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Neil Risser Bassett papers

Guide to the Neil Risser Bassett papers

Collection number: HMC-0377.
Creator: Bassett, Neil Risser.
Title: Neil Risser Bassett papers.
Dates: 1940-1991.
Volume of collection: 13.8 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers of a Bureau of Land Management official involved with Alaska land issues.

Biographical note:
Neil Risser Bassett was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1928. He received a B.S. in wildlife management from the University of Minnesota in 1949. He also received M.S. degrees in wildlife management from Utah State University (1951) and zoology (wildlife) from the University of California, Berkeley (1956). Bassett served in the U.S. Air Force medical section (1951-1955), and in the National Park Service as a park ranger and park naturalist for three years. He joined the Bureau of Land Management in 1959, serving as a realty specialist in the Los Angeles Land Office (1959-1960), and as a lands and minerals specialist in the Susanville (California) District Office (1960-1967). Bassett came to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1967. He worked in the Alaska Office of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), first as Chief of the Lands Branch (1967-1970) and later as Chief of the Branch of Lands and Minerals (1972-1985) in the Resources Division. In this position, he acted as a coordinator for the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), and was involved in all phases of its implementation. Bassett retired from the Bureau of Land Management in 1985. He married Dorothy Bills in Anchorage in 1974 and was active in the Masons from his induction in Covina, California in 1960, to his death in Anchorage in 1990.

Collection description:
The collection primarily consists of papers which Neil Bassett accumulated during his career with the BLM. The collection includes his personal papers and photographs; conference, seminar, and workshop files; BLM office, reference, and subject files; and ANCSA related files. The BLM office, reference, and subject files concern a variety of land management issues and functions, including easements, land exchanges, minerals, oil and gas leasing, native allotments, navigability, rights-of-way, selections of land, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. The ANCSA files include reference materials, activity reports, meeting minutes, newsletters, annual reports, issue papers, reading files, reviews, studies, and evaluations.

Arrangement: The collection has been arranged into the following parts and series:

Series 1. Personal papers; 1940-1991
Series 2. Photographs; undated, 1953-1989
Series 3. Conference, seminar, and workshop files; 1964-1986
Series 4. Office files; undated, 1952-1982
Series 5. BLM reference and subject files; undated, 1950-1986
Series 6. Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act files; 1971-1986

Digitized copies: Select images have been digitized and are available on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Rights note: Archives holds copyright to materials in the collection created by Bassett. The collection contains material not created by Bassett which may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Preferred citation: Neil Risser Bassett papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Folders containing federal records and correspondence without Bassett’s notes or replies have been removed from the collection. Publications were also removed from the collection and some were added to the Consortium Library’s Rare Books collection. Please ask an archivist for further information.

Related materials: Alaska Native Claims Appeals Board decisions are available on microfiche through  Alaska Resources Library and Information Services (ARLIS). Interior Board Land of Appeals cases are available online: https://www.doi.gov/oha/organization/ibla/Finding-IBLA-Decisions

Acquisition note: The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections by Dorothy M. Bassett in 1991. A deed of gift was signed at that time.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 1995. The guide to the collection was converted to current standards, series combined, and publications removed by Veronica Denison in 2016.

Container list:

Series 1: Personal papers; 1940-1991. 0.1 cubic feet.
The series includes obituaries and a memorial program regarding Bassett’s death; college and university transcripts; discharge papers; personal and professional certificates; newspaper clippings, some which concern Bassett; a resume; Bassett family history; and a bibliography of theses and publications in wildlife science from graduate studies at Utah State University.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Obituaries, memorial program, Alaska Legislature Memoriam, and death certificate 1990-1991
1/2 College and university transcripts 1951, 1958
1/3 Honorable discharge from U.S. Air Force (DD Form 214) 1955
1/4 Certificates and letters concerning social organizations, military schools, Bureau of Land Management training courses, citations, achievements, and length of service, U.S. Civil Service courses 1940-1991
1/5 Copied clippings 1962-1985
1/6 Resume circa 1975
1/7 Family history: “The Bassett Sword” undated
1/8 Theses and Publications Resulting from Graduate Studies in the Department of Wildlife Science, Utah State University, Logan Utah, 1936-1973, compiled by Jessop B. Low, Leader, and Greg Lund, Special Report #29, Utah Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit 1973 July 1

Series 2: Photographs; undated, 1953-1989. 0.01 cubic feet.
This series contains personal and work related photographs that belonged to Bassett. Included in the series are photographs of Bassett’s family, his military services, BLM career and trainings, ANCSA hearings, and Masonic membership. Descriptions were taken from photograph captions when possible. Arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Item Description Dates
1/9 1 School portrait of Bassett about 5 years old undated
1/9 2 Bassett in white U.S. Army medical smock at desk with microscope circa 1954-1955
1/9 3 Medical Laboratory Technician Course, U.S. Air Force class and instructors circa 1953-1954
1/9 4 “Mo” Allen, Los Angeles Land Office Manager 1960
1/9 5 Hesperian Chapter No. 112, Order of the Eastern Star, Susanville, Calif. Installation, includes Neil Bassett (Worthy Patron, 1964) 1963 November 9
1/9 6 School for Administrative Leadership, University of Montana group photo 1969 January
1/9 7 Easement Acquisition Courses I-IV, Course IV, Salt Lake City, Utah, Bureau of Land Management, group photo 1969 November 4
1/9 8 Awards presentation for Trans-Alaska Pipeline work 1970 February 24
1/9 9 Bureau of Land Management Honors Employees for Superior Job Performance, Anchorage, Alaska, group photo (Official BLM photo by Bob Olendorf, including news release and clipping of photo in Anchorage Daily Times) 1971 October 8
1/9 10 Department of the Interior officials listen as Assistant Secretary of the Interior Harrison Loesch opens series of meetings in Anchorage, Alaska, concerning ANCSA (Official BLM photo by Dave Sieber) 1972 February 8
1/9 11 Lands Workshop, Tucson, Arizona, group photo 1973 December
1/9 12 Neil R. Bassett, Worshipful Master, Glacier Lodge No. 303, Anchorage, Alaska 1974 December 19
1/9 13 Lands and Realty Workshop, Sacramento, Calif., group photo 1975 November
1/9 14 Audience at Juneau hearings (ANCSA) 1975 April 10
1/9 15 Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall on Willoughby Street in Juneau, site of BLM hearings (ANCSA) 1975 April 10
1/9 16 BLM ANCSA Hearings at Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Juneau 1975 April 10
1/9 17 Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Sitka, site of ANCSA hearings 1975 April 11
1/9 18 BLM ANCSA Hearings in Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Sitka 1975 April 11
1/9 19 BLM ANCSA Hearings in Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Sitka 1975 April 11
1/9 20 Granting of Transportation Rights-of-Way course, Portland, Oregon, group photo 1976 April
1/9 21 Division of Resources, Branch of Lands and Minerals Management, Navigability “team” unit and individual awards presentation 1980 July 30
1/9 22 Conference of Grand Secretaries, Arlington, Virginia, group photo 1986 February 18
1/9 23 Portrait of Dorothy and Neil Bassett 1989
1/9 24 Frank Bassett, son of Neil R. Bassett undated

Series 3: Conference, seminar, and workshop files; 1964-1986. 1.95 cubic feet.
This series contains files relating to conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses Bassett attended. The files contain information regarding the various events, itineraries, correspondence, and Bassett’s notes. Arranged chronologically.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/10 Urban and Rural Land Planning Training Conference, Reno, Nevada 1965 March 24-30
1/11 Range and Wildlife Technical Training Workshop, Winnemucca, Nevada 1966 May 9-13
1/12 U.S. Civil Service Commission Course, Basic Management Techniques I (Anchorage) 1967 November-December
1/13-14 Easement Acquisition: Course I, Portland, Oregon 1968 June 10-12
1/15 ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Orientation Course, ADP Management Training Institute, Anchorage 1968 July 16-18
1/16 Advanced Easement Negotiations: Course II, Wemme, Oregon 1968 October-November
1/17-18 Easement Principles, Eminent Domain: Course III, Portland, Oregon 1969 May 20-23
1/19 20th Alaska Science Conference, University of Alaska in Fairbanks 1969 August 24-27
1/20 Easement Problem Workshop: Course IV, Salt Lake City, Utah 1969 November 4-6
1/21 Management by Objectives: U.S. Civil Service Commission, Seattle Regional Training Center, Anchorage, Alaska 1970 August 17
1/22 Course in Survey and Drafting Procedures, Land Office Drafting Room 1971 January 18-19
1/23 Lands Workshop, Denver, Colorado 1971 September 20-22
1/24 Seminar on Regional Planning and Incorporation 1972 April 24-26
1/25 BLM Lands Training Session, Fairbanks 1972 July 24-28
1/26 BIA/BLM/Regional Corporation Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1972 September 19-21
1/27 Alaska Program Seminar, Washington, D.C. 1972 November 6-10
1/28 Alaska BLM Management Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1973 January 29-31
1/29-30 Lands Workshop, Tucson, Arizona 1973 December 3-7
1/31 Right-of-Way Cost Recovery Workshop, Reno, Nevada 1974 September 18-19
1/32 Lands and Realty Workshop, Sacramento, California (including later documents) 1973, 1975
1/33 ATROW (Division of Access and Transportation Rights-of-Way) Course 2100-3: Granting of Transportation Rights-of Way, Portland, Oregon 1976 April 20-22
1/34 Organization Management for Managers Course, Anchorage, Alaska 1976 May 26-28
1/35 Administrative Workshop, BLM, Anchorage, Alaska 1976 August 4
1/36 BLM Electric Utility Course, Phoenix, Arizona 1976 November 1-4
2/1-2 Lands and Realty Workshop/Organic Act Conference 1976-1978
2/3 BLM-Alaska Minerals Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1977 February 22-25
2/4-5 Lands and Realty Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1977 April 4-8
2/6-7 Lands and Realty Workshop, Reno, Nevada 1977 November 7-11
2/8-9 ATROW Workshop 1978
2/10 Instream Flow Seminar, Anchorage, Alaska 1978 October 10-13
2/11 Lands and Realty Workshop, Portland, Oregon 1978 November 13-17
2/12-13 Updating a Changing Acquisition Program, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1979 March 19-23
2/14 Alaska Lands Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1979 October 15-18
2/15 Lands and Rights-of-Way Workshop, Riverside, California 1976 October-November
2/16 Minerals Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1980 April 9-11
2/17 Lands and Rights-of-Way Workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1980 November 16-21
2/18 Navigability Workshop, Anchorage, Alaska 1981 June 24-26
2/19 Pipeline Systems Short Course, Durango, Colorado 1982 October 4-8
2/20 Oil and Gas Leasing and Conveyances Workshop, Anchorage, Alaska 1982 November 17-19
3/1 Mini Lands Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 1984 April 24-26
3/2 LEXIS/NEXIS Computer Access Training Session, Anchorage, Alaska 1986 June 14

Series 4: Office files; undated, 1952-1982. 0.1 cubic feet.
The series contains files relating to Bassett’s employment with the Bureau of Land Management, including the Susanville and Riverside District and Land Offices in California.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/3 Information on the BLM: Land Management Problems of the Bureau of Land Management, by R.S. Kifer, Chief, Division of Lands; Letter: Applicability of General Public Land Laws to Alaska; The Fundamental Authorities for Federal Land Ownership and Management (BLM); Briefing papers undated, 1952-1956
3/4 Land ownership figures for Alaska undated, 1972-1984
3/5 Public Land Records: Instructions for use undated, 1963
3/6 Correspondence: Susanville District Office undated, 1963-1967
3/7 “Land Office Here Has Half of Cases in U.S.: 14 Million Acres in Southern California Principal Target of Public Interest”; Moving Instructions; California State Advisory Board brochure and agenda (BLM, Office of the State Director, Sacramento); Memorandum of Understanding Between State Director Nevada and State Director California; Petrified Wood on Public Domain; Susanville District Summary; Bucks Bay Revegetation Project 1960-1966
3/8 Riverside District & Land Office: Classification of Public Lands information undated, 1964

Series 5: BLM reference and subject files; undated, 1950-1986. 7.45 cubic feet.
This series consists of Bassett’s reference and subject files which relate to his employment with the BLM. Included in the series are Bassett’s notes, federal correspondence, reports, and documents, most regarding easements, minerals and oil and gas leasing, and native allotments. When possible original folder and binder titles were retained.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/9-10 Conveyance management 1978-1986
3/11 Conveyance management Study 1980 August-September
3/12 Evaluation reports: Anchorage District, Division of Resources undated, 1976-1979
3/13-14  Office procedures: Correspondence undated, 1958-1984
3/15 Office procedures: Bassett’s notes; Alaska State Office Directives: Division of Resources FY 1976 AWP [Annual Work Plan] Advises; 1983 Alaska AWP  Handbook undated, 1976-1983
3/16 Office organization: ANCSA conversion; Lands and Realty Program; Resource Management Organization and Staffing Study; Alaska comments on FY’ 81 AWP; Branch of Lands & Minerals Management 1967-1981
3/17 Office organization: Docket Users Guide; SO/DO/RA Organization Implementation: Summary of Organizational Changes and Staffing; Annual Work Plans guide undated
3/18 Public Administrative Procedures (CFR 43–1800s) and Bassett’s notes: Land Case Processing Task Force Assignment; Improvement in our Processes and Procedures for Conveying Lands and Use Authorizations, includes Lands Case Processing Phoenix Task Force Report; Briefing book; Functions of the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA); Title Recovery Book revised pages 1979-1986
3/19 Management correspondence undated, 1970-1986
3/20 Position descriptions drafts undated
3/21-23 Bassett’s reading file 1967-1981
3/24 Alaska Lands Bill: HR 39-Tsongas, includes Bassett’s notes 1980
3/25 Easements 1977
3/26 Land Examiners Work Guide I: Public Sales; Small Tracts 1957-1982
3/27-28 Land Examiners Work Guide II: Desert Land and Homesteads; Permits and Leases; Exchanges 1958-1968
3/29 Land Examiners Work Guide III: State Selection; Recreation Act; Trespass 1958-1968
4/1-3 Land Examiners Work Guide IV: Rights-of-Way; Minerals-Grazing; SCRIP; Withdrawals, Restorations; Color of Title 1953-1968
4/4 Lands classification 1958-1968
4/5-6 Native Allotment How-To 1982-1986
4/7-8 Patents, Final certificates 1957-1971
4/9 Pribilof Agreement and related materials 1984
4/10 Small Tracts: General; Surveys: Supplemental Plats; Decisions; Classification and SFG; Heirship 1956-1973
4/11-12 Training notebook 1960-1962
4/13 Airports: Leases and conveyances undated, 1964-1982
4/14 Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act (ANILCA): Correspondence and other materials on conveyances of land on Japonski Island in Sitka to the State of Alaska, and Alice and Charcoal Islands of Mt. Edgecumbe to Shee Atika, Inc 1980-1983
4/15-16 Alaska Railroad Transfer: Correspondence 1977-1985
4/17 Alaska Railroad Transfer related documents: Alaska Railroad Transfer Act, Staff Working Draft; Agreement Concerning Implementation of Alaska Railroad Waiver Amendments of Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated (draft); Briefing: Alaska Railroad Transfer Act of 1982, Impacts on BLM Alaska FY ’83 undated, 1982-1984
4/18 Appraisals: Real estate, including Trans-Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) and related facilities, Central Alaska Utilities right-of-way, information regarding uniform appraisal standards, and state land undated, 1969-1977
4/19 Cadastral Survey documents: Cadastral Surveys in the United States, by William H. Richards, Chief, Branch of Surveys, at meeting of Surveying and Mapping Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Chicago, Illinois; Topographic Map Symbol Sheet (USGS); Corner Marking diagram; Describing Public Lands by the Rectangular System of Survey (BLM-Los Angeles); Land Measurements (Pioneer National Title Insurance Co. pamphlet) undated, 1952-1967
4/20 Cadastral Survey correspondence and documents: Preparation of conveyance documents based upon approved survey plats…; Cadastral Survey Workload Policy Statement; Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey Program review 1980-1986
4/21 Cadastral Survey reports and publications: Use of the Airborne Control System in Cadastral Engineering by Jerry R. Harris BLM-Alaska, Division of Engineering; Land Surveying in Alaska (BLM-Alaska); The Use of Aerial Photographs undated, 1964, 1970
4/22-23 Classification for Multiple Use: Correspondence 1967-1982
4/24 Conveyances: ANCSA Section 14(h) 1984
4/25-26 Conveyances: Land withdrawals and conveyances regarding pipelines: Haines-Fairbanks oil pipeline installation 1950-1976
5/1 Conveyances: Land withdrawals and conveyances regarding pipelines undated, 1977-1983
5/2 Conveyances: National Marine Fisheries Conveyances to Native Corporations on St. George and St. Paul Islands 1976-1986
5/3 Easement agreements: Arctic Slope Regional Corporation agreement drafts; Agreement in settlement of Arctic Slope Regional Corp., et al. v. Kleppe; Bristol Bay Native Corp. Proposed Settlement; Memorandum: Proposed Partial Settlement of Easement Question to Permit Land Conveyances Despite Litigation; Chugach Natives, Inc. proposed agreement; Calista Corp. agreement, third rough draft; Koniag Agreement undated, 1975-1976
5/4 Easement agreements: Memorandum: Review of Proposed Land Conveyance Agreements with Alaska Native Corporations; Agreements with Alaska Native regional and village corporations 1977 January
5/5-6 Easement agreements 1977-1978
5/7-9 Easement management: Correspondence undated, 1972-1982
5/10 Easement management: Alaska Land Managers’ Cooperative Task Force, Access/Easement Subcommittee minutes of meeting; Summary of 4/12/82 ALUC Easement Management Project Group 1980-1982
5/11 Easement management: Planning 1978
5/12-16 Easements: Correspondence undated, 1973-1978
5/17 Easements: Statutory and Regulatory Framework for the Identification of Public Easements Under the Settlement Act; Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska, revised meeting agenda; Local Easement Study; ANCSA easement guidelines; Procedures—easements and navigability drafts; Easement Reservations in Conveyances to Alaska Native Corporations Under ANCSA; Easement Position Paper 1971-1975
5/18 Easements: Order No. 2987 Reservation of Easements for the Transportation of Energy, Fuel, and Natural Resources Pursuant to Sec. 17(b) of ANCSA; Progress Chart on ANCSA Easements; AFN easement meeting notes; Map: Arctic Slope Regional Selections (Central), Anaktuvuk Pass Village, Application of Dec. 17, 1974; Easement Chronology; ANCSA easement chronology; Easement Task Force Meeting, Sep. 16, 1976 Schedule; BLM-Alaska news release, BLM to Consider Easement Use Prior to Dec. 18, 1976; Easements Across Native Lands issue paper 1976
5/19 Easements: Easement Report chart; Easement Standards Now Being Reviewed by L.U.P.C. draft; Easement meeting minutes; Anchorage District Analysis: ANCSA Conveyance Acceleration Proposal; Notice of Appeal Filed in Alaska Easement Cases; Easement maps and graphs showing days to complete; ANCSA easement status statistics; Reservation of Easements Pursuant to Sec. 17(b) of ANCSA drafts 1977-1978
5/20 Easements: Local Easements in Alaska: A brief Explanation of Easement Guidelines Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (Public Law 92-203) BLM-Alaska brochure; Public Participation in BLM’s Public Easement Identification Process flow chart; Proposed Criteria, Standards, Policies, and Procedures for the Identification of Local Easements to be Reserved as Required by ANCSA chart; Easement mailing list for notices of proposed easements undated
5/21-22 Field Reporting Land Reports: Correspondence and documents 1955-1984
5/23 Land Exchange Policy 1972, 1980-1983
5/24-27 Cook Inlet Land Exchange: Correspondence, includes Cook Inlet Settlement undated, 1974-1976
6/1-2 Public Law 94-204 (ANCSA Amendment) 1976-1981
6/3 Lake Clark Trade-Out Issue Analysis prepared by Cook Inlet Region, Inc 1984 September
6/4 Lands Disposal Policy to Facilitate Community Expansion and Development Needs undated, 1980-1981
OS Folder 1 Maps: Alaska land status 1972, 1974
6/5 BLM-BIA Native Region meeting: Agenda and transcripts of individual meetings with ten regional native corporations 1973 March 27-28
6/6 Meetings with the Twelve Alaska Native Regions: Materials concerning a BLM departmental visit of June 11-21, 1973, with Assistant Secretary Lawrence Lynn, Deputy Asst. Curt Berklund, Legislative Council Kenneth Brown, and Vincent Hecker of the BLM Washington Office as participants 1973 June 12-19
6/7 Northwest Alaska Pipeline Project meeting 1981 April 6-10
6/8 BLM staff meeting Bassett’s notes 1983-1986
6/9 Other meetings: Advisory Board meeting, Anchorage agenda, membership list, and notes; A.B.C.P. annual stockholder meeting, Bethel agenda; BIA Employment Assistance Program meeting memorandum and letter; BLM-BIA Native meeting, Anchorage agenda; Calista Corp. agenda and list of those attending; Fairbanks District, Pipeline briefing list of participants; Meeting with Alaska Native Regions, Anchorage participants and schedule; District Managers’ meeting, Anchorage agenda; BLM meeting, Anchorage agenda; El Paso meeting, list of attendees; Bristol Bay/Village meeting, letter and agenda; All Employee’s meeting agenda; Alaska State Advisory Board agenda undated, 1972-1974, 1981
6/10 Military Exercises in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Corridor U.S. Army, 72d Infantry Brigade: Basset’s notes 1977-1978
6/11-13 Minerals: Correspondence undated, 1958-1982
6/14 Minerals: DOI, Office of the Secretary, Order No. 3071, Amendment No. 2 Mineral Management Service Reorganization; HR 3364; BLM-Alaska State Office Decision, Edwin C. Read, F-014996, Coal, Request for Final Showing, Lease Offered to Applicant; GAO Report to the Sec. of the Interior, Interior’s Minerals Management Programs Need Consolidation to Improve Accountability and Control; Current Coal Activities on Federal Lands in Alaska; Status of Mining Claims at Bornite and Arctic; IBLA 79-456 1982
6/15-24 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining: Correspondence undated, 1962-1986
6/25 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining: Memorandum of Understanding Between the BLM, Alaska State Office and the National Park Service, Alaska Area Office for Processing Mining Claims within Alaska Units of the National Park System draft; Annual Report to Congress: Oil and Gas Leasing Program for Non-North Slope Federal Lands in Alaska (BLM report required under ANILCA); BLM-Alaska State Office decision, AMOCO Production Co., F-68749, Oil and Gas 1980
6/26 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining: Interagency Coordination meeting agenda, section 1008 ANILCA 1981 October
6/27 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining: General Stipulations for Noncompetitive Oil and Gas Leasing on BLM Administered Public Lands in Alaska, draft; IBLA 79-569 John C. and Martha W. Thomas, d.b.a. Tungsten Mining Co. (On Reconsideration); Proposed Cooperative Agreement, BLM and State of Alaska Openings to Mineral Leasing, Mineral Location, and Settlement; “The History of the Oil Industry in Alaska” speech to the AAPL Petroleum Seminar, Industry Awareness Week of 1981; Noncompetitive Oil & Gas Leasing in Alaska: Minchumina (BLM-Alaska notice) 1981 November -December
6/28 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining: “Alaska Oil & Gas Policy” by Ethel H. “Pete” Nelson, paper for the Women in Science and Technology Workshop; Analysis of Mineral Leasing, Mineral Entry, and Settlement Entry in the Denali and Tiekel Planning Blocks 1982 April
6/29 Minerals, oil and gas leasing, mining maps: Arctic Research Lab, Point Barrow; Naval Arctic Research Lab, Barrow, Alaska, Land Status map; Upland Oil & Gas Leasing: ANILCA Lands Identification; Minchumina Block and Surrounding Area; National Petroleum Reserve Alaska 1969-1979
6/30 Oil and Gas Leasing punch cards undated, 1968
6/31 Interim Management of Mining Claims on State Selected Lands draft, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Research and Development 1980 August 8
6/32 Native allotments: Correspondence: Procedures for Implementation of Section 905 of ANILCA 1981
7/1 Native allotments: Correspondence: Public Land Order applications 1983 August-December
7/2 Native allotments: Correspondence: Allotments in National Parks; Notification of Native Allotment Activity; Section line displacement; Regulations; Point Hope Native Allotments 1985
7/3 IBLA 76-296, Evelyn Alexander; IBLA 79-287, Mary Olympic; IBLA 83-458, Regina Anne Jones and Claudie Lee Jones; IBLA F-14846-A, B, EE Village Land Selections, F-21779-6, Regional Land Selection, State of Alaska Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities 1980-1983
7/4 BLM Manual Supplement, 2212 Native Allotments; Irregularities in Alaska Native Allotment Applications; Estimate publication costs of Native selection; Native Allotment Report: Combined Totals for Anchorage and Fairbanks 1965, 1973, 1975
7/5 Native allotments: Poling and legal problems; Cemeteries; Native allotment issues and recommendations; Meeting notes 1979
7/6 Native allotments: 3040 Amendment; Field work required;  Congressional Approval of Native Allotments notes; Plan of Action, Section 905 of ANILCA; Congressional Record Explanations for Section 1313; Section 1328 questions 1980
7/7 Native allotments: Protest procedures; Questions on ANILCA; BLM-Alaska news release, Land Claims to be Approved; Weekly meeting with Jack Allen notes; Review of Withdrawn Lands in Alaska for Opening to Public Land Laws draft; Cooperative Agreement Between the BLM and the BIA: Division of Responsibilities for Native Allotments Along the Alignment of the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System; Windows & Masks: An Introduction to A.A.L.R.S. Data Set Groupings; ANILCA meeting; State of Alaska, DNR press release, State Reviews Federal Entry and Allotment Applications; “BNC blanket freeze prevents locals from receiving land title” Tundra Drums; Native Allotment Caseload Report; Native Allotment Applications Protested by the State of Alaska Pursuant to Sec. 905(a)(5)(B) of ANILCA; Fact Sheet-Native Allotments; Report on AFN Convention; Summary of meeting on Fannie Barr case 1980
7/8 Native Allotments: Native Allotment Program: Report for Oversite Committee Hearings; Action Plan-Procedures for Adjudication of Aguilar Cases to Final Completion; Action plan; Native Allotment/ADP meeting; Protests, Bassett’s notes; Program and meeting notes 1983
7/9 Native Allotments: Meeting notes; Easement Management Regulations Subpart 2650; Native allotment questions; “Policy for Other Leases, Contracts, Permits, Rights-of Way or Easements” with Bassett’s suggestions; AFN (Alaska Federation of Natives) Conference on the Indian Reorganization Act draft agenda 1983
7/10 Native Allotments: Native Allotment Briefing Paper; Proposed Procedures for Fannie Barr Location Identification for Alaska Legal Services; Native Allotments Briefing Paper; Removal of Segregative Effect draft issue paper; Pending Native Allotment Completion Plan for Final Certification and Conveyance to Eligible Alaskan Natives draft; International Right-of-Way Association Fall Seminar Easements, notes by Fran Fitzgerald-Eklutna, Inc.;  Reservation of Easements Across Native Allotments 1983
7/11 Native Allotments: Comments on Draft Regulations Amending 43 CFR 2091; Handout at DNR/BLM Coordination meeting; IBLA 84-199; Comments on Draft 1860 and 1862 Manuals; Agenda items, State/BLM Coordination meetings; Draft Agreement Regarding Adjustment to Plat of Survey; Archeological Clearance, Pursuant to Sec. 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, Prior to Conveyance of Native Allotment Lands 1984-1986
7/12 Native Allotments: Cost of implementations; Allotments that may have mineral value notes; Background on ANILCA; Filing protests; Revisions needs; Easements undated
7/13 Native Allotments: Issues and recommendations; Questions undated, 1965
7/14 Native Allotments: North Slope legislations 1983-1984
7/15 Native Allotments on Conveyed Lands (Reconveyance): Correspondence 1981, 1983-1985
7/16 Reconveyance: IBLA 82-147, Terry L. Wilson Memorandum of Agreement Between BLM and the Alaska DNR, implementation of the order, Ethel Aguilar, et al. v. U.S. and State of Alaska v. Thorson undated, 1985
7/17 Native protests: Correspondence 1967-1971
7/18-19 Navigability: Correspondence 1980-1981
7/20 Navigability: Physical Factors to be Considered by the BLM When Determining the Navigability of Inland Waterbodies in Their Natural State for Title Purposes staff report prepared by Patrick C. Beckly, BLM-Alaska; Draft navigability guidelines; Report on Navigability of the Specific Water Body; The Nation and Kandik Rivers: Documentation of Navigation and Use Patterns of Two Tributaries of the Yukon River in Alaska prepared by Alfred Mongin; State Navigability Seminar 1975-1976, 1979
7/21 Navigability: Karluk River: BLM-Alaska Decision, Karluk IRA Land Committee, Koniag, Inc., AA-6677-A, AA-6674, Village Selection, Protest Summarily Dismissed; Karluk River ownership 1984
7/22 Official visits to Alaska, includes agendas, itineraries, and briefing papers: Roy Hughes, Assistant Secretary of the Interior; Secretary Kleppe, meetings with AFN, environmental groups, and Alaska Miners Association 1974, 1976
7/23 Official visits to Alaska, includes agendas, itineraries, and briefing papers: Andrus’ trip; Ontario Officials and Deputy Assistant Secretary Orme Lewis; Hollis M. Dole, Assistant Secretary of the Interior; Secretary Loesch visit; Curt Berklund, Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary for Public Land Management; Berklund-Keil visit; Brian Trevor, Regional Director of Resources, Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Whitehorse; Departmental Visit, Dr. Lawrence Lynn, Assistant Secretary, Program Development and Budget, Office of the Secretary, et al.; Departmental Visit, Curtis J. Berklund, Director, BLM, et al.;  Chandler, Dettman., and Hamilton; Assistant Secretary Hughes; Regional meeting with A/S, Roy Hughes; IBLA Administrative Judges; Assistant Secretary Hughes, et al., Alaska Task Force; Howard Borgstrom, Office of Management & Budget; Deputy Assistant Secretary Myshak; Director Burford’s briefing items 1971-1982
7/24-26 Public Law 4582, Withdrawal of Unreserved Lands in Alaska: Correspondence and documents 1969-1972
7/27 Recreation: Cooperative Recreation Management Agreement Between the BLM and the State of Alaska, Division of Parks; Campbell Tract, Permissible Uses, BLM-Alaska memorandum 1972, 1981
7/28-33 Right-of-Way: Correspondence undated, 1960-1984
8/1 Right-of-Way: BLM, Utah State Office, Staff Report on ATROW Workshop; ANCAB VLS 80-25, Nelbro Packing Co.; BLM-Alaska Decision, Nelbro Packing Co. Right-of-way Application A-060591 Rejected 1977, 1981
8/2-3 Right-of-Way stipulations: Correspondence 1973-1982
8/4 Right-of-Way stipulations: Decision, Right-of-way Granted, Ser. No. AA-14626, State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation; Memorandum of Understanding Between the BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service circa 1979-1980
8/5 Sand and gravel: Correspondence 1973, 1976-1983
8/6 Sand and gravel: Public lands; Mine claims; Third Annual AGC/DOTPF Construction Seminar; BLM’s problem with dirt contractors; IBLA 81-489, Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corp. undated, 1958-1982
8/7-9 Selections (ANCSA, ANILCA): Correspondence 1982, 1984-1985
8/10 Selections (ANCSA, ANILCA): Notes regarding Central Arctic Management Area, Steese National Conservation Area, White Mountains National Recreation Area, Wild River; Staff meeting notes; ANCSA Adjudication Questions for Survey undated, 1982-1983
8/11-12 Mining claims: Correspondence, State of Alaska, Department of Law, Office of the Attorney General, final opinion on the meaning and application of the mineral leasing requirement contained in Sec. 6(i) of the Alaska Statehood Act 1978-1983
8/13 Mining claims: Application for Miscellaneous Land Use Permit, Alaska DNR, Division of Lands Form DL-285; Miscellaneous Land Use Bond (Corporate Surety) Alaska DNR, Division of Lands form; Projected 4132 funding needs for adjudication of unpatented mining claims, FY 82 through FY 87; Operations/Conveyances Coordination Meeting agenda; Surveyed Township 2 North Range 1 East of the Fairbanks Meridian, Alaska master township plat map; Application for Water Rights, Alaska DNR, Division of Land & Water Management form undated, 1970-1983
8/14-15 Settlement: Correspondence undated, 1965-1983
8/16 Settlement:  BLM-Alaska Decision: Jay H. Smith, Anchorage 063436, Alaska, Homesteads; David G. Marks, AA-723, Alaska: Trade and Manufacturing Sites; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of Solicitor, John H. Gilbert, A-31011, Trade and Manufacturing Sites; BLM-Office of Hearing Examiners Decision, William Leonard Grediagin, Anchorage 57112, Homestead; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Louis J. Hobbs, AA 1022, Homesteads; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary David G. Marks, A-31082, Alaska, Trade and Manufacturing Sites; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Carl A. Bracale, Jr., A-31149, Trade and Manufacturing Sites; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Dale Gladys Garrett, A-3106, Homesteads; BLM-Office of Hearing Examiners Decision, James C. Rice, Anchorage 054831, Homesteads; DOI, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Hearings Div. Decision, Leonard F. Nelson, Anchorage 058700-A Homesteads 1977-1983
8/17 Settlement: Homesteading; Land tenure and classification; Selections; Applications Under the General Homestead Laws (43 U.S.C., Chapter 7 and 48 U.S.C., Chapter 2, Public Lands in Alaska) undated
8/18-19 State selections: Correspondence undated, 1967-1985
8/20 State selections: Agreement for Interagency Processing of Community Grant Selections Within National Forests; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Neva Pearl Gingerich, A-3065, Alaska Land Grants and Selections; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, William Hall, Diane Hall,

Boyd D. Kilgore, A-30849, A-30852, A-30857, Land Grants and Selections; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Dale Johnson, A-30806 Alaska Land Grants and Selections; BLM-Alaska State Office Decision William F. Hall, AA-234 Homestead; Appeal from BLM, DOI, Office of the Secretary, Harold R. Leet, Irma W. Leet, A-31012, Color or Claim of Title: Good Faith; BLM-Washington, D.C. Decision, Oma Belle Day, and Others, Anchorage AA 5702 Color of Title, Generally; Progress Report on State Selection; U.S. Dist. Court-Dist. of Columbia, Arctic Slope Regional Corp., et al. v. Rogers Morton, et al., No. 2014-7 Complaint for Revocation of Tentative Approvals, Declaratory Relief, and Other Relief; IBLA 75-186 State of Alaska; Governor Hammond Announces Land Selection (news releases)

undated, 1967-1983
8/21-22 Submerged lands policy: Correspondence undated, 1982-1985
8/23 Submerged lands policy: “A Portion of the Remarks by Secretary Watt to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Anchorage, Alaska”; DOI news release, Watt Moves to Correct Inequitable Past Policy on Submerged Lands in Alaska; Actions Required to Implement Secretaries Submerged Lands Policy; Chargeability in Alaska undated, 1979-1983
8/24 Submerged lands policy: Recalculations; Testimony of Charles Johnson, Chairman of the Board of the Alaska Federation of Natives, Before the Subcommittee on Public Lands and National Parks of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the U.S. House of Representatives; Amendment Changing the Chargeability of Submerged Lands, Final Rule 1984-1985
8/25-28 Townsites: Correspondence undated, 1964-1984
8/29 Townsites: Disposal of Land in Saxman Alaska; Guidelines for Trustee Townsite Procedures; Trustee Deed (Form 4-1547); Native Restricted Trust Deed (Form 4-232); Appointment of Townsite Trustee (BLM-Juneau); Alaska Townlot Deed Application (Form 2242-2); Townsite Field Work Required from Area Managers; Native Restricted Trust Deed (Form 2242-S); Townsite Project Numbers; Native Unrestricted Trustee Deed (Form 2242-7); Native Indian or Eskimo of Alaska Trustee Deed Application (Form 2242-4); Townsite Project Numbers; Unsubdivided Land within Patented Townsites as of August 4, 1976; Townsites Patented to the Townsite Trustee; Unpatented Townsites; IBLA 76-391, Ruth B. Sandvik; U.S. District Court, District of Alaska, City of Klawock, No. K-74-2l undated, 1959-1977
8/30-9/5 Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS): Correspondence undated, 1969-1982
9/6 TAPS: Ted Stevens, United States Senator for Alaska, Newsletter, contains Environmental Impact Statement Summary concerning the oil pipeline; “The Great Alaska Pipeline Controversy” by Paul Friggens; Free Use Application and Permit, Vegetative or Mineral Material, State of Alaska, Dept. of Highways, borrow material for roadway embankment; Draft, Cooperative Agreement between U.S. Dept. of Interior and State of Alaska regarding the Proposed Trans-Alaska Pipeline 1969-1973
9/7 TAPS: U.S. DOI, Order No. 2960 Trans-Alaska Pipeline Organizational and Functional Responsibilities; Schedules for Notice-to-Proceed Applications, Permanent Facilities, Work Camps, and Other Than Work Camps (charts); Application for Temporary Use Permit, Trans-Alaska Pipeline (form with comments); Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way for Trans-Alaska Pipeline between the USA and Amerada Hess Corp., Arco Pipeline Co., Exxon Pipeline Co., Mobil Alaska Pipeline Co., Phillips Petroleum Co., SOHIO Pipeline Co., and Union Alaska Pipeline Co. 1974 January-May
9/8 TAPS: Temporary use permits: Prospect Airport, Access Road Survey (North), Galbraith Camp, Dietrich, Lease of Public Airstrip Prospect Creek (sample copy); 1974 Work Plan Analysis; Draft, Memorandum of Understanding between the Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service and the Dept. of Interior, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Bureau of Land Management Regarding Interim Management of Four System Areas Under Section 17 (d)(2) of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act 1974-1975
9/9 TAPS: Pipeline Division Case Analysis; Oil Pipeline Request for Advance Permission to Construct; Draft report, Trans Alaska Pipeline; Native Allotments; General Stipulations undated
9/10 Trespass: Correspondence 1966-1980
9/11 Trespass: Notice to Remove Unauthorized Structures (Form 9230-14); Offer of Settlement of Trespass Obligation (Form 9230-3); Initial Report of Trespass (Form 9230-10); BLM Lands and Minerals Trespass Activity and Overall Objectives, speech by K. Michael Harvey at BLM Trespass Conference, San Francisco; Notice of Trespass (Form 9230-1); Trespass Seminar, Alaska State Office (conference materials) undated, 1964-1970
9/12-15 Withdrawals: Correspondence undated, 1960-1986
9/16 Withdrawals: Land Withdrawal Locations and Their Availability for Mining and Prospecting; BLM Manual 2020-Special Resource Values; Review of Power Withdrawals; Use of Land at Elmendorf Air Force Base; IBLA 80-781 Deborah Lowmaster undated, 1960-1981

Series 6: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act files; 1971-1986. 4.2 cubic feet.
This series contains reference and subject files regarding ANCSA, including proposed amendments; activity reports, newsletters, and meeting minutes; correspondence and memoranda; issue papers; annual reports; and reviews, studies, and evaluations.

Box/Folder Description Dates
9/17 Briefing packet on the Act 1971-1972
9/18-19 Regulations concerning the Act 1971-1976
9/20-23 ANCSA: Selection of Lands; Proposed Rulemaking; Alaska Native Grants; Radio; Directory and addresses; Public Law 92-203 1971-1975
9/24 ANCSA Coordination meetings: Minutes, notes, and correspondence 1973-1977
9/25 BLM/State Coordination meeting minutes 1983-1986
9/26 ANCSA staff meeting minutes 1978-1979
9/27 ANCSA and State of Alaska Land Conveyance reports and summaries 1979-1985
10/1-2 ANCSA Land Conveyance progress reports 1978-1983
10/3-4 ANCSA Program activity reports 1979-1980
10/5-7 Conveyance Program activity reports 1981-1982
10/8-10 Branch of ANCSA Adjudication: Weekly activity reports 1983-1986
10/11 Alaska Railroad Project: Weekly activity reports 1983-1984
10/12-14 Branch of Conveyance Services: Weekly activity reports 1983-1986
10/15 Branch of Easement Identification: Weekly activity reports 1982-1985
10/16-17 Branch of Lands: Weekly activity reports 1983-1986
10/18 Paralegal: Activity reports 1983-1986
10/19 Branch of State Adjudication: Weekly activity reports 1983-1986
10/20 Other reports and meetings: Anchorage District Weekly Reports; Fairbanks District Office Weekly Reports; State of Alaska/ASO State Conveyance meeting minutes; State Director’s Staff meeting minutes; Branch of ANCSA Adjudication Progress Report; Branch of Lands Weekly Progress Report; Minutes of a meeting between Arctic Slope Regional Corp., State of Alaska, and BLM 1973, 1983
10/21 Memo of Agreement between BLM and BIA draft and notes; Native Claims Legislation undated, 1971
10/22 Correspondence 1972
10/23 ANCSA: Summary of Analysis of Actions and Responsibility; DOI Public Meeting on the Native Enrollment and the Organization of the Village and Regional Corporations, Sydney Laurence Auditorium, Anchorage, Alaska program; Basic Provisions of ANCSA; Withdrawals (P.L. 92-203) time line for implementation; Selection and Conveyances (P.L. 92-203) time line for implementation; Background information, Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission Members for Alaska; Land withdrawn by Sec. 11(a)(1) & (2) graph by village undated, 1972
10/24 Correspondence 1973
10/25 Presentation Before Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission: Statement Regarding Land Selection Problems in Southeast Alaska by John Borbridge, Jr., President, Sealaska Corp., Juneau, Alaska; “Alaska Land Situation Holds Landmen in Limbo” by Jim Car, Anchorage Daily Times; Revised Methodology for Determining Land Allocation under ANCSA; Statewide Recap of Townships, computer printout 1973 February-May
10/26 Deficiency Withdrawal Summary, graph by regional corp.; Native Land Allocation Under ANCSA, in thousands of acres; Summary of Total Deficiency Withdrawal Needs; Tentative agenda, Meeting on Village Survey and Planning Assistance, Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission; BIA-Juneau Area Office notice, Final Eligibility of Native Villages; BIA-Alaska decision, Eligibility of Unlisted Native Villages; BIA-Alaska decision, Ineligibility of Unlisted Native Villages 1973
10/27 Unlisted Native villages list 1973
10/28-29 Regulations: BLM-BIA-Native Regions Meeting, Captain Cook Hotel, Anchorage agenda; Proposed regulations, graphs 1973
11/1-2 Correspondence 1974
11/3 Wildwood Air Force Base Transfer: BLM Land Report; Program for ceremony undated, 1972-1974
11/4 U.S. Dist. Court-Dist. of Columbia, Arctic Slope Regional Corp. v. Rogers C.B. Morton, Civil Action No. 1563-73, Final Judgement; ANCSA Progress; Discussion of Legal Issues Related to 14(c) Reconveyances, Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska; Village Corporations in Koniag Region; BLM Permit to Ounalashka Corp. to Use Property of Amaknak Island, Alaska; Status Alaska Native Claims Selections; A.N.C.S.A. Alert December 18 is Deadline for Village Selections (BLM announcement); Status report Village Eligibility (ANCAB) 1974
11/5 Correspondence 1975
11/6-7 Cemetery Sites and Historical Places (43 CFR 2653.5); AFN Position on 14(h) and Appeal Regulations; BLM Permit to Leisnoi, Inc. to Use Property on Woody Island, Alaska; ANCSA program needs 1975
11/8 Correspondence: Juneau and Sitka 1974-1975
11/9-10 Juneau and Sitka related documents: News releases, scripts, and itinerary related to BLM public hearings on ANCSA held in Kenai, Kodiak, Juneau, and Sitka 1974-1977
11/11-12 Correspondence 1976
11/13-14 BLM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, 3 CFR 2600, Alaska Native Selections; Summary and Comments on ANCSA Amendment of Jan. 2, 1976; Proposed Modifications to Proposed 14(h) Regulations; Step-By-Step Procedures for Applications Filed Under ANCSA; Cape Thompson Agreement draft; Land Classification: Proposed Revision of Principles and Procedures for Classification of National Resources Lands (43 CFR Group 2400) draft 1976
11/15 News release, Lands that Natives Did Not Apply For Around Villages can be Selected by State of Alaska Starting Oct. 1; BLM, 43 CFR Parts 2650.0-5(n), 2650.4-7, and 2653.11(c), Alaska Native Selections, Proposed Additions to Definitions, Revisions of Principles and Procedures for Public Easements, and Clarification of Certain Conveyance Language, Lands Casework Status, Issues and Problems, ANCSA Amendments and Backlog 1976
11/16 Correspondence 1977
11/17 BIA Notice, Finding of Entitlement Pursuant to Sec. 14(a) of ANCSA; DOI News release, Andrus Appoints Bohlen Assistant to the Secretary of Interior; State Land Ownership Concerns for June 7th FSLUP, BLM, AFN, and State Meeting; ANCSA Conveyance: Models Showing Approximate Time Frames to Convey 80 Percent of the 44 Million Acre Entitlement; BLM Permit to Northway Natives, Inc. to Use Property at Northway, Alaska; ANCSA Progress Report draft; BLM-Alaska news release, Native Claims: Why Is It Taking So Long?; Comment on Committee Print of Oct. 17, 1977 as Substitute Text for H.R. 39; DOI news release, Andrus Rules on Rights of State in Land Transfers in Alaska; ANCSA Chronology, 1971-1976; Considerations for Legislative Conveyance of Core Townships 1977
11/18-19 Correspondence 1978
11/20 Implementation of ANCSA Issues, chart; BLM-Alaska news release, Secretary Andrus Extends Time for Alaska Natives to Select Certain Lands; Proposed Policy Statement for Preparation of Survey Plans Under 14(c) ANCSA; U.S. Dist. Court-Dist. of Columbia, Doyon, Ltd. v. Andrus, Civil Action No. 1586-73-Affidavit; BLM Permit to Cook Inlet Region, Inc. to Use Property at Wrangell, Alaska; BLM Permit to Koniag, Inc. to Use Property at Women’s Bay, Alaska; DOI Secretarial Order No. 3029, Valid Existing Rights under ANCSA; DOI Secretarial Order No. 3028, Revocation of Secretarial Order 2982; U.S. Court of Appeals-Ninth Circuit No. 77-1963, and No. 77-2751-Opinion from Appeal from U.S. Dist. Court-Alaska 1978
11/21 Correspondence 1979
11/22 Aguilar, et al., v. U.S., Docket No. A76-271 Civil, legal motions, correspondence, and documents undated, 1980-1986
11/23 ANCAB RLS 78-1, Appeal of Doyon Ltd.; ANCAB VLS 80-46, Appeal of Tetlin Native Corp. 1981
11/24 Calista Corporation materials; U.S. Dist. Court-Alaska, State of Alaska v. Reagan, No. A78-291 CIV, Stipulation of Settlement and Order of Judgement and Dismissal; U.S. Dist. Court-Alaska at Anchorage, State of Alaska vs. U.S., A81-483 CIV, Complaint for Declaratory Relief; U.S. Dist. Court-Alaska at Fairbanks, Alaska Sportsmen’s League vs. U.S., Civil Action No. F81-46, Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief; “The Land Claims Settlement of Alaska Natives: The Tenth Year” by Robert D. Arnold 1981
11/25 Correspondence 1982
11/26 Fire Protection on Native Lands, Position Paper; Updated Report on Issues on Appeal Before the Alaska Native Claims Appeal Board; BLM-Alaska Decision, Ahtna, Inc., et al., AA-8104 1/Section 12(b) and 12(c) Allocations-Final Allocations; Federal Land Programs in Alaska, by Curtis V. McVee, State Director, BLM-Alaska; IBLA 81-489, Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corp.; Utility Corridor White Paper 1982
12/1 Correspondence 1983
12/2 ANCSA Conveyances and Land Surveys; Explanation of the Lake Clark Trade Out Agreement Implementation Problem; Audit Summary, ANCSA Sec. 14(h)6 Acreage; BLM 1983 Case File Audit 1983
12/3 IBLA 83-768, Neechootaalichaagat Corp., F-22910, Native Group Application-Answer of the Bureau of Indian Affairs; “Alaska Land Conveyance Program, A Slow, Complex, and Costly Process” (RCED 84-14), Dept. of the Interior Response to GAO recommendations for draft report and additional comments for changes needed 1983
12/4 A Summary of Changes in the Status of Alaska Natives prepared by the Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska; Overview Hearings agenda, Alaska Native Review Commission; Discussion Paper-BIA School Sites; Lake Clark Trade-Out Agreement Implementation Problems draft 1984
12/5 Correspondence 1985
12/6-7 Other documents undated
12/8-10 Correspondence: Interim management under ANCSA undated, 1974-1984
12/11-12 Interim management under ANCSA: ANCAB VLS 77-2, Paug-Vik, Inc., Ltd. Decision Remanding BLM Decision for Further Findings; DOI news release, Alaska State Land Selection to be Speeded, Andrus Says; ANCAB VLS 78-27, 78-28, Choggiung, Ltd., State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation- Certificate of Service; ANCAB VLS 78-27, 78-28, Choggiung, Ltd., State of Alaska Dept. of Transportation, Summary of Conference and Order Adding Party, Removing Appeals from Suspension, and Scheduling Briefing; ANCAB VLS 78-27, Choggiung, Ltd. Affidavit of Mailing; ANCAB VLS 78-27, 78-28, Choggiung, Ltd., State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation-Order; ANCAB RLS 79-12, Theodore J. Almasy, Certificate of Service; ANCAB RLS 78-1, Doyon, Ltd. BLM’s Brief in Response to the Board’s Order of July 23, 1979; The Silent Records: where are they and how are they used? (BLM brochure); Land Status Records, guide to using master title plats (BLM); Area Analysis All CTS, Windowfile; ANCAB RLS 78-1, Doyen, Ltd. Decision; ANCAB RLS 78-1, Doyen, Ltd. Order Denying Motion For Stay; BLM Notice, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, A-067674 Right of Way, Amended Right-of-way Application Denied, Case Closed; ANCAB VLS 80-51, State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities-Decision; ANCAB VLS 80-51, State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities, Affidavit of Service by Mail; ANCAB VLS 80-51, State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities, Opposition of State of Alaska to Motion for Reconsideration; ANCAB VLS 78-51, Tanacross, Inc. Decision; ANCAB VLS 80-51–State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities, Certificate of Service; ANCAB VLS 80-51, State of Alaska, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities, Certificate of Service; Meeting Summary: Jack Allen, Sharon Janis, Linda Resseguie; Meeting Summary: Dennis Hopewell, Marty Karstetter, Linda Resseguie; Unselected ANCSA Withdrawal, Neil R. Bassett undated, 1972-1983
12/13-14 Interim Administration of State and Native Selected Lands (IM AK-84-147) 1984 January 5
12/15 Issues: Correspondence; Program Decision Option drafts 1975, 1977
12/16 Issues: Statement of Guy R. Martin, Assistant Sec., DOI, Before the General Oversight and Alaska Lands Subcommittee, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives 1977 July 18-28
12/17-19 Issues: Correspondence: Documents: Summary Option Document, ANCSA Issue 12(a): Conflicts in Appeal Decisions; Summary Decision Documents, ANCSA Issue 1A: Easement Policy, Marine Coastline; Navigability drafts 1977
12/20-25 Issues: Correspondence and documents undated, 1977-1978
13/1-3 Issues for 1985 Report to Congress on the Implementation of the ANCSA 1983-1985
13/4-10 Reading files 1971-1985
13/11 ANCSA Implementation and Policy Review 1978 March
13/12 Statement of Facts on Our Review of the Implementation of the ANCSA (General Accounting Office) circa 1978
13/13 The Alaska Conveyance Management Study, Final Draft Report 1980 June 6
13/14 The Alaska Conveyance Management Study, Final Report, Mako Hideshima, Management Analyst, Denver Service Center (Team Leader): Includes correspondence and summary 1980 July 24
13/15-17 Alaska Lands Evaluations: Correspondence, reports: BLM Alaska Lands Office: Work Load Analysis 1981-1982
13/18 Alaska Land Conveyance Program: A Slow, Complex, and Costly Process: Draft of a Proposed Report prepared by the Staff of the U.S. General Accounting Office 1983
13/19 ANCSA 1985 Study: Drafts and comments undated, 1983-1985


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