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Daughters of the Golden North photograph album

Guide to the Daughters of the Golden North photograph album

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Collection number: HMC-0483.
Creator: Daughters of the Golden North.
Title: Daughters of the Golden North photograph album.
Date: 1929.
Volume of collection: 0.2 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in the collection are in English.
Collection summary: Album from promotional trip to Alaska and Western Canada taken by a group of women from Seattle, WA.

Biographical note:
The Daughters of the Golden North was a women’s organization in the northwest United States founded in 1918. Representatives from the organization were invited by the Seattle Camp of the Alaska-Yukon Pioneers to travel to Alaska to promote the Seattle Sourdough Stampede, a thirty-third anniversary celebration of the discovery of gold in the Klondike area. The leader of the excursion was Mrs. Dorothy O’Keefe, who was head of the Alaska-Yukon bureau of the Frederick and Nelson Store. Accompanying her were Miss May Nyberg, Miss Bernice Rovig, Miss Telina Mecer, and Miss Earl Bentley. The women traveled through the Inside Passage and visited ports and towns in Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, and the Yukon, including Dawson, BC, Altin, B.C., Whitehorse, B.C., and Skagway, AK. The trip took place in June of 1929. The women traveled on the steamship Adelaide and the White Pass & Yukon Railroad.

Collection description:
This collection consists of a single album of photographs and manuscript items relating to the Daughters of the Golden North’s trip to Alaska and Western Canada. The album contains 135 black and white prints of Alaskan and Canadian scenes, four telegrams, two typed poems, one card, and one newspaper clipping.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by record type.

Alternative formats: The collection includes a xerographic copy of the album indicating the original order of the materials. Contact prints and copy negatives were made from selected prints in the collection.

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives does not hold copyright to materials in this collection.

Preferred citation: Daughters of the Golden North photograph album, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was purchased via eBay in 1999.

Processing information: This collection was described by Kathy Hertel in 1999. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Veronica Denison in 2015.

Container list:

Page/Item Description
1/1 “The Princess Adelaide”. Boat that the women traveled on during their voyage. Photo newspaper clipping
Page 3 “Our First Day – Vancouver B.C.”
3/1 “Earl, May, Telina, Jessie, Bernice, Irene, Dorothy on the Adelaide’s gangplank”
3/2 “Taken on the steps of the Canadian Memorial Church with Col. Fallis”
Page 4 “Prince Rupert”
4/1 “Dave, Dorothy, Jessie, Mary, Carl, Bernice, Grandma, Lucille, John, Irene. ‘The Gang – all except Charlie”
5/1 “The Oil Dock – Prince Rupert”
5/2 “The Gang” Group of 11 people on deck of ship with ‘Sourdough Stampede’ drum.
5/3 “‘Carl’ our driver at Prince Rupert helps us advertise” “Carl” holding “Sourdough Stampede” advertising sign.
6/1 “Seymour Narrows”
6/2 “Along the Inside Passage”
7/1 “The Inside Passage, small iceberg in foreground”
8/1 “More scenes taken along the ‘Inside Passage’” Scenic view of waterway
8/2 “There are mountains all along the way – rising right from the water’s edge” Scenic view of mountains along Inside Passage.
Page 9 “Taku Glacier”
9/1 “‘Taku, ‘Dead’ glacier on the left, ‘Live’ glacier on the right”
9/2 “The most gorgeous blue imaginable” Tidewater glacier taken from boat.
10/1 “Sea, mountains, seagulls – a perfect picture framed by the smoke from the Adelaide”
Page 11 “On the Adelaide”
11/1 “Crossing the Queen Charlotte Sound. Charlie has Lucille and me ‘tied to the mast’”
11/2 “Irene and her ‘malamute’ on the upper deck”
11/3 “Lucille and Irene feeding the First Officer candy”
12/1 “The 5 from Frederick & Nelson, Dorothy, Earle, May, Bernice, Telina”
12/2 “Bernice, Earle, Telina, May”
13/1 “Another picture of the F & Nrs.”
13/2 “Tommy Brown, Chief Steward on the Adelaide”
13/3 “Tommy and his assistant, Mr. Brock”
14/1 “Bernice”
14/2 “Irene”
15/1 “Telina, Lucille, Bernice, Earle, May”
15/2 “Telina, Dorothy, Bernice, May and Earle”
15/3 “Mr. Barker, the Purser, otherwise known as ‘the Sphinx” poses with some of the ‘Gang.’“
16/1 “Bernice and Irene”
17/1 “Here I am again”
17/2 “Bernice and Gay Hughes, 2nd Officer on the Adelaide”
18/1 “Alert Bay, a small Indian village”
18/2 “Totem Pole at Alert Bay”
19/1 “Another view of Alert Bay”
19/2 “The Gang doing a little advertising”
20/1 “One of the Totem Poles in the cemetery at Alert Bay”
20/2 “John takes a picture of The Gang”
20/3 “Baby seal at Alert Bay”
21/1 “A picture of a brave man” A lone man stands with 8 women from the trip.
21/2 “Here we go again”
21/3 “And again F & N poses”
21/4 “Dorothy and Captain Sainty of the Adelaide”
Page 22 “Skagway”
22/1 “Reid Falls near Skagway”
22/2 “Itchum tells us about ‘Soapy Smith.’ Taken in cemetery where ‘Soapy’ is buried”
22/3 “Jessie poses with the bear at the front of Skagway’s ‘street car.’“
Page 23 “Along the White Pass – Yukon Railroad”
23/1 “Up from Skagway, Lynn Canal and mountains in the distance”
23/2 “A little farther along the way”
24/1 “‘Inspiration Point’ on the White Pass – Yukon Railroad”
Page 25 “Two views of ‘Dead Horse’ gulch from the White Pass – Yukon Railroad”
25/1 “Along the Trail of ‘98”
25/2 “Where hundreds of horses lost their lives during the gold rush”
26/1 “Another picture taken from the train”
26/2 “Pitchfork Falls from the White Pass – Yukon Railroad”
27/1 Photo of valley taken from railroad.
27/2 “Mr. Wheeler, President of the Whit Pass – Yukon R.R.”
27/3 “Dorothy at the boundary between Alaska and Canada”
28/1 “‘A Mountie.’ Bernice and Constable Wilson taken at Lake Bennett”
28/2 “Lake Bennett”
29/1 “Lake Bennett”
29/2 “The old church at Lake Bennett”
29/3 “A ‘Redcoat’ is always in demand. Constable Wilson, Mr. Barker on the left, Earle and I on the run at the right”
30/1 “Constable Wilson once again”
30/2 Another picture of Constable Wilson.
31/1 “‘Golden Gate’ taken from the pilot house on the Tutshi”
31/2 “Dorothy and Bernice on the Tutshi”
32/1 “‘Atlin – the Beautiful’ from the Tarahne”
32/2 “Captain Janes of the Tarahne”
Page 33 “Atlin, B.C.”
33/1 “Telina – Bernice”
33/2 “Bernice, Earle, Time exposures taken in the lobby of the Atlin Inn”
34/1 “John, Bernice, Grandma, Telina. Another time exposure, Atlin Inn”
34/2 “May and the malamute pup”
35/1 “Earle’s Picture of the Gang at Atlin”
35/2 “John, Bernice, and the malamute pup”
36/1 “Earle”
36/2 “Father Allard in front of his church in the Indian village, Atlin, B.C.”
36/3 “John”
37/1 “Lucille, John, grandma, at the Mineral Springs”
37/2 “Lucille, Bernice, May, at Mrs. Hartshorn’s cabin”
37/3 “One of the hundreds of dogs at Atlin, B.C.”
38/1 “Bernice with some more dogs – the Atlin Mountains in the background”
38/2 “Hydroplane landing on Lake Atlin”
38/3 “Another picture of ‘The Gang.’“
39/1 “At Jack Brown’s mine on Spruce Creek”
39/2 “Hydraulicing on Pine Creek”
39/3 “Dorothy, ‘Baldo’, Jack Brown”
39/4 “Jack Brown helps Irene pan some gold”
Page 40 “Atlin – the Beautiful”
40/1 “Taken from the Tarahne as we started our trip around Goat Island”
40/2 “Goat Island on the left, Cathedral Mountain can be seen in the distance”
41/1 “‘Cathedral Mountain’ Lake Atlin”
41/2 “Mountains completely surround Lake Atlin”
42/1 “Another Range of Mountains – Lake Atlin”
42/2 “A narrow channel thru which we had to pass”
43/1 “Dorothy”
43/2 “Silver Fox at the fox farm in Carcross”
44/1 “Pay station on the Trail of ‘98 – near the Rapids”
44/2 “White Horse Rapids”
44/3 “A ‘close up’ of the Rapids”
45/1 “Whitehorse Rapids taken from ‘The Robert Service Camp’“
45/2 “The Yukon. Old tramway used in ‘98 can be seen on the left. Boy Scout tent in distance”
46/1 “Another view of the Yukon”
46/2 “Miles Canyon – A picture of the only bridge across the Yukon”
Page 47 “Miles Canyon”
47/1 “Two pictures from the Robert Lowe bridge across Miles Canyon. Looking ‘upriver’“
47/2 “Looking ‘down river’ from the bridge. The ‘Devil’s Punch Bowl’ directly ahead”
Page 48 “Whitehorse”
48/1 “The little log church in Whitehorse that Robert W. Service attended”
48/2 “Sam McGee’s Cabin”
Page 49 “More pictures taken in and around Whitehorse”
49/1 “Mrs. Scott”
49/2 “Earle and Bernice on the Robert Lowe Bridge”
49/3 “‘Cam’ Smith”
49/4 “A view of Whitehorse from the Whitehorse”
50/1 “The Whitehorse”
50/2 “Gold dredging near Dawson”
51/1 “Dorothy on the Whitehorse”
51/2 “May and Irene on the Whitehorse”
52/1 “Taken at midnight at Stewart”
52/2 “On the way home, taken from the stern of the Marguerite”
53/1 “Whitehorse Rapids – a splendid picture of the Rapids taken by Earle from the road to Miles Canyon”
54/1 “Taku Glacier”
55/1 “Mrs. Scott, Grandma, Bernice, Telina, in front of Mrs. Scott’s home in Whitehorse”
55/2 “Jimmy, 3rd Officer on the Adelaide”
56/1 “The Whitehorse and the Casca tied up for winter”
57/1 “The Yukon and the Klondike tied up for winter”
58/1 “A view of the Yukon just above Whitehorse Rapids”
59/1 “The old Canadian”
59/2 Men working with piles of lumber (possibly for use as fuel for the ship)
59/3 Another view of men working with limber piles
60/1 “The aviation field at Whitehorse”
61/1 “The plane ‘Northern Light’ on the ice at Whitehorse”
61/2 “White Pass form the air”
62/1 “The Tutshi at Carcross”
63/1 Skagway and Lynn Canal. Postcard
64/1 “The Atlin Inn” Postcard
65/1 “Atlin – Mt. Reflection” Postcard
66/1 “Looking Southwest from the Atlin Inn” Postcard
67/1 “West Bay and the Narrows” Postcard
68/1 “Cathedral Mountain – Atlin Lake” Postcard
69/1 “Boots and Prince, At the pupmobile” Postcard


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