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Dave Rose Papers

Guide to the Dave Rose papers

Collection number: HMC-0977.
Creator: Rose, Dave (David A.), 1937-2006.
Title: Dave Rose papers.
Dates: 1960-2006.
Volume of collection: 52.0 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English, Russian, and Azerbaijani.
Collection summary: Papers of an Anchorage assemblyman and first director of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Biographical note:
Dave Rose was born in Queens, New York in 1937 and came to Alaska with the U.S. Army in 1960, where he worked as a comptroller.  He received an M.A. in Business from Syracuse University in 1968.  Returning to Anchorage, Rose was appointed to the Anchorage Parks and Recreation Commission in the late 1960s.  He was later elected to Anchorage City Council in 1970 and in 1975 became the first chairman of the Anchorage Assembly after the Anchorage City Council and the Anchorage Borough Assembly merged to form a unified government.  In these positions, Rose became widely known for his advocacy for improved city sewer systems and of an equal rights bill against discrimination based on sexual preference, an issue that contributed to his defeat when he ran for mayor of Anchorage in 1978 against incumbent George M. Sullivan.  He later ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1982.  After leaving the assembly in 1975, Rose became the first executive director of the Alaska Municipal Bond Bank and, in 1978, also became executive director of the Alaska Industrial Development Authority (later the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority).  In 1982, Rose co-founded the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. (AFPC), the state agency that invests the Alaska Permanent Fund, the state’s oil revenue saving account, and became its first executive director, a position he held until 1992.  Afterwards, he and his wife, Fran, founded the Alaska Permanent Capital Management Co., and Rose was involved with helping to set up permanent funds in both Azerbaijan and Iraq.  A close friend of Governor Tony Knowles, Rose served as chief of the governor’s transition team in 1994, and the Roses and the Knowles co-owned Downtown Deli in Anchorage.   In his later years, he was also the author, with Charles Wohlforth, of a memoir, Saving for the Future: My Life and the Alaska Permanent Fund, published in 2008.  Dave Rose died in 2006.

Collection description:
This collection contains papers collected and created by Dave Rose from 1960-2006 that mostly document his work for the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., the Alaska Industrial Development Authority, and the Alaska Permanent Capital Management Co., including reports, legislation, correspondence, meeting packets, financial documents, and newspaper clippings, among other materials.  The collection also contains papers documenting Rose’s career as a U.S. Army comptroller, his service as chairman of the Anchorage Assembly, his various election campaigns for Anchorage mayor and other positions, and his involvement with the Iraqi Permanent Fund and State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan.  There are also a significant number of notes, drafts, transcripts, interviews, and reference materials used by Rose and Charles Wohlforth to write Rose’s memoir, Saving for the Future.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged in the order in which it was given to the Archives.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections holds the copyright to this collection.

Preferred citation: Dave Rose papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Works used in preparation of inventory:
Rose, Dave.  Saving for the Future: My Life and the Alaska Permanent Fund.  Kenmore, Wash.: Epicenter Press, 2008.

Separated materials: 4 cubic feet of books were removed to the Rare Books collection in December 2010, including 13 volumes of Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. meeting minutes from 1983-1986 and 1988-1992, 10 volumes of Alaska Municipal Bond Bank transcripts of proceedings from 1976-1980, and 1 volume of City and Borough of Sitka municipal utilities revenue bonds from 1979.

Acquisition note: This collection was donated to the Archives by Fran Rose in 2007 and 2010.

Processing information: This collection was described by Megan K. Friedel in 2010.

Container list:

Box Description Dates
1, Oversize folder 1 Alaska Permanent Fund “Learning is Permanent” lesson plans and materials circa 1990-1992
2 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets 1988
3 Alaska Permanent Fund news clippings and miscellaneous papers 1988
3-4 Magadan map, Russian seminar briefing papers, and papers regarding the Alaska National Guard Board of Inquiry and transitions of Alaska governors Steve Cowper and Tony Knowles circa 1986-2002
4-5 Papers relating to the “rebirth” of the Alaska Industrial Development Authority undated
5-6 Mayoral election materials and papers related to the “You and Your Sewer” program circa 1978
6 Papers relating to Russian seminars, Pig project, and the Alaska Public Radio Network Foundation undated
7 Alaska Permanent Fund news clippings 1990
7-8 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets and notes 1990
8-9 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets and notes 1986
10 Legislative citations honoring Dave Rose, and papers relating to Strengthening Management Analyses and the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (EVOSTC) circa 1990-1992
19; 11 Russian Far East lectures and seminars papers undated
11-12 Day calendars (various years) and papers on the Alaska economic recovery, including the Anchorage Plan, Bridge Bank plan, housing and trailer papers, Hallwood papers, and CD program undated
12-13 Bank failure plans and papers relating to 1987 stock operations, bank CD programs, and early real estate circa 1987
13-14 Alaska Permanent Fund papers 1988
14 Alaska Municipal Bond Bank transcripts: 1981 Series A C, 1982 Series A, B, and C 1981-1982
15 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets 1991
15-16 Alaska Permanent Fund news clippings, meeting packets, and memos 1985
16-17 Alaska Permanent Fund post-retirement papers 1992-1995
17-18 Legislative speeches and papers, mostly regarding Alaska Permanent Fund undated
18-19 Financing papers regarding Bradley Lake, AHFC housing, Alaska Municipal Bond Bank, and papers relating to the Alaska Permanent Fund, Alaska Industrial Development 1976-1991
19-20 Sakhalin materials, including papers on State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ), Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. board of trustees, and Oiled Regions of Alaska Foundation circa 2001-2004
20 Alaska Permanent Fund papers, miscellaneous papers, reference material, and daily calendars (various years) 1986-1991
21 Personal papers, including speeches, correspondence, and conference papers, and Alaska Permanent Fund news clippings, memos, correspondence, and financial documents, including papers regarding Bridge Bank and the Housing Assistance Division 1973-1988
21-22 Early personal papers, including material relating to the Lions Club, the military, and parks and recreation 1960-1969
22-23 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets and notes 1987
23 Appointment books and Alaska Municipal Bond Bank fact book 1975-1997
24 Resumes of protégés, newspaper articles, legislation, meeting packets, and papers regarding Alaska National Guard Board of Inquiry, Alaska Permanent Capital Management Corp. including APFC-APCMC contract working papers, and other topics 1992-1997
24-25 Unification-AML studies and documents 1974-1980
26 Newspaper clippings 1984-1997
27 Lieutenant governor election campaign papers, “You & Your Sewer” petitions, papers relating to Senate bill 180, and photograph of Jay S. Hammond 1982
27-28 Alaska Permanent Fund Washington investment board papers, newspaper clippings, and correspondence 1991-1992
28-29 Anchorage City and Borough papers, election polls, and annual report circa 1970-1979
29-30 Alaska Permanent Fund files, meeting material, and memos and papers relating to the Anchorage equal rights debate including newspaper clippings 1976-1983
30-31 Knowles transition team papers, Alaska National Guard Board of Inquiry papers, Lew Williams letter, book by David Asman and related correspondence, and Cremo Plan papers circa 1994-1995
31-32 Personal papers including pay slips, photographs of Dave Rose and Mitch, Beth Sholom papers and building plans, tax documents, letters, Ft. Ben Harrison photos and diplomas, and other papers regarding 1988 accident settlement, the Lion’s Club, equal rights amendment

Anchorage Borough Assembly correspondence, speeches, and papers

circa 1974-1988
32 Alaska Public radio Network papers, speeches, and Alaska Permanent Fund Board of Trustees papers, including meeting packets, asset allocation studies, investment strategy booklets, and reports 1995-1998
32-33 Alaska Permanent Fund meeting packets, draft bank program, industry letters, white papers, and newspaper clippings 1980-1983
33-34 Newspaper clippings 1960-1979
34 Alaska Industrial Development Authority formative documents, plans, programs, legal drafts, rating agency briefings, meeting tapes, and meeting packets undated
34-35 Papers relating to election campaigns study committee on sewers circa 1970-1979
35-36 Republican primary election position papers, mailings, and speeches 1982
36-37 Alaska Permanent Fund financial reports circa 1980-1989
37-38 Alaska Permanent Fund board resolutions and annual reports circa 1980-1989
38-39 Alaska Permanent Fund annual reports, citizen guides, Alaska Municipal Bond Bank reports and official statements, discussions, and trustee papers undated
39 Alaska Permanent Fund newspaper clippings, meeting packets, investment run, transition papers, and real estate holdings 1991-1992
40 Leg audit of Alaska Industrial Development Authority

Hedging and papers regarding Susitna Dam, Base Closure Task Force, and Tony Knowles transition

40-41 Alaska Permanent Fund news clippings, meeting packets, and memoranda 1989
41-42 Media news clippings 1989
42 Alaska Permanent Fund newspaper clippings, meeting packets, and memoranda 1984
42-43 Papers relating to Alaska Permanent Fund, Alaska Industrial Development Authority, Long-Range Fiscal Planning Commission papers, Rose Plan, Cremo Plan, the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, Afognak and Doyon, and mental health circa 1981-1999
43-44 Papers relating to Dave Rose’s work as a military comptroller and to Syracuse University circa 1966-1975
44-45 Papers relating to the Anchorage Organizing Committee for the 1994 Olympics, Mountain Alaska Energy, Anchorage telephone, PERS and TRS, international investing, state credit rating services, and other topics circa 1989-1994
45-46 Papers relating to Dave Rose’s service on the Anchorage Assembly (including taxation policies, correspondence, and farewell speech), retirement funds, treasury investment policies, Alaska Industrial Development Authority, NPRA, hydroelectric power on the Susitna River, and various legal and legislative documents circa 1973-1990
46 Papers relating to the Alaska Industrial Development Authority, A-J Mine, Dinkum Sands, the Susitna Project, LB&A, and various financial, economic, and investment topics circa 1979-1988
46-47 Miscellaneous and Alaska Municipal Bond Bank papers undated
47-48 Iraqi Permanent Fund papers undated
48-49 Alaska Permanent Fund fiscal gap papers 1996
49 Corporate files (Alaska Permanent Capital Management Co.?) 1998
50 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, election campaign materials (including position papers, speeches, polls, and reports), parks and recreation reference materials, A-J Mine papers, Alaska Permanent Fund papers, and drafts and notes for memoir circa 1992-2006
50-51 Alaska Permanent Fund papers and notes, drafts, and transcripts of memoir 1983-2006
52 Election campaign buttons and audio-cassette recordings of interviews with Dave Rose for his memoir circa 1970-2003
51-52 Notes and reference materials for memoir circa 1996-2006
Oversize folder 1 Posters for Sealaska Corporation and Goldbelt 1982, undated


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