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Alaskan of the Year, Inc. records

Guide to the Alaskan of the Year, Inc. records

Collection number: HMC-0852.
Creator: Alaskan of the Year, Inc.
Title: Alaskan of the Year, Inc. records.
Dates: 1977-2003.
Volume of collection: 3.4 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: This collection contains the records of the Alaskan of the Year, Inc. organization which honored Alaskans who significantly affected the character and development of the state.

Organizational history:
The Alaskan of the Year, Inc. originated in 1967 with a birthday party honoring the achievements of the Anchorage Times publisher, Robert Atwood.  Those involved decided to make this award banquet an annual event.  They created a standing committee to seek out nominations of Alaskans who significantly affected the character and development of the state.  The committee solicited nominees via statewide media releases and an electorate of 60 people chose the Alaskan of the Year.  Over time the committee added several other awards including: the Governor’s Award for outstanding performance by a living Alaskan or a group in the year preceding the awards banquet; the Denali Award for outstanding service by a living Alaskan or group over a period of years in a single project or endeavor; and the With Great Respect Award for Alaskans who left a permanent imprint and deserved acclaim for their place in history.  The organization also administered a scholarship program to help fund Alaskan high school graduates in their studies at universities throughout the country.  They held annual banquets in Anchorage from 1967 until 2002, when a decline in the board membership hampered their ability to continue.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the records of the Alaskan of the Year, Inc. It includes administrative records, incorporation records, museum project records, nominee biography documents, financial records, printed materials, audiovisual recordings of events, and award plaques.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into the following series:

  • Series 1: Administrative records; 1982-2003
  • Series 2: Incorporation records; 1994-1999
  • Series 3: Alaskan of the Year museum project records; 1997-1999
  • Series 4: Nominees biographies; 1986-2001
  • Series 5: Financial records; 1979-2002
  • Series 6. Printed material and programs; 1977, 1983-2002
  • Series 7: Audiovisual materials; 1994-2001
  • Series 8: Award plaques; 1967-1999

Rights note: Copyright for materials collected by the organization may be held by other individuals or organizations.

Preferred citation: Alaskan of the Year, Inc. records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was presented to the archives by Jay Page, the President of The Alaskan of the Year Committee, in 2005. He signed the deed of gift in 2005.

Processing information: This collection was described by Kathleen J. Bouska in 2007. The guide was updated to current standard by Arlene Schmuland in 2021. Additional description of the biographical files was done by Ariel Murrills in 2021.

Container list:
Series 1: Administrative records; 1982-2003.  0.7 cubic feet.
The administrative records contain correspondence, meetings minutes, annual reports, membership lists, verifications of student enrollment, budgets, scholarship checks, awards descriptions, and nominee biographies. The files are arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Date
1/1 1982
1/2 1982-1984
1/3 1987-1988
1/4 1989
1/5 1990
1/6 1991
1/7 1992
1/8-9 1993
1/10 1994
1/11 1995
1/12 1996
1/13 1997
1/14 1998
1/15-16 1999.
1/17 2000
1/18 2001
1/19 2000-2002
1/20 2001-2002
1/21 2001-2003

Series 2: Incorporation records; 1994-1999.  0.1 cubic feet.
The incorporation records include by-laws and correspondence relating to their application for exemption as a non-profit organization. The items in this series are arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Date
1/22 1994-1999

Series 3: Alaskan of the Year museum project records; 1997-1999.  0.1 cubic feet.
The museum project records relate to their attempt to create a permanent interactive kiosk at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art and contains correspondence, a Rasmuson Grant application, and proposed exhibit plans. The files are arranged chronologically.

Box/folder Date
1/23 1998-1999
1/24 1997-1998

Series 4: Nominees biographies; 1986-2001. 0.3 cubic feet.
The nominees’ biography files contain background information on many Alaskans of all walks of life nominated for the various awards. The materials in this series are arranged somewhat chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/25 Documents in this folder represent the following individuals: James Nolan, Father George, Suzen Nightingale, Dr. Syun Ichi Akasofu, Lloyd Hames, Jacob Adams, William (Willie) Hensley, Margy Johnson, Frank Murkowski, Ed Rasmuson, Jim Ruotsala, Grace Schaible, Jerome Selby, Gene Kelly, Charles Warren Tryck, Glenda Rhodes, Jay Page, Alane (?) Rose, Dan Cuddy, Margie K. Johnson, Al Swalling, Don Young, John McClellan, Bill Wood, Amos J. Joe, Jim & Mary Binkley, Ward I Gay, Dr Cyrus E Peck Sr., Buster & Eleanore Allen, Lorelei Lamere 1992-1998
1/26 1998-2001
1/27 1992-2001
1/28 1986, 1993-1998

Series 5: Financial records; 1979-2002. 0.5 cubic feet.
The financial records contain bank statements, invoices, annual budgets, student scholarship checks, and proposed museum exhibit budgets. The documents in this series are arranged by subject or type, and chronologically within.

Box/folder Description Dates
2/1 Ledger 1979-1981
2/2 Financial records 1979-1983
2/3 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1986
2/4 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1983-1986
2/5 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1987
2/6 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1988-1993
2/7 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1994-1998
2/8 Museum exhibit financial records 1998-1999
2/9 Financial records 1999-2000
2/10 Bank statements and scholarship checks 1999-2002
2/11 Annual balance spread sheets 1988-1999

Series 6. Printed material and programs; 1983-2002.  0.2 cubic feet.
The materials are arranged by type and chronologically within.

Box/folder Description Dates
2/12 Letterheads for correspondence and forms Undated
2/13 Banquet programs (missing 1992) 1977, 1983-1994
2/14 Banquet programs (missing 1997) 1995-2002

Series 7: Audiovisual materials; 1994-2001. 0.6 cubic feet.
12 VHS videocassettes, 2 betacam SP videocassettes.  The nine different videocassette recordings in the collection come from six of the dinners and most feature the annual banquet itself.  The videocassettes also include two short documentaries on Al Swalling of Cordova, the 1998 winner, and Senator Ted Stevens, the 2000 Alaskan of the Century. This series is arranged in chronological order.

Box/item Description Dates
3/1 “Alaskan of the Year 1994, Bill J. Allen & Gov. Jay Hammond”; IMIG Video; 1 hour, 55 minutes (VHS copy). 1994
3/2-3 “Alaskan of the Year 1997, Archbishop Francis T. Hurley”; Karl’s Action Video; 1 hour, 3 minutes. (2 VHS copies). 1997
3/4-6 “Alaskan of the Year 1998, Documentary on Al Swalling”; Taylor Productions; 10 minutes (Betacam-SP master tape and 2 VHS copies). 1998
3/7 “Alaskan of the Year, Ed Rasmuson”; Taylor Productions; 1 hour, 50 minutes (VHS copy). 1999
3/8-9 “Alaskan of the Century, Documentary on Senator Ted Stevens”; Taylor Productions; 12 minutes, 20 seconds (2 VHS copies). 2000
3/10 “The Alaska Report: OFC: Sen. Ted Stevens, Topic: Alaskan of the Century I (Banquet)”; Congressional Production; 29 minutes, 15 seconds (VHS copy). 2000
3/11 “Senator Ted Stevens Alaskan of the Century, Floor Comments 3/23/00 from Banquet”; IMIG Audio/Video; 30 minutes (Betacam-SP master tape). 2000
3/12 “General Joseph W. Ralston Salute to General Stevens 22 Feb. 2000”; Visual Recording Company, The Pentagon;  0:03 minutes (1 VHS copy). 2000
3/13-14 “Alaskan of the Year, Augie Hiebert”; IMIG Audio/Visual; 1 hour, 55 minutes (2 VHS copies) 2002

Series 8: Award plaques; 1967-1999.  0.9 cubic feet.

Box/Item Description Dates
4/1 Alaskan of the Year award  (18X24 inch) 1967-1999
4/2 Governor’s award (18X24 inch) 1978-1999

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