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Alaska Public Health Association records

Guide to the Alaska Public Health Association records

Collection number: HMC-0579.
Creator: Alaska Public Health Association.
Title: Alaska Public Health Association records.
Dates: 1969-2001, bulk 1972-1994.
Volume of collection: 10.0 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Records of an organization dedicated to public health issues in Alaska.

Organizational history:
Alaska Public Health Association (ALPHA) was founded prior to 1969 for the purpose of  identifying, raising awareness, and advocating for public health issues in Alaska. The organization incorporated as a nonprofit with the State of Alaska in 1978.

Collection description:
The collection consists of records of the organization. It includes meeting minutes, budget and audit records, membership records, awards, materials related to conferences, and subject files.

Arrangement: The collection has been maintained in the order in which it arrived at the Archives.

Digitized copies: Digital copies of collection material not available online. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Use restrictions: Membership and financial records may contain personally identifiable information. Researchers using the collection may not disseminate this information in any use of the materials.

Rights note: Materials not created by ALPHA may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Alaska Public Health Association records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Published materials were removed from the collection and offered to the library’s Alaskana Collection.

Acquisition note: The records were given to the Archives in 2002 and 2004. A deed of gift was signed by Leif Albertson on behalf of the organization in 2013.

Processing information: This collection was described by Arlene Schmuland in 2013. In 2023 Fabiola Lugo-Vazquez, a Community Engaged Student Assistant with the College of Health Division of Population Health Sciences, updated the container list to provide more detailed descriptions of the materials.

Container list:

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1-2 State of Alaska DHSS Travel Policies and Procedures Manual 1990-1991
1/3 National Governors Association (NGA)-Maternal Child Health (MCH) Update. Includes Medicaid coverage guidelines and advocacy correspondence 1991-1992
1/4 Budget summary: State of Alaska MCH, Family Health Administration, Metabolic Screening, Nutrition, Early Intervention Program (EIP), Infant Learning Program (ILP) budget documents 1992
1/5 Team collaboration activities and planning documents 1991
1/6 FY92 budget plan: State of Alaska budget documents 1992-1993
1/7 Alaska Department of Labor (DOL): ALPHA/State of Alaska labor status documents 1987
1/8 ALPHA incorporation: incorporation documents and original bylaws and constitution 1978-1983
1/9 IRS: tax status correspondence, ALPHA news and member letters 1986-1988
1/10 Notes and memos: includes member ballots 1990
1/11 ALPHA new member letter 1989
1/12 ALPHA newsletter examples 1987-1990
1/13 Susan Jones: ALPHA letterheads, brochures, policy resolutions, and committee reports 1990-1991
1/14 ALPHA letter head examples undated
1/15 American Public Health Association member directory 1989
1/16 ALPHA 1988 dues paid. Includes ALPHA member list and notes 1987-1988
1/17 1989 members 1989
1/18 ALPHA health policy resolutions and processes undated
1/19 Executive meeting agenda. Includes meeting minutes from 1993-1995 and health policy resolutions from 1993 1993-1995
1/20 Annual meeting: 1993 annual member meeting agenda 1993
1/21 Board minutes, budget and planning documents: correspondence related to policy resolutions and partner organization; summary of health policy resolutions, 1983-1989; president reports, 1990; ALPHA membership list, 1990 1990-1991
1/22 1992 Health Summit Materials. Includes Alaska Public Health Association Day Municipality of Anchorage proclamation 1986 1986, 1992
1/23-25 Annual Health Summit VHS tapes 1993 November 29, December 1
1/26-30 Summit proceedings audio cassettes undated
1/31 Audio cassette: Side 1: Fred Luther-award nominations undated
2/1 ALPHA board: draft ALPHA handbook, board meeting minutes and agendas, DHSS correspondence from commissioner 1989
2/2 Board minutes, agendas, and policy resolutions: correspondence from partner organizations and state organizations, correspondence from U.S. Senator Frank Murkowski and Governor Hickel, member survey, president’s report 1990-1991
2/3 1989 Minutes. Includes policy resolutions president-elect report 1989
2/4 1988-1989 papers: endorsements; letters to members; board and committee list; October 14, 1988 agenda; Alyeska retreat 1988-1989
2/5 ALPHA 12/3/1988 minutes. Includes constitution and bylaws 1988 December 3
2/6 ALPHA Nov. 4, 1988- Dec. 14, 1988. Includes Health Care Coalition of Alaska bylaws, minutes, and presidents report 1988
2/7 ALPHA board minutes 10/7/1988. Includes health policy resolutions and related correspondence 1988 October 7
2/8 ALPHA board minutes 9/2/88 1988 September 2
2/9 ALPHA-5 August 1988 minutes. Includes correspondence with state and partner organizations 1988
2/10 ALPHA July 1 1988 minutes. Includes correspondence with state and community partner organizations 1988
2/11 ALPHA 1 June 1989 minutes 1989 June 1
2/12 ALPHA 5/6/88 minutes, handouts, and membership list 1988
2/13 ALPHA minutes 1988-1989 1988-1989
2/14 Board minutes, agendas, and policy resolutions. Includes correspondence with state and community partner organizations and draft planning recommendation documents 1992
2/15-18 Injury Control Health Policy Fall Retreat 1988-1989 1988-1989
2/19 ALPHA 1977- 1981: Affiliate Assessment Guide, Alaska Health Congress program, health policy correspondence and resolutions, organizational flowchart, ALPHA mission and goals, correspondence with community partner organization, 1981 Health Congress documents, 1981 Health Congress grant request, MOA between ALPHA and Alaska Health and Social Health Consultants Inc., board meeting minutes and agendas, ALPHA News 1981, ALPHA Digest 1977 1977-1981
2/20 ALPHA 5/81-5/82: board meeting minutes and agendas, constitution and bylaws 1981, ALPHA member list, health policy documents, treasurer’s report 1981, correspondence with community partner organizations, protocol for handling of ALPHA issues, ALPHA News 1982 1982
2/21 ALPHA 6/82-5/83- minutes: correspondence with community partner organizations, MOA with Municipality of Anchorage 1982, ALPHA News 1982, constitution and bylaws 1982, board meeting minutes and agendas and planning documents 1982-1983
2/22 Executive board minutes 4/83-5/84: board meeting minutes and agendas and planning documents, summary documents for fall 1983 retreat, correspondence with state organizations and community partner organizations 1983-1984
2/23 Executive board minutes 4/84-2/85: board meeting minutes and agendas and planning documents, correspondence with state organizations and community partner organizations, ALPHA News 1984, survey of health problems in the state 1984-1985
2/24 Minutes 1985-1986: board meeting minutes and agendas and planning documents, 1986 election ballot, health policy resolutions and documents, MOA with Alaska Nurses Association, correspondence with state organizations and community partner organizations, ALPHA News 1985 1985-1986
2/25-26 Minutes 1986-1987: board meeting minutes and agendas and planning documents, health policy resolutions and documents, ALPHA member list 1986-1987, correspondence with state organizations and community partner, ALPHA News 1987, ALPHA member lists 1986, constitution and bylaws 1985 1985-1987
3/1 ALPHA Executive Board minutes: correspondence with municipality, Anchorage Daily News report 1976 1972-1976
3/2 Minutes- Executive Board 1972-1973 1972-1973
3/3 Constitution, bylaws, ALPHA member letter 1975-1988
3/4 ALPHA constitutional amendments: constitutional bylaws proposed amendments, ALPHA board meeting minutes, membership list 1989, board meeting agenda 1988-1989
3/5 ALPHA members 1972-1989: membership lists, ALPHA board member lists 1972-1989
3/6 Constitutional amendments article XIII-tax exempt status: IRS application for recognition of exemption, ALPHA member letter, constitution and bylaws, amendments to the constitution and bylaws, constitution and bylaws of the Alaska Branch of the American Society of Microbiology 1984-1985
3/7 ALPHA constitution and bylaws amended- April 3, 1989: annual report 1983, constitution and bylaws amendments 1985 1983-1989
3/8 ALPHA constitution and bylaws: constitution and bylaw amendments 1981-1983, ALPHA News 1982, constitution and bylaws 1979 1979-1983
3/9 ALPHA Handbook for Offices and Committees: ALPHA member letters and memorandum, organization handbook, ALPHA News, constitution and bylaws 1989
3/10 Constitution, bylaws and Historical Committee ALPHA:

constitution and bylaws amendments, President’s report,  ALPHA annual meeting agenda

3/11 Annual meeting minutes and agenda 1988-1989
3/12 ALPHA Annual Meeting Minutes 1969-1977: Anchorage Times cutouts, ALPHA annual meeting 1977, ALPHA convention program plans, health policy resolutions, legislative bulletin 1973, ALPHA annual report 1969, fourth Alaska Health Congress program 1969-1977
3/13 Newsletter material: President’s column, ALPHA Newsletter topics 1988
3/14 ALPHA Newsletter/Alaska Medicine 1989
3/15 ALPHA Newsletter 1988
3/16 Fall Newsletter 87 Vol 4 Spring 1987
3/17 Winter 1986 ALPHA Newsletter information 1986
3/18 Newsletter 1986 1986
3/19 ALPHA Newsletter 1985 1985
3/20 ALPHA Newsletter 1984 1984
3/21 ALPHA Newsletter 1983 1983
3/22 Newsletter ALPHA 1982 1982
3/23 ALPHA 1981: ALPHA News 1982
3/24 ALPHA 1980: ALPHA News, ALPHA Digest 1980
3/25 ALPHA Digest 1978
3/26 ALPHA Digest– Extra Copies 74-75 1974-1975
3/27 Old ALPHA Digest and ALPHA Newsletter 1976
3/28 ALPHA Digest copies for file 1977
3/29 ALPHA Nominating Committee: ALPHA elected officials 1983-1988, ALPHA election ballot, constitution and bylaws 1985, ALPHA financial report 1985, ALPHA board membership, ALPHA News 1984, ALPHA member letter , ALPHA News 1981 1981-1988
3/30 Executive Board members 1988-1989
3/31 ALPHA membership List 1978 1978
3/32 ALPHA brochures undated
3/33 ALPHA Health Congress 1988: program, evaluation, correspondence from community partners, planning documents and agenda, invitation 1979-1988
3/34-35 Binder 1990-1992: ALPHA member letters, ALPHA board meeting minutes and agendas, budget reports, correspondence with community partners and legislators, ALPHA Newsletter 1991 1990-1992
3/36 Presidents Elect Meeting July 22-24 1990: affiliate directory, APHA affiliate guides, APHA organizational guide 1990
3/37 ALPHA handbook for officers 1989
3/38 Retreats: seminar evaluation summary, ALPHA board meeting minutes, Alyeska retreat 1988, 1988 fall retreat report, leadership retreat 1986 planning documents, constitution and bylaws 1983, committee reports, ALPHA News 1985, 1983 fall retreat proceedings 1983-1989
3/39 Fourth Alaska Health Congress brochure 1978
3/40 Sixth Health Congress space plans 1979
4/1 ALPHA awards: Betty Price M.D. 1972-1974, awards committee guidelines, award nominations forms 1972-1986
4/2  ALPHA Health Congress: grant application and Health Summit agendas and planning materials 1981
4/3 Registration flyers and Health Congress documents 1981-1982
4/4-6 Proceedings from the 7th Health Congress 1982
4/7 ALPHA Congress programs and planning documents 1983
4/8 International Symposium on Circumpolar Health program 1984
4/9 1985 Health Congress program 1985
4/10 ALPHA 1986 Health Congress: program, planning documents, correspondence from community partners, financial receipts, awards nominations 1979-1986
4/11 1987 Health Congress: planning documents From 12th Annual Health Congress, South Central Health Planning and Development 1987
4/12 Health Congress: Treasurer’s report, planning documents 1989
4/13 1988 ALPHA Health Congress: ALPHA Health Fair planning documents, health policy resolutions, Health Congress 1988 planning documents, program, President’s and Treasurer’s reports, Health Congress photos 1987-1988
4/14 ALPHA 1989 Congress: planning documents, programs, award nominations documents 1989
4/15 Logos:  Alaska Health Fair, ALPHA undated
4/16 ALPHA communications: APHA partner material, correspondence from Don Young 1988-1989
4/17 APHA grant proposal 1988
4/18 Correspondence from community partner orgs and ALPHA News 1987-1988
4/19 Community partner correspondence and Health Congress planning documents 1987-1988
4/20 Retreat: handwritten notes, ALPHA Affiliate Day agenda

board meeting minutes 1989, ALPHA seminar evaluation summary

4/21 ALPHA Injury Prevention Resource Center handwritten notes undated
4/22 ALPHA meeting minutes: board meeting minutes, ALPHA, leadership retreat notes, health policy resolutions 1989
4/23 ALPHA correspondence, ALPHA News, Alaska’s Health: A Survey Report, health policy resolutions 1988-1989
4/24 A Statement of Health Policy (Utah): “A Prescription to Improve the Health Status of Utahns” 1988
4/25 Chronic Disease Advisory Committee Report  (Washington) 1988 June
4/26 State of Alaska Task Force on Employee Health Benefits meeting 1988
4/27 ALPHA correspondence: health policy resolutions, correspondence from community partners, committee reports, board meeting agendas and minutes, member lists, member letters, grant application 1988
4/28-29 DHSS Public Health Nursing Program guidelines and memorandum 1989-1992
4/30 ALPHA University of Alaska Foundation Assistance Stipend for Research in Epidemiology Review Committee 1982-1990
4/31 ALPHA resolutions: ALPHA health policy resolutions, ALPHA News, APHA public policy statements 1981-1987
4/32-33 Affiliate President-Elect Meeting- APHA June 20-28 1988:

APHA 1988 President-Elect orientation notebook, APHA affiliate documents and correspondence, the APHA Tally, affiliate President-Elect meeting participants, affiliate President-Elect meeting programs, travel vouchers and receipts, report to the governor draft, fact sheets, ALPHA member letters, health policy resolutions

5/1-2 ALPHA 1987-88: board meeting minutes, health policy resolutions, APHA health policy resolutions, correspondence between ALPHA members, correspondence with community partners, ALPHA member lists 1988
5/3 Address lists- organizations: Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Member Directory 2000, APHL Committee List 2000-2001, correspondence from community partners 2000-2001
5/4 ALPHA Issues Committee: ALPHA Health Issues Committee board meeting minutes, proposed health policy resolutions 1992
5/5 ALPHA awards: photos from ALPHA awards banquet, ALPHA award letters 1977-1983
5/6 1982 Health Congress plans: Health Congress exhibit planning documents 1982, petrochemical industry assessment, DHSS correspondence, ALPHA award nominations 1981-1982
5/7 Water microbiology workshop: DHSS correspondence “Lab Gab” newsletter 1979-1981
5/8 Member list, annual meeting agenda, Fit Congress Campaign, proposed policy resolutions, Alcohol Breath Analysis, Inc. 1983-1998
5/9 “Perestroika, Glasnost & the Changing Health Care System in the Soviet Union” Dr. Lydia Novak, President, Medical Workers Union (VHS) 1988 March 1
5/10 Society visit: Changing Health Care System in the Soviet Union planning documents, APHA mini project application 1987-1988
5/11 National Arctic Health Science Policy undated
5/12 Legislative issue: ALPHA member letter for legislative actions, House Bill No. 277, correspondence with legislative offices 1988
5/13 Special activities 84: DHSS correspondence 1984
5/14 (Grant) Fellowship in Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine: UA correspondence 1988
5/15 Rural Health Committee minutes. Includes ALPHA News 1984 1984-1988
5/16 Interpersonal Violence: Annual School on Addiction Studies/Annual Mental Health Conference planning documents 1989
5/17 “The Night Before Finkmas” public health version circa 1988
5/18 Health Sciences Library 88: correspondence with Senator Strugulewski 1988
5/19 Health Care Coalition: meeting minutes, member letter, brochure 1988
5/20 ALPHA Brown Bag planning documents 1988
5/21 Injury Control Project 1988: health statistics data charts 1985, correspondence from community partners, Center for Environmental Health Control newsletter 1985-1988
5/22 Health Policy For Alaska 1987: “Serious Health Issues in Alaska: A Survey Report: 1985, health policy resolutions, policy position documents, “Alaska’s Health: A Survey Report” University of Pittsburg 1954, ALPHA member letters, health policy recommendations 1987 1954-1988
5/23 Membership committee: membership committee planning documents, committee report and member letters, ALPHA brochure 1988
5/24 ALPHA Publicity Committee: newspaper clippings and publicity documents, Public Information Committee, ALPHA Newsletter 1984-1988
5/25 1989 election results and Tellers Committee activities: handwritten planning document 1989
5/26 Ballots from 88’ election: handwritten counts 1988
5/27 Newspaper clipping and planning documents: newspaper clippings, committee reporting documents, board retreat planning documents, constitution and bylaws 1983, budget documents, constitution and bylaws 1980, health policy resolutions 1980-1986
5/28 Board members: ALPHA board member roster, board agenda and minutes 1986-1987
5/29 Sanitarians: Proposed Model Act Registration of Sanitarians, sanitarian documents, house bill relating to registration of qualified sanitarians 1975
5/30 APHA Washington newsletter 1975-1977
5/31 Malpractice: newsletter clippings, federal medical malpractice bill U.S. Senate 1975, State of Alaska Senate malpractice bill 1976, correspondence Alaska Medicine 1976

Report of the Governor’s Malpractice Insurance Commission

5/32 Drug subsititution: Alaska House Bill-Pharmacy Act 1976
5/33 Library: Alaska Health Sciences Information Centers documents and correspondence 1975
5/34 Fluoridation: correspondence and legislative documents on fluoridation of municipal water 1975
5/35 Architectural barriers: Alaska legislative documents regarding an act relating to architectural barriers for physically handicapped, aged or infirmed persons 1975
5/36 Board of Licensing: legislative documents related to licensing 1975-1976
5/37 HSA (Health Systems Agencies ): legislative documents related to Health Planning and Resource Development Act of 1974 1974-1975
5/38 Revenue sharing: legislative documents related to revenue sharing strategies 1976
5/39 Local health districts: legislative documents relating to local health services 1976
5/40 Prostitution: newspaper clippings, policy document about legalized prostitution, Alaska House bill relating to prostitution 1972-1975
5/41 Smoking: newspaper clippings, legislative documents relating to smoking in public places 1975
5/42 Newborn insurance, legislative document relating to insurance coverage for newborns 1975
5/43 Mental health: legislative document relating to community mental health services 1974-1975
5/44 Marijuana: legislative documents relating to penalties for drug use and possession, newspaper clippings 1975
5/45 Impairments registry: legislative documents relating to registry of persons with impairments 1975
6/1 Newspaper clippings and legislative documents relating to various health issues 1975-1976
6/2 Programs: luncheon meeting agenda, ALPHA meeting agenda 1976
6/3 Correspondence: correspondence with community partners, board communication documents 1974-1976
6/4 APHA: newspaper clipping, APHA correspondence 1975
6/5 Legislators 1974-75 and committees 1975-76: Directory of Legislators and Administrators State of Alaska, newspaper clippings 1974-1976
6/6 Members-poll-newsletter: member lists 1974, annual meeting document, ALPHA Newsletter 1974, ALPHA committee documents, ALPHA planning documents 1974-1976
6/7 League of Voters reference materials: legislative process documents 1974-1975
6/8 Circumpolar Health Conference: community partner correspondence 1975-1977
6/9 Health ed: legislative documents related to health education 1975-1976
6/10 Legislation: legislative and community partner correspondence, ALPHA Digest, summary of health related legislation 1975-1976
6/11 Legislative note-Saylor Juneau 1975-76: legislative and community partner correspondence, newspaper clippings 1975-1977
6/12 DHSS Legislative Briefing 1977 1977
6/13 ASMA: Alaska State Medical Association newsletter, legislative action documents 1975-1976
6/14 Goals/STDs background: community partner correspondence, national health planning guidelines 1976
6/15 APHA presidents elect meeting 1977, APHA conference documents 1977
6/16 Ballots 1977 election: hand counted ballots 1976
6/17 Western Branch Las Vegas 1977: APHA annual meeting materials, reports to ALPHA 1977
6/18 Western Branch June 16: community partner correspondence, APHA documents 1976
6/19 Western Branch San Francisco 1976: APHA documents, community partner correspondence 1976
6/20 Anchorage luncheons: notes and suggestions for ALPHA luncheons 1974
6/21 Activities list: ALPHA ideas for activities 1974
6/22 Public information system proposal. Includes community partner and legislative correspondence 1975
6/23 ALPHA committee minutes, reports: community partner and legislative correspondence, legislative policy documents, ALPHA committee reports 1974-1975
6/24 HSA Nominating Committee: community partner and legislative correspondence, ALPHA committee documents 1975-1977
6/25 ALPHA/APHA: APHA program and correspondence 1976
6/26 Correspondence 1975-1976: community partner and legislative correspondence, APHA conference documents, ALPHA policy documents 1975-1976
6/27 APHA Western Branch Legislative Workshop 1976
6/28 AK Health Education Consortium bylaws 1976
6/29 Alaska State Nutrition Committee: community partner and legislative correspondence, Alaska State Nutrition Committee organizational documents and bylaws 1975
6/30 APHA membership lists: APHA membership lists 1975, ALPHA member list 1972-1973 1972-1975
6/31 American Public Health Association: organization chart, newsletter 1975-1976
6/32 Alaska Public Health Association 1971-72: hand counted ballots, community partner correspondence, ALPHA policy documents, ALPHA correspondence 1971, Alaska Science Conference program 1971 1971-1972
6/33 American Public Health Association 1973-75: ALPHA documents and community partner correspondence, budget federal proposal APHA, newsletters 1974-1975
6/34 President-elect trip February 29: APHA expense reports 1976
6/35 Western Branch American Public Health Association: conference program documents, ALPHA policy resolution documents 1971-1975
6/36 Health policy budget documents: EMS for children, State Based Injury Prevention and Control Project 1989-1990
7/1 EMS grant: emergency medical services proposal and supporting documents, community partner and legislative correspondence 1985-1990
7/2 EMSC grant: Federal EMSC Grant For Children correspondence and supporting documents 1990-1991
7/3 EMSC conference planning documents: pediatric rehabilitation evaluation protocol 1990
7/4 Article for EMSC newsletter: EMSC newsletter and supporting documents 1991
7/5 EMSC D/C planning documents and reports: discharge planning for alaskan children, patient discharge information, ESMC discharge planning report, two floppy disc, community partner and legislative correspondence, first year progress report, final report, EMSC committee planning documents 1991-1992
7/6 EMSC/DC, survey instruments, committee documents, and training info: survey results, committee meeting and task force notes, committee notes, support articles, assessment tools, transition committee notes, evaluation tools, training presentation documents, family support documents 1991
7/7 AHCP Library List Health Science Library Info: discharge planning articles, Alaska Health Science Library documents

community partner and legislative correspondence, Alaska Health Science Library Reference document

7/8 Training papers: DHSS training certification and agreements, assertive skills for managers and supervisors, 1991
7/9 resources for training (a catalog of training and resource materials for school and community personnel), Project School Care materials 1988
7/10 NICU Transition Project UW 1991
7/11 Contract Info: Contracting notes and correspondence 1989-1991
7/12 HCP contract at Nerland Agency: details about Handicapped Children Program 1990-1991
7/13 ILP Public Law 99-457: Information about Public Law 99-457 related to Handicapped children undated
7/14 Infant Learning Program 1983-1990
7/15 Info for tracking project: child data tracking system, documents pertaining to ILP 1985- 1991
7/16 NAPARE-National Association for Perinatal Research and Education: NAPARE Conference notes 1991
7/17 Articles used for the Family Assessment Form 1978-1991
7/18 3rd Edition Family Resource Guide undated
7/19 DEC Post-Conference Workshop, 1991 NICU Intervention Model: Alaska Medical Services Directory 1990, community transition planning documents 1988-1990
7/20 BEST Project-Bridging Early Services Transition documents 1990-1991
7/21 BEST Project documents and reference materials 1992
7/22 Info for Fairbanks Memorial Hospital: discharge planning documents for children in child welfare systems undated
7/23 Info Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle: discharge planning documents for children in child welfare systems undated
7/24 Resources and healthcare info: maternal childcare documents and children with disabilities, Alaska Department of Health Section of Maternal, Child and Family Health documents, resource listings and directory 1988-1991
7/25 Family resource guides, states reports and articles pertaining to ILP: family resource guides and articles pertaining to ILP, annual report, Directory of Alcohol and Drug Programs 1989-1991
7/26-27 George Veit-service directories: statewide community resource directory 1991
7/28 Early Intervention Interagency Task Force: membership list, foundational documents, notes and meeting minutes, early intervention articles, state program documents 1990-1991
8/1 ALPHA annual meeting-April 30 1992-binder: annual meeting minutes, Summit planning documents, board member documents, Summit budget documents 1989-1992
8/2 ALPHA budget documents 1988
8/3 Wedbush Security financial documents 1988
8/4 ALPA Congress 88: brown bag speaker schedule, meeting minutes, congress planning documents and budget documents 1987
8/5 Invoices Pain 1988 January, February, March 1988
8/6 Invoices Pain 1988 April, May June 1988
8/7 Invoices Pain 1988 July, August, September 1988
8/8 Invoices Pain 1988 October, November, December 1988
8/9 NBA checking 1988: invoices 1988-1989
8/10 Comite Artique International documents: correspondence with ALPHA 1988
8/11 Budget 1989
8/12 Monthly budget statement 1988-1989
8/13 ALPHA planning and membership documents: constitution and bylaws, community correspondence 1980-1984
8/14 Retreat Sept 9-11 1988: ALPHA Retreat Planning and Output Documents 1987-1988
8/15 ALPHA planning documents: meeting minutes and agendas, newspaper clippings, community public health events 1986-1988
8/16 NBA checking 1987: invoices 1986-1987
8/17 Invoices paid January, February, March 1987 1987
8/18 Invoices paid April, May, June 1987 1987-1988
8/19 ALPHA pre-registration forms and community correspondence 1988
8/20 Invoice paid July, August, September 1987 1987
8/21 Invoice paid October, November, December 1987 1987
8/22  Bush: invoices 1987
8/23 ALPHA/USSR: Proposal for Alaska-Soviet Exchange 1988
8/24 Membership list: deposit slips, member list 1988 1988
8/25 ALPHA budget financial report: deposits and budget information 1987
8/26 ALPHA 1987 IRS documents 1987
8/27 MBA-CD 1987: financial statements 1987
8/28 Rental agreement 86-87: memorandum of agreement between ALPHA and The Alaska Nurses Association 1986-1987
8/29 Receipts and budget documents 1987 1985-1987
8/30 Bills paid: Oct/Nov/Dec 1986: invoices 1986
8/31 Bills paid: July, August 1986: invoices 1986
8/32 Bills paid: January-June 1986: invoices 1986 1986
8/33 Deposit register 1986: ALPHA deposit slips 1986
8/34 National Bank of Alaska invoice 1986
8/35 ALPHA budget finance report 1986 1986
8/36 1986 Congress-survey: health survey forms 1986
8/37 1983-1986 ALPHA budget documents 1983-1986
8/38 Wedbush, Noble, Cooke 84-86: invoices and financial documents 1984-1986
8/39 ALPHA budget and financial documents 1985-1986
8/40 National bank of Alaska invoices 1985-1986
8/41 Bills paid Jan 1985 1985
8/42 Bills paid Feb1985-Dec 1985 1985
8/43 ALPHA budget, financial reports, and bills paid 1984 1984
8/44 State continuing education grant 1983-1984: state continuing education planning documents, community partner correspondence 1983-1984
8/45 Bills paid Jan 1984-Dec 1984 1984
8/46 ALPHA budget and financial report 1983 1983
8/47 Wedbush, Noble, Cooke: invoices and financial documents 1983
8/48 Bank statements, canceled checks, and deposit slips 1982 1982
8/49 Bills paid July-Dec 1983 1983
8/50 1st National Bank of Fairbanks financial statement 1982
8/51 Bank statements 1978 1978
8/52 Treasury reports 1980 1980
8/53 Treasury reports 1982 1982
8/54 Financial records 1981-1983 1981-1983
8/55 Financial records 1979 1979
8/56 National Arctic Health Science Project Alaska Bank of Commerce 1983-1984
8/57 Financial records 1972-1973 1972-1973
8/58 State grant documents and budget statement 1983 1993
8/59-60 Binder: state grant documents and budget statements, grant correspondence 1987-1988
9/1 ALPHA board planning and meeting documents: ALPHA minutes, invoices, community correspondence, APHA affiliate documents 1977-1978
9/2 Western Branch annual conference 1974
9/3 Western Branch correspondence 1971-1973
9/4 Legislation APHA: member questionnaires 1975
9/5 APHA Legislation: state and municipal planning documents, legislative documents and correspondence 1973-1974
9/6 ALPHA correspondence: board planning document, minutes, agendas, newsletters, community correspondence, APHA affiliate correspondence 1974-1976
9/7 APHA correspondence: APHA and ALPHA correspondence, community partner and legislative correspondence 1972-1973
9/8 ALPHA correspondence: member lists, APHA affiliate correspondence states, community, and legislative correspondence 1974-1975
9/9 Ballots and member lists 1975
9/10 APEA correspondence: Correspondence for Alaska Science Conference, meeting minutes 1972
9/11 Ballots-ALPHA: member lists, meeting minutes, ballots 1972
9/12 Ballots and ALPHA correspondence 1973
9/13 Correspondence/Legislature: ALPHA Correspondence with community partners and ALPHA members, member lists 1973
9/14 ALPHA newsletters: ALPHA Newsletter, ALPHA Digest, Report from the President 1972-1976
9/15 Annual Program Committee ALPHA: annual meeting minutes, Health Congress agenda and planning documents, APHA correspondence, ALPHA correspondence with members 1973
9/16 ALPHA basic documents, constitution, officers, memberships: meeting minutes, correspondence with members, member lists, board member documents 1978
9/17 Dues: correspondence between ALPHA members 1973
9/18 ALPHA Correspondence 1973-74 P. Buffer Secretary: correspondence regarding officer information, health policy resolutions, APHA correspondence, ALPHA newsletter, health congress planning documents 1973-1974
9/19 Prevention program: correspondence with APHA and DHSS, prevention projects outline, preventative medicine pamphlet, infections of upper respiratory systems 1974
9/20 Membership committee APHA: member list, membership committee correspondence 1973
9/21 Wainwright: member lists, meeting minutes 1974-1975
9/22 Statement forms reimbursement APHA undated
9/23 ALPHA 1977, Feel Good Fair: Feel Good Fair planning documents 1977
9/24 ALPHA 1975-1976: meeting minutes, correspondence between ALPHA members, handwritten notes, APHA correspondence, ALPHA Newsletter 1975
9/25 Correspondence: Health Congress correspondence, correspondence from community partners, member lists 1978
9/26 Alaska Public Health Association: Alaska Digest, correspondence from community partners, member list 1978
9/27 Legislative consortium, Anchorage Mental Health Association, Health Legislation Consortium Program documents 1974
9/28 PRAMS: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Systems Protocols in Alaska undated
9/29 budget profile 1991-1992
9/30 budget payments 1991-1992
9/31 Maternal and Child Health Block Grant application, FY1993 1993
9/32 Section of Maternal and Child Health, Annual Report FY1991 1991
9/33-34 Weekly report to the commissioner: correspondence with DHSS, weekly reports 1992
10/1 ALPHA 1975: ALPHA annual meeting 1975 planning documents and agendas, 1969 annual business meeting minutes, functional program activity summary 1969-1975
10/2 ALPHA 1994: ALPHA meeting minutes, ALPHA correspondence, member lists 1993-1994
10/3 ALPHA meeting minutes. Includes correspondence regarding blood alcohol concentration 1994
10/4 Correspondence 1994
10/5 Income and Expense Statements 1993-94 1993-1994
10/6-8 Reports, meetings, and correspondence: president’s report, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member lists, budget statements, correspondence with DHSS, correspondence with community partners 1993-1994
10/9 Conference small groups 1993
10/10  Executive board: meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolutions 1990-1992
10/11  Executive board: meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolutions, ALPHA awards 1991-1993
10/12 ALPHA 1993-1994: meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolutions, ALPHA retreat 1994 Planning Documents 1993-1994
10/13 Fred Meyer FY 93: ALPHA treasurer’s report 1993
10/14 ALPHA apps: ALPHA Newsletter, membership application undated
10/15 Jon Wills: board meeting minutes, member lists, membership applications 1994
10/16 ALPHA: correspondence with community partners, APHA correspondence 1995
10/17 Data information: correspondence with DHSS, Northern Forum charter constitution 1991
10/18 Ext 5-6 ALPHA 83-84 project: correspondence with UAA, correspondence with DHSS, continuing education project grant program final progress report, evaluation of health policy planning, board meeting minutes 1983-1984
10/19 ALPHA handbook, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolutions, ALPHA Newsletter 1992
10/20 Meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolutions, ALPHA Newsletter, ALPHA bylaws changes 1993
10/21 Dr. Nakamura PH Presentation VHS tape undated
10/22 AK Public Health Association membership application and member list 1969
10/23-24 ALPHA constitution and bylaws, logos, Health Congress programs, meeting minutes, meeting agendas, member applications, member lists, budget statements, health policy resolution, ALPHA Newsletter 1980-1987
10/25 Health Congress programs 1982-1989
10/26 ALPHA old minutes: meeting minutes, meeting agendas, health policy resolutions, ALPHA News, constutution and bylaws 1982- 1987

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