William W. Richards papers

Guide to the William W. Richards papers
circa 1966-1995

Collection number: HMC-0693.
Creator: Richards, William (Bill) W.
Title: William W. Richards papers.
Dates: circa 1966-1995.
Volume of collection: 5 cubic feet.
Language of materials: A majority of the materials in this collection are in English, however there are some materials in Russian and various Alaska Native languages.
Collection summary: Papers of U.S. Public Health Service psychiatrist relating to studies on social transitions in the North.

Biographical note:
William (Bill) W. Richards was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 1941, and grew up in San Francisco, California. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a doctorate from the University of California San Francisco Medical School. Dr. Richards came to Alaska in 1970 with his wife, Maribeth, to serve as the Chief of Mental Health in the Indian Health Service. He later held the positions of Senior Clinical Specialist in Psychiatry, and Director of the Area Division of Behavioral Health, with the rank of captain in the U.S. Public Health Service. Richards also served in the following positions: Corresponding Member of the Committee of American Indian and Alaska Native Psychiatrists; President of the Alaska Psychiatric Association (1990-1993); member of the Board of Directors of the Native American Research and Training Center at the University of New Mexico (1984-1995); Examiner for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (1990-1992); and Chairman of the Therapeutic Care Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. He was a co-principal investigator for the sociological project, Social Transitions in the North, funded by the National Science Foundation, which examined a sample of Alaskan and Russian Far Eastern communities. During the final year of this project, Dr. Richards was lost at sea in an accident near Provideniya, Russia, on September 7, 1995.

Collection description:
The collection consists of materials regarding Richards’ projects, including his work on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, traditional healing practices, including those of Alaska Natives, hypnosis, and the project “Comparative Study of Social Transition in the North: Alaska and Russian Far East.” The collection contains correspondence, notes, reference materials, reports, articles, and documents relating to the projects. The collection also contains files on mental health and substance abuse, color slides and photographs, videocassettes, audiocassettes, and assorted memorabilia. Per Dr. Kathy Graves of  UAA, the videos appear to be documenting a trip to Russia, perhaps before the Social Transition in the North project. In the videos, Richards is seen visiting three centers in Russia and is talking to administrative staff and patients. The centers appear to be a Psychiatric Clinic, an inpatient substance abuse center, and an alternative healing center.

Arrangement: The collection is roughly arranged by subject.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Use restrictions: The collection may contain materials subject to HIPAA or other confidentiality restrictions. Researchers are responsible for abiding by the appropriate laws.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to materials created by Bill Richards. The collection contains materials created by others. The Archives does not hold copyright to these materials.

Preferred citation: William W. Richards papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Publications were removed from the collection and some added to Rare Books. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Related materials: The archives also holds Social Transitions in the North project records, HMC-0692.

Custodial history: The collection was housed at the Institute of Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) until 2004 when it was transferred to Archives. Maribeth Richards, Bill Richards’ wife, signed an agreement transferring the collection to the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2002.

Acquisition note: The collection was transferred from ICHS to Archives in 2004 and a transfer agreement was signed by Brian Saylor, Director of ICHS.

Processing information: The collection was arranged and described by ICHS in 2004 prior to the collections arrival to Archives. Further description was provided by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2004. Publications were removed from the collection and the guide converted to current standard by Veronica Denison in 2015. Materials that were in binders have been removed and placed into folders. Original folder and binder label titles have been retained.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Correspondence from Bill Richards undated, 1991-1993
1/2 Correspondence to Bill Richards 1992-1994
1/3 Other correspondence 1992-1993
1/4 Proposals: “Traditional Healing Project Intake Assessment, Materials Development,” “Cooperative Magadan-Alaska Psychiatry-Narcology Project,” “Certificate of Rural Human Services,” “Russian-Alaska Women’s Exchange in the Sphere of Social Organizing” circa 1991-1993
1/5 Papers and reports written by Richards undated, 1992
1/6 Training Materials and procedures 1990-1993
1/7 Russia Contacts / Calling Cards (NOTE: Includes non-Russian contacts as well) undated
1/8 Bibliographies, literature searches, and reference lists undated, 1978-1992
1/9 Reference Materials 1979-1993
1/10 Hand-Written Notes, Various undated
1/11 Telemedicine Project 1995
1/12-13 Suicide Prevention Project: Alaska Native village: Case studies, proposals, reports, Native village needs 1990-1994
1/14 Comparative Joint Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Project: Russia / Alaska circa 1992-1993
1/15 Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (GAP) Book Project 1990-1993
1/16 Cultural Competency Counseling Back-up Information (3-ring binder): Conferences 1988-1992
1/17 Major Trends in Alaska Native Mortality and Morbidity, with Special Emphasis on Behavioral Health Conditions (3-ring binder) undated
1/18 Russia Equipment Instructions undated, 1991
1/19 Saylor, Brian, et al. A review of the scientific work of Bill Richards undated
1/20 Eskimo words and concepts describing family functioning: Report on an Alaska Native mental health project: II. The concept of resourcefulness, Jennings, Bertha, et al. 1992
1/21 Oaxaca project update (emails), Russ Bernard 1995 January
1/22 Translation of English words to Yupik undated
1/23 Inupiaq alphabet undated
1/24 Various hand-written notes: Translations of English words to Yup’ik (mostly medical related) undated
1/25 Eskimo-English MH/Medical Dictionaries 1990
1/26 English-Inupiaq Mental Health-Related Terms, Draft undated
1/27 Materials from “W” “to be returned to you” [Dr. Richards]: Alaska Native language and culture, conferences, meetings, 1981-1992
1/28 North Slope Borough [folder] undated, 1990
2/1 Pre-Trip 1991 Work Plan: Magadan-Alaska Mental Health Work Plan 1991-1992
2/2 Plans (EPI) Comparing Child Health: US vs USSR circa 1990
2/3 CTPAHHOE OBZRBMEHNE: Learning Russian undated
2/4-7 Russian language materials (used for research) undated
2/8 Hand-written notes pertaining to Alcohol Counseling, etc. undated
2/9 Hand-written notes pertaining to Russia Projects undated
2/10 Bibliography and correspondence pertaining to 1979 Barrow, Alaska, Alcohol Study circa 1966-1988
2/11 FAS files undated, 1989-1992
2/12 Alcohol files circa 1991-1992
2/13 Alaska Native Traditional Healers – Tape Project circa 1992
2/14-3/1 Traditional Healing Project – Kotzebue 1993
3/2 Traditional Healing Project – Russia circa 1993-1994
3/3 3-Ring Binder – No Label – Reference Materials undated, 1991
3/4 3-Ring Binder – No Label – Report on small rural mental health systems undated, 1988
3/5 B 335 undated
3/6 Village Drug Reference (VDR) (NOTE: Post-it with note to file under “Cult. Competent [illegible]) 1988
3/7 Village-Based Counselor undated
3/8 Culturally Competent Counseling 2: Alaska Native healing practices 1993-1994
3/9 Jennings, Bertha: Traditional Healing Project information, AMIPA (Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association) undated, 1992-1994
3/10 Epidemiology 1989-1984
3/11 Local Native Health Concerns 1993
3/12 Alaska Health Care Bibliography 1992
3/13 Traditional Medicine (bibliography) undated
3/14 Russia – Visa Application Procedures 1990
3/15 Bibliography – Russia Anthro / MH undated
3/16 Reproduction (proposed research by Igor Lunin) undated, 1995
3/17 Russian Contacts 1993
3/18 Russia – Children – Mental Health 1990
3/19 Russian Far East Information 1993
3/20 Russia – Mental Health circa 1989-1992
3/21 Alcoholism circa 1985-1988
3/22 Etok: AFN Paper on Russian – American Occupation: “The Bitter Root of Truth: The Russian-American Occupation of Sovereign People” 1991 October
3/23 George: Chukotka Video Proposal (Soviet Chukotca: A Great Land Awakes) circa 1990
3/24 MacLean, Edna: Revitalization & Community House 1986 March
3/25 Magadan Mental Patients Wanting Pen Pals undated
3/26 Marshall: Native Suicides 1990-1991
3/27 Plans: EPI Project – Magadan – Alaska (Draft Proposal for Alaska-Magadan Joint Epidemiology Project) undated
3/28 Plans: Magadan – Alaska 1992-1997 Work Plan 1992
3/29 Plans for various projects undated
3/30 Project: Hypnosis undated
3/31 Projects – Various – English & Russian Versions: Psychology and mental health programs, substance abuse circa 1991
3/32 Project: Feldsher Training (Alaska Rural Human Services) – Rural Human Services Certificate Project 1991
3/33 Spiral-Bound Notebooks: Bill Richards, Vols. 1-2: Hypnosis undated
3/34 Project: Organization of Substance Abuse Services—Magadan/Chukotka circa 1991
3/35 Project: Epidemiological Trends – Magadan vs Alaska circa 1991
3/36 Project 6: The Description of Methods of Neuroleptic Usage in Magadan/Chukotka Region with Comparison to Alaska circa 1991
3/37 Summary Information: Alcohol Comparisons Russia – Alaska 1991
3/38 Richotsky, J.: Magadan Health Stats 1991
3/39 Inupiat / Litqusiat Project 1992
3/40 Alaska Statewide – Information for Handouts, Presentations, Slides undated
3/41 Alaska Statewide – Training: Suicide prevention, injury matrix circa 1994
3/42 Alaska Statewide – Key References: Suicidal behavior case reports 1993-1994
3/43 Alaska – Unmet Needs – Ideas for Grants, Emphasis Packages: suicide rates among Alaska Natives 1994
3/44 Consultations on the US-Russia Science & Technology Relationship, 13 Aug 1992, Meeting with Scientists, Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology Policy 1992
4/1 Yuri Vlekhin Visit 3/93: FAS-Related Program Information 1993
4/2 Russia – FAS Plans 1991
4/3 FAS: reports, studies, and notes 1991-1993
4/4 Russia – FAS Articles / Protocols, FAS in Alaska undated, 1993
4/5 Russia – Slides, photographs of trip to Russia 1991
4/6 Magadan – General Organization 1988-1992
4/7 Magadan – 1991 Write-Up of Trip (Report of the Mental Health Team Summarizing the 1991 Visit to Magadan / Chukotka) 1991
4/8 Observing Eskimo Communication (psychological aspects of Alaska Native communication)—draft article and notes undated
4/9 Russia—slides (photographs of trip) 1992
4/10 Magadan – Alaska MH[Mental Health] Papers 1988-1992
4/11 Project to Decrease Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Problems of Children of Alcoholic Families in the Magadan Region, 1992-1997 1992
4/12 Small Rural MH[Mental Health] Systems (UCLA Talk) undated
4/13 Alaska MH Charts / Illustrations undated
4/14 Ideas for MH Slides undated
4/15 Alcohol Training Materials (notes used for research) circa 1982-1992
4/16 Alcohol Illustrations (articles and notes used for research) circa 1971-1986
4/17 Lewin Draft (Kurt Lewin and Rural Alaska Mental Health Systems – Draft for Discussion Purposes, Bill Richards, M.D.) undated
4/18 Kotzebue – Contract – Subcontracts – People Involved (notes, correspondence, project information, and reports) 1993
4/19 Kotzebue – Interview Information (Interview Development) 1993
4/20 Kotzebue – Field Trip Activities – Recommendations / Write-Ups 1994
4/21 McNabb, S. – NSF (“Some international comparisons of mortality amenable to medical intervention” by John R.H. Charlton and Ramon Velzez): notes relating to article and Richards’ Russia project undated, 1986
5 Colored slides and photographs: Russia, Alaska, presentations 1972-1992
5 VHS-C videotapes: Narcology Dept. No. 1 – 7; Psychiatric Dept. No. 1 – 12 (No. 2 is missing); Korea Polyclinic (2 tapes); Unlabeled Tape circa 1988-1994
5 Audio cassette tapes: Tape Side 1 – Inupiaq Terms – Voice by Bertha [illegible] Jennings; North Slope Inupiaq Medical Terminology, pg. 58-61; Inupiaq Terms; Values by Bertha Jennings undated
5 Memorabilia: pins, buttons, business cards undated


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