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Peter L. Ferry family photographs

Guide to the Peter L. Ferry family photographs
an Alaska Historical Society collection

Collection number: HMC-1021-AHS.
Creator: Peter L. Ferry family.
Title: Peter L. Ferry family photographs.
Date: 1929.
Volume of collection: 0.02 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: This collection consists of the photographs collected by and photographed by members of the Peter L. Ferry family on a trip to Alaska.

Biographical note:
Peter L. Ferry was from Glendale, California. In 1929, he took his family on a trip to Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Ferry family members on the trip included his wife, Catherine, his sons James, Leo, Jack, William and Patrick, his daughters Catherine and Mary Alice Ferry Diener, and his son-in-law Frank Diener.

Collection description:
The collection contains 57 original and 3 copied black and white prints. Nineteen of the prints appear to be purchased prints of subjects which include the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, glaciers, and the early glacier scientist, Father Bernard Rosecrans Hubbard, S. J.  The remaining prints are the family photographs of Peter L. Ferry.  Places where the photographs were taken include: Miles Canyon, Whitehorse Rapids, Lake Bennett, Dawson, Cordova, Miles Glacier, Taku Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Mount McKinley National Park, Carcross, Petersburg, and Fort Yukon. Non-family members pictured include Klondike gold discoverer George Washington Carmack and historical lecturer Patsy Henderson.

Arrangement: These photographs are arranged by grouping: purchased prints and family prints.

Alternative formats: Preservation copy negatives have been made of 23 of the photographs.

Digitized copies: The images in the collection have been digitized and added to the Alaska’s Digital Archives site. Links to individual photographs online are provided in the photograph list below. For information about obtaining copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: The Archives does not hold copyright to this collection.

Preferred citation: Peter L. Ferry family photographs, Alaska Historical Society collections, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: This collection was donated to the Alaska Historical Society by Marie DeMara in 2004.  The Society retains ownership of this collection and has placed it on deposit with Archives and Special Collections.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey A. Sinnott in 2004.

Photograph list:

Item Description
1 “Steam Pit at Valley of 10,000 Smokes.” Man with pack overlooking pit (4 X 5 inch).
2 “Valley of 10,000 Smokes.” Two men and dog taking rest from hiking (4 X 5 inch).
3 “Valley of 10,000 smokes in the distance.” (4 X 5 inch).
4-6 “Valley of 10,000 Smokes” view 1, view 2, and view 3. (4 X 5 inch).
7 “Desolation” Burnt trees and ash in Valley of 10,000 Smokes (4 X 5 inch).
8 “Ice fields” (4 X 5 inch).
9 “Receding glacier” Man and dog at foot of glacier (4 X 5 inch).
10 “Debris left by receding glacier.” View of glacial moraine (4 X 5 inch).
11 “Father Hubbard and Bozo.” Father Bernard Hubbard, S. J., and dog (4 X 5 inch).
12 “Bozo.” Pack dog (4 X 5 inch).
13 “Old totem poles at deserted Tongas [sic: Tongass] village.” (4 X 5 inch).
14-15 Mountain scenes, view 1 and view 2. (4 X 5 inch).
16 Mountain scene with man on pinnacle (4 X 5 inch).
17 “Glacier front.” Man walking on glacier (4 X 6 inch).
18 “Small lake or tarn at timber line left by receding snow” (4 X 6 inch).
19 “The last bite” Father Bernard Hubbard, S. J., eating meal on boulder (4 X 6 inch).
20-22 “Miles Canyon” Three different views, view 1, view 2, and view 3. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
23 “1929, Miles Canyon, Yukon Territory. Only bridge across the Yukon” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
24 “Whitehorse Rapids” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
25 “1929. Lake Bennett. Leo, Frank, Catherine, Jack, Baby Bat, Mo (Catherine B), Mary Alice, Bill, & Jim” Family at lakeshore with church in the background (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
26 “1929. Celebrating founding of Dawson, Yukon Territory”  Automobiles decorated for parade and family (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
27 “Parade at Dawson celebrating finding of gold” Parade of automobiles on city street (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
28 “Dog team [in] Parade, Dawson” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
29 “Circle, Lake Bennett” Family in front of restaurant (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
30 “Cordova” Family on boat at dock (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
31 “Falls near Cordova” Waterfall (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
32-33 “Salmon spawning near Cordova” Family on small bridge over stream, view 1 and view 2. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
34 “Bird Rock near Cordova” Close-up view (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
35 “Bird Rock near Cordova” More distant view (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
36-37 “Miles Glacier” Two different views, view 1 and view 2. (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
38 “Taku Glacier near Juneau” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
39 “Taku Glacier” Man and two women at rail of ship (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
40 Inside Passage scene (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
41 “Columbia Glacier” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
42 “Agricultural College, Fairbanks” Family and automobiles in front of college building (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
43 Peter L. Ferry and Frank Diener with car at sign for the Steese Highway (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
44 “Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Ruggles, Anchorage” Man, wife and dog standing in yard (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
45 “Alaska Railroad on way to Anchorage” Train crossing trestle bridge (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
46 “Aug. 1929. Ferry Family, Fairbanks, Alaska – First train in Alaska. James, Catherine, Frank Diener with Patrick, William, Leo, Mary Alice Ferry Diener, Jack. In front: Bill, Catherine, and Peter L.” Family in front of Alaska Railroad locomotive No. 1 in Fairbanks (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
47 “Mt. McKinley Nat’l Park” Figure in fur parka and dogs (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
48 “Carcross, Y. T., Aug. 22, 1929. P. Henderson, one of the first to find gold in the Klondike, Y. T., 1. Billie Ferry, 2. P. Henderson, Indian, 3. Peter L. Ferry” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
49 “Patsy Henderson, Yukon Lecturer” Man and woman in native dress (photo post card, 3.5 X 5.5 inch).
50 “Fishing boats at Petersburg” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
51 “Petersburg, 1929” View from harbor (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
52 “Halibut, Petersburg” (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
53 “1929. Crossing Yukon River at Dawson” People at ferry landing (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
54 “Government Liquor Store, Dawson” Three men in front of store with packages (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
55 “Dawson” People at ferry landing across from Dawson (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
56 “Yukon River Boat” Steamboat Yukon (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
57 “Fort Yukon” Family in front of log building (3.5 X 5.75 inch).
58 “Aug. 16, 1929. Mary Alice with George Washington Carmack, first discoverer of gold in the Klondike.  Mary Alice Ferry Diener with George Washington Carmack” (Copy print, 4.25 X 7 inch).
59 “1929. Ketchikan, Alaska. Catherine Ferry, Catherine Ferry, Mary Alice Ferry Diener, Peter L. Ferry” Family members on board walk (Copy print, 4.25 X 7 inch).
60 “1929. Miles Canyon, Yukon Terryory, only bridge across the Yukon” (Copy print, 4.25 X 7 inch).



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