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Beulah Marrs Parisi papers

Guide to the Beulah Marrs Parisi papers
1938-1994, bulk 1941-1945

Collection number: HMC-0445.
Creator: Parisi, Beulah Marrs.
Title: Beulah Marrs Parisi papers.
Dates: 1938-1994, bulk 1941-1945.
Volume of collection: 0.75 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Scrapbooks and photographs of a USO worker in Anchorage during World War II.

Biographical note:
Beulah “Bee” Marrs came to Alaska in 1941 and was employed by the Bristol Bay Air Service and the Morrison-Knudsen Construction Co. She was an active volunteer with the USO in Anchorage, and became the official hostess of the organization’s “Friendly Log Cabin” in 1944. During World War II, she lived in a house (later called the Bee Hive) in Anchorage with Polly Petty, Helen Lawrence, and Beverley Pettyjohn, who were also active volunteers with the USO. In 1946, Marrs married Peter R. Parisi after moving to Minnesota. Peter Parisi was stationed in Alaska with the headquarters squadron of the 11th Fighter Command during World War II.

Collection description:
The collection consists of Beulah Marrs Parisi’s biographical scrapbooks, photographs, and related materials concerning her life in Anchorage during World War II and her volunteer work with the USO. The collection includes biographical scrapbooks (1941-1945); photographs from or related to the scrapbooks; and a six page reminiscence on the wartime newsletter, The Mukluk Telegraph. The biographical scrapbooks contain autobiographical narratives, letters, photographs, programs, and newspaper clippings.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged by format type.

Digitized copies: Selected photographs from this collection have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives owns copyright to materials to which Beulah Marrs Parisi owned copyright.

Preferred citation: Beulah Marrs Parisi papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Related materials: For collections related to World War II in Alaska, please visit our research guide, “World War II in Alaska.”

Separated materials: Some published material has been separated from the collection and added to the Consortium Library’s Rare Books collection. Flying Time, the HQ. & HQ. Squadron, XI Fighter Command weekly newsletter was moved to Ephemera.

Acquisition note: The collection was loaned to Archives for copying by Beulah Marrs and Peter Parisi in 1996 and 1997. A deed of gift was signed in 1996.

Processing information: From 1996-1997, Beulah Marrs Parisi’s biographical scrapbooks were photocopied and copy negatives and copy prints were made of the photographs in the scrapbook. Jeffrey Sinnott described the collection in 1998. Mariecris Gatlabayan converted the guide to the collection to current standard in 2013. In 2017, series and publications were removed by Veronica Denison.

Location of originals: The original scrapbooks and photographs remain with the Parisi family.

Container list:

Folder Item Description Dates
1 “My Alaska Years, 1941” by Beulah Marrs Parisi (xerographic copy), 186 pages: Anchorage, 1-77; Bee Hive, 79-161; Bristol Bay Air Service, 163-186; and “Bert Rouff and the Bristol Bay Air Service,” undated memoir inserted after page 163 1941-1994
2 1 Beulah Marrs: application photo, p. 28-A. 1938
2 2 Man in uniform in front of truck trailer, p. 36-A. circa 1941
2 3 Beulah Marrs with Hank Anderson (right) and unidentified man in front of passenger train after arrival in Anchorage; p. 36-E. 1941
2 4 Log church in Palmer; p. 36-F. 1941
2 5 “Alaska R.R. near Anchorage, Alaska” (post card). Trestle bridge and train over stream bed, p. 41-A. undated
2 6 View of Fort Richardson from across creek; p. 46-B. undated
2 7 “Leonard Seppola and his dog team;” p. 58-A. undated
2 8 “Plane forced down near Nome and brought out by 3 dog teams;” p. 59-B. undated
2 9 Betty Stitch and Babe Postma, Anchorage; p. 67-A. undated
2 10 Vern Brickley, professional photographer with army photo lab, lying next to his fishing catch; p. 67-E. undated
2 11 Blanche Kerr on snow skis; p. 68-B. undated
2 12 Polly Petty and unidentified soldier on picnic; p. 68-G. undated
2 13 Chester Creek from bridge; p. 72-A. undated
2 14 “Bevy and Polly in nite school” (Beverley Pettyjohn and Polly Petty); p. 72-C. undated
2 15 Mac and Ellen McDermott in their back yard garden; p. 74-C. undated
2 16 Beverly Pettyjohn as Little Nell in “Miller drammer;” p. 74-A. undated
2 17 Portrait of Beverly Pettyjohn with newspaper; p. 74-B. undated
2 18 Beverly Pettyjohn, Beulah Marrs, Polly Petty, and Blanche Kerr (standing); p. 119-1. undated
2 19 The First Bee Hive; Beulah Marrs, Polly Petty, Blanche Kerr, and Beverley Pettyjohn (seated on lawn); p. 120-A. 1942
2 20 Same as above with Vern Brickley in center; p. 120-B. 1942
2 21 The Bee Hive at 6th and H Street in Anchorage; p. 123-A. 1942
2 22 Beverley Pettyjohn and Blanche Kerr in house yard; p. 123-D. undated
2 23 Blanch Kerr and Verna McPherson sitting in door frame; p. 123-G. undated
2 24 “An informal evening at home” (Beulah Marrs and unidentified woman); p. 124-A. undated
2 25 Polly Petty and Beulah Marrs sitting in doorway; p. 124-C. undated
2 26 Polly Petty and Blanche Kerr; p. 124-D. undated
2 27 Beulah Marrs posing on lawn; p. 125-D. undated
2 28 Beverley Pettyjohn, Polly Petty, Dorothy Saunders, and Beulah Marrs seated on couch; p. 127-C. 1942
2 29 Beulah Marrs, Rose Grimes, Polly Petty, and Beverley Pettyjohn; p. 127-E. 1942
2 30 People on top of Greyhound bus. Trip to Fire Lake; p. 128-B. undated
2 31 Picnic at Fire Lake; p. 128-C. undated
2 32 “Our Bee Hive Living Room.” Man playing piano; p. 130-A. undated
2 33 Beulah Marrs with bicycle; p. 132-A. undated
2 34 Portrait of J.L. Anderton, chaplain, 11th Air Squadron; p. 133-A. undated
2 35 Providence Hospital; p. 135-B. undated
2 36 “Fred & Helen Craddock and Helen Jr.;” p. 135-C. undated
2 37 Beverly Pettyjohn and “Bob;” p. 135-D. undated
2 38 Beulah Marrs, Clayton Larson, and Dot Littlepage in Bee Hive back yard; p. 135-E. undated
2 39 Rose Grimes, Polly Petty, Andy Helm, “Trout”, and Beverley Pettyjohn having candlelight dinner in Bee Hive kitchen; p. 137-B. 1942
2 40 Andy Helm, Beverley Pettyjohn, “Trout”, and Polly Pettyjohn outside Bee Hive back porch; p. 137-C. 1942
2 41 Andy Helm in Jeep; p.137-E. 1942
2 42 Polly Petty, ?, Beverley Pettyjohn, Andy Helm, and Helen Lawrence in Bee Hive back yard; p. 138-C. undated
2 43 Polly Petty, Beulah Marrs, Helen Lawrence, and Beverley Pettyjohn in Bee Hive back yard; p. 138-D. undated
2 44 Helen Lawrence, Beulah Marrs, and Polly Petty picking raspberries; p. 138-H. undated
2 45 Helen Lawrence and Polly Petty; p. 138-L. undated
2 46 Portrait of Beulah Marrs in velvet dress; p. 139-C. undated
2 47 Kitty Hassler, Polly Petty, and Eleanor sitting on dock; p. 140-A. undated
2 48 Portrait of Mary in nurse’s uniform; p. 140-B. undated
2 49 “Mary’s leaving. Helen, her sister ??, Mary, Bee, Betty Ekrem;” p. 140-C. undated
2 50 Portrait of Mable Weber; p. 140-D. undated
2 51 “Bee Hive in winter;” p. 140-E. undated
2 52 “Beverley Pettyjohn on snow skis; p. 141-F. undated
2 53 Polly Petty; p. 142-D. undated
2 54 Polly Petty and Clayton Larson; p. 142-H. undated
2 55 Helen Lawrence; p. 143-C. undated
2 56 Helen Lawrence and unidentified man in front of USO sign; p. 143-F. undated
2 57 Christmas tree in living room of Bee Hive; p. 146-A. 1944
2 58 Beulah Marrs seated in front of USO cabin; p. 146-C. undated
2 59 Bristol Bay Air Service float planes; p. 167-A. undated
2 60 “Warming up the engine [of airplane] in very cold weather;” p. 168-A undated
2 61 Small aircraft overturned against building; p. 168-B. 1943
2 62 “Street Scene-Anchorage, Alaska (post card); p. 172-A. 1941
2 63 Beulah Mars with soldiers next to Bristol Bay Air Service, flight to Dillingham; p. 173-A. 1942 March 28
2 64 “Push the plane around on the ice so it heads right.” Dillingham. 1942 March 28
2 65 Army servicemen and dog team with airplane in background, Dillingham; p. 174-A. 1942
2 66 Beulah Marrs and two servicemen, trip to Dillingham; p. 173-A. 1942
2 67 Same as No. 64; p. 173-C. 1942
2 68 Beulah Marrs at Dillingham.; p. 173-D. 1942
2 69 Pilot Roy Duggan and Beulah Marrs examining tail of plane; p. 173-D. 1942
2 70 Beulah Marrs behind sled and dog team, Dillingham; p. 174-F 1942
2 71 Beulah Marrs behind sled and dog team near dock, Dillingham; p. 174-G. 1942
2 72 Beulah Marrs in sled behind dog team, Dillingham; p.174-H. 1942
2 73 Lloyd Cleaves and unidentified man with Mastodon tusk; p. 132-B. undated
2 74 “Dog Teams Rescuing a Plane” (post card). Same as No. 8; p. 59-B. undated
2 75 Small aircraft overturned against building, similar to p.168-B. undated
3-4 “My Alaska Years, 1942” by Beulah Marrs Parisi, 223 pages (xerographic copy): USO, 1-77; Bee Hive, 79-161; and The Gillam Tragedy, 159-223. Includes “Christmas with the Armed Forces in Alaska!” written by Polly Petty written circa January 1943 1942-1993
5 1 USO director Merle Scott shaking hands with Martha Stowell and Beulah Marrs at USO entrance; p. 3-A. undated
5 2 Portrait of Beulah Marrs; p. 4-A. undated
5 3 USO building, Anchorage; p. 7-A. 1942
5 4 Les Asheim, librarian, in front of USO building, Anchorage; p. 7-B. undated
5 5 “The new addition with the cache at left,” USO building, Anchorage; p. 7-D. undated
5 6 General Simon Bolivar Buckner inside USO, Anchorage; p. 8-A. undated
5 7 The canteen inside USO building, Anchorage; p. 8-B. undated
5 8 Fireplace wall, interior, USO building, Anchorage; p. 9-B. undated
5 9 Andy Helm and Beulah Marrs dancing in the main lounge; p. 10-C. undated
5 10 Beulah Marrs and Freddy Rusvold dancing along with two other couples; p. 11-A. 1942
5 11 USO driver Russell Green on crutches and unidentified serviceman with camera; p. 11-B. 1942
5 12 Andy Helm and Beulah Marrs doing committee work; p. 11-C. 1942
5 13 Beulah Marrs and Freddy Rusvold dancing; p. 11-D. 1942
5 14 Serviceman dancing with woman; p. 11-E. 1942 June
5 15 Men’s Service Council meeting with Merle Scott; p. 25-A. undated
5 16 Joint M.S.C and G.S.O breakfast in the USO dining room; p. 25-B. undated
5 17 Group portrait of USO volunteers. Includes Beverley Pettyjohn, Beulah Marrs, Helen Lawrence, and Polly Petty; p. 25-C. undated
5 18 “Merle Scott and friend”; p. 28-A. undated
5 19 “Lloyd Cleaves pretending to be setting [bowling] pins;” p. 28-B. undated
5 20 Winter skiing outing. Babe Postma and Verna McPherson; p. 36-B). undated
5 21 Rose Grimes bobbing for apples during Halloween party; p. 45-B. undated
5 22 Dancing at Halloween costume party; p. 46-D. undated
5 23 Indoor beach party. Peg, “Snuffy” Chrisman, Dorothy Hilliard, and John Jacobson; p. 48. undated
5 24 “Jason Robards and Fred Kermot in same skit”; p. 48-C. undated
5 25 Beulah Marrs and others dancing at costume party; p. 49-A. undated
5 26 Lorene Harrison with Jack Jackson and unidentified man in front of car in downtown Anchorage; p. 50-B. undated
5 27 “Chuck and Vivian Chevillon”; p. 50-C. undated
5 28 Thanksgiving snack in the canteen; p. 50-D. undated
5 29 Sculptures at art show at USO; p. 50-E. undated
5 30 Costume dance at USO; p. 51-A. undated
5 31 Toastmaster’s dinner. Beulah Marrs, Al Brewer, and others; p. 52-A. undated
5 32 Beulah Marrs: two photos; p. 65-C&D. undated
5 33 Beulah Marrs and Vern Brickley dancing; p. 65-G. undated
5 34 Beulah Marrs outside with camera; p. 65-H. 1942 July
5 35 Portrait of Zora Dragich; p. 66-C. undated
5 36 Tom Windom of photo lab photographing Beverley Pettyjohn; p. 67-A. undated
5 37 Portrait of Beulah Marrs; p. 67-B. undated
5 38 Al Thompson, John Jacobson, and Merle Scott next to ice chunk, Cook Inlet; p. 74-E. 1943
5 39 “We called this rumba on the tundra.” Beulah Marrs on the ice; p. 75-A. 1943
5 40 Merle Scott, Beulah Marrs, and John Jacobson; p. 75-B. 1943
5 41 Beulah Marrs and Helvi Enatti sledding on ice; p. 76-A. 1943
5 42 Men and women near open spot in the ice on Chester Creek; p. 76-C. 1943
5 43 Beulah Marrs and others walking on ice; p. 76-D. 1943
5 44 Lee Drazba, program director, walking next to Chester Creek; p76-E. 1943
5 45 Christmas card with photo of Beulah Marrs in fur parka; p. 77-A. 1941
5 46 Beulah Marrs’ photo Christmas card; p. 78-B. 1943
5 47 Photo Christmas card: “Somewhere in Alaska”; p. 79-A. 1943
5 48 Polly Petty’s photo Christmas card: “Uniunitukh and Happy New Year Too”; p. 79-B. 1943
5 49 Helen Lawrence’s photo Christmas card: “Uniunitukh and Happy New Year Too”; p. 79-C. 1943
5 50 Bee Hive women in jackets and fur parkas: Beverley Pettyjohn, Helen Lawrence, Beulah Marrs, and Polly Petty; p. 79-D. 1943
5 51 Bee Hive photo Christmas card with head shots of Beulah Marrs, Polly Petty, Beverley Pettyjohn, and Helen Lawrence: “Uniunipukh and ‘A Very Happy New Year!'”; p. 79-E. 1943
5 52 Beulah Marrs in fur parka: “Photographic work by Gene Guryiak & Vern Brickley”; p. 81-B. undated
5 53 Beulah Marrs in fur parka; p. 81-E. undated
5 54 “Joe E. Brown with USO Traveling Entertainers”; p. 84-A. undated
5 55 Joe E. Brown in suit coat; 84-B. undated
5 56 Joe E. Brown in front of crowd of soldiers near cabin entrance; p. 84-C. undated
5 57 Joe E. Brown in front of line of soldier with camera; p. 84-D. undated
5 58 Al Sikorsky and Martha Stowell; p. 91-A 1942
5 59 “The Fox hole girls: Martha and Jane.” Head shot of Martha Stowell; p. 91-B. 1942
5 60 “The Fox hole girls: Martha and Jane.” Head shot of Jane; p. 91-C. 1942
5 61 Group photo of Morrison-Knudsen Co., Inc. office staff: Roxanna Beckius (” Becky”), “Jonesy, “Florence Kelly, Stan Wilson, Carl, Al, Beulah Marrs, and Frank; p. 97-B. 1942
5 62 Felix Schlickeisen leaning on biplane wing. “Barnstorming”; p. 106-B. undated
5 63 Felix Schlickeisen in work clothes; p. 106-D. undated
5 64 Rossie, Carl, and Beulah Marrs in front of downtown office building; (p. 107-B. undated
5 65 L. Steelman; p. 107-C. undated
5 66 Loading cargo plane; p. 107-E. undated
5 67 Cargo plane taking off; p. 107-G. undated
5 68 Field camp; p. 107-H. undated
5 69 New Morrison-Knudsen Co. Inc. building at airfield; p.107-J. undated
5 70 Man washing clothes in wash tub at field camp; p. 107-K. undated
5 71 Group photo of women in front of passenger plane: Beulah Marrs, Florence Kelly, ?, Roxanna Beckius, and ?. Trip to McGrath; p. 108-B. 1943 July3
5 72 Post office in McGrath; p. 108-C. 1943 July 4
5 73 Florence Kelly and “Jonesy” next to airplane with flag; p. 108-E. 1943 July 4
5 74 Steamboat at dock, McGrath trip; p.109-A. 1943 July 4
5 75 Unidentified woman, Rossie, and Beulah Marrs, McGrath trip; p. 109-C. 1943 July 4
5 76 Helen Craddock, Beulah Marrs, and baby Helen Craddock next to Matanuska Valley road sign; p. 110-A. undated
5 77 Rossie, Beulah Marrs, baby Helen Craddock, and unidentified man at Palmer train station; p. 110-D. undated
5 78-79 Original Negatives: Interior of photo greeting card with 12 different images: “Greetings from the fur fur North”; p. 77-B. 1942
6 “My Alaska Years, 1943″ by Beulah Marrs Parisi, 98 pages (xerographic copy); More Anchorage, 1-79 and War, 81-98 1942-1972
7 1 Entrance to a spirit house in the graveyard at Eklutna; p. 4-A. 1943
7 2 Indian graveyard at Eklutna; p. 4-B. 1943
7 3 Connie, Helen Lawrence, Beulah Marrs, Polly Petty and unidentified soldier in front of log cabin; p. 41-C. 1942-1943
7 4 Front facade of Trading Post (location unknown); p. 41-E. undated
7 5 Beulah Marrs holding shovel, Fire Island work outing; p. 42-B. 1943
7 6 Art Zola, Helve, Rose Grimes, and unidentified woman during Fire Island work outing; p. 42-D. 1943
7 7 John Jacobson with ax, Fire Island work outing; p. 43-C. 1943
7 8 John Jacobson, Martha Stowell, and two unidentified men unloading lumber, Fire Island outing; p. 43-D. 1943
7 9 Burning brush near cabin, Fire Island work outing; p. 43-E. 1943
7 10 Lloyd Cleaves, John Jacobson, and Helen Lawrence on Fire Island work outing; p. 43-F. 1943
7 11 Group photo at party; p. 44-A. Those pictured include Lee Drozba (USO staff), Martha Stowell, Helen Lawrence, Chuck Chevillon, Dorothy, Bobby Lloyd, Fred Rossvold, Merle Scott, Lloyd Cleaves, Dick Scott, Beulah Marrs, and Peg Conrady. 1942-1943
7 12 Dick Scott and Bobby Lloyd pointing at spot on map; p. 44-B. 1942-1943
7 13 Helen Lawrence, Dorothy Hilliard, Martha Stowell, Bobby Lloyd, Beulah Marrs, and Peg Conrady; p. 44-D. 1942-1943
7 14 Group singing around piano: Polly Petty (at piano), unidentified man, Beulah Marrs, John Chrisman (“Snuffy Smith”), and John Jacobson. undated
7 15 Jack Scavenius and his wife in front of cake, Elmendorf Field; p. 47-A. undated
7 16 42nd Troop Carrier Squadron cake, Elmendorf Field; p. 47-B. undated
7 17 Gabski and Beulah Marrs next to 42nd Troop Carrier Squadron cake, Elmendorf Field; p. 47-C. undated
7 18 Men and women at 42nd Troop Carrier Squadron Party, Elmendorf Field; p. 47-D. undated
7 19 Men and women on dance floor, Elmendorf Field; p. 47-E. undated
7 20 Andy Helm in his USO office; p. 48-A. undated
7 21 Polly Petty, Beulah Marrs, Beverley Pettyjohn, Rossie, and Helen Lawrence disembarking from bus for a formal affair at the post; p. 48-B. undated
7 22 Men in dress uniform lining up to enter formal affair; p. 48-D. undated
7 23 Andy Helm handling packages in mail room; p. 48-F. undated
7 24 Williwaw Ball posters on wall of Andy Helm’s USO office; p. 48-G. undated
7 25 Couples dancing at formal affair; p. 48-H. undated
7 26 Rose Grimes and Forrest Trout; p. 49-B. 1943
7 27 Beulah Marrs with red wool scarf on head; p. 49-D. 1943 July 12
7 28 Group photo in Bee Hive Living Room: Forrest Trout, Rose Grimes, Polly Petty, Happy, David, Beverley Pettyjohn, Beulah Marrs, and Zora; p. 49-F. 1943
7 29 Large dance from above; p. 50-A. circa 1944
7 30 Beverley Pettyjohn in evening dress; p. 50-C. undated
7 31 Woman being crowned as queen at event; p. 50-D. undated
7 32 Three men and woman examining gold pan, Girdwood; p.1-A. undated
7 33 Group stopped to examine view on summer hike; p. 52-A. Those pictured include Polly Petty, Helen Lawrence, Mable Weber, Beulah Marrs, and Tom Windom. undated
7 34 Myron Myrick asleep in chair as Arthur Rich and Beulah Marrs look on; p. 72-A. 1943
8 “My Alaska Years, 1944” by Beulah Marrs Parisi, 203 pages (xerographic copy): Spring Month, 1-40; Railway Battalion, 41-46; Catholic Young Peoples’ Group, 47-53; Minnesota Party, 55-78; Photo Lab, 79-88; “As You Like It” Musical Review, 89-99; Employment at the USO, 101-118; Flower Show, 119-126, Bonanza Days, 127-137; Fall events, 139-166; Club New Yorker, 167-203 1943-1946
9 1 USO banner on wall, USO, Anchorage; p. 13-A. 1944
9 2 Tables set up for banquet, USO, Anchorage; p. 14-B. 1944
9 3 Photo valentine: Beulah Marrs, Darrel Harris, and Betty Eckrem; p. 23-B. 1944
9 4 “Showplace gate in Matanuska Valley”; p. 24-A. undated
9 5 Helen Lawrence, Beulah Marrs, and Gene Gyuriak at farm gate; p. 24-B. undated
9 6 Beulah Marrs, Vern Brickley, Polly Petty and Helen Lawrence next to stream in winter; p. 24-D. undated
9 7 Beulah Marrs posed on farm gate; p. 24-E. undated
9 8 Beulah Marrs at 714th Railway Battalion Dance; p. 41-A. 1944 April 22
9 9 Beulah Marrs at 714th Railway Battalion Dance; p. 41-C. 1944 April 22
9 10 Group photo of soldiers in front of railroad cars: Herman Windoff, Bill Williams, Bill Lumness, Fred Kermott, Andy Anderson, Lewis Workman, and Kenny Nicholson; p. 41-D. 1944
9 11 People behind table with cake for 714th Railway Operation Battalion Ball, USO, Anchorage; p. 42-A. 1944 April 22
9 12 Neil Clarahan, Bill Feeley, and unidentified soldier on bench outside East Anchorage Post Office; p. 48-A. 1944
9 13 Mary Flynn and Bill Feeley; p. 48-B. 1944
9 14 Mary Flynn, Warren Pressenton, and Beulah Marrs; p.48-C. 1944
9 15 Warren Pressenton, U.S Army Signal Corps, sitting on bench; p. 48-D. 1944
9 16 Neil Clarahan and Jack Doyle, “The Twins”; 49-A. 1944
9 17 Father Horning, chaplain; p. 49-B. 1944
9 18 Bill Feeley; p. 49-C. 1944
9 19 Midnight Mass in 469th A.B. Chapel; p. 50-A. 1944 December 24
9 20 Midnight Mass in 469th A.B. Chapel; p. 50-B. 1944 December 24
9 21 Catholic Young Peoples group photo; p. 51-A.Those pictured include Helen Curry, John Girard, Charlie Livalle, Mable Weber, Al Brewer, Beulah Marrs, and Father O’Flanagan. 1944
9 22 Cake and table for Minnesota Birthday Party; p. 59-A. 1944 May 11
9 23 Albert Smalley of the St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch cutting the Minnesota Birthday Party cake; p. 59-B. 1944 May 11
9 24 Railway Battalion Committee members; p. 60-A. Those pictured include Tony Labor, Albert Smalley, and Pierce Hale. 1944
9 25 Audience seated at Minnesota Birthday Party; p. 71-A. 1944 May 11
9 26 People at Minnesota Birthday Party; p. 71-B. Those pictured include Helvi Enatti, Rose Grimes, and Joan Anderson. 1944 May 11
9 27 Bill Feeley performing as Paul Bunyon and master of ceremonies. Chorus includes Tony Labor, Reichel, and Fred Kermott; p. 71-C. 1944 May 11
9 28 Group photo outside Lake Spenard shelter; p. 72-A. Those pictured include Mabel Weber, Edith White, Beulah Marrs, and Gail Chamberlain. 1944
9 29 Group eating at table inside Lake Spenard shelter; p. 72-B).
Those pictured include Mabel Weber and Edith White.
9 30 Beulah Marrs in striped jacket with others on tug of war team; p. 72-C. 1944
9 31 Lupine and fireweed on hood of USO car; p. 73-B. 1944 July 4
9 32 Float in Fourth of July Parade, Anchorage; p. 74-A). 1944 July 4
9 33 “Bee Hive Socializing”: Al Sikorski, Helen Lawrence, Beulah Marrs, and Pete Verdin; p. 75-E. 1944
9 34 Baby Mike Grygiel, son of Helen Lawrence Grygiel; p. 76-E. 1944
9 35 Helen Lawrence Grygiel with infant son Mike; p. 76-H. 1944
9 36 Beulah Marrs carrying tray of dirty dishes at army affair; p. 78-A. 1944
9 37 Group photo with photo lab crew; p. 82-A. Those pictured include Ted Witham, Beulah Marrs, Gene Gyuriak, Polly Petty, Vern Brickley, and Beverley Pettyjohn. 1944
9 38 Group photo. Gene Gyuriak, Ted Witham, Vern Brickley, Polly Petty, Beverley Pettyjohn, and Beulah Marrs; p. 82-C. 1944
9 39 Reward poster for the “The James Boys”: Gene Gyuriak and Vern Brickley; p. 85-A. 1944
9 40 Photographers and others eating pie; p. 87-A. Those pictured include Gene Gyuriak, Andy Helm, and Vern Brickley. 1944
9 41 Gene Gyuriak in jeep, Venice A.A. Field, Forida; p. 88-A. 1945 March
9 42 Portrait of Gene Gyuriak; p. 88-B. undated
9 43 Crew of “As You Were” musical review; p. 91-A.Those pictured include Les Asheim, John Curran, and Al Brewer. 1944 May
9 44 Beulah Marrs at the Garden Club Flower Show, USO; p. 121-A. 1944 August
9 45 Garden Club Flower Show at the USO, Anchorage; p. 122-A. 1944 August
9 46 Garden Club Flower Show at the USO, display along wall; p. 123-A. 1944 August
9 47 Connie Phillips on the bar, Bonanza Days; p. 130-A. 1943 May
9 48 Audience at Bonanza Days Show; p. 130-B. 1943 May
9 49 Bonanza Days cast in costume on stage; p. 130-C. 1943 May
9 50 Happy Cantley as M.C., Bonanza Days; p. 133-A. 1944
9 51 Man in drag, Bonanza Days; p. 134-C. 1944
9 52 Cast photo in costume, Bonanza Days; p. 135-A. Those pictured include Lorene Harrison, Beulah Marrs, Priscilla Williams, Lou Owens, Al Brewer, Rose Grimes, and Marilyn Wissler. 1944
9 53 Group photo of musical group, Bonanza Days; p. 136-A. Those pictured include Kim Clark, Margaret Reed, and Beulah Marrs. 1944
9 54 Date Nite at the USO: Jason Robards, unidentified woman, and Fred Kermott; p. 154-A. 1944
9 55 Lou Owens and the Air Corps Quartet; p. 154-C. 1944
9 56 Interior of USO decorated for Christmas with tree and mural; p. 155-B. 1944
9 57 Portrait of Darrel Harris in uniform; p. 155-C. 1944
9 58 Pete Parisi at a dance on post; 1944 p. 169-A. 1944
9 59 Men behind food table at New York Night at the Community Hall, Anchorage; p. 191-A. 1944 December 30
9 60 Beulah Marrs at a committee meeting, USO; p. 195-A. 1944
9 61 Tony Saez receiving a key to the city from Mayor Ray Wolfe, New York Night; p. 195-B. Others pictured include Connie Phillips, Pete Parisi, Ken Goldberg, and Quentin Wright. 1944 December 30
9 62 Community Hall decorated for New York Night; p. 197-A. 1944 December 30
9 63 Ethel Gerring singing solo at microphone, Connie Phillips at piano, New York Night; p. 199-A. 1944 December 30
9 64 New York Night Chairman Tony Saez receiving key to the city from Mayor Ray Wolfe; 1944 p. 199-B. Others pictured include Quentin Wright, Connie Phillips, Pete Parisi, and Ken Goldberg. 1944 December 30
9 65 Railway Battalion Committee members; p. 62-A. 4 X 5 inch original print. Those pictured include Reichle, Bill Feeley, Tony Labor, Schleicher, Margaret Maland, A. Smalley, Pierce Hale, Bob Bartsch, and Beulah Marrs. 1944
9 66 Same group as above; p. 63-A. 4 X 5 inch original print. 1944
9 67 Group in costume at Bonanza Days; See p. 131. Those pictured include Al Miller, Vivian Chevillon, Peg McQuaker, Shriener, Culver, and Lt. Erickson. 1943
9 68 Woman sitting on bar, Bonanza Days; See p. 130. 4 X 5 inch original negative. 1943
9 69 Minnesota Birthday Party cake baked by Railway Battalion; p. 61-A. 1944 May 11
10 “My Alaska Years; 1945” by Beulah Marrs Parisi, 153 pages (xerographic copy): Sidney Lawrence Show, 9-18; 10,000 Knights in an Igloo and Concerts, 19-28; and Other Activities, 29-153. Includes Program for Mother’s Day concert held on May 13, 1945 at the USO, Anchorage 1945
11 1 Party where “artist” sketches guests; p. 8-B. undated
11 2 Choral group of women performing at concert; p. 23-A. undated
11 3 Sextet singing group performing on stage. Includes Lorene Harrison and Jimmy King; p. 23-B. undated
11 4 Violinist Milton Steenberg performing on stage with piano accompaniment; p. 23-C. undated
11 5 Lou Owens, director, and the men’s chorus on stage; p. 24-A. undated
11 6 Mixed chorus of 97 men and women performing on stage; p. 24-B. 1945 May
11 7 Lorene Harrison, music director, taking bow in front of chorus; p. 24-C. 1945 May
11 8 “Fred Kermott singing from The Good Book with a Men’s Chorus”; p. 25-A. undated
11 9 Two men at pianos playing duet. Lou Owens at left; p. 25-B. undated
11 10 Jimmy King and Ethel Gerring singing an aria, Connie Phillips accompanying on the piano; p. 25-C. undated
11 11 Male dancer, Connie Phillips, and Lou Owens take a bow on stage; p. 26-B. undated
11 12 Three G.I. dancers performing with fans; p. 26-C. undated
11 13 Ethel Gerring and Mrs. Hurst sing with piano accompanist; p. 26-D. undated
11 14 Dancer Don Saddler performing in blackface; p. 27-A. undated
11 15 Dancer Don Saddler performing leap on stage; p. 27-B. undated
11 16 Three women performing on stage; p. 28-A. undated
11 17 Two men and woman performing roller skating act; p. 28-B. undated
11 18 Rose Grime and seven other women in costume; p. 28-C. undated
11 19 Women above on stage with Martin Robards; p. 28-D. undated
11 20 Russell 1945
11 21 Beulah Marrs on snow skis; p. 33-B. 1945
11 22 Ski hut roof; p. 33-D. 1945
11 23 Men and women leaning on side of ski hut; p. 33-E. 1945
11 24 Dog team and skiers next to ski hut; p. 34-B. 1945
11 25 Truck in mud on Fort Richardson; p. 34-F. 1945
11 26 Sunday afternoon coffee, Vivian Fisher Chevillon pouring; p. 35-A. 1945
11 27 Polly Petty playing table tennis with man in USO basement; p.36-A 1945
11 28 Lloyd Cleaves, Rae Bishop, manager, and others in canteen kitchen; p. 37-A. 1944
11 29 “Dick Scott presiding over joint MSC & GSO meeting in Blue Room”; p. 37-B. 1944
11 30 “Kim’s Party”; p. 37-C. Those pictured include Mrs. Beckman, Beulah Marrs, Marilyn Wissler, and Priscilla Williams. 1944
11 31 Beulah Marrs and others serving pie at USO; p. 57-A. 1945
11 32 Group photo with Navy sailors and USO volunteers; p. 58-A. 1945
11 33 “An FBI undercover G.I. and his bride. No Publicity!”; p. 59-A. 1945
11 34 Joe Brown and his bride after wedding. Beulah Marrs at right; p. 59-B. 1945 May 17
11 35 Joe Brown and his bride after wedding. Father O’Flanagan in center; p. 59-C. 1945 May 17
11 36 Charlie and Eugenia Keck during wedding ceremony; p. 60-A. 1945
11 37 Charlie and Eugenia Keck unwrapping wedding gifts; p. 60-B. 1945
11 38 Fritz and Lil Beckman cutting wedding cake; p. 60-C. 1945
11 39 People at wedding reception; p. 60-D. 1945
11 40 Bee Hive in winter; p. 61-B. 1944-1945
11 41 Mabel Weber at back door of Bee Hive; p. 61-C. 1944-1945
11 42 Beulah Marrs and Neil Clarahan; p. 61-D. 1944-1945
11 43 Mary Flynn and young nephew in front of Bee Hive; p. 61-E. 1944-1945
11 44 Christmas Tree in Bee Hive living room; p. 61-G. 1944
11 45 Group photo of party in front of Christmas tree in Bee Hive living room; p. 61-H. 1944
11 46 Mary Flynn and Beulah Marrs in Bee Hive back yard; p. 62-C. 1945
11 47 Group saying goodbye to Mary Flynn at train station; p. 62-D. 1945 June 6
11 48 Mary Flynn and Neil Clarahan in front of train car before leaving; p. 62-E. 1945 June 6
11 49 Soldier gold panning at Girdwood; p. 64-A. undated
11 50 Beulah Marrs and Helvi Enatti with soldiers on train excursion coming back from Seward; p. 66-A. 1945
11 51 Betty Ekrem at Eklutna Flats in field of shooting stars; p. 71-A. 1945 May
11 52 Betty P. among wreckage of Bee Hive house; July 1945 p. 71-C. 1945 July
11 53 “Margaret Reid making ‘Telephone Call'” (visiting outhouse); p.80-A. 1945
11 54 Tonsina Road House next to river; p. 80-B. 1945
11 55 Group in front of Eureka Roadhouse, Eureka Summit, Milepost 1374; p. 81-A. 1945
11 56 Group in front of Rapids Hunting Lodge; p. 81-C.
Those pictured include Margaret Reid, Margaret Chamberlain, and Helvi Enatti.
11 57 Santa Claus Lodge at Gulkana; p. 82-A. 1945
11 58 Street scene, town unknown; p. 82-B. 1945
11 59 Bus and people at rest stop, Valdez trip; p. 82-D. 1945
11 60 Lunch at Co-op Fountain Lunch and Recreation Center, during Valdez trip; p. 83-A. 1945
11 61 Thirteen passengers and driver in front of bus, Valdez trip; p. 83-E. 1945
11 62 Lunch stop, Valdez trip; p. 84-A. 1945
11 63 Lloyd Cleaves and five women at Gulkana, Valdez trip; p. 84-E. 1945
11 64 “Gulkana Road House-Richardson Highway, Alaska” (post card); p. 86-A. undated
11 65 “Keystone Canyon-Valdez, Alaska” (post card); p. 86-B. undated
11 66 Copper Center Lodge; p. 87-A. undated
11 67 “Scene on Richardson Highway-Out of Valdez, Alaska” (post card); p. 87-B. undated
11 68 “Summit-Thompson Pass, Alaska” (post card); p. 87-C. undated
11 69 Valdez, Alaska” (post card); p. 88-D. undated
11 70 Fairbanks USO building; p. 137-A. 1945
11 71 Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory; p. 137-B. 1945
11 72 Wooden bridge over Aishihik River near Kluane; p. 138-B. 1945
11 73 Whitehorse Inn, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory; p. 138-C. undated
11 74 Whitehorse from across river; p. 139-A. 1945
11 75 Laird River Bridge; p. 140-B. 1945
11 76 “Arriving in Minneapolis January 1946.” [Beulah Marrs standing] In front of Clayton’s; p. 145-A. 1946
11 77 Beulah Marrs at party at USO; p. 8-A undated
12 Original prints undated, 1941-1945
12 1 Hostess Helen Hogan greeted by John Jacobson, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1944
12 2 USO log cabin interior with moose head above fireplace, Anchorage. 1942-1944
12 3 Service Men’s Council Meeting, USO, Anchorage. Those pictured include Lloyd Cleaver (assistant director), Dick Scott, Merle Scott (director), and John Jacobson. 1942-1943
12 4 GSO council meeting, USO, Anchorage. Those pictured include Martha Ann Sweazy, Florence Johnson, Beulah Marrs, Vera Adams, Helvi Enatti, and Evelyn Hitcher. 1942-1945
12 5 Conversation in front of fireplace. Polly Petty and G.I.s at Anchorage USO Log Cabin. 1943
12 6 Bee Marrs and cat with G.I.s in the Log Cabin. USO, Anchorage. 1942-1943
12 7 In line for the canteen, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1945
12 8 Halloween Dance, USO, Anchorage. 1943
12 9 Halloween Dance with view of orchestra, USO, Anchorage. 1943
12 10 Program cast photo. Those pictured include Priscilla Williams, Marilyn Wissler, and Lloyd Cleaves. 1943-1945
12 11 Helen Lawrence and Martha Stowell at gambling table. Bonanza Days, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1944
12 12 Lorene Harrison at door of USO. Sunday Night Sing-a-longs, Anchorage. 1941-1945
12 13 Lorene Harrison writing at hostess desk, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1945
12 14 Lorene Harrison at a Sunday Night Sing-a-long, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1945
12 15 Crowning queen for event, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1944
12 16 Beulah Marrs and John “Snuffy” Chrisman washing dishes at the Bee Hive, USO, Anchorage. 1942-1944
12 17 Morrison-Knudsen plane in front of mess hall. undated
12 18 Airplane in air against mountain. undated
13 Newspaper clippings (copies) relating to Morrison-Knudsen Construction Co., aviation, and airplane crashes and rescues undated, 1942
14 “The Mukluk Telegraph Fifty Years Later”: Reminiscence written for the annual Morrison-Knudsen reunion in Anchorage 1993 April 24
15 1 Invitation to “The Club New Yorker” by the USO-New York State Celebration Committee, held December 30, 1944 at the Community Hall in Anchorage 1944 December 30
15 2 The Anchorage USO presents As You Were: A Musical Revue, Benefit For The Anchorage Recreational Fund, Anchorage High School Auditorium, Anchorage, Alaska 1944 May

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