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John Strohmeyer papers

Guide to the John Strohmeyer Papers

Collection number: HMC-1073.
Creator: Strohmeyer, John, 1924-2010.
Title: John Strohmeyer papers.
Dates: 1946-2007 (bulk 1987-2005)
Volume of collection: 5.6 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials entirely in English.
Collection summary: Papers of John Strohmeyer documenting his work as a journalist and author.

Biographical note:
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Strohmeyer’s (1924, June 26-2010, March 3) first experience as a journalist came in 1941, as a night reporter for the Bethlehem-Globe Times.  After graduating high school, Strohmeyer continued to work for the Globe while attending Moravian College. After graduating, Strohmeyer enrolled at Columbia University in the Graduate School of Journalism. In 1956, he returned to Pennsylvania as the editor of the Bethlehem-Globe Times. Strohmeyer won the Pulitzer in 1972, for a series of editorials he wrote on race and labor relations in the city of Bethlehem, Pa.  In 1986, he published his first book Bethlehem in Crisis: Big Steel’s Struggle to Survive. In 1987, Strohmeyer accepted a position as a visiting Atwood Chair of Journalism at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). Not long after arriving in Anchorage, he began collecting research for Extreme Conditions: Big Oil and the Transformation of Alaska. Originally published in 1993, it details the discovery of oil in Prudhoe Bay and the building of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. In addition to his teaching duties, he contributed articles and columns for the Anchorage Daily News including a weekly opinion column. Strohmeyer published one more book after Extreme Conditions; Historic Anchorage: An Illustrated History in 2001, in conjunction with the Anchorage Museum. Although never published, Strohmeyer completed a manuscript tentatively titled Empty Nets. Empty Nets investigated the state of fisheries in waters around the United States.

Collection description:
The papers consist mainly of notes, articles, and interviews collected by Strohmeyer in the course of his work as journalist and author while living and working in Anchorage, Alaska. The bulk of the papers, 1987-2008, are materials related to two published works Crisis in Bethlehem: Big Steel’s Struggle to Survive, Extreme Conditions: Big Oil and the Transformation of Alaska along with chapter drafts and research for an unpublished book project titled Fish, Avarice, and Politics (referred to as Empty Nets). The earliest materials for Extreme Conditions refer to the book as Alaska for Sale, the original title of the work. The research materials for Extreme Conditions include 49 microcassette tapes containing interviews for the book. Tapes with matching transcripts and correspondence are noted with an asterisk.

There is a significant amount of correspondence in the collection. It is a mix of personal correspondence, letters from readers (of Strohmeyer’s columns and/or books), and a small amount from Strohmeyer’s time at the Bethlehem Globe-Times. Correspondence in arranged chronologically.

The collection contains articles and editorials Strohmeyer wrote while living in Anchorage. The rest of the collection consists of speeches, lectures, and presentations Strohmeyer delivered from 1980-2000. The collection also contains materials relating to Alaska Titan, a biography about Robert Atwood written by Strohmeyer.

Arrangement: The collection has been arranged to reflect Strohmeyer’s work on his books, correspondence, articles, teaching, and speeches. Within these groupings materials are arranged in the order in which they were received by the Archives.

Alternative formats: The collection includes slides, photographs, 7” and 3.5” floppy disks, microcassettes, cassette tapes, and VHS. Microcassette tapes with an asterisk have matching folders containing interview notes and/or transcripts.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Materials in collection not created by John Strohmeyer may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: John Strohmeyer papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Duplicate newspaper clippings, book reviews, and manuscript drafts were removed from the collection.

Related materials: Archives also has the papers of Strohmeyer’s wife, Sylvia Broady, HMC-1251.

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to the Archives by Sylvia Broady in 2010 and 2015.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Jason Sylvestre in 2011. Additional material was described by Veronica Denison in 2017 and by Becky Butler in 2023.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1 Adler & Adler correspondence – Bethlehem in Crisis publication 1986-1988
1/2-1/3 Book correspondence – Bethlehem Steel from readers 1986-1987
1/4 Steel– research material 1987-1995
1/5 Penguin Books correspondence, published Bethlehem in Crisis 1987
1/6-1/7 Reviews of Bethlehem in Crisis 1987-1988
1/8-1/9 Book talk II – Steel Speech, Tokyo, transcript Book publishing speech, review of Bethlehem in Crisis publication, transcript. 1987-1995
1/10 Simul Press – Japanese publishers of Bethlehem in Crisis correspondence 1988 January 1
1/11 Strohmeyer portrait proofs and negatives 1988
1/12 Steel update, newspaper clippings, interviews, notes and draft of Bethlehem steel article update of book 1992-1994
1/13 Bethlehem in Crisis – publication announcement, correspondence other publicity 1994-1997
1/14 Alaska Construction and Oil: The Remarkable Tyonek Success Story 1968 July, 1990
1/15-1/16 Historic newspaper headlines slides 1971
1/17 Alaska Native Corporations vs.  Alaska National Bank of the North motion for partial summary judgment 1982 July 20
1/18 Alaska newspaper headlines slides 1988
1/19 Calista Corporation “The Calista Region: A Gentle People, A Harsh Life” 1989 February
1/20 Newspaper clippings, research on native Alaskan issues 1990-1991
1/21 Sam McDowell, correspondence (with Attorney regarding use of interview with McDowell) transcripts of public (court) testimony 1991 June 7
1/22 Congressional Bulletin – Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Covert Operation 102d Congress 2nd session 1992 July
1/23 Strohmeyer North, information on Barrow 1990
1/24-1/25 Cascade Press Promo (publishing house set up to publish paperback of Extreme Conditions: Big Oil and the Transformation of Alaska (includes promo for Atwood Book) Extreme conditions book cover mockups, correspondence 1997-1998
1/26 Oil Spill Aftermath – article, clippings, Extreme Conditions (Big Oil) 3.5” floppy disk (removed) 1998-1999
1/27 Working with Editors for Extreme conditions – Correspondence with editors and legal from Simon and Schuster includes contract for “Alaska for Sale”(Extreme Conditions) 1993-1995
1/28-30 Draft of Alaska for sale (published as Extreme Conditions) undated
1/31 Extreme Conditions Catalog copy (8.5×11” printed version) 1993 June
1/32 Editor critique of Extreme conditions undated
2/1 Extreme Conditions epilogue for revised edition 2002
2/2 Book Publishing Speech, transcript, correspondence, clippings Undated
2/3 Stuart Krichevsky correspondence (literary agent) includes reviews of Strohmeyer’s books 1990-1997
2/4 Recent Reviews – Extreme Conditions newspaper reviews 1993
2/5 Book response – Extreme Conditions reviews, clippings, correspondence 1993-1994
2/6 Slides from Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA) 1988
2/7-2/8 Extreme Conditions slides (images for book) (2 folders) 1988
2/9 Alaska photograph slides undated
2/10 Funding inquiries “Anguish of the Natives in Alaska” 1989-1997
2/11 Extreme Conditions proposal, outline undated
2/12 William C Bishop interview (oil) 1987 July 20
2/13 Hickel – interview summary, speech transcript (Hickel’s?) clipping notes (likely interview) 2008
2/14 Chevron interview Tom Gallagher, Tom Cook, 1989 December 1
2/15 Edgar Paul Boyko interview 1990 March 8
2/16 Boyd Brown interview 1989 December 14
2/17 Mary Susan Blomfield interview 1989 September 10
2/18 Daniel Fondell interview undated
2/19 Cordova interviews, (oil spill) 1991
2/20 Locke Jacobs interview, newspaper photocopies 1992
2/21 Dan Hickey interview 1992 November 23
2/22 Chuck Herbert interview 1990 March 27
2/23 Willie Hensley interview 1990 February 13
2/24 Steven Haycox (“Owning it all in Alaska: The Political Power of A rhetorical paradigm”) undated
2/25 Research materials – Alaskan oil money 1989
2/26 Walter Hickel interview, correspondence 1991
2/27 Barrow interviews 1990
2/28 Robert Anderson interview 1990 June 1
2/29 Bethel interviews 1989
2/30 Marvin Mangas interview undated
2/31 Gill Mull and Gar Pessel 1989 December 27
2/32 Richard Miller interview notes (interview in Willie Hensley folder) undated
2/33 Emil Notti interview 1990, April 18
2/34 Prudhoe trips, leads 1988-1989
2/35 Peggy Renkert article “Art’s funding in Alaska: A question of Culture?” 1989 April 28
2/36 Jack Roderick interview 1990 October 10
2/37 Pat and Irene Ryan, 1990 February 23
2/38 Virgil Seiser documents, correspondence 1953-1973
2/39 Charles Selman interview November 11
2/40 Situk River 1990 May
2/41 Jim Taylor interview 1989 December 18
2/42 Jack Walker interview 1990 February 2
2/43 John Kelsey, interview 1990 June 11
2/44 Ketchikan trip, research 1990 August 17-20
2/45 Valdez Trip 1990 September 22-24
2/46 Howard Weaver interview 1989 November 1
2/47 Peter Zamerello, research, articles about, clippings 1983-1990
2/48 John Devens interview 1990 June 8
2/49 Richard Fineberg 1989 December 20
2/50 Beyond Denial: The Northeastern Fisheries Crisis, report, 1994, March 29
2/51 New England Fisheries: Planning for the Future 1996
2/52 Magazines Fishing Lines, Audubon 2003 September
2/53 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Project 2003 July
2/54-55 Florida – research, fishing stats, Net ban, court case transcript 1996-1997
2/56 Manatees (news clippings about manatee endangerment) 2005-2006
2/57 Cod, articles, 1996-2002
2/58 Book pit (chapter drafts, more research)




2/59 Empty Nets finished chapters 1-8, correspondence 2004-2007
2/60 Chapter 2 Newfoundland and Canada, research, clippings 2002
2/61 Chapter 3, Maine research 1999-2002
2/62 Chapter 5 Gloucester (New England) clippings 1996-2003
2/63 Woods hole, research, interview transcript 2002
2/64 NOAA documents, reports – Status of the Fishery resources off the Northeastern US for 1994 1994
2/65 Empty Nets publisher search 2008-2009
2/66 Empty Nets editorial review 2009 October 8
2/67-2/68 Empty Nets photograph choices, correspondence 2003-2010
2/69 Empty Nets correspondence, publisher search (some posthumously) 2009-2010
2/70 Empty Nets correspondence – wrapping up book project 2010
3/1 Publisher search – Empty Nets correspondence 2005-2006
3/2 Book correspondence – re: An Evaluation of North Pacific Fisheries Management and Governance Systems (publisher search) 1995-2004
3/3 Matthew Bokovoy correspondence – acquisitions editor U of Oklahoma Press, Fisheries 2000-2008
3/4 Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center (PCCRC) research grant proposal includes CV, part of Fisheries book 2005
3/5 GEO (magazine) correspondence

Strohmeyer fishing photograph

1995 May
3/6 History of Managing Wildlife in Alaska – correspondence, info packets on grant proposal 1997 June
3/7 Strohmeyer fishing Undated
3/8 Anchorage photographs photocopied (likely for Historic Anchorage: An Illustrated History) undated
3/9 Historic Anchorage (Strohmeyer book) talk at Anchorage museum, correspondence 1999-2001
3/10 Anchorage outlines, Draft chapters of Historic Anchorage, clippings 2000-2002
3/11 Cook Inlet Pioneer, Anchorage Daily Times – research, clippings 2000
3/12 Historic Anchorage Chapter 2 Sidebars, research material 2000
3/13 Anchorage notes, research, 2000
3/14 Modern Anchorage, notes, clippings 2000
3/15 Anchorage notes 2000
3/16 Obits – Muldoon, Price, Bragaw undated
3/17 Dwight D Eisenhower correspondence 1949 January 20
3/18 Correspondence, mostly personal correspondence, some from Bethlehem Globe, photographs 1963-2003
3/19 Clippings and correspondence 1966-1969
3/20 Correspondence includes clippings 1983-1994
3/21 Correspondence 1988-1989
3/22 Correspondence (includes sale of Bethlehem Globe, 1991) 1988-1991
3/23 Correspondence 1993-1994
3/24-3/25 Correspondence 1994-2004
3/26 Ford Motor Company history (correspondence regarding Strohmeyer writing history) 1996
3/27 Correspondence (photographs) 1996-1999
3/28 Correspondence 1999-2002
3/29 Correspondence 2004-2006
3/30-3/32 Correspondence 2005-2006
3/33 Correspondence includes photographs

Strohmeyer vita, biography 1987, autobiography, obituary

1946, 1987, 1993, 2010
3/34 Citrus County Chronicle biographical piece on Strohmeyer 2001 February 26
3/35 UAA correspondence – writer in residence, donation receipt correspondence 1989-1996
3/36 Alaska Trip – Strohmeyer’s offer letter for Atwood position, correspondence (photocopy old folder) 1987-1989
3/37-3/38 Photos and awards – some clippings (bio pieces), includes Lehigh honorary degree (2 folders) 1963-1984
3/39 Congressional Record– Pulitzer read into record pg. E5999 1972 June 6
3/40 Nieman Foundation reunion (Harvard) 2005
3/41-3/42 Alaskan corruption article, drafts, publishing attempts 2006-2008
3/43 Strohmeyer articles, about WWII Navy Service 1951 1999
4/1 Humanities Forum grant proposal (Atwood and statehood) (includes 2008 Strohmeyer CV) 2008
4/2 Atwood biography thoughts, patriot act opinion 2002
4/3 Harper Fact checking – newspaper clippings –Frank Murkowski and Stevens news, environmental and conservation issues in AK 1995-1996
4/4 Harper’s Magazine article “Letter from Alaska” correspondence and drafts 1995 1995
4/5 Wolves articles (hunts) 1998 1998
4/6 Vermont Trial (shooting in Russian River) Strohmeyer’s articles 1993 December
4/7 Ted Steven’s File (recent topics) news items 2005-2008
4/8 Logging  (article clippings) 1996
4/9 Lisa Murkowski column responses to “Senators Letter lacks substance” correspondence 2007 March
4/10 ANWR newspaper clippings , US Fish and Wildlife info pack 1995-1996
4/11 Ken Flynn interview, (running for State Senate district K) newspaper 2004
4/12 Op-ed on McClatchy Corp purchasing Knight Ridder and F. Murkowski asking Anchorage Daily News to tell other papers how to cover ANWR 2006
4/13 Murrow, Edward R. – article, correspondence 2005
4/14 Book review/reviewer Materials, ANWR clippings 2001
4/15 Writing sources –American Press Institute piece Undated
4/16 Russian River ferry service, (re: fees) correspondence, contracts, newspaper clippings, article draft 1994-1996
4/17 Anchorage Daily Times closing, full papers 1992
4/18 Newspaper clippings, Alaska Native news 1990-1991
4/19 Alaska Press week – panel discussions set up by Strohmeyer, accompanying correspondence 1988
4/20 Evolution of the press (transcript for presentation) 1994 July 15
4/21 Alaska Press history Transcript 1988
4/22 Tours – cruise ship lecture, correspondence, itinerary, transcripts (oil) 1995
4/23 Atwood Lecture series (“see humanities written” on folder) Alaska’s press working for statehood , research materials, transcript 1998, 2000
4/24 Speech nights – correspondence re speeches, newspaper clippings on ANWR, Alaskan environmental issues, partial speech transcripts 1991-1995
4/25 Speeches – (in Pennsylvania) transcripts 1980-1981
4/26 Moravian College speech transcript, correspondence, includes parts of other speeches 1983, 1985-1986
4/27 Moravian Speech – flyer and copy of Moravian College Magazine 1992, 1996
4/28 Moravian college correspondence 1988
4/29 Moravian College – 250th Anniversary speech transcript, correspondence 1990
4/30 Speech at Unitarian Universalist Forum, correspondence, transcript 1998 May
4/31 Polaris lecture series correspondence, transcript, funding, clippings 1997-1998
4/32-4/33 Speaking Engagements, Alaska – transcripts, correspondence, memos, 1987-1988, 1993
4/34 Speeches – transcripts, some duplicates, Extreme Conditions and Bethlehem in Crisis 1981-1993
4/35 Journalism 198 – quiz about “Absence of Malice” film 1986-1987
4/36 University Southern Florida Journalism 3306 syllabus 2001
4/37 Military and the Press – course taught by Atwood and Strohmeyer at Elmendorf, lectures, course materials, syllabus 1990 October 8-24
4/38 Clark University visit and speech, transcript (Oil Spill) correspondence 1989 November
4/39 Lehigh University McFadden Visiting Professor appointment correspondence 1986
4/40 Censorship (issues raised by Lehigh faculty) 1985-1986
4/41 Lehigh University McFadden visiting professor correspondence 1987
4/42 Bethlehem Globe Times contracts 1962-1978
4/43 Sam Kimura photographs – Komura and Strohmeyer undated
4/44 Africa trip slides 1964
Box 5 A/V Material
5 3.5” floppy disks (10) Empty Nets undated
5 Microcassette tapes (49) interviews (mix of Extreme Conditions and Empty Nets) undated
5 Brown II* (side B) Miller I* (side A) 1989 December 14
5 Miller II* (side A) (9/13) Hensly I* (side B) 1990 February 13
5 Hensly II* (side A) Ryan I* (side B) 1990 February 23
5 Ryan 2* (side A) Ryan 3* Side B) 1990 February 23
5 Selman I* (side A) Selman II* (side B) undated
5 Jim Fisher (side A) Fisher II (side B) undated
5 Wright (side A) Wright II (side B) undated
5 Winkeler I (side A) Winkeler II (side B) undated
5 Kelsy* (side A and B) 1990 June 11
5 Slama I (side A) Slama II (side B) undated
5 Knowles (side A and B) undated
5 Gilbert II (Side A) R. Anderson* (side B) 1990 June 1
5 R. Anderson* (side A) Demay I (side B) 1990 June 1
5 Demay II (Side A) undated
5 Kerkert III (side A) Devens II* (side B) 1990 June 8
5 Haycock* (side A) Brown I* (side B) 1990
5 Bishop I* (side A) 1987 July 20
5 Flynn (side A) undated
5 Pautze (side A) undated
5 Clarence Pautze (side A) Lobo (side B) undated
5 Florida (side A) undated
5 Seattle end (side A) Si-Lobo-Kate (side B) undated
5 Boyko* (side A) 1990 March 8
5 Linbeck (side B) undated
5 Nancy (side B) undated
5 ESPE II (side A) undated
5 N.O. (side B – blank?) undated
5 6 unlabeled microcassettes undated
5 B Johnson I (side 1) B Johnson II (side 2) undated
5 Exxon I (side 1) Mangas* (side 2) undated
5 West (side 1) undated
5 Ruthledge (side A and B) undated
5 Elds (side A & B) undated
5 Elds (side 1) undated
5 Mangas 1*(side a) Mangas 2* (side B) undated
5 AT III (side a) undated
5 Weaner I (side a) Weaner II (side b) undated
5 Chevron* (side A & B) 1989 December 1
5 Mangas III* (side A) Rodger (side B) undated
5 Moore (side A) undated
5 Henley I (side A) Henley II (side B) undated
5 Bishop III* (side a) Bishop* (side b) 1987 July 20
5 McCord (side A) Gilbreth (side B) undated
5 Herbert I* (side A) Herbert II* (side B) 1990 March 27
5 Taylor (side A) Taylor II (side B) undated
5 Notti 1*(side A) Notti 2* (side B) 1990 April 18
5 Notti 1*(side A) Notti 2* (Side B) 1990 April 18
5 Hensley 4* (side A&B) 1990
5 Johnson (side A) Olson (side B) undated
5 Mayor (side A) undated
5 5 Inch floppy disks 9 disks (mostly teaching)

#1 1st semester (UAA)

#2 88 Spring semester

#3 2nd semester 5/6/88

#3 Fall 88-89

Spring 88

Semester I fall 1988

Lehigh Speech, NYT interview

Atwood #2 disk

undated, 1988
5 CD – Combat Fishing on Kenai River undated
5 The Media and the Law tape 1,2,4,5 – Moravian College audiocassettes 1980 October 4
5 Poisoned Waters: Alaska Natives and the Oil Spill audiocassette undated
5 Dave Anderson audiocassette undated
5 The Story of Ketchikan Pulp Company (VHS videocassette) undated
6/1 ADN columns and ideas for columns, includes correspondence 2001-2007
6/2 Atwood: Articles written by Strohmeyer about Robert Atwood, information and ideas regarding Atwood exhibits, and “Alaska’s Press and the Battle for Statehood” undated, 1999-2008
6/3 The Atwood Book: Includes correspondence and information regarding the Atwood Exhibit in the UAA/APU Consortium Library, articles by Strohmeyer, articles about book dispute 1999-2003
6/4 Alaska Titan by John Strohmeyer manuscript undated, 1999
6/5 Atwood Book: Correspondence and information regarding the publication and release of Alaska Titan 1998-2003
6/6 Articles written by Strohmeyer, includes drafts; Correspondence; Information regarding Alaska Titian; Materials regarding Strohmeyer’s death 2002-2010
6/7 Empty Nets second review draft manuscript with notes 2008
Box 6 Atwood Video Tapes: Robert Atwood and John Strohmeyer teaching “The Military and the Press” class, labeled 1-6 1990







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