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Dove Kull papers

Guide to the Dove Kull papers

Collection number: HMC-0385.
Creator: Kull, Alice “Dove” Montgomery, 1897-1991.
Title: Dove Kull papers.
Dates: 1915-1991.
Volume of collection: 8.8 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Papers of an Alaskan woman active in social work and child welfare roles.

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Biographical note:
Alice “Dove” Montgomery was born near Perry, Oklahoma. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oklahoma (1922), a Master of Arts in English from Columbia University (1927) and a Master of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma (1940). She was a newspaper society and feature editor (1922-1923). She taught English at Fairfax High School (1923-1926); the University of Oklahoma (1927-1933); and Oklahoma City University (1933-1935). She married Alexander E. Kull in 1925. He died in 1953. She entered the field of social work and child welfare during the Depression and worked for various federal and state agencies in Oklahoma (1934-1954) and for the Salvation Army in Oklahoma City (1954-1959). Dove Kull moved to Alaska in 1959 to work in child welfare in the Department of Health and Welfare (1959-1967) in Anchorage and, later, in Juneau. She was instrumental in the establishment of the state’s first accredited child care center(1961). She was a clinical social worker for the Federal Public Health Service at Kotzebue (1967-1968); and the director of Alaska Homemaker Services, Inc. (1968-mid 1970s). Dove Kull was active in working for senior citizen’s and women’s issues and served on several planning and advisory groups. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Older Alaskans Commission (1981), and was an organizer and a president of the Juneau branch of the American Association of Retired Persons. She was also a member of several professional organizations. She received numerous honors and awards including an honorary Doctor of Humanities from the University of Alaska Southeast (1987). She died in Juneau, Alaska in 1991.

Collection description:
The collection consists of papers relating to Dove Kull’s life, her activities in the field of social work and child welfare, her activities on behalf of senior citizen and women’s issues, and her travels. Materials include personal papers, including legal records, honors and commendations, degrees and certificates, employment, and community and volunteer activities; correspondence; unpublished writings, including books, articles, poetry and school papers; travel journals and papers; field trip files; subject files; photographs, including a photograph album, including prints, negatives, and slides; motion picture film; audio tapes, including an interview of Dove Kull by students and teachers at Capitol Elementary School in Juneau; newspaper clippings; scrapbooks; and artifacts and personal memorabilia.

Arrangement:  The collection is divided into eleven series (click on each to go to that part of the guide, or scroll down to see the whole guide):

Series 1. Personal papers; 1916-1991.
Series 2. Correspondence; 1926-1991.
Series 3. Unpublished writings; 1915-1967.
Series 4. Travel journals and papers; 1925-1983.
Series 5. Field trip files; 1960-1974.
Series 6. Subject files; 1938-1991.
Series 7. Photographs and films; 1943-1987.
Series 8. Audiotapes; 1974-1988.
Series 9. Clippings; 1927-1989.
Series 10. Scrapbooks; 1930-1960.
Series 11. Artifacts and personal memorabilia; 1934-1982.

Alternative formats: A VHS reference tape of the motion picture films is available in the collection.

Digitized copies: Selected items from the collection have been digitized and can be viewed on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Copyright to materials authored or created by Dove Kull has been transferred to Archives and Special Collections.

Preferred citation: Dove Kull papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: A few books were removed from the collection and transferred to Rare Books in 2012. Some confidential Oklahoma state government records dating from the time Dove Kull was a social worker in Oklahoma were removed from the collection and sent to the Oklahoma State Archives for disposition in 1993.

Acquisition note: The collection was initially given by Dove Kull to the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Social Work department in 1991 and then transferred to the Archives. A deed of gift was signed James Fisher, Dove Kull’s attorney, in 1991 and papers were added to the collection in 1993 by Mrs. Edna March.

Processing information: This collection was originally arranged and described by Carolyn Bowers in 1992 and 1993. The guide was reformatted to meet current standards by Arlene Schmuland in 2011. Selected photographs were digitized by Arlene Schmuland and Rebecca Gilman. Cataloguing and metadata for the photographs was completed by Arlene Schmuland and Veronica Denison.

Container list:
Series 1: Personal papers; 1916-1991. 0.85 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers relating to Dove Kull’s personal and family life, honors, education, employment, and community activities. It is divided into six subseries: legal papers, which includes Dove Kull’s affidavit of birth, marriage certificate and license, passports, school transcripts and other similar papers; biographical materials, which includes clippings relating to Dove’s husband Alexander Kull, a family history, and other similar papers; honors and commendations, which includes papers on Dove’s University of Oklahoma Hall of Fame nomination, her honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from the University of Alaska Juneau, and other awards and commendations; degrees and certificates, which includes originals and copies of degrees and educational certificates earned by Dove Kull; employment records, which includes resumes, job applications, correspondence, performance evaluations, and other similar records; and community and volunteer activities, which includes records relating to Dove Kull, her life, and her activities in the community. Arranged by type and thereunder chronologically.

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1a: Legal papers; 1925-1987. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1 Affidavit of birth. 1925 April 13
1/2 Marriage vows and license. 1925 June 26
OSF/1 Marriage certificate. 1925 June 26
1/3 School transcripts. 1939-1940, 1953
1/4 Passports. 1961-1987

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1b: Biographical materials; undated, 1928-1991. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/5 Alexander E. Kull clippings and publications 1928-1969
1/6 Baycliff Apartments, Anchorage documents 1960-1961
1/7 Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) ancestral chart. 1975-1991
OSF/2 DAR membership certificate. 1928 March
1/8 Family history. 1979-1980
1/9 University of Oklahoma class notes, grades, and coursework Undated, 1953-1987
1/10 90th birthday party guest book. 1987 May 14
1/11 Dove Kull biography Undated
OSF/3 Certificate from Wien Airlines certifying that “Mrs Dave [sic] M. Kull has crossed the Arctic Circle.” 1963 September 27

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1c: Honors and commendations; 1930-1990. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/12 University of Oklahoma Hall of Fame nomination. 1977-1985
1/13 University of Alaska Juneau Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree. 1987 May
1/14 Other honors and commendations. 1930-1990

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1d: Degrees and certificates; 1916-1973. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/15 Pawhuska High School diploma (copy) and valedictorian address. 1916
OSF/4-5 University of Oklahoma Bachelor of Arts diploma and certificate. 1922-1923
1/OSF/6 Columbia University Master of Arts diploma. 1927
1/16 State of Oklahoma public schools teaching certificate. 1925
1/17 University of Oklahoma Master of Social Work diploma and certificate. 1940
1/18 Other certificates. 1966, 1973

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1e: Employment records; undated, 1929-1988. 0.3 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/19 Resumes and job applications. Undated
1/20 University of Oklahoma employment records. 1929, 1932-1935
1/21 Oklahoma Child Welfare Division job evaluations and leave requests. 1949-1951
1/22 State of Oklahoma outline of experience and job application. Circa 1952
1/23 Federal employment resumes and job applications. 1953
1/24 Salvation Army employment records. 1954-1959
1/25 Alaska Dept. of Public Welfare employment letters. 1959
1/26 Alaska Dept. of Health and Welfare leave requests, job evaluations, and other employment documents. 1961-1967
1/27 U.S. Public Health Service job application and employment records, Kotzebue. 1967
1/28 Resumes. 1988

Series 1: Personal papers. Subseries 1f: Community and volunteer activities records; 1927-1991. 0.15 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Dates
1/29 1927-1980
1/30 1981-1985
1/31 1986-1991

Series 2: Correspondence; 1926-1991. 1.15 cubic feet.
This series consists primarily of personal correspondence between Dove Kull and various family and friends in and out of Alaska. There also are copies of Christmas cards sent by Dove Kull, incoming files of correspondence and Christmas cards, invitations received by her, and address books. Arranged by type.

Series 2: Correspondence. Subseries 2a: Outgoing correspondence; undated, 1926-1990. 0.1 cubic feet.
Arranged by type, thereunder chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/32 Alaskan correspondence. Undated, 1960-1987
1/33 Non-Alaskan correspondence. 1928, 1962-1980
1/34 Senior citizens issues correspondence. 1977-1979
1/35 Outgoing Christmas cards. 1926-1990

Series 2: Correspondence.Subseries 2b: Invitations and address books; undated, 1963-1991. 0.05 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/36 Invitations. 1963-1991
1/37 Address books. undated

Series 2: Correspondence. Series 2b: Incoming correspondence and Christmas cards; undated, 1943-1991. 1.0 cubic feet.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/1 American Association of Retired Persons. Undated, 1988
2/2 Adams, Herb and Delores (“Dee”). Undated, 1989-1990
2/3 Alter, Joe and Catherine. Undated, 1988-1991
2/4 Auina, Valani and Margaret. 1979-1991
2/5 Bacon, Floyd and Lola. undated
2/6 Baucum, Inez. undated
2/7 Bechtold, Alvin and Mabel. 1989-1991
2/8 Becker, Patti. undated
2/9 Benson, Harland and Connie. undated, 1989-1990
2/10 Berbaum, Dorothy. 1989, 1990
2/11 Best, Earl and Ethel. undated, 1989
2/12 Bie, La Preal. undated
2/13 Bocachica, Dr. John and Jocelyn. undated, 1989
2/14 Bock, Ruth. undated; 1989-1991
2/15 Borchick, Frieda. 1990
2/16 Braman, Harvey and Sylvia. undated, 1989-1991
2/17 Bucholz, Marie. undated, 1989-1991
2/18 Buffin, Arlene. 1989
2/19 Burke, Patti. undated, 1989
2/20 Carey, Verda. undated
2/21 Carson, Tom and Anne (“Teenie”). undated, 1989-1991
2/22 Chalmers, Marie. undated, 1990
2/23 Clark, Jim and Susan. 1989, 1990
2/24 Cleveland, Harlan and Ethel. 1989, 1990
2/25 Collier, Lillian. 1989, 1990
2/26 Cornelius, Ann. undated
2/27 Cowper, Gov. Steve and Michael. undated, 1989
2/28 Curtis, Claudette. undated
2/29 Davis, Dr. Tom and Barb. undated, 1986, 1990
2/30 Dibble, Louise C. undated, 1986
2/31 Diebels, Kay. undated
2/32 Draper, Lloyd and Helen. 1988-1990
2/33 Emerson, Paul. undated, 1980, 1989
2/34 Fairbanks Native Association. undated
2/35 Farris, Lucille. undated, 1990, 1991
2/36 Fenner, Theo (Mrs. Robert) and Robbie Keeler (Dave). undated, 1990, 1991
2/37 Fenske, Virginia. undated, 1988-1991
2/38 Fisher, James E. and Helen. 1988
2/39 Flint, Donna. undated
2/40 Franks, Selby. undated, 1989, 1990
2/41 Freedman, Don and Elinor. 1978, 1988, 1990, 1991
2/42 Freer, Peter and Sharon (Gaiptman). undated, 1989
2/43 Fuhrman, Howard and Jackie. undated, 1990, 1991
2/44 Gary, Gov. Raymond. undated
2/45 Gerhard, Lauraine. undated, 1990, 1991
2/46 Glacier Valley Baptist Church. undated
2/47 Grafton, Lou and Esther. 1989-1991
2/48 Griffin, Tish. undated
2/49 Haight, Dick and Eve. undated, 1989
2/50 Harder, Mary. undated, 1988, 1989
2/51 Hawkins, Mary. undated, 1989
2/52 Heath, Grace. 1989, 1990
2/53 Heath, Hazel. 1989, 1990
2/54 Hickel, Gov. Walter. 1991
2/55 Hill, Vincent and Maxine. 1982, 1983, 1991
2/56 Hite, Ernest and Betty. undated, 1991
2/57 Hotch, Laura K. undated, 1972
2/58 Hoyle, Frances. 1989-1991
2/59 Hubbel, Polly (Mrs. Richard). 1989-1991
2/60 Jarvis, Marcia. undated, 1988, 1991
2/61 Jones, Lem and Maye. undated, 1988
2/62 Jones, Melgar and Va. undated, 1962, 1991
2/63 Josephson, Sen. Joe. undated
2/64 Josten, Lester and Betty. undated, 1988, 1989
2/65 Juneau Pioneers’ Home—Residents. undated, 1989
2/66 Jungk, John and Shirley. undated, 1989-1991
2/67 Justin, Ana. undated, 1987-1990
2/68 Kelly, Art and Emily. undated, 1990
2/69 Kelly, Mr. James. undated, 1990
2/70 Knapke, Thomas. undated, 1988, 1989
2/71 Knight, Judy. undated, 1989
2/72 Kull, Donald and Hildren. undated, 1989, 1990
2/73 Kull, John and Judith. undated, 1969, 1987-1991
2/74 Kussart, Don R. and Janet. undated
2/75 Lampshire, Wayne and Dorothy. undated, 1988-1990
2/76 Larzelere, Jan (Mrs. James). 1989-1991
2/77 Leighty, Wayne and Fern. 1989, 1990
2/78 Lemery, Eugene and Noreen. 1988-1991
2/79 Lennox, Curtis and Jerry. undated
2/80 Light, Dick and Judy. undated, 1988-1990
2/81 Lind, Chancellor Marshall and Lois. undated, 1990
2/82 Lingley, Paul and SueAnn. undated, 1982, 1988, 1991
2/83 Logan, Eunice. undated
2/84 Love, Claude and Mary Lou. undated, 1989
2/85 Luna, John and LeAnn. 1991
2/86 Lytner, Edna. undated, 1985, 1988-1991
2/87 Magann, Frances. undated, 1988-1991
2/88 March, Edna C. undated, 1989-1991
2/89 Marshall, Eileen. undated, 1968, 1969, 1989, 1991
2/90 Martin, Grace E. undated, 1989, 1990
2/91 Marvin, Frances. undated
2/92 Mathias, Lillian. undated
2/93 Meier, Lois E. undated, 1988, 1989
2/94 Metcalf, Joe and Angela. undated
2/95 Miller, Gerry and Linda. undated
2/96 Minion, Sarah. undated
2/97 Miscellaneous unidentified correspondence. undated, 1952-1991
2/98 Mitchell, Bob and Phyllis. undated, 1989-1991
2/99 Montgomery, Harold and Ernestine. undated, 1943, 1989
2/100 Moon, Col. Floyd and Mary. 1989-1991
2/101 Moore, Cecil and Dorothy Dove. undated, 1988-1990
2/102 Moore, Sally Dove. undated, 1988-1991
2/103 Mortensen, Margaret. undated, 1965, 1973, 1988-1991
2/104 Mortensen, William C. 1988, 1989
2/105 Moss, Kenneth and Connie (Stewart). undated, 1990
2/106 Mountain View Senior Center. undated
2/107 Mullin, Bill and “Freddie”. undated, 1991
2/108 Murkowski, Senator Frank. 1988
2/109 Odsather, Estella (Mrs. Louis). 1989
2/110 Older Alaskans Commission. 1990
2/111 Olsen, Harry and Maye. undated, 1977, 1986, 1988-1990
2/112 Olson, Wally and Marie. undated, 1988, 1990
2/113 Pair, Carolyn (Mrs. Chas. F.) undated, 1989
2/114 Partlow, George and Linda (McCarger). undated
2/115 Peterson, Doug and Ruth. 1975-1980, 1989, 1990
2/116 Peterson, Drew and Sue. undated, 1989, 1990
2/117 Peterson, Harold “Pete” and Joanne. 1987-1991
2/118 Pierce, Grace. 1988, 1989
2/119 Pioneers of Alaska. undated
2/120 Powell, Orbun and Henrietta. 1977, 1989, 1990
2/121 Power, Barry and Mary. 1989
2/122 Pritchard, Bill and Ann. undated, 1989, 1991
2/123 Quinn, Paul and Anne. undated, 1961, 1988-1991
2/124 Read, Patrick and Sheridan. 1988-1991
2/125 Reese, Irene (deceased), Reese, George (brother). 1989
2/126 Roberts, Irene. undated, 1989-1991
2/127 Robinson, Alberta. undated, 1989-1991
2/128 Robison, James and Carolyn. undated
2/129 Rogers, David and Caren (Robinson). undated
2/130 Ronn, Anna Marie. 1964, 1965, 1983, 1989-1991
2/131 Salvation Army. undated, 1990
2/132 Scheetz, Alice. 1983, 1988-1991
2/133 Schmidt, Violet. 1986, 1988-1991
2/134 Scoggin, Arlo and Evelyn. undated, 1989
2/135 Sekstrom, Howard and June. 1988, 1989
2/136 Shaffer, John and Barbara. 1989, 1990
2/137 Shanks, Laura. undated
2/138 Sheffield, Gov. Bill. 1985
2/139 Sheldon, Eldridge and Arla. 1988
2/140 Sherren, Ruth. 1988-1991
2/141 Sipe, Connie (& Jeanne). undated, 1989
2/142 Sloan, Virginia (deceased), Sloan, Marguerite. undated, 1989
2/143 Smith, Gene and “Ing”. 1984, 1989-1991
2/144 Smith, Jr., Gomer and Betty. undated, 1973, 1982, 1990
2/145 Sourdough Gems. undated, 1990, 1991
2/146 Spence, Zelma. 1989
2/147 Stevens, Senator Ted. 1989, 1990
2/148 Terwilliger, Mellie. undated
2/149 Turner, Vera. 1988-1991
2/150 Ulmer, Fran. undated, 1990, 1991
2/151 Victor, Marilyn. undated
2/152 Watson, Timothee “Timmie.” undated
2/153 Widmark, Emma. undated, 1989
2/154 Wilson, Howard. undated, 1988, 1990
2/155 Wynn, Carmen. undated

SERIES 3: Unpublished writings; undated, 1915-1967. 0.5 cubic feet.
This series consists of Dove Kull’s unpublished books, articles, poetry, school papers including Dove Kull’s masters thesis from Columbia University, and notes. Subjects include FERA and the Great Depression, Alaska and Alaskan life, and the Salvation Army. Arranged by type.

Series 3: Unpublished writings. Subseries 3a: Book manuscripts; 1934. 0.2 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/1-2 “A Government Bas-Relief.” Circa 1934
3/3-4 “The Relief Corps.” 1934

Series 3: Unpublished writings. Subseries 3b: Articles; undated, 1928-1967. 0.1 cubic feet.
Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/5 “A Cheechako from Oklahoma works in Alaska.” Undated
3/6 “An unconquered spirit paints.” 1967
3/7 “The baby.” Circa 1928
3/8 “Buckskin Liz, my friend.” Undated
3/9 “FERA story.” 1935
3/10 “Grizzly.” 1958-1960
3/11 “Hyak, mush!” Circa 1959
3/12 “My word.” 1933
3/13 “Out of the 49th state—the reindeer!” Undated
3/14 “Preserving the spiritual traditions of the Salvation Army in the family welfare field.” Circa 1959
3/15 Untitled. undated

Series 3: Unpublished writings. Subseries 3c: Poetry; 1915-1918. 0.05 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/16 Poems. 1915-1918

Series 3: Unpublished writings. Subseries 3d: School papers; 1927, 1930. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/17 Master’s thesis: “The family tree of tabloids, etc.” Columbia University. Circa 1927
3/18 Various school papers, University of Oklahoma Master of Social Work degree. Circa 1940

Series 3: Unpublished writings. Subseries 3e: Notes; undated. 0.05 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/19 Notes on FERA and the Great Depression. Undated
3/20 Notes, undescribed. Undated

Series 4: Travel journals and papers; 1925-1983. 0.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of journals kept by Dove Kull during various trips abroad and in Alaska. Included are journals from her trips to England and Europe (1925), the Pribilof Islands (1959), Valdez and other places in Alaska (1960-1961), Asia (1961), Russia and Scandinavia (1964), Haiti (1977), Tahiti (1979), and other places. Included with some of the journals are articles, tourist information, and other similar papers. Arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/21 Journals, trip to England and Europe. 1925
3/22 Journal, New York/Columbia University. 1926-1927
3/23 Ship’s log, trip to the Pribilofs. 1959 May
3/24 Journal, trips to Valdez and other places. 1959 August-1961 June
3/25-26 Journal and papers, trip to the Orient. 1961 July-August
3/27-28 Journal and papers, trip to Russia and Scandinavia. 1964 May-July
3/29 Travel notes, various. Undated, 1976 June
3/30 Journal, trip to Haiti. 1977
3/31 Journal, trip to Tahiti. 1979 September 16-October 16
3/32 Journal, senior intern, Washington, D.C. 1983

Series 5: Field trip files; 1960-1974. 0.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of papers relating to Dove Kull’s field trips to various villages and communities in Alaska as part of her work as a social worker with the Alaska Department of Health and Welfare. The papers include trip summaries, community descriptions, notes, and other similar types of records. Arranged alphabetically by name of location.

Box/Folder Location Dates
3/33 Aleutians. 1960
3/34 Ambler. 1968 July 27-August 1
3/35 Brevig Mission. 1967 May 8-12
3/36 Elim. Undated
3/37 Gambell. 1968 July 9-12
3/38 Healy, Copper Center, Valdez. 1974 September 13-28
3/39 Kivilina. Undated
3/40 Kobuk. 1968 July 31-August 1
3/41 Kotzebue and related areas. 1966-1968
3/42 Koyuk. Undated
3/43 Little Diomede. Undated
3/44 Noatak. Undated
3/45 Noorvik. 1968 September 27-29
3/46 Northeast Cape. Undated
3/47 Savoonga. 1960 November 4, 1968 July 9-17
3/48 Selawick. 1967 September 18-22
3/49 Shungnak. 1968 August
3/50 Unalakleet. 1968 April 30-May 3
3/51 Wales (Prince of). Undated

Series 6: Subject files; 1938-1991. 1.3 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers relating to organizations in which Dove Kull was involved, people, commissions on which she served, and issues in which she was involved. Included are records concerning the American Association of Retired Persons, the Alaska Women’s Commission, AWARE, child welfare, the Alaska Department of Health and Welfare, Home Health Service, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Longevity Bonus Bill, the Older Alaskan’s Commission, women’s issues, senior housing, the Works Progress Administration, and other subjects. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box/Folder Subject Dates
4/1 AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). 1978-1988
4/2 Aging in Alaska. 1978-1989
4/3 Alaska Homemaker Service, Inc. 1968-1988
4/4 Alaska Legislature. 1981-1989
4/5 Alaska Native artists. 1963-1986
4/6 Alaska State Housing Authority. 1981-1982
4/7 Alaska Women’s Commission. 1976-1989
4/8 American Association of Social Workers. 1979
4/9 American Association of University Women. 1983-1984
4/10 AWARE (Aid to Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies), Juneau. 1978-1989
4/11 Chapman, Nina. 1981
4/12 Children, welfare of. 1960-1966
4/13 Community development program, City and Borough of Juneau. 1978-1989
4/14 Egan, William. Undated, 1984, 1988
4/15 Equal Rights Amendment. 1977-1979, 1983
4/16 Hammond, Governor Jay. Undated, 1978, 1981-1982, 1987
4/17 Haiti. 1978, 1987
4/18 Health and Welfare, Alaska Dept. of. 1959-1986
4/19 Health Care, Governor’s Interim Commission on, report. 1988 May
4/20 Home Health Service. 1970, 1979-1980
4/21 Human resources, U.S. Senate Committee on. 1979
4/22 Indian Affairs, Bureau of. 1964, 1978, 1981, 1988
4/23 International Women’s Year-Alaska Conference. 1977-1979
4/24 Jesse Lee Home for Children, Seward. 1965
4/25 Longevity bonus bill. 1989
4/26 Mendenhall Apartments, Juneau. 1975-1976
4/27 Miscellaneous materials. Undated, 1967-1991
4/28 National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Alaska Chapter. 1986-1990
4/29 National Women’s Conference, Houston, Texas. 1977 November 18-21
4/30 Nigeria, West Africa-“Letting in the Light,” report of the Ogbomosho Baptist Hospital and Leper Colony. 1936
4/31 Older Alaskans Commission minutes. 1988 June 2-5
4/32-34 Older Alaskans Commission memoranda, articles. Undated, 1976-1989
4/35 Older Alaskans Commission publications. Undated, 1988-1991
4/36 Patrick Mary, Sister. 1987
4/37 Pribilofs and Aleutian Islands. Undated, 1948-1982
4/38 Refugee Relief Program, Oklahoma. 1955
4/39 Salvation Army. 1960-1989
4/40 Senior Citizens’ Advisory Committee. 1978-1984
5/1 Senior housing–Catered Living, Inc. 1980
5/2 Senior housing—congregate. 1977-1979
5/3 Senior housing–Gerontological Planning Associates. 1980-1981
5/4 Senior housing–information sources. Undated, 1982
5/5-6 Senior housing–Mountain View Apartments, Juneau. 1975-1989
5/7-8 Senior housing–Pioneer Home. Undated, 1984, 1988-1989
5/9 Senior housing–residential care. 1979-1980
5/10 Sheffield, Governor Bill. 1983
5/11 Simpson, Belle. 1964-1976
5/12 Soboleff, Walter–Tlingit culture. 1962, 1976
5/13 Social services, Oklahoma. 1934, 1952
5/14 Status of Women, Alaska Commission on. Undated, 1977-1978, 1982, 1988
5/15 U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. 1980-1981, 1988-1989
5/16 University of Alaska Anchorage, Dove Kull/Social Work Club Endowment Fund. 1989
5/17 Works Progress Administration. 1938
5/18 Women of the Year, Juneau Business and Professional Women’s Club, U.S.A. 1981, 1983-1984

SERIES 7: PHOTOGRAPHS AND FILMS; 1943-1987. 3.7 cubic feet.
This series consists primarily of photographs, negatives, and over nine thousand color slides (mostly 35mm) slides taken by Dove Kull and friends during her life and activities in Alaska. Subjects include family and friends; views in and around Juneau and other Alaskan towns and villages; Alaskan scenery; senior housing in Juneau; Alaska Homemaker Health Service training classes; the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair; travel in Washington State and other parts of the U.S.; and trips to Canada and other foreign countries and other subjects. There is also 8mm motion picture film, a videocassette of Dove Kull’s appearance on the local television feature series, Rain Country, and a photographic album from her trip to England and Europe in 1925. Arranged by type, thereunder chronologically or by location or topic.

Series 7. Photographs and films. Subseries 7a: Photographs and negatives; 1943-1987. 0.6 cubic feet.
This series includes 207 black and white prints, 542 color prints, 46 black and white negatives, 370 color negatives, plus an album of photographs and four sets of photo postcards. The photographs are grouped by location or topic and are arranged roughly chronologically, followed by the album and the postcards.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/19 Key West. Undated
5/20 Eklutna cemetery. Undated
5/21 VIP photographs including Governors Bill Egan, Jay Hammond, and Bill Sheffield. Undated
5/22 Trip to Portage Glacier. 1958
5/23 Connie Bremson and children, sled dog team, and weight pulling dog. 1958, 1960
5/24 Dove Kull and friends in Juneau, Wrangell, and Anchorage. Undated, 1959-1967
5/25 Palmer, Matanuska valley, Valdez, including John Slickman II and Totemoff children. 1960 July
5/26 Iola’s wedding and Noreen Paulson Limory’s wedding shower, Juneau, Alaska. 1961-1962
5/27 Hooper Bay. 1965
5/28 Bethel housing and residents, Mrs. Lein and flower garden. 1964, 1966
5/29 Recruiting photographs: Dove Kull and Alaskan scens. 1959, 1961, 1967
5/30 Dove Kull portraits and family photographs. Undated, 1943-1968
5/31 St. Paul and St. George Islands. Undated
5/32 Oakland Conference on Drugs. 1973
5/33 Trip with Mary Hawkins. 1974 October
5/34 Anchorage to Fairbanks trip and ferry to Whittier, including McKinley National Park, Chistochina, Tok, Nenana, and North Pole. 1974 October
5/35 Trip to Glacier Bay. 1975
5/36 Maui. 1976
5/37 Mountain View Senior Housing, Juneau. Construction and opening ceremony with ribbon cutting by Governor Jay Hammond. 1977
5/38 Sandy Beach Democratic picnic. 1978
5/39 Shriners’ picnic. 1978 July
5/40 Kotzebue. 1967, 1984.
5/41 Alaska State Housing, Senior Housing. 1984
5/42 Fourth of July Parade, Juneau. 1985
5/43 Cousins in Wichita, Kansas. 1986
5/44 Dove Cottage, Dove’s 90th birthday. 1987
5/45 University of Alaska Juneau commencement ceremony awarding Dove Kull an honorary doctorate of humanities. 1987
5/46 Di Teng Cheng, Taipei, Taiwan, Formosa. 1982
5/47 Dove ice fishing. Undated
5/48 Dove Kull, friends, travel, including Anchorage, Angoon, Bethel, Hooper Bay, Juneau, Kotzebue, Palmer, Seldovia, Seward, and Taku Lodge. Undated, 1956-1983
9/1 Album from trip to England and Europe. 1925
5/49 Postcards of trip to China and Japan. undated
OSF/7-8 Photographs of Dove Kull and Fairfax High School (Fairfax, Oklahoma) senior girls’ class circa 1925

Series 7. Photographs and films. Series 7b: Color slides; 1949-1982. 2.8 cubic feet. (9,489 slides, primarily 35 mm).
Slides are grouped by location or topic and are arranged roughly chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/50-53 Family, 164 slides. Includes photographs of Chet and Dove, cousins, family weddings, visits with family. Locations include Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Alaska. Undated, 1949-1978
5/54 Friends, 139 slides. Locations include Indiana, California, Denver, and Alaska. Individuals include Kay Smith, Bill and Betty Meredith, Gordon Cuvnart, Dr. Toliver, Bob and Agnes Hampton, and Nancy Crume. Undated, 1970-1982.
5/55 Alaska Homemaker Health Service training classes, 151 slides. Locations include Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau. Undated, 1967, 1970-1972.
5/56 American Association of University Women spring luncheon, 28 slides. 1973
5/57 Robert Mayokuk, The Gilded Cage, 9 2 inch by 2 inch slides. 1960
5/58 Alcan, 17 slides. 1961
5/59 In and around Juneau, 220 slides.  Locations include downtown, Taku Lodge, and Mendenhall Glacier. Individuals and subjects include Sylvia and Harvey Braman, parades, and cruise ships. 1960-1963
5/60 In and around Juneau, 203 slides. 1963-1965
6/1 In and around Juneau, 223 slides. 1966-1968
6/2 In and around Juneau, 193 slides. 1969-1974
6/3 In and around Juneau, 121 slides. Undated, 1976-1982
6/4 Southeast Alaska, 98 slides. Locations include Hoonah, Wrangell, Angoon, Petersburg, Sitka, Yakutat, and Haines. 1960-1964
6/5 Ketchikan totem poles, 28 slides. 1962 July
6/6 Tracy Arm, 65 slides. 1961-1965
6/7 Saxman, Wrangell, Greenland, 22 slides. 1964
6/8 Hoonah, Hoonah daycare, 40 slides. 1963-1965
6/9 Yakutat, 31 slides. Undated, 1960-1963
6/10 Sitka, 14 slides. Undated, 1960-1965
6/11 Admiralty Island, brown bears, 62 slides. 1974
6/12 Glacier Bay by three day boat trip and flyover, 81 slides. 1963
6/13 Anchorage, Portage Glacier, Seward, and the Jesse Lee home, 92 slides. Undated, 1959-1964
6/14 Anchorage earthquake, 13 slides. 1964
6/15 Kenai Peninsula, 32 slides. 1959-1960
6/16 Whittier, Seward, and the Anchorage area, 20 slides. Undated, 1958, 1960
6/17 Palmer, Wasilla, Willow, and Susitna, 90 slides. Undated, 1959-1962
6/18 Valdez and trip to Valdez, 54 slides. 1959-1961
6/19 Fairbanks, 44 slides. Individuals include an unnamed Fairbanks RN, Patsy Underwood, the Doug Petersons, and the Veazeys. 1960-1975
6/20 Aleutian chain, 109 slides. Seward to Point Graham. 1960, 1962
6/21 Aleutian chain, 87 slides. Locations include Chugach Pass, Chignik, Unga, Perryville, Castle Rock, King Cove, Belkofski, Old Whaling Harbor, Akutan, Nikolski, and Dutch Harbor. Undated, 1960
6/22 St. Paul Island, 80 slides. 1962-1963
6/23 Bethel, Hooper Bay, 157 slides. Images include fish camps, tundra, and individuals. Undated, 1964-1965
6/24 Nome and vicinity, 134 slides. 1951-1968
6/25 University of Alaska aerial, Dillingham, 33 slides. 1963-1964
6/26 Whitehorse Sourdough Festival, 54 slides. 1964 February
6/27 Kotzebue, 29 slides. 1969
6/28 Gambell, 11 slides with numbered list of captions. Undated
6/29 Kotzebue, Savoonga, Shishmaref, Selawick and Unalakleet, 143 slides. Includes Christmas dinner at the US Public Health Service Hospital in Kotzebue and the Espenberg Reindeer Station. 1967-1968
6/30 Kotzebue, Gambell, Brevig Mission, Point Hope, 109 slides. Includes dancing, blanket toss, and the Point Hope Whale Festival. 1968 June
6/31 Anderson, Kotzebue, Ambler, Noatak River, and Kobuk, 137 slides. Includes dances, a Beluga whale, Arctic daisies, 4th of July celebration in Kotzebue, and jade. 1968 July-August
6/32 Noorvik, Nome, Gambell, Kotzebue, and Savoonga, 62 slides. Includes tundra and a farewell party at Kotzebue. 1968 September-November
6/33 Arctic areas, 56 slides. 1960-1963
6/34-36 Seattle World’s Fair, 411 slides. Includes commercially produced slides of the Fair. 1962-1963
6/37 Space Needle, Seattle, 45 slides. 1961-1965
6/38 Seattle Christmas, 54 slides. 1960-1968
6/39 Seattle, 106 slides. Includes freeway construction, sunsets, waterfront, yacht parade, the Lake Washington floating bridge (I-90), Lake Union and drydock. 1958-1978
6/40 Seattle area, 37 slides. 1980 September
6/41 Woodland Park Zoo, 80 slides. Includes zoo animals. 1960-1965
6/42 Rainier Brewery, 16 slides. 1963
6/43 Washington state and British Columbia area trips, 246 slides. Includes Yakima, Clear Water Falls, Mt. Baker, Nooksack Falls, Mt. Shuksan, Lake Merritt, Steven Pass, Vancouver B.C., Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, Capilano Dam Bridge, Mt. Garibaldi, Shannon Falls, Horseshoe Bay, Portland Zoo, Salem, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Paradise, Harrison Hot Springs, Laek Wenatchee, and Grand Coulee Dam. 1960-1962
6/44 Washington state trips, 170 slides. Includes Puget Sound, Lake Chelan, Leavenworth, Blake Island, Mt. Index, Destruction Island, and Rainbow Falls. 1971-1974
6/45 Washington state, 56 slides. 1959-1961
6/46 Puyallup Fair, 11 slides. Undated
6/47 Rose Parade, Portland, 51 slides. 1963, 1964
6/48 Lilac Parade, Spokane, 24 slides. 1963
6/49 Sea Fair, Seattle, 52 slides. 1959-1963
6/50 Daffodil Parade, 34 slides. 1959, 1962
7/1-3 Washington, Oregon, and Idaho trips, 395 slides. Includes Skagit, Mt. Baker, Diablo Dam, Grand Coulee Dam, Hood Canal, Wanapum Dam, Whidby Island, Deception Pass, Tacoma, Stevens Pass, Oregon coats, Snake River, Lewiston, Palouse Falls, Apple Blossom Parade in Wenatchee, Rose Parade in Portland, Coupeville, Longacres Race Track, railway trip to Quesnel-Barkerville, Stanley Park, Portland Zoo, Edmonds, Everett, Mukilteo, Mt. Erie, and Woodland Park. 1960-1965
7/4-6 California, Mexico, and Oregon trips, 429 slides. Includes Mt. Shasta, Sutter’s Fort, Sacramento, Yosemite, Fresno, Sequoia National Park, Tokopah Falls, Morrow Rock, Boyden Caves, Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Encinada, Balboa Park, San Diego, Marineland, Solvang, Lompoc, San Simeon, Hearst Castle, Carmel, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, Oregon rain forest, sand dune rides in Oregon, Port Orchard, San Francisco Bay, Mt. Tamalpias, Fleischaker Zoo, Top of the Mark, 16 Mile Drive, Big Sur, and Mt. Shasta. 1961, 1965
7/7 Washington, D.C., 53 slides. 1958, 1964
7/8 Honolulu and Kauai, 93 slides. Includes hydroplane time trials. 1961
7/9-10 Southwest national parks trips, 385 slides. Includes Snake River, Salt Lake City, Cedar Breaks, Zion, Red Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Canyonland, Arches National Monument, Ouray, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Reno, Box Canyon, Million Dollar Highway, Silverton, Durango, Death Valley, Mt. Whitney, Lake Tahoe, and Crater Lake. 1964 September
7/11 Montana to Utah trip, 108 slides.  Includes Virginia City, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, Salt Lake City, and Bryce Canyon. 1976 October
7/12 Boston and New England, 219 slides. Includes Boston, Kennebunk, Old Man of the Mountain, covered bridges, Weathersfield, fall colors, and Turnbridge. 1978
7/13 Hawaii, 113 slides. Includes Lahaina. 1980 February-April
7/14-15 Colorado trip, 293 slides.  Includes Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, Steamboat Springs, Estes Park, Vail, Breckenridge, Aspen, Archives National Monument, Arches, Moab, Canyonlands, Salt Lake City, and Toutle River. 1980 October-November
7/16 Arizona trip, 228 slides. Includes, Wahkenna Falls, Horsetail Falls, Klamath Lake, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Mt. Shasta, Shasta City, Old Tucson Village, San Xavier del Bac Mission, cactus, wildlife, flowers, Zion Canyon, and a cattle ranch. 1981 April
7/17-23 Canada trips, 533 slides. Includes British Columbia and Alberta locations including Kamloops, Revelstoke, YoHo National Park, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Calgary, Fort McLeod, Radium Hot Springs, Okanagan Valley, Victoria, and Vancouver Island. 1962-1980
7/24-25 Orient trips, 175 slides. Includes Japan, Okinawa, Formosa, Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Macau, and Manila. 1961
7/26 Copenhagen, Denmark and Finland trip, 72 slides. 1964 May
7/27 Sweden trip, 75 slides. Includes Stockholm,Vaiberg, and Ronnekullen. 1964 June
7/28 Norway trip, 70 slides. 1964
7/29 Russia trip, 79 slides. Includes Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad. 1964 July
7/30 Italy trip, 38 slides. 1976
7/31 Other Europe photographs, 10 slides. 1976
7/32 Bali and Indonesia trips, 19 slides. 1977 March
7/33 Haiti trip, 109 slides. Includes notes on conditions in Haiti. 1977
7/34 Mexico cruise, 45 slides. Includes the San Diego Zoo. 1978
7/35 Australia and New Zealand trips,136 slides. 1979
8/1-2 China trip, 374 slides. Includes Beijing, Great Wall, Hong Kong, Canton Kweilin Zoo, Weilin, Shanghai. Includes some commercial slide sets. Undated, 1982
8/3 Norway trip, 6 slides. Undated
8/4 Alaskan wildflowers and flowers, 115 slides. 1960-1980
8/5 Mushrooms and flowers, 29 slides. 1980
8/6 Trees and moss, 25 slides. 1980
8/7 Light patterns, 9 slides. 1977
8/8 Various subjects, 20 slides. Includes mushrooms, fall leaves, clouds and fields. 1977-1981
8/9 “Larry” photographs, 16 slides. Includes landscapes, art photos, and the Colorado Rockies. 1975-1981
8/10 Puget C.C. work sessions, Elhi C.C. work sessions, 12 slides. 1976
8/11 Numbered slides, 52 slides. Includes Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Victoria (BC), Crater Lake, Peterson Rock Gardens, Bend (Oregon), Boulder Dam, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Capistrano Mission, Laguna, California Coast, Oakland, Mt. St. Helens, the Dalles, Portland, Whittier and seward. Undated
8/12 Numbered slides, 15 slides. Includes nature dioramas, unidentified museum, TransCanada Highway, Winnipeg Legislature, Madison River Canyon Earthquake site. Undated, 1963
8/13 Lambert Gardens, 10 slides. 1963 June
8/14 Home Show and Flower Show, 9 slides. 1962, 1963
8/15 Rose Garden and Zoo, 18 slides. 1964 June
8/16 Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Boulder Dam, Crater Lake, Peterson Rock Gardens, 16 slides. 1976
8/17 Buddhist Church in Portland, Our Sorrowful Mother Grotto, Dalles Dam, Portland Shipping Center, Bryce Canyon, Columbia River, Red Canyon, and St. George, 22 slides. Undated, 1960
8/18 Commercial travel slides, 38 slides. Includes Prince William Sound, Redwood Highway (California), Historic Philadelphia, Alaskan scenery and subjects. Undated, 1973
8/19 Other slides, 29 slides. 1960-1980

Series 7. Photographs and films. Series 7c: Motion picture film and videotape; undated, 1962, 1967. 0.3 cubic feet.

Box/Item Description Dates
8/20 Reference videotape of 8mm film. 1962, 1967
10/1 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 2.5 minutes. Includes aerial pan of southeast Alaska and humpback whale. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Undated
10/2 “Bambi, Wrangell” 8 mm color film reel, 1.65 minutes. Includes a couple bottle-feeding a young deer. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. 1962
10/3 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 3 minutes. Addressed to Dove Kull, includes Inupiat natives at a celebration, cutting and handing out muktuk, blanket tossing, and butchering whale meat. Location unknown. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/4 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 3 minutes. Addressed to Dove Kull, includes Inupiat natives at a celebration, butchering whale meat, blanket tossing, drumming, dancing, and sea ice breaking up. Location unknown. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/5 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 3 minutes. Addressed to Dove Kull, includes Inupiat natives launching whale boats, whale bone grave markers, village and villagers. Location unknown. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/6 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 3 minutes. Addressed to Dove Kull, includes icebergs and glaciers in Prince William Sound and aerial images of a village in snow. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/7 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 3 minutes. Addressed to Dove Kull, includes aerial footage of frozen tundra and villages, and sea ice and a sunset. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/8 Untitled 8mm color film reel, 0.5 minutes. Includes an interior view of a village school and a man mushing a dog team in summer. Original film located in film storage. Please use VHS reference tape for viewing. Circa 1967
10/9 Mini-DV master tape of 8mm film. Located in film storage.
8/21 “Helping one another” episode of “Rain Country” local television feature series with an interview of Dove Kull, produced by Scott Foster for KTOO TV, Juneau. On ¾ inch videotape, 8 minutes. Undated

Series 8: Audiotapes; 1974-1988. 0.2 cubic feet (5 60-minute audiocassettes.)
This series consists of audiocassette recordings of various subjects. It includes an interview of Dove Kull by students and teachers at Capitol Elementary School in Juneau. The series also includes a recording of a Alaska Homemaker Program Health Aide Service Corporation board meeting, a speech by Mario Cuomo to the Democratic National Convention, and a home recording of fiddle and banjo music by George McCurry and Glenn and Emmett McCurry (relatives of Dove Kull). Arranged roughly chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
8/22 “Uncle George McCurry.” Fiddle and banjo music, possibly recorded off a home recording. Sound quality only fair. 1943 March
8/23 “Glen and Emmett McCurry, Glen Fiddle.” Fiddle and banjo music. Sound quality only fair. 1978 May 30
8/24 Alaska Homemaker Program Health Aide Service Corporation board meeting. 1976 June 28
8/25 “Dove Kull, Capitol School.” Interview of Dove Kull by students and teachers at Capitol Elementary School in Juneau. In the interview Dove talks about social and relief work in Oklahoma, Social Security, and the Depression. 1985 February 7
8/26 “Cuomo Speech.” Home recording of a speech by Mario Cuomo given at the Democratic National Convention. circa 1988

Series 9: Clippings; 1927-1989. 0.2 cubic feet.
This series consists of newspaper clippings concerning Dove Kull, Oklahoma, the Great Depression, Alaska and Alaskan life, women’s issues, senior citizens issues, and other subjects. Arranged roughly chronologically, occasionally by topic or newspaper.

Box/Folder Description Dates
8/27 Clippings. 1928-1980
8/28 Clippings. 1981-1989
8/29 Large newspaper clippings. 1959-1986
8/30 Newspaper clippings on senior citizen and women’s issues. 1977, 1986-1987
8/31 Tundra Times newspaper clippings. 1968-1979

Series 10: Scrapbooks; circa 1930s-1960. 0.3 cubic feet.
This series consists of two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and articles. One scrapbook concerns FERA and the Great Depression in Oklahoma (circa 1930s), and the other scrapbook concerns Alaska and Anchorage (1959-1960). Arranged chronologically.

Box/Item Description Date
9/2 FERA and the Great Depression scrapbook. circa 1930s, 1959-1960
9/3 Alaska and Anchorage scrapbook. 1959-1960

Series 11: Artifacts and memorabilia; 1934-1982. 0.1 cubic feet.
This series consists of hand painted cards, buttons concerning women’s issues and women’s conferences, souvenirs of Dove Kull’s trip to China in 1982, and other similar materials.

Box/Item Description Dates
8/32 Hand painted cards (2) by Genoa Morris. One unidentified (house by a lake, undated) one identified as “Monarch Lake” (cabin by a lake). 1934
8/33 Buttons: “AAUW for ERA” (metal), “Alaska Women” (ceramic), and “1975 International Women’s Year Equality, Development and Peace, Alaska” (metal). undated, 1975, 1982
8/34 Identification badge for Dove Kull as delegate from Alaska to the National Women’s Conference. 1977
9/4 Picture of Chinese junks, color, hand painted on cloth (original and b&w paper copy). undated
8/35 Souvenirs of China trip. Includes airline schedule and itinerary, travel brochure, phrase cards, luggage tags, doorknob hanger, boarding pass, and Chinese and Japanese coins and currency. 1982
OSF/9 F.H.S. Noise, newsletter of Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Oklahoma. 1923-1925


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