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Navy Seabee photograph album

Guide to the Navy Seabee photograph album
undated, 1936-1944

Collection number: HMC-0570.
Creator: unknown.
Title: Navy Seabee photograph album.
Dates: undated, 1936-1944.
Volume of collection: 0.01 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Photograph album of a Navy Seabee starioned on Kodiak Island during World War II.

Biographical note:
The creator of this photograph album was a Seabee with the United States Navy during World War II. His nickname was “Shad,” and he was stationed in Kodiak, Alaska, in 1943.

Collection description:
The collection consists of the World War II era photograph album of a Seabee stationed in Kodiak, Alaska. The collection contains the album cover and first page; eight pages of names, home addresses, and comments of fellow soldiers and friends; a Domain of Neptunus Rex certificate; and 73 black and white and 20 color-tinted photographs. Subjects of the photographs include: fellow sailors; Kodiak Island scenery; post cards of U.S. Navy Seabees in the Aleutian Islands and elsewhere during the war; Alaska post cards; an Alaska tourist photo set; and family and friends before and during the war.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by type of material.

Alternative formats: Copy negatives were made from four of the photographs in the collection

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections does not own copyright to materials in the collection.

Preferred citation: Navy Seabee photograph album, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was purchased by the Archives on eBay in 2002.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2002. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Gwen Sieja in 2015

Photograph list:

Item Description Date
1 Two sailors in uniform undated
2 Sailor in work clothes standing next to building undated
3 “Bayard taken first part of July 1942.” Sailor in dress white uniform July 1942
4  Man in swimming trunks standing in surf on beach undated
5-11 Group of soldiers in helmets and field uniforms posing with rifles undated
12  Group portrait of Seabees unit  undated
13 Portrait of three sailors standing in front of log wall undated
14-15 Houses in deep snow undated
16 Mountains with dock in foreground undated
17 Aerial view of venting volcano undated
18 “Island Lake,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer) 1941
19 “Mill Bay,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, Photographer) 1941
20 “View from Mission Highway,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer) 1941
21 “Mission Lake,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer) 1941
22 “St. Paul Harbor,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer) 1941
23 “Surf,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer) 1941
24 “Near Kodiak Alaska” Wooded trail (Helsel, photographer) 1941
25 “Sunset,” Kodiak Island (Helsel, photographer ) 1941
26 “Landing on Kiska – U.S. Navy Destroyer in foreground” (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
27 “The Seabees at Attu, in the Aleutians, exchanging Bayonet for Hammer” (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
28 “Seabee Barber Shop in the Aleutians” (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
29 “Hitch hiker strikes out alone,” small tank exiting from LST landing ship (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
30 “LST’s disgorge at Rendova Island, near Munda” (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
31 “Sea Beas in work up to their neck in South Pacific,” four officers standing waist-deep in water (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
32 “The Sea Bees on guard somewhere in the Pacific,” guard tower (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
33 “‘Trail to Tokyo’ Seabees build Road of Pontoons and dirt” (Official U.S. Navy photo) undated
34 “Among the Ice Floes” (photo post card) undated
35 “Cutthroat Trout Catch” (photo post card) undated
36 “Fishing Stream” (photo post card)
37 “Gold Dredge” (photo post card) undated
38 “Hair Seals, Southeast Alaska” (photo post card) undated
39 “Moose Calf, Kenai Peninsula” (photo post card) undated
40 “Reindeer on Seward Peninsula” (photo post card) undated
41 “Spring Break-up on the Tanana” (photo post card) undated
42 “Kodiak Brown Bear”(Helsel photo, No. A-506) undated
43 “Nugget Chain – Alaska.”; (Helsel photo, No. A-509) undated
44 “Mallards at Sunset – Alaska” (Helsel photo, No. 650) undated
45 Husky sled dog in snow (photo post card); Photograph approved by censor, Alaska Defense Command undated
46 Husky sled dog in harness (photo post card); Photograph approved by censor, Alaska Defense Command undated
47 Four Inupiat women in fur parka (photo post card); Photograph Approved by Censor, Alaska Defense Command undated
48  “A Wrestling Match – Alaska,” two bear cubs (photo post card) undated
49 “‘Northwestern’ – Juneau, Alaska” Steamship covered in ice (Winter & Pond photo, No. 315) undated
50-69 Alaska tourist photo set (20 different, color-tinted): Subjects include Chilkoot Pass, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Seward, Mt. McKinley, the Yukon River, Alaska Natives, and animals undated
70-94 Family and friends (25 different): People identified by full name include: Linda Lee Osborne (infant), Donna Kay McKee (child), Norma Jean McKee, Helen Corwin, and Bill Corwin. Two of the prints are identified as having been taken in Wilmar, California. Some of the prints were developed at photo finish shops in South Pasadena, California, and Waterloo, Iowa undated, 1936-1944

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