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William R. Howerton bio

William Robert Howerton biography, by Gary Howerton.

Born: William Robert Howerton
Date of Birth: February 9th, 1921
Birth Place: Nelsonville AR, USA

He grew up poor his first 8 years in Nelsonville, AR. His family then moved to Haynes, Arkansas. They were farmers. He enlisted in the Army at 19. After basic training he was sent to Alaska in the summer of 1941 where he was an aerial photographer. Assigned to I company, 153rd Infantry, 3rd Regiment, 3rd Battalion.

While in Alaska he volunteered for the Commandos. He went through Special Forces training.
He was sent to Attu Island where he and a lieutenant sneaked onto the island and blew up 2 fuel storage tanks. He received a Bronze star for his actions and a purple heart fighting on Attu.

After the war he worked for Pepsi Cola Co. until his retirement.

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