid photographer. He died in Anchorage in 2011.

Collection description:
The collection consists of photographs taken by Mr. Kaiser. The subjects of the photographs include people and buildings at the Seward Sanatorium, Fur Rendezvous, fishing, Kaiser’s family, Charles Burnell statue unveiling, an Alaska Airlines celebration in Anchorage, Russian Orthodox churches, Alaska Native artifacts, buildings and construction in Anchorage, Shageluk cemetery, schools, Golden Days celebration and parade, AFN (Alaska Federation of Natives) 1968, a Pioneers of Alaska event, Reverend Andrew Eordogh, AVEC (Alaska Village Electric Cooperative) training, Native Cultural Exhibit building, Alaskan politicians, Alaskan plants, and a Fourth of July parade. Places the photographs were taken include Nenana, Fairbanks Shishmaref, Beaver, Noorvik, Emmonak, Fort Yukon, Chena Hot Springs, Sitka, Nunapitchuk, Louden, Anchorage, as well as Rochester, Minnesota and Washington D.C. The collection also includes a short memoir written by Mr. Kaiser about his health struggles, an article about the 1925 Serum Run, a letter regarding Bob Bartlett’s Congressional Record mailing list, and articles some of his photographs were published in.

Arrangement: The materials have been retained in the order in which they were given to the Archives.

Digitized copies: Select images in the collection have been digitized and added to Alaska’s Digital Archives.

Access restrictions: Nitrate photographic negatives were removed from this collection for preservation purposes. Please ask Archives and Special Collections for further information.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to  materials in the collection created by Henry S. Kaiser, Jr. The collection contains materials not created by Kaiser which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Henry S. Kaiser Jr. papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to Consortium Library’s Rare Books. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Acquisition note: The collection was given to the Archives by Esther Kaiser, Henry’s wife, in 2013. Additions were made to the collection in 2016, 2017, and 2022 by Kaiser’s son, Eric.

Processing information: This collection was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2013. Additional material was added to the collection and described by Veronica Denison in 2017. In 2022, the additional material was incorporated into the collection and a folder list created by Shu Mayer.

Container list:



Description Date
1/1-3 Seward Sanatorium slides 1952-1953
1/4 Seward Sanatorium slides and prints 1950-1951
1/5 “I Hitchhiked to Heart Surgery” article by Henry Kaiser Jr. undated
1/6 Party, Alaska Railroad pass color negatives undated
1/7 Alaska Native art, three people outside house color negatives undated
1/8 Class, paintings, children on frozen lake/pond black and white negatives undated
1/9 University of Alaska grade cards and black and white negatives with envelope from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute postmarked August 4, 1960 undated, 1960 August
1/10 Boats black and white negatives undated
1/11 “Don’s & Mary’s wedding” black and white negatives 1958 January 24
1/12 Ernest Gruening w/group of people; Elizabeth Peratrovich photographic prints undated
1/13 “Bunnell Statue Shots” negatives, contact sheet, and slides of Dr. Bunnell at University of Alaska in Fairbanks 1987
1/14 Fishing color negatives undated
1/15 Party color negatives undated
1/16 Classroom and school black and white negatives circa 1968
1/17 “Eric & Franklin Senior Huslia”: Photographs of engine room AVEC 1969 December
1/18 Catholic School; Soldier; Pioneers; Nenana black and white negatives and prints undated
1/19 “Ft. Yukon, River Boats” color prints circa 1963
1/20 “Fred Mueller Jake”: Nenana Public School, Students, Yutana river boat black and white negatives undated
1/21 “St. Mary’s [women], Nunapitchuk” black and white negatives 1969 August
1/22 Unidentified color negatives undated
1/23 Fairbanks radio station, school, flood, Nenana buildings, depot, school. Nitrate negatives removed from folder. undated
1/24 “St Mark’s Mission, moose calves & Tanana trawler” 1959 May-June
1/25 Kaiser family – Eric color prints circa 1980-1985
1/26 Sitka Totem, Pioneer Home Button, Medals black and white negatives undated
1/27 Potter Game Refuge Diomede bow drill slides undated
1/28 Fur Rondy, Russian Orthodox churches; Seward Sanatorium; Kodiak; Nenana; Party; Native art slides 1949-1985
1/29 Joe Lamnoz slides 1979
1/30 From the Washington Monument slides 1961
1/31 Slides 1970-1972
1/32 Fishing slides 1966
1/33 Rochester M. slides 1954
1/34 “AK Airlines slides 1984
1/35 Nenana, Chena Hot Springs, Galena, Ft. Yukon, and other prints and negatives. Nitrate negatives have been removed from the folder. 1949-1988
1/36 “A.P. iNF R[illegible]” aerial photograph negatives of College, AK 1957
1/37 UAA Buttons Sitka, totems, Pioneer Home

University of Alaska Celebration slides

circa 1958-1964, 1983-1988
1/38 Nenana, Seward, St. Paul Island slides 1953-1987
1/39 Construction in Anchorage – A Street slides undated
1/40 Buildings in Anchorage slides 1985
1/41 Shageluk: cemetery negatives undated
1/42 Portraits of woman negatives undated
1/43 Commercial and original prints: group at Alaska Native Medical center, Bob Bartlett and Ada Stuart, Sophie Cleveland undated
1/44 Unidentified photographic prints 1923-1986
1/45 Shishmaref Stan Patty black and white negatives 1969 October
1/46 “AVEC P.H. Grayling Fred Howard” black and white negatives undated
1/47 Fishing slides 1987
1/48 ARR #1 Church Mormon slides undated
1/49 ACVB [Visit Anchorage] slides 1969-1985
1/50 Photographic prints and negative: Seward, Bethel Airstrip, MV Tanana, 1968 AFN Conference, subsistence protest in downtown Anchorage undated, 1952-1999
1/51 [Sylvester] Ayek masks slides 1985
1/52 Golden Days Museum, Capt. Cook slides undated
1/53 Nunapitchuk black and white negatives 1969-1970
1/54 Black and white negatives undated
1/55 Boats, Beaver, AK negatives undated
1/56 “Air Shots Becker Hook Lawlor” negatives 1958 October 10
1/57 “Aireal [sic] shots of Nenana Trip via Hook Airways” negatives 1958 September 3
1/58 Jimmie Rivers Reed prints and photocopy of 1945 Marine Corps honorable discharge documents undated
1/59 50th Grand Pioneers of Alaska 1966
1/60 Edmund Ford, Beaver negatives. Nitrate negatives removed from folder. undated
1/61 Black and white negatives and prints: fishing, Russian Mission cemetery undated
1/62 Boats; Nenana & fishwheels undated, 1958
1/63 Black and white negatives undated
1/64 Color negatives: boat and monument undated
1/65 “Golden Days Parade Fbks” black and white negatives undated
1/66 Rev. Andrew N. Eordogh, S.J. black and white negatives undated
1/67 Black and white negatives undated
1/68 “Bob Allen’s Crumbgrinders” (children) black and white negatives undated
1/69 “Brook’s Hoax  Henry S. Kaiser Chitina, Alaska” negatives 1956-1957
1/70 “ENN Kids” negatives undated
1/71 “Coghills ENN” negatives undated
1/72 “AVEC Training” negatives and voting information sheet 1966, 1969
1/73 “Edmund Lord. Ft. Yukon” negatives undated
1/74 “AVEC Board Meeting” negatives 1969 October 3
1/75 “More[?] Geo Cleveland Shungnak” negatives 1970 January
1/76 “Noorvik & Kiana Stan Patty” negatives 1969 October
1/77 Unidentified black and white negatives undated
1/78 “AVEC Training Sept Oct ’69 1 week” 1969 October
1/79 Unidentified negatives, mostly of a small child undated
1/80 “St. Mary’s & Emmonak, AK, BIA School” negatives 1969
1/81 “Lunch at Noorvik Oct ‘69” negatives 1969 October
1/82 “Emmonak, AK negatives” 1969 December
1/83 “Catholic Church @ Holy [Cross]” negatives 1969
1/84 “Anchorage Community College, AVEC Trainees” 1969 December
1/85 “Para Club Air Shots, 2 mile Gravel Pit, Fbks, Alaska” negatives 1958 September 23
1/86 “Madg and Babe’s Wedding” negatives 1958 July 1
1/87 “Mrs. Geo. Cleveland, Shungnak” negatives 1970 January
1/88 “Norm Yeager Mekoryuk, Dunk & Wanda” negatives undated
1/89 “Radio and Drama” negatives undated
1/90 “C140 B.J. IA Fbks” negatives 1958 November
1/91 “4th July, Nenana, ‘58” negatives 1958 July 4
1/92 “Bob Allen & June & kids” negatives 1958 December 20
1/93 “Anna May Grenac” negatives 1958 July 15
1/94 “Ricky Nishino, EAFB Alaska” negatives 1959 September 3
1/95 “Mozert and Fred Day, Wedding” negatives 1958 May
1/96 “St. Mary’s” negatives 1969 December
1/97 Fishing, Palmer Fair slides 1965-1966
1/98 Chitina, State Fair, people color transparencies undated
1/99 “Perryville, Sandpoint” negatives undated
1/100 Norbert Skinner 1962 campaign, Tlingit dancers, Taku Chief with oil barges, church interiors, Nulato prints and slides undated, 1913-1972
1/101 Nenana, fair, Chilkat Dancers, Walter Hickel, beauty contest  negatives undated
1/102 Alaska Natives, Nome, fishing, fish drying, and parade 1966-1988
1/103 Parade in Central Alaska slides 1987
1/104 Anchorage, fishing, St. Mary’s, People Kodiak, Sitka slides 1949-1984
1/105 Fishing, people, parades, Anchorage, Nenana 1949-1985
1/106 Unidentified Alaska Native village(s) slides 1969, 1973
1/107 Ferns, devils club & artifacts slides 1985
1/108 Westchester Lagoon, whale statue, statue of man, fishing, artifacts, Seward Sanitorium, dentistry slides 1969-1989
1/109 “Pioneer Picnic & Tony Gulerte 80 BD” negatives and contact sheet undated
1/110 “Fort Yukon Church” prints and negatives 1963
1/111 “Im [intramural?] Football, Poly Candy [political candidate?] – Fall ’57 UAF” negatives 1957 October
1/112 “Catholics Sis Cecelia”: negatives of people building a structure undated
1/113 “Nenana.” Nitrate negatives removed from folder undated
1/114 “Alaska’s Great Race of 1925” by Henry S. Kaiser. Jr. undated
1/115 Publications and articles 1967-1989
1/116 Letter regarding Bob Bartlett’s congressional record 1961
1/117 Article about the Nenana Ice Classic and “Breakup” story by Kirk Medak (description provided by donor) with slide of Ice Classic tripod undated, 1949
1/118 Photos of Leo Kriska “Dog Musher” Fairbanks Open North America sled dog race 1957 and Gareth Wright 1958 negative (description provided by donor) 1957, 1958
1/119 Dr. Bunnell Founder/School Dean Engineering and Mines, University of Alaska (Fairbanks) photo and journalist stories (description provided by donor) 1988, 1990
1/120 Pioneers of Alaska story (description provided by donor) undated
1/121 Photo of RAA planes Aircraft (description provided by donor) undated
1/122  “Alaska’s Great Race of 1925” (description provided by donor) undated
1/123 “Buttoning Up for Rondy” Alaska Magazine story 1984 February
1/124 Postcard: “Fairbanks Ice Carnival 1936, Becker Photo”.  J. Allen 1st prize dog team Becker Photo. Reverse: “Allen’s team came in first.” 1936
1/125 “ANCSA crusader: Mr. Wright goes to Washington” Anchorage Daily News story 1994 August 7
1/126 “Nenana’s Nenana” story. 3 nitrate negatives are available in digital form only. undated
1/127 “Diary of Henry S. Kaiser” Division of Aeronautics, Territory of Alaska work journal. 1956
1/128 “Mister ANB–Roy Peratrovich” story by Henry S. Kaiser Jr. undated
1/129 Elizabeth Peratrovich photo, Elizabeth Peratrovich day bill (description provided by donor) 1988
1/130 “Alaska’s Battle with Tuberculosis” story by Henry S. Kaiser and photographs undated, 1951-1953
1/131 University of Alaska Century Club award 1975


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