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John and Linda Nelson papers

Guide to the John and Linda Nelson papers

Collection number: HMC-0387.
Nelson, John.
Nelson, Linda.
Title: John and Linda Nelson papers.
Dates: 1969-1987.
Volume of collection: 3.7 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of the couple and their business, Alaska Stagecraft, Inc.

Biographical note:
John Nelson came to Alaska in the late 1960s. He became involved in community theater in Anchorage, and worked as a stage manager/technician and lighting designer for various art groups including Anchorage Community Theater, the Carnival Civic Theater, and the Anchorage Lyric Opera. He was a lighting/stage designer for the Alaska Festival of Music (1972-1978), and he also worked as the first full time manager of the Sydney Laurence Auditorium (1973-1980). In 1976, Nelson, along with two others, opened Alaska Stagecraft, Inc., a sound, lighting, and stage equipment sales and rental company. John Nelson, served as the vice president and operations manager of the company. He married Linda Sutton in 1977. Linda Sutton Nelson came to Alaska in 1974. She worked as a stage manager, master electrician, producer, and lighting designer for various arts groups in Anchorage including the Alaska Repertory Theater, the Anchorage Civic Opera, the Anchorage Community Theater, and the Theater Guild. She also toured the United States and Canada as an electrician for the Elliot Field Ballet. In 1976, she became one of the original stockholders in Alaska Stagecraft, Inc. and later served as its president and general manager.

Collection description:
The collection consists of records relating to the arts activities of John and Linda Nelson and to the operation of Alaska Stagecraft, Inc. The collection includes files concerning conferences and the photographic files of John Nelson.. The photographic files include over 1700 negatives (primarily b&w), proof sheets (b&w), slides (color) and photographs (color and b&w), of performances by various theater and arts groups in Anchorage including Treasures of Sight and Sound (T.O.S.S.), Anchorage Community Theater (A.C.T.), the A.C.C. Theater Guild, the Carnival Festival Theater, and others. The collection also includes of records relating to the operation of Alaska Stagecraft, such as correspondence, subject files, production books for various theater productions, programs and promotional material, posters, and newspapers clippings.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into the following series:

Series 1: Conference records; 1974
Series 2: Photographic files; undated, 1969-1980
Series 3: Alaska Stagecraft correspondence and financial records; undated, 1974-1986
Series 4: Alaska stagecraft subject files; 1983-1987
Series 5: Production books; undated, 1974, 1981
Series 6: Programs and promotional material; undated, 1972-1986
Series 7: Posters; undated, circa 1977-1985
Series 8: Clippings files; 1971-1982

Digitized copies: Selected photographs from this collection have been digitized and placed online in the Alaska’s Digital Archives.  For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections holds copyright to collection materials created by John and Linda Nelson.

Preferred citation: John and Linda Nelson papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: John and Linda Nelson gave the collection to the Archives in 1991.

Processing information: This collection was originally arranged and described by Carolyn Bowers in 1992. This collection guide was revised in 2011 and some published materials were removed at that time. Some photographs were selected and digitized for the Alaska’s Digital Archives in 2021. Dates for Anchorage Civic Opera productions were added in 2022 after comparison with the Civic Opera records.

Container list:
Series 1: Conference records; 1974. 0.01 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Performing Arts Spaces conference 1974

Series 2: Photographic files; undated, 1969-1980. 0.6 cubic feet.
This series consists of the photographic files of John Nelson, including a darkroom notebook, prints, proof sheets, negatives and slides related to productions. The materials in this series are grouped by type.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/2 Darkroom notebook undated
1/3 Jesus Christ Superstar photographs undated
1/4 Unidentified photographs undated
1/5 West Side Story, Anchorage Community Theater (ACT) Guild photographs 1973 May 4
1/6 Godspell, Anchorage Community College (ACC) Guild photographs 1974 July 25
1/7 Celebration, ACC Guild photographs 1975 August
1/8 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, ACC Guild, Theatre 1 photographs 1975 December 5
1/9 1776, Treasures of Sight and Sound (T.O.S.S.) proof sheets undated
1/10 Guys and Dolls, Carnival Festival Theater (C.F.T.) proof sheets undated
1/11 Horton Hears a Who, Carnival Civic Youth Group (C.C.Y.G.) proof sheets undated
1/12 Jesus Christ Superstar proof sheets undated
1/13 Music Man, T.O.S.S proof sheets undated
1/14 West Side Story, A.C.T., (T.O.S.S. crew) proof sheets 1973 May 4
1/15 My Fair Lady, T.O.S.S. proof sheets 1974 April 22
1/16 Godspell, A.C.C. Guild proof sheets 1974 July 25
1/17 “Redbone” Tour proof sheets 1975 April-May
1/18 Sound of Music, T.O.S.S. proof sheets 1975 September
1/19 One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A.C.C. Guild, Theatre 1 proof sheets 1975 December 5
1/20 Camelot sets, A.C.T. proof sheets 1980 May
1/21 1776, T.O.S.S. negatives undated
1/22 Guys and Dolls, C.F.T. negatives undated
1/23 Horton Hears a Who, C.C.Y.G. negatives undated
1/24 Jesus Christ Superstar negatives undated
1/25 Music Man, T.O.S.S. negatives undated
1/26 Royal Hunt of the Sun, Carnival Civic Theater negatives undated
1/27 Tiger at the Gate, Anchorage Community Theater (A.C.T.) Guild negatives undated
1/28 Unidentified negatives undated
1/29 Lion’s Club Circus negatives circa 1972-1973
1/30 Second Coming Band negatives 1973 January 29
1/31 “Battle of the Bands,” Government Hill Teen Center negatives [digital copies available for viewing] 1973 February 17
1/32 West Side Story, A.C.T. (T.O.S.S crew) negatives 1973 May 4
1/33 Girl Scouts “Stake Your Claim to Alaska” negatives (includes 1 slide and color photograph) 1973 July 16
1/34 My Fair Lady, T.O.S.S. negatives 1974 April 22
1/35 Godspell, A.C.C. Guild negatives 1974 July 25
1/36 “Redbone” Tour negatives 1975 April-May
1/37 Sound of Music, T.O.S.S. negatives 1975 September
1/38 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A.C.C. Guild, Theatre 1 negatives 1975 December 5
1/39 Camelot sets (color), A.C.T. negatives 1980 May
1/40 1776, T.O.S.S. slides undated
1/41 Godspell, A.C.C. Guild 1974 July 25
1/42 Tray 1 – Godspell, Gypsy, miscellaneous 1969-1976
1/43 Tray 2 – Flea in Her Ear, Gypsy, Native Musicale 1974, 1976
1/44 Tray 3 – Flea in Her Ear 1976 February
1/45 Tray 4 – Godot, Celebration 1975
1/46 Sydney Laurence renovation 1974

Series 3: Alaska Stagecraft correspondence and financial records; undated, 1974-1986. 0.01 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/47 Correspondence undated, 1974, 1981, 1985-1986

Series 4: Alaska stagecraft subject files; 1983-1987. 1.6 cubic feet.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent or topic.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/48 AARK Of Alaska 1984
1/49 AB System, Inc. 1986
1/50 ADD Art File undated
1/51 Advance Scaffold 1985-1986
1/52 AKG Acoustics, Inc. undated, 1985-1986
1/53 Alaska Diesel Electric 1984
1/54 Alaska General Alarm Corp. 1984-1986
1/55 Alaska Industrial Hardware 1984-1987
1/56 Alaska Pacific Bank 1985
1/57 Alaska Stagecraft, Inc., price list undated
1/58 Alaska Stagecraft, Inc., general file 1982
1/59 Alltrans Ak, Trucklines 1985
1/60 Alyeska Pipeline 1986
1/61 Amature Radio Club 1986
1/62 American Management Associations 1984
1/63 American Rental Assoc. Chamber of Commerce 1984-1985
1/64 Anchorage Chamber of Commerce 1981-1984
1/65 Anchorage Chamber of Commerce 1986
1/66 Anchorage Community Theater undated, 1984-1986
1/67 Anchorage Daily News 1984-1985
1/68 Anchorage Times 1980-1985
1/69 Anixter – Alaska 1986
1/70 Arctic Welding Supply 1986
1/71 ARDI 1985
1/72 Art Services North 1985
1/73 Atlas Sound 1986
1/74 ATR Enterprises 1987
1/75 Audio Acoustical Design 1986
1/76 Audio Productions Studio 1985
1/77 AXE (Artists X-ponent Engineering) 1984
1/78 D.O.D. Electronics 1984-1986
1/79 Dallas Music Inc. (Crest Audio) 1985
1/80 Darome 1985
1/81 Dean’s Automotive 1985
1/82 Debenham Electric Supply 1985-1986
1/83 Desco 1986
1/84 DHL Corp. 1983-1986
1/85 Diversitronics undated, 1986-1987
1/86 Dove System 1985
1/87 Dowland – Bach Corporation 1986
1/88 E/V TAPCO 1987
1/89 Electro Controls 1980-1985
1/90 Electronics Diversified, Inc. 1985
1/91 Electronics Diversified, Inc. 1986
1/92 Electrovoice Inc. undated
1/93 Employee Protection Insurance Trust, New York Life 1984-1986
1/94 ESC (Electric Switchings Company) 1986
1/95 ETA Lighting 1984-1986
1/96 Fanon Courier Corporation 1986
1/97 Fasteners And Fire Equipment 1985-1986
1/98 Federal Express 1984-1985
1/99 Fred Meyers 1986
1/100 Friden Mail System 1985-1986
1/101 Frigid North 1986-1987
1/102 Full Compass System 1986-1987
1/103 Future Sales 1984
1/104 GCI Communications 1985-1986
1/105 General Electric 1986
1/106 Genie Industries 1984
1/107 Governor’s Council On Alaska Hire 1987
1/108 GTE Directories 1983-1985
1/109 Harolds Truck Rental 1946, 1959
1/110 Harris Corporation 1986
1/111 Haussmann International Corp. (Sprila Paint) 1985-1986
1/112 Hewko and Schambers – CPA 1985-1987
1/113 Hybrid Cases 1985-1986
1/114 I.A.T.S E Local 770 undated
1/115 Industrial Rubber and Supply Inc. undated
1/116 Insurance – Fred S. James and Borg Warner 1983-1986
1/117 International Music Company 1985
1/118 JBL/Northshore 1986
1/119 Jermain, Dunnagan & Owens 1986
1/120 King Arthur, Inc. 1986
1/121 Klipson & Associates 1987
1/122 Knik Building Supply 1985
1/123 KRKN Cook Inlet Broadcasters, Inc. 1985
1/124 Kryolan 1986
1/125 KYAK, KRKN, KGOT, KTNX 1984-1986
1/126 Lany Fax of America, Inc. 1986-1987
1/127 Lawrence Co. 1984
1/128 Lightning Dimensions 1985
1/129 Lightning and Electronics (L&E) 1986-1987
1/130 Litelab 1984-1985
1/131 Littlelite 1986
1/132 Loppnow & Assoc. 1987
1/133 LSS Laboratories 1987
1/134 Lumitrol 1986-1987
1/135 Lycian Stage Lighting 1983-1984
1/136 Lynden Air Freight 1987
1/137 M.O.A. 1985-1986
1/138 Mark Air 1986
1/139 Marquis Who’s Who Inc. 1985
1/140 Matanuska – Susitna Borough 1987
1/141 McCauley Sound 1985
1/142 Mini Brute 1985-1986
1/143 Modular Sound Systems 1986
1/144 Morgan Sound 1984
1/145 Music Dealer Service 1986-1987
1/146 Music Works 1986
1/147 Mutual Hardware 1982-1986.
2/1 Muzak (Northern Television, Inc.) 1985
2/2 Nady systems 1984
2/3 National Lamp & Lantern 1987
2/4 Ness Imports 1986
2/5 New England Business Service, Inc 1983-1985
2/6 Norene Realty 1984
2/7 Northern Air Freight undated, 1983
2/8 Northmar Inc., Bob Entrap 1986
2/9 Northshore Marketing 1986
2/10 Northstar Sales 1986
2/11 Northwest Sound & Communication 1986
2/12 NVS Systems 1986
2/13 Oaktron 1986
2/14 Ogden Facilities Management 1983-1984
2/15 Olesen 1981
2/16 Overhead Door Company 1985
2/17 Ozite Corporation 1986
2/18 P&E Distributors 1986-1987
2/19 Paccom Leasing Co. 1985
2/20 Paccom Phones 1984
2/21 Pacific Northwest Theater Associates 1986
2/22 Pacific Producation Service 1982
2/23 Pacific Rim Publishing 1986
2/24 Pacnor Marketing, Inc. 1985
2/25 Paradise Design 1986
2/26 Patterns Company 1986-1987
2/27 Pay-n-Save 1986
2/28 Peavey Electronics Corp. 1985
2/29 Phase Linear 1985
2/30 Pier One Theater 1982
2/31 Pip Printing undated, 1985
2/32 Political Contributions 1986
2/33 Power Sound undated, 1984-1985
2/34 Power Sound 1985
2/35 Preferred Air Freight, Inc. 1985
2/36 Proco Sound 1986-1987
2/37 Proline 1986
2/38 Protape And Specialties 1986
2/39 QSC Audio 1984-1986
2/40 Radar Electric 1987
2/41 Radio Equipment Distributor 1987
2/42 Radio Shack – TV Mart, Inc. 1984-1987
2/43 Reflectables 1984-1986
2/44 Ridgway’s 1985
2/45 Roger Ponto & Assoc. 1984-1987
2/46 Runco Video Corporation 1986
2/47 Safeguard Business Systems 1984-1985
2/48 School Zone North, Inc. 1985
2/49 Sessions and Sons 1984
2/50 Sheraton Anchorage Hotel 1983
2/51 Shure Brothers Incorporated 1983-1985
2/52 Sitters 1986
2/53 Soundolier 1986-1987
2/54 Sportsman’s Lodge/Bob Haglund undated, 1986
2/55 Stagecraft Industries, Inc. 1986
2/56 Stanton Magnetics, Inc. 1985
2/57 Star Services Inc. 1986
2/58 State Farm Auto Insurance 1985
2/59 Steel Fabricators 1986
2/60 Stellar Jr – Sr High School 1982-1984
2/61 Stolt Electric Supply 1981-1986
2/62 Stolts Home Center 1985
2/63 Strand Century undated, 1987
2/64 Strong International/(Ballantyne Of Omaha, Inc.) 1985-1986
2/65 Studiomaster Inc. 1982
2/66 Stusser Electric Co. Bills 1986
2/67 Stusser Electric Co. Credit Reference undated
2/68 Synergy 1984-1986
2/69 Takotna Video 1984
2/70 Tasco/Jeff Macktaz 1984-1985
2/71 Team Electronics 1981
2/72 Teatronics 1984
2/73 Temtron Electronics Ltd. 1986
2/74 The Ritz (Monkey Wharf) 1985
2/75 Theater Guild, Inc. 1986
2/76 Theater Techniques Inc. 1980
2/77 Times Square (parts) 1985
2/78 TOA Electronics 1986-1987
2/79 Totem Broadcasting KTBY TV 1984-1985
2/80 Touche Ross & Co. 1986-1987
2/81 Tracoman Incorparated 1986-1987
2/82 Transportation Factoring 1984-1985
2/83 Tripp-Lite 1985-1986
2/84 Ultimate Support Systems 1984-1986
2/85 Unicord 1985
2/86 Union Carbide 1985
2/87 Union Connector 1984-1985
2/88 University of Alaska 1983-1986
2/89 Valley Decorating 1984-1986
2/90 Valley Performing Arts Center 1982-1984
2/91 Visual Arts Center 1982
2/92 VWR Scientific Inc. (Univar) 1981
2/93 Washington Music 1986
2/94 WaveLength Inc. 1986
2/95 Wear – Guard undated
2/96 West High School 1985
2/97 Western Air Cargo undated
2/98 Whirlwind Music Dist. Inc. 1985
2/99 Wiko (Lamps) Warren Steurer & Assoc., Inc. 1985-1987
2/100 Yukon Office Supply 1983-1985
2/101 Zauder’s 1986

Series 5: Production books; undated, 1974, 1981. 0.4 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/102 Airport 1975 premier 1974 November 9
2/103 Alaska 1984 script 1981 May 27
2/104 Alaska 1984 display and presentation area plans 1981 May
2/105 Ballad of Baby Doe undated
2/106 Cabaret, stage manager’s copy undated
2/107 Christopher Columbus undated
2/108 Jumping Frog of Calaveras County undated
2/109 The King and I undated

Series 6: Programs and promotional material; undated, 1972-1986. 0.8 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/113 Alaska 1984 1981
2/114 Alaska Peace Officer’s Association undated, 1982-1984
2/115 Alaska Repertory Theatre undated, 1978, 1981
2/116 Alaska Stagecraft, 10th anniversary brochure 1986
2/117 Anchorage 1992 Olympic effort 1988
2/118 Anchorage Civic Ballet 1974, 1977-1978
2/119 Anchorage Civic Opera 1981-1982
3/1 Anchorage Community Theatre undated, 1980-1981
3/2 Anchorage Concert Association undated, 1982, 1985-1986
3/3 Anchorage Convention and Visitor’s Bureau 1981, 1983-1984
3/4 Anchorage Convention and Visitor’s Bureau 1981, 1983-1984
3/5 Anchorage Figure Skating Club 1979-1984
3/6 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra 1975, 1981-1982, 1985
3/7 Coronation 1981, 1984, 1986
3/8 Theatre 1 1974-1976
3/9 Theatre Guild undated, 1978-1979, 1981-1982, 1985-1986
3/10 UAA Theater undated, 1981
4/1 Various arts groups undated, 1972-1986
4/2 Various events undated, 1977-1986

Series 7: Posters; undated, circa 1977-1985. 0.1 cubic feet.

Folder/Item Description Date
OSF1/1 Marcel Marceau undated
OSF1/2 Shipstand & Johnson’s Ice Follies, Anchorage Sports Arena March 26-April 11 (no year given)
OSF1/3 Harry Chapin, presented by Alaska Airlines, produced by Northwest Releasing, West High Auditorium April 16 (no year given)
OSF1/4 Peter Nero in Person, under the auspices of the Anchorage Concert Association, Inc, West High Auditorium 1977 November 28
OSF1/5 Windom Plays “Thurber,” sponsored by the Anchorage Concert Association, West High Auditorium 1978 May 30
OSF1/6 Glen Yarbrough And The Original Limeliters, A Northwest Releasing Event, presented by Pay `N Save, West High School Auditorium October 27 (no year given)
OSF1/7 Redbone With Queen Of New Orleans, Special Attraction-Oasis, sponsored by the Kenai Lettermen Club, Kenai Central Gym April 26 (no year given)
OSF1/8 Ohio Players In Concert, produced by Ptarmigan Productions, Inc., Anchorage Sports Arena May 19 (no year given)
OSF1/9 Elvin Bishop “Live In Concert,” presented by Steve London, West High Auditorium May 27 (no year given)
OSF1/10 Super Star Roger Miller In Concert Two Big Shows, International Banquet House July 21 (no year given)
OSF1/11 The Paradise Shot Featuring Leon Russell And New Grass Revival, presented by Northern Stage Company, Summer Solstice `81, West High Auditorium Anchorage 1981 June 19-20
OSF1/12 Elvin Bishop Alaska Tour 1981, presented by Northern Stage Company In Association with A.S.U.A., Fairbanks Patty Gymnasium 1981 April 16
OSF1/13 The Midsummer Festival, Blood Sweat And Tears Featuring David Clayton-Thomas 1979 June 17
OSF1/14 Lynn Andersen In Concert, presented by Far West Productions, Hering Auditorium 1976 August 20
OSF1/15 Dr. John, presented by Kenai Radio, produced by London/LeViege Enterprise, West High Auditorium July 28 (no year given)
OSF1/16 Elvis!, Bartlett High School Performing Arts original multi-media musical, West High Auditorium March 2-4 (no year given)
OSF1/17 The Staples Live In Concert, also featuring “The California Playboys,” Sports Arena April 4th (no year given)
OSF1/18 Country In The Park, a Kelsy Creek Production, West End Park Strip 1984 September 8
OSF1/19 “Catch 22” Anchorage’s New 24 Hour Music Video Station, Voice Tracks Contest September 16, 23 (no year given)
OSF1/20 John Steve And Prime Goodman In Concert, presented by Northern Stage Company, Sheraton Anchorage Ballroom February 20-21 (no year given)
OSF1/21 Now Sounds Presents In Concert Doug Gidding And Severin Browne Alaska Jam 1, Special Guest Artists – Charles John Quarto, Phyllis Brown, Cunningham Corners, West High Auditorium August 25, 26 (no year given)
OSF1/22 Doug Skoug Playing Boogie Blues Piano, presented by Rock and Roll Lindbo/Cornelius Productions, International Banquet House April 16-18 (no year given)
OSF1/23 Never Surrender Tour 1983, presented by FM K-Whale and Northern Stage Company, George M. Sullivan Arena 1983 July 12
OSF1/24 Freddie Fender, Super Star Nightclub Entertainment, International Banquet House October 18-19 (no year given)
OSF1/25 Mel Tillis and the Statesiders In Concert, International Banquet House November 8-9 (no year given)
OSF1/26 Bachman – Turner Overdrive gets down with Wolfman Jack, Get Down Music Festival, Palmer State Fairground July 5th (no year given)
OSF1/27 The Return of Cheech and Chong, presented by KANC Radio and Steve London in Conjunction with Arena Promotions, Sports Arena December 14th (no year given)
OSF1/28 The Grateful Dead Alaska 1980, presented by Northern Stage Company, West High Auditorium 1980 June 19-21
OSF1/29 XIT – The Sound Of American Indian Rock – “Crossing Of Indian Tribes,” Relocation and William Blue House Johnson and Tom Bee and Mac Suazo – Discover American On Canyon Records and Tapes, A Firedrum Production Produced by Tom Bee undated
OSF1/30 Oregon, sponsored in part by grants from the Alaska State Council on the Arts And The National Endowment For The Arts, West High Auditorium 1977 May 1
OSF2/1 45th N Broadway A Musical Revue Of Six Decades of Broadway’s Best, presented by Jan Dar Productions, ACC Arts Fair September 6 (no year given)
OSF2/2 KSKA FM91 Jazzweek, presented in Association with the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel and Anchorage Community College April 2-4 (no year given)
OSF2/3 Stay Up With Jerry And Watch The Stars Come Out, the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, KIMO 13 undated
OSF2/4 Jerry Lewis Super Show Live from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Muscular Dystrophy Association, KIMO TV 13 Labor Day Weekend undated
OSF2/5 “The” Telethon Jerry Lewis Extra Special Special Muscular Dystrophy Association Labor Day Weekend, live from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas undated
OSF2/6 Stay Up With Jerry and Watch The Stars Come Out, Jerry Lewis Telethon Labor Day Weekend, Muscular Dystrophy Association, live from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas undated
OSF2/7 Rock “N” Roll For Easter Seals, 2nd Annual Valley Solstice Party, live music by Silvernail, Stratosphere, The Boyz, and other Alaska homegrown bands, Matanuska, Alaska June 21-22 (no year given)
OSF2/8 The Twilight Zone, the Bonnie Advertising Federation Of Alaska undated
OSF2/9 Redd Foxx In Person, presented by Steve London, International Banquet House June 27-28 (no year given)
OSF2/10 5th Annual International World Of Wheels, hosted by Midnight Sun Street Rod Association, Anchorage Convention Center April 11-13 (no year given)
OSF2/11 Art Works Arts Week, presented by the Anchorage Arts Council undated
OSF2/12 KIMO and ATVN Present the 1981-1982 Fall Premiere circa 1981
OSF2/13 Fur Rendezvous On Ice 1981 Diversity In Rhythm, Anchorage Figure Skating Club in cooperation with the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, University Of Alaska Sports Complex 1981 February 20-22
OSF2/14 Ford Bros Circus undated
OSF2/15 Magic Capades Modern Master of Magic and His Company of Wonder Workers undated
OSF2/16 Spring For The Animals Telethon, presented by the Alaska Wildlife And Natural History Museum and UAF Channel 20/37 Multivisions, Alaska Wildlife And Natural History Museum, live April 9 (no year given)
OSF2/17 An Armed Forces Celebration Open House, presented by Elmendorf AFB/Ft. Richardson, Elmendorf July 8 (no year given)
OSF2/18 6th Annual Mat Valley Summer Music Festival, presented by the Mat-Su Valley Musicians Association June 2-3 (no year given)
OSF2/19 1986 Fur Rendezvous, liquor advertisement 1986
OSF2/20 Robert Redford in Anchorage, benefit premier of “All The President’s Men,” Warner Bros, A Warner Communication Company, Fireweed 1 Theater June 25 (no year given)
OSF2/21 Future Visions Galaxy Zoo, A Musical Space Odyssey Revue, A Condor Maclean production, International Banquet House undated
OSF2/22 1978 Rendezvous On Ice “Italian Style,” presented by the Anchorage Figure Skating Club in cooperation with Fur Rendezvous, Ben Boeke Arena 1978 February 11-14
OSF2/23 KHAR Tea Dance With The Anchorage Jazz Ensemble, benefit for the Alaska Repertory Theater 1979 Season, presented by KHAR Heart Radio 59 and Andre’s Custom Tailors, Grand Ballroom Anchorage Westward Hilton 1978 September 10
OSF3/1 Emerald Web, A Magical Fantasy of Celestial Sounds, A Concert of Flutes and Electronic Synthesizers by Emmy Award Winning Artists Bob Stohl and Kat Epple, presented by Magic Song Productions, Sydney Laurence Auditorium June 1 (no year given)
OSF3/2 The Masque Of Beauty and the Beast by Michael Elliot Brill, presented by the Alaska Theater of Youth, East High Auditorium September 6-8, 13-15 (no year given)
OSF3/3 The Matchmaker, A Comedy by Thornton Wilder, directed by Ingrid Schweska, presented by the Theater Guild in conjunction with the 1977 Fur Rendezvous, Sydney Laurence Auditorium 1977 February 10-12, 17-19
OSF3/4 Diamond Studs by Jim Wann and Bland Simpson, directed by Robert J. Farley, presented by the Alaska Repertory Theater, Sydney Laurence Auditorium 1978 March 29-April 9
OSF3/5 Call of the Yukon, presented by The Fur Rondy Players, Shrine Temple February 10-18 (no year given)
OSF3/6 An Evening of 3 One-Act Plays, presented by Red Rooster Theater, sponsored by Eagle River Community College, Hiland Mountain Correctional Center January 14-15 (no year given)
OSF3/7 The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare, presented by The Port City Players, Seward’s Own Community Theater Group, Seward High School Auditorium April 5-7 (no year given)
OSF3/8 Lady House Blues, presented by the Anchorage Community Theater, Grant Hall APU campus October 18-21, 25-27 (no year given)
OSF3/9 Alaska Repertory Theater 1978 Season circa 1977-1978
OSF3/10 Timbuktu, presented by the Anchorage Community Theater, UAA Performing Arts Center April 2-5 (no year given)
OSF3/11 The Masque of Beauty and the Beast by Michael Elliot Brill, presented by the Alaska Theater Of Youth, East High Auditorium September 6-8, 13-15 (no year given)
OSF3/12 The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Directed by Robert Pond, presented by the Anchorage Community Theater in cooperation with Anchorage Community College, Performing Arts Center November 7-9, 13-16 (no year given)
OSF3/13 Jesus Christ Superstar, presented by UAA Theater Anchorage, Alaska, UAA Arts Building 1987 April 22-May 3
OSF3/14 A Premiere, Papa’s Wine by Tony Pace, directed by Robert Pond, presented by the Anchorage Community Theater, APU’s Grant Hall January 28-31, February 4-6 (no year given)
OSF3/15 The Streets Of New York, A Melodrama, presented by the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous and the Arctic Moon Stage Company February 12-21 (no year given)
OSF3/16 Marilyn Monroe, James Dean Halloween Party, sponsored by Pete’s Parties and SRO Productions October 29 (no year given)
OSF3/17 Arms And The Man by George Bernard Shaw, directed By Grant Olson, presented by the Theater Guild, Sydney Laurence Auditorium November 9-12, 16-19 (no year given)
OSF3/18 Three New Directions: An Evening Of 3 One-Act Comedies With Three New Directors, produced by Jim Thompson, Alaska Pacific University – Grant Hall April 6-8, 13-14 (no year given)
OSF3/19 The Music Man by Meredith Wilson, presented by Anchorage Alaska North Stake Theater One Productions, Chugiak Performing Arts Center July 25-27 (no year given)
OSF3/20 The Magic Of Mystery, Theater Guild 1981-1982 season 1981
OSF3/21 Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie, Dimond Little Theater November 15-17 (no year given)
OSF3/22 Shakespeare On The Green 1978 June
OSF3/23 Carousel, The Musical, Dimond High 1980 March 12-15
OSF3/24 Tartuffe, A Comedy by Moliere, a Theater Guild Production, AMU Grant Hall 1978 February
OSF3/25 The Music Man -In The Round,- presented by Dimond High School, Dimond Student Center March 7-10 (no year given)
OSF3/26 Little Mary Sunshine, A Comic Frontier Operetta, presented by the University of Alaska Anchorage, Performing Arts Center 1978 May 26-June 4
OSF3/27 Once Upon A Mattress, A Musical Comedy, directed by Vince Liotta, presented by the Theater Guild, Sydney Laurence Auditorium August (no year given)
OSF3/28 Lucia di Lammermoor, presented by the Anchorage Civic Opera, Sydney Laurence Auditorium 1979 October
OSF3/29 La Boheme, presented by the Anchorage Civic Opera 1977 October
OSF3/30 La Traviata by Verdi, presented by the Anchorage Civic Opera, Sydney Laurence Auditorium 1978 October
OSF3/31 Anchorage Opera, tenth anniversary 1985
OSF3/32 A Flea In Her Ear, directed by Vince Liotta, presented by the UAA Theater Guild, produced for Theater 1, Sydney Laurence Auditorium February (no year given)
OSF4/1 The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert And Sullivan, presented by the Anchorage Civic Opera, Performing Arts Center 1980 March
OSF4/2 Mummenschanz, presented by ICM Artists, West High Auditorium March (no year given)
OSF4/3 Paul Taylor Dance Company, Anchorage Concert Association Discover Dance series, West High Auditorium November (no year given)
OSF4/4 The Nutcracker, presented by the Anchorage Civic Ballet, West High Auditorium November (no year given)
OSF4/5 Peninsula Dancers Tour, in conjunction with KPCC, Performing Arts Center December (no year given)
OSF4/6 The People’s Republic Of China Peking Acrobats, presented by the Anchorage Concert Association, West High Auditorium January (no year given)
OSF4/7 Mummenschanz Mime and More, West High Auditorium February (no year given)
OSF4/8 Pilobolus Dance Theater undated
OSF4/9 KODO One Earth Tour, presented by Kazuko Hillyer in conjunction with the Anchorage Concert association and Exxon March (no year given)
OSF4/10 Oakland Ballet Ronn Guidi, Director undated
OSF4/11 San Francisco Ballet, sponsored by the Anchorage Concert Association, Inc., West High School Auditorium November (no year given)
OSF4/12 San Francisco Ballet, West High Auditorium March (no year given)
OSF4/13 Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Arnold Spohr, Artistic Director undated
OSF4/14 First Chamber Dance Company, sponsored by the Anchorage Concert Association, Inc., West High Auditorium May (no year given)
OSF4/15 The Kodiak Russian Dancers, Sydney Laurence Auditorium October (no year given)
OSF4/16 American Ballet Comedy in “Funny Feet” undated
OSF4/17 Albert Ballet Company undated
OSF4/18 Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal undated
OSF4/19 Cinderella The Crystal Slipper, performed by The Oakland Ballet, presented by the Anchorage Concert Association Discover Dance Series, West High Auditorium April (no year given)
OSF5/1 Anchorage City Character Print [advertising map] 1984
OSF5/2 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater 25 Years undated

Series 8: Clippings files; 1971-1982. 0.2 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
4/3 Alaska Stagecraft 1977-1978, 1982
4/4-6 Alaska Stagecraft, Inc. advertising and articles on the arts undated, 1971-1986
4/7 Sydney Laurence Auditorium 1973-1974

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