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Unidentified Kenai Peninsula tourist photograph album

Guide to the Unidentified Kenai Peninsula tourist photograph album

Collection number: HMC-0908.
Creator: Unknown.
Title: Unidentified Kenai Peninsula tourist photograph album.
Date: 1948.
Volume of collection: 0.5 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Album of a tourist and sportsman who traveled to the Kenai Peninsula.

Biographical note:
The tourist and sportsman who created this photograph album was on a trip from California to Alaska in the summer of 1948. On the trip, he visited Sacramento, California, and Portland, Oregon, before sailing from Seattle, Washington on the Alaska Steamship Company’s S.S. Baranof. He visited Ketchikan before arriving in Seward, where he took the Kenai Highway to Hentons’ Kenai Lodge on the Kenai River to fish and hunt. He then took the Alaska Railroad from Seward to Anchorage, where he visited friends Paul and Roberta Robison. While on his trip, he traveled with friends Josephine Crumrine, an artist from Ketchikan, her mother, and Mary Lee Rodgers.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the photograph album of an unidentified tourist and sportsman who visited Alaska in 1948. Subjects of the photographs include: the anonymous tourist, friends, and fellow ship passengers and sportsmen; the flooded Union Station and freight yards in Portland, Oregon; the Alaska Steamship Company docks in Seattle; the S.S. Baranof on its voyage from Seattle to Seward via the Inside Passage and Prince William Sound; Ketchikan; Columbia Glacier; Seward; the Kenai Highway; Hentons’ Kenai Lodge on the Kenai River (fishing and black bear hunting); wildlife (moose and bear); the Alaska Railroad between Seward and Anchorage; Anchorage (Downtown buildings and the Fourth of July parade and picnic); and sled dogs in a dog lot. People identified in the photographs include: Josephine Crumrine and her mother, Cam LaFabvre, George Kurtz, Bill Davis, John Carigie and Mary Lee Rodgers (S.S. Baranof passengers); Mrs. Fortuny and Dixie Bodine (dog lot); Roberta and Paul Robison and their children Paula and Pam (Anchorage family); Bert Culverson (Summit Lake Trail); and Clyde Smith, Lloyd Calvert, Tom Bye and Hal Gilfilan (Hentons’ Kenai Lodge).

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in original order.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives does not hold copyright to materials in this collection.

Preferred citation: Unidentified Kenai Peninsula tourist photograph album, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was purchased via eBay in 2006.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2006. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Veronica Denison in 2015.

Container list:

Page/Item Description
1a “Capitol Building, Sacramento”
1b “Sacramento” Court building
1c-d “Flooded Union Station, Portland”
2a “Flooded Freight Yards, Portland”
2b “Day Before Sailing” Alaska Steamship Co. ship at dock
2c “Sailing Day” Alaska Steamship Co. ship at dock
2d “Leaving Seattle” View of dock from ship’s rail
3a “Seattle Skyline”
3b “Late Passenger Flown In” Float plane approaching ship
3c “Picking Up Late Passenger” Distant view of launch boat next to float plane
3d “This Is Him!” Launch boat at side of ship
4a “Puget Sound” View looking forward from middle of ship’s deck
4b “Iceberg”
4c “Inland Passage”
4d “Wrangell Narrows”
5a “Ketchikan” Distant view from water
5b “Dock at Ketchikan” Dock and street scene
5c “Ketchikan” Street scene
5d “Ketchikan Harbor” Harbor scene with steamship at dock
6a “Park at Ketchikan” View looking toward monument
6b “Totem Poles, Ketchikan”
6c “Fishing Boats – Ketchikan” View of small boat harbor from hillside
6d “Small Boat Harbor – Ketchikan.” View from dock
7 “Ketchikan” Street scene (same as 5c)
8a “Canadian S.S. Princess Nora” Distant view of steamship
8b “Columbia Glacier” Distant view from ship’s deck
8c “Columbia Glacier” Panorama combined from two prints
9 “Fishing Boats – Ketchikan” View of small boat harbor from hillside (Same as 6c)
10a-b “Columbia Glacier”
10c “Inland Passage”
10d “Sundum Glacier” Distant view
11 “Columbia Glacier” (Same as 5b, cropped)
12a “Port Ashtown” Distant view
12b “Port San Juan” Distant view from middle of ship’s deck
12c “Deck Tennis” Ship’s officers playing game
12d “Resurrection Bay”
13 “Small Boat Harbor – Ketchikan” View from dock (Same as 6d, cropped)
14a “Promenade Deck, Mr. & Mrs. Thornburn”
14b “L to R: Mrs. Fiskin, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Fiskin, Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Moore, Cam LaFabvre” Group photo on promenade deck
14c “Josephine Crumrine n’me”
14d “Lounge – S.S. Baranof” Interior view
15a “Cam LaFabvre”
15b “Geo. Kurtz, Beth Layton, Bill Davis”
15c “Beth Layton”
15d “John Carigie”
16a “Jo Crumrine”
16b “Resurrection Bay – Seward” Distant view
16c “Seward” View of dock
16d “Landing at Seward” S.S. Baranof approaching dock
17a “End of Voyage” People and truck on dock at Seward
17b “Seward” Street scene
17c “Alaska R.R. Station, Seward.” View from park
17d “Railroad Dock, Seward”
18a “Seward Airport” Safeway Airways airplane in foreground
18b “12 Mile Ski Area” Road and sign for Divide Ski Area, Chugach National Forest
18c “Covered Bridge 10 Miles Out of Seward.” View of two covered bridges
19 “Alaska Railroad Station – Seward” View from park (Same as 17c, cropped)
20a “Bert Culverson on Trail to Summit Lake, 12 Mi.”
20b “Summit Lake”
20c “Bert Fishing at Lake”
21 “Covered Bridges on Kenai Highway” View of two covered bridges (Same as 18c, cropped)
22a “Hentons’ Kenai Lodge”
22b “Barn and Corral.”
22c “Clyde Smith, Lloyd Calvert, Tom Bye, Hal Gilfilan”
22d “The Lodge.” Lodge entrance
23 “Up the Kenai River from Hentons’ Lodge” (same as 24c, cropped)
24a “Fire Wood” Man cutting firewood with mill saw
24b “Mouth of Russian River”
24c “Up Kenai River from Lodge”
24d “Kenai R. from My Cabin Door.” Fishing creels on table
25 “Hentons’ Kenai Lodge” Lodge entrance (Same as 22d, cropped)
26a “Kenai R. Toward Mouth of Russian R.”
26b “Sunset on Kenai R., 9:30 PM.”
26c “Kenai River Ferry”
26d “Across the Kenai R.” Ferry at shoreline
27 “Mouth of Russian River” (same as 24b, cropped)
28a “Me Fishing at Mouth of Russian R.”
28b “Rainbow Trout” Fish, creel, and rod and reel
28c “Moose” Distant view from across pond
28d “See Enlargement (Moose)” Cow moose and two calves crossing river
29 “Cow Moose with Twin Calves” (Blow-up of 28d)
30a “See Enlargement (Moose)” Distant view of moose from across lake
30b “See Enlargement (Bear)” Distant view of black bear crossing Kenai Highway
30c “Hidden Lake” Distant view
30d “Kenai Lake from Train”
31 “Black Bear on Kenai Highway” (Blow-up of 30b)
32a “Spencer Glacier from Train Going to Anchorage”
32b “(?) Glacier from Train”
33a “Mt. McKinley Over Wonder Lake”
33b “Nenana River”
34a “Beginning of the Loop” Alaska Railroad, Kenai Peninsula
34b “The Loop”
34c “Three Levels of the Loop”
35 “‘The Loop’ Between Seward and Anchorage” (Same as 34c, cropped)
36 “Moose” Moose in lake (Blow-up of 30a)
37 “Rainbow Trout” Fish, creel, and rod and reel (same as 28b, cropped)
38a “Federal Bldg. – Anchorage”
38b “New Train Station – Anchorage” View from top of hill
38c “Parsons Hotel – Anchorage”
39a “Bill” Dog on chain
39b “Happy” Dog standing on dog house
39c “Jo with Megeik” Josephine Crumrine and dog on chain
39d “Midnight” Dog sitting on dog house
40a “Jo with Blizzard” Josephine Crumrine and dog
40b “Wolf” Dog chained to dog house
40c “Nenak” Dog sitting on dog house
40d “Smokey” Dog on chain
41 “Wolf” Dog chained to dog house (Same as 40b, cropped)
42a “Buck” Dog
42b “Mrs. Fortuny with Cheekako” Woman with dog in dog lot
42c “Rye” Dog
42d “Josephine Crumrine, Mrs. Fortuny, Dixie Bodine, Mrs. Crumrine”
42a “Roberta & Paul Robison, Paula & Pam” Couple with children
42b-c “Lake Spenard.” Automobile next to shoreline
42d “4th of July Parade – Anchorage” People and floats at staging area
44a, b, d “Robisons’ House – Anchorage” Log home
44c “Paula & Pam”  Robison children
45a “Mary Lee Rodgers”
45b “Me”
45c “Mary Lee at Campbell Creek”
46a-b “4th of July Picnic – Anchorage”
46c “Mary Lee and I Leaving Anchorage.” Tourist and Mary Lee Rodgers in front of passenger train
47a “Mary Lee” Mary Lee Rodgers in front of passenger train
47b “The Whole Family” Mary Lee Rodger and Robison Family in front of railroad station
47c “Adios” Robison Family waving goodbye to train
47d “Heading South” Tourist and Mary Lee Rodgers at entrance to passenger car
48a-d “Mary Lee Sailing on S.S. Baranof, July 11, 1948
48a Mary Lee Rodgers at deck rail of ship
48b More distant view of Mary Lee Rodgers on lower deck of ship
48c View of rear port side of ship leaving dock
48d View of front port side of ship
49a “There She Goes” Distant view of S.S. Baranof leaving dock at leaving Seward
49b “Top of Back Bar” Bottle labels on ceiling of bar of ship
49c “‘Gils’ Lounge” Mary Lee Rodgers at bar on ship
50a “Up the Kenai River” River view showing dock and rowboat
50b “Truck Garden at Lodge” Hentons’ Kenai Lodge
50c “Kenai River”
50d “The Lodge” Area in front of lodge
51 “Corral and Barn at Lodge” Hentons’ Kenai Lodge (Same as 22b, cropped)
52a “Kenai River”
52b “Starkey & Frank” Distant view of people and dogs in motorized boat on river
52c “Moose on Road” View from behind
53 “60 Lb. King Salmon” Tourist with salmon on bank of river
54a-d “Potential 5 Ft. Black Bear Rug”
54a, c Tourist with rifle and black bear kill
54b Black bear kill and rifle
54d Two men with black bear kill
55 “300 Lb. Black Bear” Tourist with rifle and black bear kill (Same as 54a, cropped)

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