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Sourdough Ski Patrol records

Guide to the Sourdough Ski Patrol records

Collection number: HMC-1080.
Creator: Sourdough Ski Patrol.
Title: Sourdough Ski Patrol records.
Dates: 1974-1997.
Volume of collection: 3.0 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Records of the Girdwood branch of the National Ski Patrol.

Organizational history:
The Sourdough Ski Patrol was formed during the 1976-1977 ski season. Sourdough broke from the Denali Patrol to become an individual patrol in the Southcentral section of the National Ski Patrol, Alaska Division. The Sourdough Ski Patrol served the Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, Alaska.

Collection description:
The records contain administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, testing and training materials, and records of national events and include copies of some national periodicals.

Arrangement: The records are broadly divided by type or subject. These include administrative files, correspondence, newsletters, awards and nominations files, testing and training materials, national events records, and reference publications.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Materials in the collection are subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Sourdough Ski Patrol records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: One run of a national journal, Ski area management, dating from 1991-1997 has been moved to the Consortium Library print journal collection.

Related materials: HMC-0411 is the records of the Alaska Division of the National Ski Patrol, the overarching organization for Sourdough Ski Patrol. Those records include correspondence and reports related to the Sourdough Ski Patrol.

Acquisition note: The collection was deposited in the Archives between 1993 and 2003 by the board of the Alaska Division.

Processing information: This collection was initially arranged and described by Kathleen Hertel in 1997 as part of the National Ski Patrol Alaska Division records (HMC-0411). An addition was given to the Archives by Barbara Olson in 2003. The finding aid to the collection was updated by Arlene Schmuland in 2010. At that point, the Sourdough Ski Patrol records were divided out from the National Ski Patrol records into a separate collection.

Container list:
Series 1: Administrative files; 1976, 1979-1991. 0.25 cubic feet. This series contains organizational and administrative files of the Sourdough Ski Patrol. Included are the Patrol charter and by-laws, rosters and schedules of members, registration forms, an evaluation questionnaire, a grant proposal, results of a National Parks Service study in the area, and copies of court cases relative to ski-related accidents and injuries. The records are grouped by type of document or topic.

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1 Patrol charter. 1981 April 16
1/2 Patrol charter drafts. 1980 April
1/3 Patrol by-laws. 1976, 1988
1/4 Rosters and schedules. 1979-1983
1/5 Rosters and schedules. 1984-1985
1/6 Rosters and schedules. 1986-1989
1/7 Rosters and schedules. 1990-1991, 1995
1/8 Evaluation questionnaire responses. 1986
1/9 Registration forms and instructions 1985
1/10 Blank forms and instructions. Undated, 1984, 1986, 1989
1/11 National Parks Service, Forest Service winter sports site study. 1984, 1985, 1987
1/12 Municipal grant proposal for communication equipment ($11,000). 1981-1982
1/13 Copies of court cases relative to ski-related accidents and injuries. Undated
1/14 Equipment catalogues and order forms. Undated
1/15 Equipment articles and brochures. Undated

Series 2: Correspondence; 1980-1987. 0.45 cubic feet. This series contains correspondence to and from the Sourdough Ski Patrol. Arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Date
3/1 1979-1984
1/16 1980-1981
1/17 1982-1983
1/18 1984 January-May
1/19 1984 June-December
1/20 1985 February-June
1/21 1985 July-August
1/22 1985 September-October
1/23 1985 November-December
1/24 1986 January-February
1/25 1986 April-May
1/26 1986 June-August, 1987 July
3/2 1989

Series 3: Newsletters; 1983-1990. 0.3 cubic feet. This series contains copies of the Sourdough Ski Patrol Newsletter, published monthly by the patrol for its members. Arranged in chronological order.

Box/Folder Dates
1/27 1983-1984
1/28 1984-1985
1/29 1985-1986
1/30 1986-1987
1/31 1987-1988
1/32 1988-1989
1/33 1989-1990
3/3-3/6 1989-1997

Series 4: Awards and nominations files; undated, 1984, 1985. 0.2 cubic feet. This series contains nomination forms, award certificates and official citations of merit from Alaska Division, the National Ski Patrol System, Inc., the American Red Cross, and others. The majority of the award certificates were presented to Marc Bond.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/34 Outstanding patrol nominations. 1984-1985
1/35 Award certificates and citations from the National Ski Patrol and American Red Cross 1983-1986
1/36 Blank award and nomination forms. Undated
3/7 Awards lists 1989-1994
3/8 Sample award 1982

Series 5: Testing and training materials; 1981-1996. 0.6 cubic feet. This series contains materials relevant to the Sourdough Ski Patrol’s teaching and training programs. Materials in the series include correspondence between the patrol and the Alaska Division and national office, and notes and manuals on specific topics, courses of study and testing.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/37 General training materials. 1993
1/38 General training materials. 1996
1/39 Avalanche training notes, tests, and handouts. 1974, 1982-1985
1/40 Avalanche training articles and clippings. Undated, 1983-1985, 1988
1/41 Avalanche training: Municipality of Anchorage presentation. 1992
1/42 Training candidates notification of status, training schedules. 1981-1986, 1989-1990
1/43 Alaska. Department of Health and Welfare notification of certification. 1982
1/44 First aid lecture notes and outlines. Undated, 1985, 1988
2/1 First aid tests and quizzes. Undated, 1981, 1983-1986
2/2 First aid handouts. Undated, 1981, 1986, 1987
2/3 First aid articles and books. Undated, 1981, 1986
2/4 Mountaineering course outlines. Undated
2/5 Multi-media safety presentation lecture outline and notes. 1985
2/6 National Ski Patrol presentation on legal aspects of wilderness medicine. 1993
2/7 National Training Committee schedule and objectives. 1986
2/8 Instructions for communications radio use. Undated
2/9 Refresher courses schedules and outlines. 1981-1986, 1988, 1989
2/10 Senior tests. 1981, 1983, 1988
2/11 Ski checks, training guides, and evaluation forms. Undated, 1984, 1986
2/12 Skill sheets. Undated, 1996
2/13 Toboggan trainer’s manual and course objectives/outline. 1985
2/14 Alaska wilderness medicine symposium schedule, notes, and handouts. 1987
2/15 Wilderness medicine lecture and conference notes. 1988, 1991
2/16 Wilderness medicine legal articles and liability release information. Undated, 1988, 1991, 1992

Series 6: National events records; 1984. 0.1 cubic feet. Records related to the 25th World Airlines Ski championships.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/17 Patrol guides, schedule, and correspondence. 1984

Series 7: Reference publications; 1982-1997. 0.6 cubic feet. This series contains copies of national and international publications relating to skiing and ski patrolling received by the Sourdough Ski Patrol for the use of its members. Arranged by publication, thereunder chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/18 National Ski Patrol. Alaska Division. Frozen slats newsletter. 1984-1991
2/19 National Patroller. 1982-1983
2/20-21 National Ski Areas Association Member’s Update. 1993 December-1997 November
2/22-27 Ski Patrol Magazine. 1985-1987
2/28 Canadian National Ski Patrol System Sweep. 1993 December-1996 August

Series 8: Meeting records; 1978-1984. 0.5 cubic feet. Includes meeting minutes, agendas, a copy of the bylaws and auxiliary chapter guidelines. Minutes are arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/9 Meeting records 1978-1984


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