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Pat Granade photo album

Guide to the Pat Granade photograph album

Collection number: HMC-0720.
Creator: Granade, “Pat” (Gordon P., 1907-1978)
Title: Pat Granade photograph album.
Dates: 1928-1947.
Volume of collection: 0.2 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Photographs from a Coast Guard serviceman who served on Bering Sea cruises in Alaska.

Biographical note:
Gordon P. “Pat” Granade was born in 1907. He joined the United States Coast Guard in about 1928. Granade served in Alaska on the U. S. Coast Guard cutters Haida, Cyane, Tallapoosa, and Atalanta. From about 1931 to 1939, he served in Alaska on Bering Sea cruises from Seattle to Alaska including the Pribilof and Aleutian Islands, and was based in Unalaska. Gordon P. Granade died in Seattle, Washington, in 1978.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the photograph album of U. S. Coast Guard sailor Gordon P. Granade. The 99-page photograph album contains: a leather color cover for the U. S. Coast Guard Log Album; a Domain of Neptunus Rex certificate for Gordon P. Granade, Quatermaster Second Class, dated June 1, 1931; log and diary pages for a Bering Sea cruise from Seattle to Alaska from April to July of 1937; 339 original black and white prints and postcards; and hat ribbons for the U.S. Coast Guard cutters Haida, Cyane, and Atalanta. The log and diary entries for the 1937 Bering Sea cruise begin at Lake Union Dry Dock and cover the voyage with stops at Ketchikan, Chignik, King Cove, Unalaska, St. Paul Island, Atka Island, Dutch Harbor, Bristol Bay, Port Moller, Agattu Island and Attu Island. Subjects of the photographs include: Granade and fellow sailors and officers aboard the Coast Guard cutters Haida, Tallapoosa, and Cyane; harbor, dock, street, cemetery, park and other scenes in Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Unalaska, Dutch Harbor and Kodiak; Pribilof and Aleutian Islands scenes at St. Paul, Atka and Attu islands; various Coast Guard cutters, patrol boats, amphibious planes, and other ships, boats and yachts; and friends and relatives. Specific subjects include: the funeral of a small Alaska Native child in Unalaska with Coast Guard sailors as pall bearers; a Russian Orthodox Church wedding ceremony; a Coast Guard diver and support team; rowboat crew races in Ketchikan; Aleutian basket weavers (postcards); a landslide in Juneau in 1936 (postcards); various Barrow scenes (postcards); Mt. Rainier Ordnance Depot; and storm damage to harbors, boats and ships on the Atlantic Coast of the United States.

Arrangement: The album was retained in its original order. Loose items are in a separate file following the album, as are the copy negatives.

Alternative formats: Black and white copy negatives have been made for 89 of the images in the collection.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Copyright to this collection is not held by Archives and Special Collections.

Preferred citation: Pat Granade photograph album, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The Archives purchased this collection at internet auction in 2004.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2004. Additional collection description was provided by Frank Grubbs and Arlene Schmuland in 2009.

Container list:

Box/Folder Photograph number Description
1/1 Photograph album
1/1 1 “U.S. Coast Guard War Memorial, Arlington Cemetery.” 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 2a “Native Barabara, Makushin.” 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 2b Two Alaska Native men with several fox furs. 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 3a Unidentified steamship. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 3b “Valdez, Alaska” winter street scene 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 4a Alaska Native man and woman dressed in fur parkas 3.5X4 inch.
1/1 4b “S.O.S.–Even in Alaska.”  Milk cow on farm. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 5a “U.S.C.G.C. Porter.” Coast Guard Cutter CG-7. 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 5b “U.S.C.G.C. Northland” 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 6a “75 Foot Patrol Boat.” Coast Guard Patrol Boat CG-555. 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 6b “U.S.C.G.C. Dix, 125 Foot Type Patrol Boat.” 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 7a “House where Lincoln died. Now a museum.”  Washington D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 7b “Old Ford Theatre, across the street.” Building facade, Washington D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 7c Statue. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 7d Coast Guard Servicemen sitting on a bench. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 8a “U.S.C.G.C. Mojave.” 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 8b “Coast Guard Patrol Boat.” CG-203 with deck encased in ice. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 9a Cluster of trees along a pathway. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 9b Man standing beside a statue/monument. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 9c Dead trees by a river. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 10a Small Coast Guard patrol boat. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 10b “Coast Guard Ice Patrol.” Ship near large iceberg. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 11a “Pall Bearers for a Native Child.” Sailors carrying coffin in funeral at Unalaska. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 11b Sailors standing next to coffin during funeral. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 12a “Gun Crew of Cutter Seneca at Target Practice.” 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 12b “U.S.C.G.C. Modoc in Heavy Sea on Ice Patrol Off Grand Banks of Newfoundland.” View looking down on bow. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 13a Sailors standing next to coffin during funeral. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 13b Funeral procession of pallbearers and mourners during funeral. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 14a Girls in white dresses at side of coffin during funeral. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 14b Boy carrying funeral arrangement out of church during funeral. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 15a “Wash. Monument & Cherry Blossoms.” Washington, D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 15b “White House.” Aerial view, Washington, D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 16a Stone statue with reeds. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 16b Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 17a “Wood Scene, David Hill Park, Baltimore, Maryland.” Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 17b “Emmanuel Church, Baltimore, Md.” Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 18a Conical building within a clearing. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 18b “June 1st 1930.” Photograph of a bridge. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 18c “Feb. 1930.” Group photo of Coast Guard sailors. Names include: Duane, Dick, Donney, Theisen, Colwell, O’Neill, Michaelis, LaValley, Granade, Burnett, Waddell, Cook and Clark. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 18d “June 1st 1930.” Unidentified town. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 19a-d Baltimore scenes, Dec. 1929-Jan. 1930. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 20a-d Sailors on island with seals, probably St. Paul Island. 2X2.75 inch.
1/1 20e Couple walking on path in coastal village, probably Unalaska. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 21a “Claus Christensen.” Man on motorcycle with side car. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 21b Ship sailing. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 21c “Pat Semaphoring.” Granade with flags. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 21d “Jewel.”  Man with woman posing in front of a window.  2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 21e “Pat on Haida.” Granade with fellow sailor on deck of ship. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 22a “Pat-Center.” Granade and fellow sailors in work clothes. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 22b “Claus.”  Man in uniform posing. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 22c “Pat.” Granade in uniform on dock. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 22d “ME.” Woman leaning on a tree. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 23a Vehicles in an unidentified town. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 23b “Feb. 1930.” Group photo of sailors. Names include: Dick, Gay, Duane, Theisen, Michaelis, Granade, Burnette, Clark. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 23c Two unidentified buildings. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 24a “Taken from the top of the Wash. Monument.” 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 24b View of U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 24c Young boy sitting on the stairs of a monument that says Illinois. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 25a Two men sitting on a sidewalk in front of a building. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 25b Unidentified city. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 25c Unidentified church. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 25d “Baltimore 11/28/29.” 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 26a “U.S. Coast Guard Academy Reservation.” Aerial view. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 26b “Coast Guard Amphibian Plane.” 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 27a Capt. French and another officer talking aboard vessel. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 27b Two sailors on deck of ship posing with U.S.S. Tallapoosa life preserver. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 27c “Capt. French.” Officer in raincoat on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 27d “Duncan Herr, Left window.” Two sailors at window of ship’s bridge. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 28a Two sailors on deck of ship posing with U.S.S. Tallapoosa life preserver. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 28b-c Sailors on deck of ship U.S.S. Tallapoosa. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 28d Two sailors on deck of ship posing with U.S.S. Tallapoosa life preserver. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 29a Sailor holding up two salmon. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 29b Sailor sitting on the deck of a ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 29c Two sailors in uniform on the deck of U.S.S. Tallapoosa. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 29d Unidentified man sitting on a box. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 30a Two sailors on deck of U.S.S. Tallapoosa. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 30b Ship U.S.S. Tallapoosa docked and men working. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 30c Officer holding up four salmon with another man. American flag in background. (2.5X3.75 inch).
1/1 30d Two sailors gambling on U.S.S. Tallapoosa with dice (2.5X3.75 inch).
1/1 31a Small city dock under construction. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 31b Sailor doing a handstand on deck of a ship with a pipe in his mouth. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 31c U.S.S. Tallapoosa tied up to a dock. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 31d Sailor posing with U.S.S. Tallapoosa life preserver. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 32a Seaplane landing on ocean. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 32b U.S.S. Tallapoosa life preserver with the American flag. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 32c Six sailors in a group photo on dry land. 2X2.75 inch.
1/1 32d Two sailors shooting ship’s gun. 2X2.75 inch.
1/1 32e Sailor in t-shirt posing for the camera. 2X2.75 inch.
1/1 33a Sailors on dock at Juneau. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 33b Steamship passing mine near Juneau. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 33c Workers scrubbing a ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 33d Two sailors in a ship’s crowsnest. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 34a Large steamship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 34b View of Juneau and governor’s mansion from docks. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 34c Sailor on ship in Juneau. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 34d Sailor on ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 34e Small ship in the distance. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 35a Line of small boats at sea. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 35b “‘Ruth B’ from Vancouver–a rummy.” Rumrunner boat with small sail. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 35c “Natives.” 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 35d “’Skeezix’–a rummy off Columbia River.” Rumrunning boat at sea. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 36a Steam powered Coast Guard cutter at sea. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 36b Sailor on dock piled with wooden barrels. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 36c Alaska Commercial Co, Dutch Harbor sign on warehouse building. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 36d “Kasan Bay.” Coast Guard cutter aground. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 37a Sailor posed on fender of car on dock with 1931 Alaska license plate. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 37b “Unalaska.”  Two steamships at dock 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 37c Portrait of sailors in dress uniforms on the U.S.S. Haida. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 37d “Who’s Boss.” Two dogs on ship’s deck. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 38a Sailors in formation with rifles with officer in front. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 38b Sailors on deck with large octopus. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 38c U.S.S. Haida in rough seas.
1/1 38d Portrait of crew team on deck of U.S.S. Haida. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 39a Bride and groom being crowned during ceremony inside a Russian Orthodox church. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 39b Russian Orthodox priest wearing robe and crown during ceremony in church. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 39c “Interior of church. Russian Orthodox—Sitka—valued at nearly a million dollars.” Altar area of St. Michael’s Cathedral. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 39d Russian Orthodox priest and woman outside building. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 40a “‘Archie’–in Action, Unalaska.” Man playing tennis in court, probably in Unalaska. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 40b Sailor skinning reindeer on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 40c “George Penney.” Man and boy with salmon on ships deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 40d Bow of a ship’s deck with American flag. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 41a “Approaching Sitka, bow of S.S. Admiral Watson on left.” Distant view. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 41b Bridge leading towards decorative poles. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 41c Bear cub on chain. 2.75X3.5 inch.
1/1 41d Bow of boat plowing through ice sheet. (3.5X5 inch).
1/1 42a “Major,” “Atka.” Sailor with two boys and dog on schoolhouse porch. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 42b Three men playing on tennis court, probably in Unalaska. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 42c Sailor padding kayak near beach. (3.5X5.75).
1/1 43a Two men standing on Coast Guard amphibious plane. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 43b Coast Guard amphibious plane, D-2053. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 43c Schooner Dorothy. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 43d “Jamaica 1930 Tommy.” Man in yard 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 44a “Polar Bear at Point Barrow.” Bear on leash. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 44b Mountain scene from a ship. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 44c U.S.S. Haida and another cutter at dock. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 45a Group of Alaska Native women and children outside house. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 45b Salmon catch hanging from line on dock. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 45c Man and women posing on dock by ship’s gun. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 45d Native women carrying child on her back. (4.25X5 inch).
1/1 46a “Major–Kelley Russel,” “Atka, Kelly Russell and Major.” Officer and sailor sitting on porch steps. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 46b “Pat and Smitty, 1 Feb. 1931.” Two sailors reading letter, Granade at left. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 46c “Bishop Antonian.” Russian Orthodox bishop sitting in chair on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 46d Sailor on deck with a bucket of water and a rag. (3X5 inch).
1/1 47a “Church in Kodiak.” Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church, bell building in foreground. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 47b Small building with salmon catch. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 47c Ship sinking. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 47d “Three Natives picked up at Columbia River light ship – adrift in a canoe.” Three men on ship’s deck. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 48a Sailor smoking a pipe and posing for the camera. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 48b “Enroute Attu–rough Sea.” View of bow from above. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 48c Two sailors climbing on rock formation in the Aleutians. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 49a Officer with camera and tripod on ship’s deck. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 49b “Bishop Antonian, Mr. Hall (left) Comdr. Ryan (right).” Bishop sitting in chair between two standing officers.
1/1 49c “Lt. Stober.” Officer on ship’s deck. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 49d Officer standing on ship’s deck. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 50a “Capt’s Son.” Boy sitting on horse. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 50b Sailors in formation on deck at anchor near Juneau. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 50c Polar bear standing up on deck of a ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 50d “Pennel, Russel, Allerdice.”  Ship’s officers on deck. Man on far left unidentified. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 51a “Cutie.” Inupiat girl in fur parka. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 51b “At Unalaska” Sign directing people to Methodist Episcopal Mission. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 51c “King Island Beauties.”  Three women and boy in parka on ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 51d Coast Guard amphibious plane at dock, D-2053. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 51e “Enroute Attu with Natives–2 brides and grooms.” Group of seven on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 52a “Atka–from a distance.” View of village from shoreline. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 52b Five people posing in front of a ship’s gun. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 52c Crows nest aerial view of a ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 52d Pat Granade and fellow sailor below Kodiak sign. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 52e “Roberts & Mike (the dog).” Man and dog on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 53a “Herring Catch–Ketchikan ’35.” Net full of fish. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 53b “Aats Bay–Coronation Island.” Two rowboats offshore. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 53c “Lt. Stober.” Two officers, two men in suits and girl. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 53d Life boats. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 54a “Ruqyerd Island–Behm Canal ’35,” “Salvaging McHales boat–Dec. 27 ’35.” Two rowboats salvage sinking boat. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 54b “Seining herring–Ketchikan harbor ’35.” 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 54c “City Float—Ketchikan.”  Harbor scene. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 54d Sailor on deck of a ship possibly in Ketchikan. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 55a-c Diver and support crew on boat next to dock. 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 56a “Basket Weaving.” Group of Aleut women weaving grass baskets, C. H. Hope. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 56b “Basket Weaving.” Group of Aleut women and children in front of building, C.H. Hope. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 56c “Basket Weaving.” Group of Aleut women weaving baskets near door of barabara, C. H. Hope. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 57a “Digging for Bodies. Landslide Juneau, Alaska 1936.”  Truck and men digging, Elite Studio. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 57b “In the Path of the Landslide. Juneau, Alaska 1936.”  Two damaged buildings, Elite Studio. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 57c “Where the Slide Started Marked X. Dots Mark Path of Slide.”  Elite Studio. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 58a Diver and crew on boat next to dock. 3.25X5.5 inch.
1/1 58b Village and canal in foreground, probably Unalaska. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 58c Atalanta arriving Dutch Harbor on Bering Sea Patrol, 30 June ’39.” U.S.S. Atalanta. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 59a “Mobile Ala. – Oct. 27, 1928.” Coast Guard steamship. 5X7 inch.
1/1 59b “Pat—Coxaine.” (Coxswain?)  Rowboat racing in harbor at Ketchikan. 5X7 inch.
1/1 60a Sailor walking on a road carrying a rifle. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 60b “Ketchikan.” Walter C. Waters Bear Totem Store. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 60c “Claus.” Four sailors posing behind stacked rifles. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 60d “Boat Races, Ketchikan.” Distant view of rowboat competition looking toward town. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 61a “Attu–Bishop (with beard) and congregation after services.” Group in front of church entrance. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 61b Unidentified mountain. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 61c Officer playing golf in uniform. (3X5 inch).
1/1 61d Officer with camera and tripod on ship’s deck. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 62a Man in baseball uniform with U on shirt. 3X4.25 inch.
1/1 62b Portrait of rowing team with oars. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 62c “Allerdice.” Man in baseball uniform. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 62d Pat Granade in Haida baseball uniform. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 63a “Grave in Cemetery in Sitka.” Sign on grave fence reads: “Graves of Russian midshipman and six sailors killed in battle with Kik-Siti Indians in 1804.” 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 63b “Taken from dock in Sitka–Haida at anchor.” View of dock and ship in distance. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 63c “An old bridge in Sitka.” Park in Sitka. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 63d Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church in Kodiak. View from dirt path. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 64a Group of sea lions on beach. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 64b Two Natives on a ship deck. (3.75X5 inch).
1/1 64c Herd of reindeer on island shoreline. (3.5X5 inch).
1/1 64d Entrance to barabara. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 65a “Lovers Lane of Totem Poles–Sitka.” 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 65b “Main Street in Sitka.” Street scene with St. Michael’s Cathedral in background. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 65c “An unusual growth in forest.” 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 65d “Grave of an Indian, with all the dishes, guns, knives and food in a glass case.” 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 66a Two men with float plane. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 66b Coast Guard amphibious plane in harbor, D-2053. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 66c Ship tied to the dock. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 66d “‘Power Creek’—Cordova.” View of rapids. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 66e Young boy with a dog standing on the deck of a ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 67a Man searching within his dogsled 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 67b Steamship Star. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 67c U.S. public school. Building with shake siding. 3.75X4.75 inch.
1/1 67d Sailors in formation on dock, probably Unalaska. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 68a “Nome, Alaska, June 4, 1932.”  Distant view of the shoreline of city from the sea. Postcard, 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 68b “The Lindberghs at Point Barrow.” Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 68c “Walrus Head with Three Tusks, King Island 1932.”  Inupiat man in parka with walrus head on ship’s deck. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 69a Sign on building reading, “U.S.C.G. Cutter Haida, Alaska’s Favorite.” 3.25X4.75.
1/1 69b Four cannons, probably at Sitka. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 69c Mast of U.S.C.G. Cutter Haida. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 69d Sailor standing with a young boy on the deck of a ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 69e “Rough Sea – Enroute Attu.” View toward bow of ship. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 70a Man with his wife and two little girls. All are standing in front of a doorway. 3.5X5.75 inch
1/1 70b Main street of a small Alaskan city. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 70c Woman walking down main street wearing a robe. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 71a Three Coast Guard cutters moored abreast at dock. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 71b Several sailors on yardarm of ship’s mast. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 71c “Reindeer at Point Lay.” Large herd of reindeer. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 72 “Barrymore Yacht.” 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 73a “U.S.S. Maryland.” Battleship. (2.25X3.75 inch).
1/1 73b View from hilltop of Iliuliuk Bay. 3.25X4.75 inch.
1/1 73c View approaching Sitka. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 73d Three small boys outside barabara. 3.5X4.5 inch.
1/1 74a “Basket Weaving.”  Two Aleut women with grass baskets, C. H. Hope. Postcard, 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 74b “Point Barrow Native Women.”  Small child with two elderly women in parkas smoking pipes. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 74c Eight Native women and men in front of a cabin. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 75a Rowboat race scene in Ketchikan harbor, oars in air. 5X7 inch.
1/1 75b “Winner Pat Over Side.” Two men hanging from side of rowboat after race. 5X7 inch.
1/1 76a “4th of July Parade in Ketchikan Pat in front.” Sailors marching in parade. 5X7 inch.
1/1 76b “Hailstorm, thunder and lightning in August—1938.” Boats at dock in harbor. 3.5X5.75 inch.
1/1 77a Sailors working on the deck of a ship, possibly in Ketchikan. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 77b “Ketchikan Pat.”  Granade walking on road with rifle. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 77c “Fox in Alaska.” Arctic fox in front of rock formation. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 77d Sailor standing by the side rail on a ship. Another steamboat in distance. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 78a-f Sailors on deck of the Haida. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 79a “Ketchikan Harbor–crew races.” Rowboat race in harbor. 3X4.25 inch.
1/1 79b “Crew races.” Another view of boat races in Ketchikan. 3X4.25 inch.
1/1 79c “Cyane crew Race, Pat coxaine” (coxswain).  Closer view of boat racing in harbor. 3X4.25 inch.
1/1 79d Landscape of Ketchikan Harbor. 3X4.25 inch.
1/1 80a Unidentifiable steamship. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 80b “Winergrens Yacht, Southern Cross ’40.” 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 80c American Sailor steamship. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 80d Unidentifiable steamship. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 80e “Deception Pass taken from C.G. 13dq.” View of Washington state bridge from patrol boat. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 80f Steam ship and small paddle boat. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 81a Sailors on ship working front cannon. 2.75X4 inch.
1/1 81b View of life boats on the deck of a ship. 2.75X4 inch.
1/1 81c Sailors getting into a life boat 2.75X4 inch.
1/1 81d Sailors working on small life boat on a dry dock. 2.75X4 inch.
1/1 82a “On the ice.”  Cutter Cyane and sailors on ice. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 82b Cyane in the ice.”  More distant view of cutter and sailors on the ice. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 82c “Ketchikan–Fishing boat being sunk”  Altem of Seattle sinking next to ship’s bow. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 82d U.S. Coastguard Steam boat. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 83a “Ft. Lewis.” View of base with Depot Supply Warehouse No. 2 in foreground. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 83b “Ft. Lewis,” “Ft. Lewis day Claus was retired from Army.” View of rail yard and trucks. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 83c Poster for Coast Guard Benefit Dance at the Eagles Hall, January 22. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 83d “Boring Watch Pat,” “Cyane Watch 1937.” Granade portrait. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 83e “Aboard Cyane ’37.” Cover of magazine “Silk Stocking Stories.” 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 84a Dorothy alongside Kangatuck 8/47.” Sunken boat next to ship. 2.5X2.5 inch.
1/1 84b “Sunken Dorothy alongside Kangatuck.” Closer view. 2.5X2.5 inch.
1/1 84c “Sunken Dorothy.” Close-up of stern of boat. 2.5X2.5 inch.
1/1 84d-e Dorothy being lifted by a crane. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 84f Sailors standing under a bell drinking some beverages. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 85a “Duty at Ordnance Depot.” Gate of Mt. Rainier Ordnance Depot. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 85b View of flagpole and ordnance depot from above. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 85c Chapel building at ordnance depot. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 85d Club building at ordnance depot. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 86a Flagpole and row of barracks at ordnance depot with park in foreground. 3.5X4.75 inch.
1/1 86b Interior of chapel at ordnance depot. 3.5X5 inch.
1/1 86c Club building at ordnance depot. 3.5X5 inch.
1/1 87a “Lt. Albert Christensen.” Portrait of pilot in leather jacket, scarf and garrison cap.
1/1 87b “Jimmy Larsen,” “Nov. 1944.” Sailor next to car. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 87c “Camp Roberts, 1943.” Army soldier in dress uniform. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 88a “Howard, Salis, Me.” Two soldiers in work clothes with tent in background. 2.75X4.5 inch.
1/1 88b “Louis Granade.” Naval officer in front of jeep. 3.5X5.5 inch.
1/1 88c “Howard taken at Camp Roberts, 1943.” Army soldier in dress uniform in front of grill of large truck. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 88d “Dad and Patrick.” Naval officer in dress uniform and boy next to car. 2.5X3.5 inch.
1/1 89-93 Storm damage and Coast Guard patrol boats, CG-201 and CG 292. 15 prints, 3.25X5.25 inch.
1/1 94-99 Storm damage to boats, ships, and harbor. 12 prints: 9 4X6.5 inch, 2 3.75X6, 1 3.5X5.25 inch.
1/2 Two hat ribbons and one loose portrait of a Coast Guard serviceman.
1/3 89 black and white copy negatives of selected images from the album.

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