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George R. Szanik slides

Guide to the George R. Szanik slides

Collection number: HMC-0722.
Creator: Szanik, George R.
Title: George R. Szanik slides.
Dates: 1941-1943.
Volume of collection: 0.2 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary:Photographs from a serviceman serving in Alaska.

Biographical note:
George R. Szanik was born in California in 1920. He enlisted in the U. S. Army in San Francisco, California, in 1941. Szanik received training at Camp Roberts, California, an army replacement training center for infantry and field artillery soldiers. He was stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska, from 1942 to 1943. George Szanik later became a well-known architectural photographer.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the World War II era Alaska slides of George R. Szanik. The collection contains 76 different 35mm glass color slides. A list of slide captions is also included. Subjects of the slides include members of Szanik’s training company at Camp Roberts, various Fort Richardson area scenic views, buildings on Fort Richardson, skiing near Independence Mine in Hatcher Pass and at Arctic Valley, downtown Anchorage, the Curry Hotel, Mount McKinley National Park, and Eklutna Lake.

Arrangement: The slides are in numerical order based on numbers assigned by George Szanik.

Digitized copies: This collection has been digitized. 19 of the images have been placed on the Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives & Special Collections does not hold copyright to these materials.

Preferred citation: George R. Szanik slides, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: This collection was purchased at internet auction by the Archives in 2004.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2004. The guide was re-formatted to current standard in 2009. The images were digitized and placed online and the guide updated in 2015 by Arlene Schmuland.

Container list:

Slide number Description Date
33 “Some of the gang at Roberts.” Twelve soldiers posed between barracks at Camp Roberts, California. 1941 Summer
34 “Looking out of my door”; April 1942. Winter forest scene. 1942 April
35 “Early A. M. Alaska – front yard.” Winter forest scene. 1942 March
36 “An Alaskan morn.” Snow-covered bushes. 1942 April
37 “Taking a break.” Szanik kneeling next to snow-covered bush. 1942 April
38 “In my ‘tent city’ yard.” Szanik standing in front of spruce trees. 1942 April
39 “What fun!” Szanik squatting holding snow in his hand.
40 “Sunset in Alaska.” 1942 April
41-42 “Late afternoon.” Forest and mountain scenery. 1942 May
43 “Theatre #1 – Fort Richardson.” Long line of soldiers outside theatre on fort. 1942 May
46 “Near Camel Creek.” Scenery, probably on Eklutna Flats. 1942 June
47 “Eagle River – Alaska.” River and valley from above. 1942 June
48-49 “Some Alaskan flowers;. Fireweed. 1942 July
50 “Tent City road.” Dirt road with telephone poles and fireweed. 1942 September
51 “Cooks Inlet.” 1942 August
52 “Looking west to Richardson.” Mud flats and mountains. 1942 August
53 “Geo. & his parka.” Szanik standing in white parka. 1943 January
54 “Winter and home.” Trail in snow to Quonset hut. 1943 January
55 “Alaskan sunset.” View of road and buildings on Fort Ricardson. 1943 February
56 “An Alaskan Greeting.” Writing in snow. 1943 February
57 “The range.” Late afternoon mountain scene. 1943 February
58 “Palmer Highway.” Late afternoon scene. 1943 February
59-60 “Winter trees.” 1943 February
61 “An igloo in Alaska.” Side of snow and ice covered Quonset hut barracks with window dormers. 1943 February
62 “An igloo in wintertime.” Another scene of same building. 1943 February
63 “Our grounds.” Valley and mountain scene. 1943 February
64 “Cooks Inlet – Alaska.” View across inlet. 1943 February
65 “Looking toward Palmer.” Forest and mountain scene. 1943 February
66 “Otter Lake.” Soldier standing on frozen lake. 1943 February
67 “Palmer Highway.” Soldier standing at side of snow-covered road. 1943 February
68 “Unloading near mine.” Soldiers unloading alpine skis near Independence Mine. 1943 February
69 “Anchorage ski-run.” Soldiers skiing from treeless hilltop. Probably Arctic Valley or Anchorage Ski-Bowl. 1943 February
70 “Skiing area.” Soldiers skiing near Independence Mine. 1943 February
71 “Gold mine, Independence Mine.” View of Independence Mine buildings. 1943 February
72 “Independence Mine.” View of hilltop with Independence Mine buildings below. 1943 February
73 “Skiing area.” View from ski slopes of Hatcher Pass. 1943 February
74 “Skiing.” Szanik on skis. 1943 February
75 “Skiing (Rossi).” Soldier skiing. 1943 February
76 “Alaskan slopes.” Mountain scene. 1943 March
77 “Palmer Highway.” View of road and mountains. 1943 March
78 “Alaskan mountains.” 1943 April
79 “Coming of summer.” Ice melting along stream. 1943 April
80 “An Alaskan winter.” Ice melting along stream. 1943 April
81 “Picture taking in Alaska.” Soldier taking picture along same stream. 1943 April
82 “Early Alaskan A. M.” View of path in snow nearing cabin. 1943 April
83 “Anchorage, Alaska.” Fourth Avenue scene looking east with Hewitt’s Drug Store in foreground. 1943 April
84 “Anchorage, Alaska.” Fourth Avenue scene looking west with Federal Building at right. 1943 April
85 “Anchorage, Alaska.” Fourth Avenue scene looking east near Federal Building. 1943 April
86 “U.S.O., Anchorage, Alaska.” Log U.S.O. building with woman pushing child on sled at left. 1943 April
87 “Alaskan baby carriage.” Baby in box on top of sled on Fourth Avenue sidewalk. 1943 April
88 “Curry, Alaska.” Soldiers and two Alaska Railroad passenger cars in front of the Curry Hotel. 1943 May
89 “Bridge to ski area – Curry.” Soldier on suspension footbridge. 1943 May
90 “Mt. McKinley, Alaska.” View of mountain from distance. 1943 May
91-92 “On the way to McKinley.” Scenes of the Nenana River along the Alaska Railroad. 1943 May
93 “Log cabins, McKinley Park.” Szanik standing next to old cabin. 1943 May
94 “To skiing area.” Mountain scenery. 1943 May
95 “Horseshoe Lake.” View from above. 1943 May
96 “On a skiing trip.” Szanik feeding ground squirrel at Mt. McKinley Army Recreation Center. 1943 May
97 “Ain’t I sharp?” Close-up of ground squirrel. 1943 May
98 “On porch, McKinley Park Hotel.” Szanik sitting on porch rail. 1943 May
99 “From lobby – looking east.” View from McKinley Park Hotel window onto porch. 1943 May
100-102 “Eklutna Lake.” Views of lake from shore. 1943 July 4
103 “Near Eklutna Lake.” View of trees and mountains. 1943 July 4
104 “Near Eklutna Lake.” Mountain view near log cabin. 1943 July 4
105 “Leaving Eklutna Lake.” View of road and lake from above. 1943 July 4
106 “Home in Alaska.” Quonset hut barracks. 1943 August
107 “Szanik & family.” Szanik playing with two kittens outside barracks. 1943 August
108 “Home sweet home.” Quonset hut barracks. 1943 August
109 “Our backyard.” Forest and mountain scene. 1943 August
110 “Our Alaskan backyard.” Forest and mountain scene. 1943 August



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