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Mildred and Robert Mowrer scrapbook

Guide to the Mildred and Robert Mowrer scrapbook

Collection number: HMC-0935.
Mowrer, Mildred.
Mowrer, Robert.
Title: Mildred and Robert Mowrer scrapbook.
Date: 1941.
Volume of collection: 0.5 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Scrapbook made by a couple who toured the western U.S., Alaska, and the Yukon Territory.

Biographical note:
Mildred E. Mowrer was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1910. She graduated from Stevens High School and married Robert K. Mowrer in 1939. She was a homemaker active in volunteer work and such organizations as the Lancaster General Hospital Auxiliary, the Iris Club, the Women’s Garden Club, and the Lancaster County Conservancy. Mildred Mowrer died in Lancaster in 1998.

Robert Kready Mowrer was born in Lancaster in 1907. He graduated from the Lancaster Boys High School in 1925 and later earned degrees in physics (B.S., Franklin and Marshall College, 1929; M.S., Lehigh University, 1931) and science education (Columbia University, 1932). An active sportsman, conservationist and advocate for parks and recreation, he served 34 years on his local county parks and open spaces advisory committee and was and a 23-year board member of the Lancaster County Conservancy. Robert Mowrer died in Lancaster in 2000.

Collection description:
The collection consists of Mildred and Robert Mowrer’s scrapbook from their trip to the western U.S. and Alaska in 1941. The album contains original photographs, commercial photographs, and photographic postcards, as well as various tourist booklets, maps, brochures, clippings, licenses, and other memorabilia. Within the album there are daily typed entries describing their trip. Subjects of the photographs include: Mildred and Robert Mowrer and friends; Yellowstone, Olympic, Rainier, Mt. McKinley (now Denali), Crater Lake and Rocky Mountain National Parks; Grand Coulee Dam; the S.S. Aleutian; Ketchikan; Mendenhall Glacier; Columbia Glacier; Valdez; the Alaska Railroad; a placer mining dredge and thawing points near Fairbanks; Nenana; the Yukon River and the riverboat Yukon; Beaver; Fort Yukon; Dawson; the riverboat Casca; Ben-My-Chree; the riverboat Tutshi; the White Pass and Yukon Railway; Skagway; the S.S. Princess Alice; Wrangell; Alert Bay; and Butchart Gardens. The memorabilia inside the album include: a U.S. road map marking the Mowrer’s car trip; an Alaska Steamship Co. passenger list for the July 1st sailing of the S.S. Aleutian from Seattle; a copy of the Mowrers’ reservation confirmation for their Alaska trip on the White Pass and Yukon Route; and two Alaska Steamship Company maps which also mark the Mowrer’s trip.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by document type.

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Preferred citation: Mildred and Robert Mowrer scrapbook, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to the Library’s Rare Books collection. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Acquisition note: The collection was purchased via Internet auction in 2006.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Jeffrey Sinnott. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Veronica Denison in 2017.

Photograph list:

Note: Numbers of photographs correspond to the page on which they occur in the album and their position on the page, generally top to bottom, left to right.

Item number Description
1 “Mr.-Mrs. Robert K. Mowrer, 337 W. Walnut St., Lancaster, Penna.” Portrait in garden
2 Man and woman sitting on fence in cemetery at Clinton, Iowa
3a “Bob eating dinner at camp, Indiana. Notice water bag and bed in car” 1941 June 14
3b “Mr.-Mrs. C. Bickert and family of Clinton, Iowa. Folks that met on our 1940 western trip”
4a-b Male, female and baby swans taken in a cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
4c “Mildred cooking supper in the care because of the strong wind” Near Gordon Iowa, 1941 June 16
5a “Hot Spring at Thermopolis, Wyo.” 1941 June 17
5b “Taken along the road going into Yellowstone. Mildred picking up snow” Car at top of Sylvan Pass, 1941 June 17
5c “Looking east from the Shoshone dam along the Cody road” 1941 June 17
5d “A buffalo in Yellowstone Park” 1941 June 17
6a “The picture at left speaks for itself” Robert Mowrer with string of cutthroat trout caught in Yellowstone National Park, 1941 June 18
6b “On the right we have a view of the upper Falls in Yellowstone” 1941 June 18
6c-d “Two views of the Lower Falls in Yellowstone Park” 1941 June 18
8a-b “Two views of Old Faithful in all its glory. These pictures were taken in the rain” Old Faithful Geyser, 1941 June 19
8c “Daisy Geyser. Yellowstone Park” 1941 June 19
9 “Completed Dam and Balancing Reservoir, Grand Coulee Dam, Wash.” Artist’s rendering, Ellis No. 1922
12a “General View, Grand Coulee Dam, Wn” Ellis No. 1918
12b “Road from Grand Coulee Dam, showing Steamboat Rock in the foreground” 1941 June 22
12c “Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle, Wash” 1941 June 22
13a “Camping ground and Lake Crescent in background. Olympic National Park, Wash” June 23, 1941
13b “Community Kitchen, Lapoel Forest Camp” Ellis No. 3336
14a “Mildred doing the family wash. Lake Crescent, Olympic Nat’l Park, Wash” June 23, 1941
14b “Sol Duc Falls, Olympic Nat’l Park” 1941 June 25
14c-d “Elk, taken along road south of Aberdeen, Washington” 1941 June 25
15a “Mt. Rainier, taken from camp” 1941 June 26
15b “Narada Falls, Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park” 1941 June 26
15c “Mildred feeding the ground squirrel at camp” 1941 June 26
18a “Above the clouds taken from elevation marker 7685 ft. above sea level” Mount Rainier, 1941 June 27
18b-c “Pinnacle Peak and faintly Mt. Adams, looking down on the clouds” 1941 June 27
22 “S.S. Aleutian at Skagway Alaska” Front starboard view
23a “Scene near entrance of Tolmie Channel.” View from S.S. Aleutian, 1941 July 1
23b “Scene near Alert Bay, taken from boat” 1941 July 1
23c “Scene near entrance of Tolmie Channel” 1941 July 1
24a “Totem Poles at Ketchikan, Alaska. Carved by Indians” 1941 July 3
24b “Totem Poles near Park, Ketchikan, Alaska” 1941 July 3
26 “Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska” View from foot of glacier, 1941 July 4
27a “Sea Gulls near Cannery at Cordova” Fishing boat scene, 1941 July 6
27b “Cordova, Alaska. Taken as we left” 1941 July 6
27c “Scene near Columbia Glacier” 1941 July 6
28a “An iceberg near Columbia Glacier, Alaska” 1941 July 6
28b “Columbia Glacier in the distance” 1941 July 6
28c “Another view of Columbia Glacier” 1941 July 6
29a-b “Views of Columbia Glacier” 1941 July 6
29c “This picture speaks for itself” Valdez sign on dock, 1941 July 6
29d “Looking through the port hole toward the edge of Valdez” 1941 July 6
30a “Taken between Valdez and Seward, Alaska” Mountain scene, 1941 July 7
30b “Another scene taken between Valdez and Seward, Alaska” 1941 July 7
30c “Approaching Seward” Resurrection Bay, 1941 July 7
31 “Bartlett Glacier taken from the railroad” 1941 July 7
32 “Alaska Railroad showing high bridge” 1941 July 7
33 “Spencer Glacier, 53 miles from Seward, taken from train” 1941 July 7
34a “Looking down in Hurricane Gulch from bridge 296 ft. above Creek” 1941 July 8
34b “Polychrome peaks taken from road on the way to Camp Eielson” 1941 July 8
35a “Red Fox with squirrel at Camp Eielson, McKinley Park” 1941 July 8
35b “Camp Eielson in foreground” 1941 July 8
35c “Moon rising at Camp Eielson about 10 P.M” 1941 July 8
36a “Taken at 2 A.M. at the camp. Mt. McKinley showing faintly” 1941 July 9
36b “Taken at 2:30 A.M. with Mt. McKinley showing and the moon beside it” 1941 July 9
37a-b “Views of Mt. McKinley. Taken by Bob at 2:30 A. M. This is an enlargement of the picture below” 1941 July 9
Loose Mount McKinley and moon, 1941 July 0
38a “The dog with Bob saved a ranger one time” Scene at dog kennels at ranger station, Mt. McKinley National Park, 1941 July 11
38b “Mildred with Skipper, a 10 mo. old huskie” 1941 July 11
39a “Placer mining, dredging near Fairbanks” 1941 July 12
39b “Another view of Placer near Fairbanks” 1941 July 12
39c “Close view of a Dredge, near Fairbanks” 1941 July 12
40a “Thawing points, up to 60 ft. Near Fairbanks” 1941 July 12
43a “Indian girls at mission. Nenana, Alaska” Girls in flower garden, 1941 July 13
43b “Episcopal Church and mission in background. Nenana, Alaska” 1941 July 13
43c “Drying fish on the mission grounds, Nenana, Alaska” Drying racks with roof, 1941 July 13
44a “River fish wheel near Tanana” View from Yukon River steamer, 1941 July 13
44b “Yukon River Boat” Paddlewheel steamer Yukon, 1941 July 13
45a “Entrance to Purgatory” Sign and scarecrow on Yukon River near Beaver, 1941 July 15
45b “Purgatory itself” People at log cabin and caches at Purgatory, 1941 July 15
46a “An Indian Fish Wheel” 1941 July 15
46b “Sunset at 10:30 P.M. near Beaver” 1941 July 15
47a “Recrossing the Arctic Circle at 7 P.M.” Sign on riverbank, 1941 July 16
47b “Fort Yukon taken from boat as we were leaving” Northern Commercial Co. building at left, 1941 July 16
47c “Yukon steamer taken while at Fort Yukon” Paddlewheel steamer Yukon, 1941 July 16
48a “3 Husky pups taken at Fort Yukon” 1941 July 16
48b “Indian lady with papoose in background” Mildred Mowrer with dog near log cabin, 1941 July 16
49a “Calico Bluff, showing folds of rocks taken near Eagle” 1941 July 18
49b “Another view of Calico Bluff” 1941 July 18
49c “Playful husky at Eagle” 1941 July 18
49d “Loading wood. 4 of them are passengers.” People loading firewood onto riverboat from wood piles using ramp, 1941 July 18
50a “Moosehide, an Indian village near Dawson, Canada” View from riverboat, 1941 July 19
50b “Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Tidd and Mildred at their home in Dawson, Canada” Claude Tidd and wife Mary with Mildred Mowrer sitting on porch steps, 1941 July 20
51 “Looking down on Dawson, Y.T., Canada” 1941 July 20
52a “Looking up street showing Dawson. Taken from the Dome” 1941 July 21
52b “Ferry moved by the force of water flowing down stream, Dawson” 1941 July 21
52c “Beth and Mildred in foreground. Yukon river in background” 1941 July 21
52d “Looking on the Bonanza and Klondike from the Dome. Placer tailings showing in the valley and mines on the sides of the hills” 1941 July 21
 54a “An Indian family” Man, woman and three small children with two sleds
54b “A herd of Caribou”
55 “This is ‘Dempsey,’ belonging to Percey DeWolfe. About 5 years old and traveled about 10,000 miles as a leader” Sled dog
56a “Percey DeWolfe, owner of the dog. Mail man from Dawson to Eagle” Man in fur parka and mukluks
56b “Winter of 1933 at Mayo. About 68 below zero” Thermometer
58a “The Casca and Bob. Taken at Selkirk” Front starboard view of riverboat, 1941 July 23
58b “Looking down stream toward Five Finger Rapids, from the boat” 1941 July 24
59a “Looking up through the rapids from the Casca. 3 AM” 1941 July 24
59b “Five Finger Rapids, Yukon” Riverboat White Horse in rapids
60a “A pack dog taken at 30-Mile River, an Indian village” Mildred Mowrer and dog, 1941 July 25
60b “Sea gull on rail of boat near Lake LaBarge” 1941 July 25
61a “Whitehorse Rapids, Yukon River” Taylor
61b “Miles Canyon, Yukon River” Taylor
62a “Miles Canyon near Whitehorse, taken from railroad” 1941 July 26
62b “Carcross, Yukon Territory” Dedman
62c “Mountains along West Taku Arm. Taken from Boat, Tutshi” 1941 July 26
63a “Windy Arm – near Carcross, Yukon Territory” Dedman
63b “Str. Tutshi at Carcross” Dedman
63c “West Taku Arm – en route to Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
63d “Approaching Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
63e “Str. Tutshi at Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
63f “Ben-My-Chree Falls” 1941 July 26
64a “Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
64b “Garden at Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
64c “Entrance to Garden – Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
64d “Home at Ben-My-Chree” 1941 July 26
64e “The Tutshi at Ben-My-Chree, taken about 9 P.M. just before leaving” Front starboard view of riverboat, 1941 July 26
65 “Swanson Home at Ben-My-Chree” Dedman
66a “White Pass train along Lake Bennett” Dedman
66b “Lake Bennett” 1941 July 27
67a “Reflections – Lake Bennett” Dedman
67b “Monument at Canadian Border, White Pass, Alaska”
67c “Flags at Summit, Alaska”
68a “Dead Horse Gulch -White Pass, Alaska”
68b “Inspiration Point on White Pass, Alaska”
68c “Inspiration Point of White Pass”
69a “Sawtooth Range from White Pass Train” Dedman
69b “Steel Bridge – White Pass Route, Alaska”
69c “Upper part of Pitchfork Falls near Skagway” 1941 July 27
69a “Sawtooth Range from White Pass Train” Dedman
69b “Steel Bridge – White Pass Route, Alaska”
70a “Martin Itien and his Street Car, Skagway”
70b “Golden North Hotel, Skagway, Alaska”
71a “White Pass Train on ‘Broadway’ – Skagway, Alaska”
71b “Largest gold nugget in the world. Skagway, Alaska” 1941 July 28
71c “Reid Falls. 300 ft. Skagway, Alaska” Waterfall, bridge and sign with poem, 1941 July 28
73a Princess Alice” Steamship
73b “S.S. Alaska – Skagway, Alaska”
74 “An old Indian cabin and Totem poles at Wrangell” Robert Mowrer on foot bridge in front of clan house, 1941 August 1
75 “Bob playing shuffleboard on the Princess Alice” Steamship deck scene, 1941 August 2
76 “Totem Pole Cemetery, Alert Bay” 1941 August 3
84a “Sunken Garden, Butchart’s Gardens” No. B. 12 (color-tinted)
84b “The Star Pond in the Butchart Gardens” No. B. 16 (color-tinted)
84c “Italian Garden in the Butchart Gardens” No. B. 29 (color-tinted)
85a “Italian Garden, Butchart’s Gardens” No. B. 20 (color-tinted)
85b “Mt. Rainier. Yakima Park, Rainier National Park.” Mowrer car at viewing area, 1941 August 6
89 “Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park”
92 “Mt. Hood, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon” 1941 August 11
94a “This picture speaks for itself, don’t you think so? Rocky Mountain National Park” Robert Mowrer shaving face neck to car, 1941 August 14
94b “Scene taken at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado” 1941 August 14
94c “This picture speaks for itself also. Rocky Mt. Park, Colorado.” Mildred Mowrer sitting next to elevation sign, 12,110 feet above sea level, 1941 August 14
95a “Rainbow Curve, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.” Sign along road, 1941 August 14
95b “Scene at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.” Mildred Mowrer sitting on stone wall, 1941 August 14
95c “Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado” Robert Mowrer on rock in left foreground, 1941 August 14
Loose Group photo on the Riverboat Tutshi at Carcross, left to right: Gretchen Haesley, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Tonjest, Mr. Brooks, Beth Russell, Bob Mowrer, Mildred Mowrer, 1941 July 27


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