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Commonwealth North records

Guide to the Commonwealth North records

Collection number: HMC-0992.
Creator: Commonwealth North.
Title: Commonwealth North records.
Dates: 1979-2007.
Volume of collection: 64.8 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Papers of an Alaskan public policy forum.

Organizational history:
Commonwealth North (CWN) was co-founded in 1979 by two former governors of Alaska: Walter J. Hickel and William Egan. Commonwealth North acts as a non-partisan group funded by individual memberships and private sector funds. Their purpose is “to educate its members and others on significant public policy issues affecting Alaska and its future, and to assist in their resolution,” (Commonwealth North 2009). Commonwealth North strives to achieve this goal in a variety of ways. They hold monthly forums with speakers from a variety of disciplines to provide insight into Alaskan matters. In addition, they form study groups to research Alaskan issues and publish their findings and recommendations. http://www.commonwealthnorth.org has more information on the activities and publications of Commonwealth North.

Collection description:
This collection contains administrative records created during the planning and execution of their speaker programs; research material used and records created by each study group; administrative records of former executive directors; Board of Directors records, and membership files. These records vary in type and include publications produced by CWN, correspondence, meeting notes, audio recordings of speeches, and video and photographs of speakers and events. In addition, the collection contains plaques and awards given to Commonwealth North. Collection is primarily arranged by event or group/committee that created the records.

Arrangement: Most of the series reflect the way CWN grouped, ordered and named their records. The series that reflect CWN’s original order and naming conventions are: speaker/program files, publications files, information files, membership files, award dinner files, and Board of Director files. A portion of the collection did not arrive at the archives in a proscribed series. A majority of that portion of the collection falls under the created series “Artifacts and Audiovisual Materials.” This holds artifacts and multimedia documenting CWN’s accomplishments and events. In addition, there are audiocassettes and videocassettes integrated within the other series.

Alternative formats: CWN publications and reports found in the collection can be accessed on the Commonwealth website.

Rights note: Commonwealth North retains copyright to all materials in the collection.

Preferred citation: Commonwealth North records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
Commonwealth North. “Who we are.” Commonwealth North. 2009. http://www.commonwealthnorth.org/index.cfm?section=aboutandpage=Who-we-are (accessed October 15, 2008).

Acquisition note: Commonwealth North deposited the materials with the Archives in 2007. A deposit agreement was signed at that time.

Processing information: Arrangement of files and series and box titles derive from CWN’s arrangement of files and series and box titles. This collection was arranged and described by Mariecris Gatlabayan in 2008.

Container list:

Series 1: Speaker and program files; 1983-2003. 30.4 cubic feet.
This series contains records created in planning and hosting speakers. Examples of the types of materials in the collection are financial records, correspondence, scripts for the event, and audio recordings of the program. (If no audio recording is present within the files, there may be recordings in series 7: Artifacts and Audiovisual records.) Files are arranged chronologically by date. For a list of speakers, please visit Commonwealth North’s website.

Box Description Date
1 Speaker program files 1983 July-1985 July
2 Speaker program files 1985 August-1986 July
3 Speaker program files 1986 August-1987May
4 Speaker program files 1987 March-1987 December
5 Speaker program files 1988 January -1988 August
6 Speaker program files 1988 September-1989 March
7 Speaker program files 1989 April-1990 March
8 Speaker program files 1990 January-1991 January
9 Speaker program files 1991 March-1991 December
10 Speaker program files 1991 April-1992 July
11 Speaker program files 1992 August-1993 March
12 Speaker program files 1993 April-1993 December
13-14 Speaker program files 1993 July -1993 December
15-16 Speaker program files 1994
17 Speaker program files 1995
18 Speaker program files 1996
19 Speaker program files 1997
20 Speaker program files 1998 January-1998 July
21 Speaker program files 1998 August-1998 December
22-23 Speaker program files 1999 February-1999 December
24-25 Speaker program files 2000
26 Speaker program files 2001
27 Speaker program files 2002
28 Speaker program files 2003
29 Speaker program files 2004
30 Speaker program files 2005
31 Speaker program files 2006

Series 2: Report committee files and publications; 1996-2010. 18.0 cubic feet.
This series contains the research materials, meeting minutes, and the resulting publications of the work group. The series is roughly organized by workgroup and date. CWN arrangement of records retained as much as possible. For a list of CWN publications and reports, please visit their website.

Box Description or title Date
32 Compass North research 1996-1997
33  Alaska’s asset portfolio: managing for maximum return, Return on Assets study group records 1998
34 Return on Assets study group records; Partners in Alaska’s future: Team Alaska Phase II study group records 1994-1998
35 Permanent Fund earnings study group files 1995-1999
36 Agenda 2000 study group records 1995-1997
37 Agenda 2000 study group files (Agenda 2000: paths to resolution subsistence fighting for dependence) 1996-1999
38-39 Higher education committee files 1991-1997
40 Budget conference back up study group files. 1993-1994
41  Alaska’s Long range fiscal plan, going in flames—“No copies on hand” 1986-1996
42 Health Care: finding an Alaskan prescription, study group records and Partners in Alaska’s future: Team Alaska 2 Phase II drafts 1994, 1995
43 Workforce development in Alaska study group records. 2003
44 Education and the state’s workforce report and Urban rural unity study research records 1996, 2000-2006
45 Shall there be a Constitutional Convention? committee records and Bringing Alaska’s North Slope gas to market: framing the issues committee records 2000- 2002
46 The University of Alaska: A key to Alaska’s future, a time for ALL to invest committee records 2002-2003
47 Putting Alaska’s Assets to work for Alaskans, study group records, 2003 2003
48-49 Alaska primary health care–opportunities and challenges, records 2004-2005
50 The potential and the promise of the Arctic: a special report to the people 1970
50 Solutions to the national energy crisis: why not Alaska? 1979
50 North Slope natural gas: transportation alternatives and the promise of a world scale petrochemical industry 1980
50 Articles of incorporation and bylaws of Commonwealth North 1981
50 Investing in Alaska’s future: the capital investment fund 1981
50 Moving North Slope natural gas to market: a positive alternative 1981
50 The new Alaska Railroad 1984
50 Alaska’s budget crisis: facing the facts–closing the gaps 1986
50 Using the Permanent Fund as a positive counter-cyclical force in the Alaskan economy 1988
50 The Alaska Railroad and its future 1988
50 Redesigning the front door to Anchorage through the relocation of the Anchorage railroad yard 1988
50 Fire Island: a north Pacific maritime center (executive summary) 1991
50 Fire Island: a north Pacific maritime center 1991
50 Shall there be a Constitutional Convention? 1992
50 Commonwealth North’s Testimony to the Senate Transportation Committee on SB148, An Act Relating to the Alaska Railroad: March 30, 1993 1993
50 Breaking the fall: budget recommendations for Alaska 1994
50 Partners in Alaska’s future: Team Alaska Phase II 1995
50 Agenda 2000: Alaska’s future in a new world 1997
50 Quality of Life (Compass North II) 1997
50 Economic stability in the 21st century: realities and aspirations 1997
50 Education and the state’s workforce 1997
50 Alaska’s asset portfolio: managing for maximum return (Executive summary pamphlet) 1998
50 Alaska’s asset portfolio: managing for maximum return 1998
50 Urban rural unity study 2000
50 Bringing Alaska’s North Slope gas to market: framing the issues 2001
50 Shall there be a constitutional convention? 2002
50 Alaska’s Jobs for Alaska’s people 2003
50 Putting Alaska’s assets to work for Alaskans 2004
50 Commonwealth North 2010 Briefing Book 2009
50 How to Select a Candidate: Some Questions to Ask undated
50 Commonwealth North Annual Report 2009 2010
50 Energy for a Sustainable Alaska: The Railbelt Predicament 2010
50 Commonwealth North Annual Report 2010 2011

Series 3: Information records; 1980-1999. 5.4 cubic feet.
The title for this series comes from CWN’s inventory. This series contains administrative records of former CWN executive directors and CWN research materials on varying Alaska related subjects. CWN arrangement of materials preserved as much as possible.

Box Description Date
51 Patty Ginsburg- CWN Executive Director 1997
52 Becky Parker- CWN Executive Director 1995
53 Alaskan View of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) committee information files and records 1989-1992
54 Information/research files (some administrative records): Bering Sea fisheries; Permanent Fund; Alaska Railroad; ground fish; North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); Seward Sealife; economic education; Alaska pipeline; Tony Knowles 1995 budget speech 1993-1997
55 Information/research files: Alberta budget, UAA and land grant, Alaska telemed project, Bering Sea pollock 1995-1997
56 CWN history 1980-1999

Series 4: Board of Directors files; 1980-2004. 4.0 cubic feet.
This series contains the meeting minutes, nominations, biographies, rosters, election ballots, and administrative files. Election records are missing for 1993-1995 and 2000. Files are in chronological order.

Box Description Date
57 Board of Directors 1980-2004
58 Board of Directors: minutes and agenda 1980-1989
59 Board of Directors: minutes and agenda 1990-1996
60 Board of Directors: minutes and agenda 1997-1999

Series 5: Membership files; 1990-2002. 1.0 cubic feet.
This series contains invitations to membership, registration information, lists of members from 1990-2002. Files are in chronological order.

Box Description Date
61 Membership, ‘old’ 1990-1998

Series 6: Award dinner records; 1999. 2.0 cubic feet.
This series contains records created while planning and hosting award dinners.

Box Description Date
62 Hickel Award Dinner and Jay Hammond Award Dinner 1999
63 Take Flight Stevens information 2000

Series 7: Artifacts and Audiovisual records; undated, 1979 -2005. 8.0 cubic feet.
This series contains artifacts, photographs, and multimedia materials. Artifacts consist of plaques and awards given to CWN. Photographs are of speakers and the board of directors. Audio and video materials are of CWN speaker programs and events. There are a variety of formats within this series. The materials consist mostly of audio cassettes and videotapes but more recent materials are on DVD, Dvcam, or zip drives. Arranged approximately by date.

Box Title Date
64 Plaques, awards, and copies of scanned reports undated
65 Commonwealth North: pictures 1979-1991; speakers and Board of Directors 1979-1991
66 Audiovisual tapes of events and speakers 1990-2000
67 Audiovisual tapes of events and speakers 1991-1997
68 Audiocassette tapes of programs and Board of Directors 1999-2003
69 Events and study groups photographs 1999-2004
70 Events and study groups photographs 1999-2005
71 Audiovisual tapes of events and speakers 2004-2006

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