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Benjamin B. Talley papers

Guide to the Benjamin B. Talley papers

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Collection number: HMC-0241.
Creator: Benjamin Branche Talley, 1903-1998.
Title: Benjamin B. Talley papers.
Dates: 1925-2002.
Volume of collection: 22.5 cubic feet.
Language of materials: The materials in this collection are primarily in English, however the collection also includes materials written in Spanish and Japanese.
Collection summary: Papers of a U. S. Army Corps of Engineers officer in Alaska and elsewhere.

Biographical note:
Benjamin Branche Talley was born in Greer County, Oklahoma, in 1903. After graduating from Enid High School in 1920, he attended Oklahoma Agricultural and Mining College from 1920 to 1923. Talley then transferred to Georgia School of Technology, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1925. That same year, Talley married Grace Lattner. The couple had a son, Robert Emmett Lattner Talley in 1926, and later divorced. After graduating from the Graduate Engineering School of the Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company in 1926, he worked for the company for a short time. Talley then pursued a career as an officer in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, receiving his commission in 1926. His service as a military engineer included: participation in the Nicaraguan Canal Survey from 1929 to 1932; experimental and development work in the field of photogrammetry or creating maps using aerial photographs; supervising Army and Air Corps construction in Alaska from 1940-1943; V Corps deputy chief of staff for plans in Europe, including planning for the landing at Omaha Beach in Normandy in which he participated; commander of the First Engineer Special Brigade on the Okinawa beach head; district engineer in Huntington, West Virginia, and Louisville, Kentucky from 1946 to 1948; chief of the estimators branch of the Army General Staff Intelligence Division from 1949-1952; and division engineer of the North Atlantic Division and the Mediterranean Division from 1952 to 1956. He retired in 1956 with the rank of brigadier general.

After his retirement from the military, Talley continued his engineering career in private sector managerial positions with Raymond International, Inc. and Metcalf and Eddy, Engineers in Alaska, Brazil, and Vietnam. Beginning in the 1964, Talley maintained a residence at Anchor Point on the Kenai Peninsula. Talley’s second wife, aviator Manila Davis Talley, to whom Talley had been married since 1933, died in 1973. He and his third wife, Virginia Talley, were principle advocates for an initiative to relocate the Alaska capital from 1974 to 1983. Talley was also active in planning, developing, and raising funds for a documentary film history of World War II in Alaska, entitled “Alaska at War,” which was completed in 1986. Benjamin B. Talley died in Homer, Alaska, in 1998.

Collection description:
This collection consists of papers related to Brigadier General Benjamin B. Talley’s military service, as well as his personal papers. His military papers consist of correspondence; personnel files; papers relating to locations where he was stationed, including Fort Logan in Colorado, Fort Humphreys in Virginia, Nicaragua, Wright Field in Ohio, Oregon, Okinawa, Korea, West Virginia, Kentucky, Egypt, and Morocco; and papers regarding Talley’s retirement in 1956. The military papers also include photographs taken or collected by Talley in the various locations where he served.

The personal papers consist of biographical materials about Benjamin Talley; oral history interviews and transcripts; correspondence with friends and family; diaries; writings; papers concerning Talley’s involvement with military organizations following his retirement; files on photogrammetry and photogrammetric inventions; papers documenting his engineering career; political files; files on projects in which Talley was involved, including the proposed relocation of Alaska’s capital, the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project, and the documentary, “Alaska at War;” professional organizations in which Talley was involved; subject files; and photographs. Talley’s personal photographs include photographs of friends and family; photographs taken during a trip to the Southwestern United States; photographs taken at a military reunion in Yakutat, Alaska; photographs taken at events held by organizations in which Talley was involved; photographs from a Klondike Gold Rush era album; Alaskan photo post cards; and aerial photographs relating to Talley’s interest in photogrammetry.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged into the following parts, series, and subseries:
Part 1: Military career and related materials; 1928-1977

Series 1: Military correspondence; 1938-1956
Series 2: Personnel files; 1940-1957
Series 3: Fort Logan, Colorado photographs; 1928
Series 4: Fort Humphreys, Virginia materials; 1928-1929
Series 5: Nicaragua papers; 1928-1977
Series 6: Nicaragua photographs; 1929-1931
Series 7: Fort Schuyler, New York photographs; 1931-1934
Series 8: Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio papers; 1934-1940
Series 9: Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio photographs; 1934-1936
Series 10: Portland, Oregon photographs; 1937-1940
Series 11: Alaska papers; 1940-1943
Series 12: Alaska photographs; undated, 1940-1943
Series 13: Europe materials; 1943-1944
Series 14: Okinawa and Korea materials; 1945
Series 15: Huntington, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky papers; 1945-1948, 1974
Series 16: Huntington, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky photographs;1946-1948
Series 17: Late career materials; 1949-1956, 1971

Part 2: Personal papers; 1898-2002

Series 1: Biographical materials; undated, 1925-1999
Series 2: Oral history interviews and related materials; undated, 1977-1996
Series 3: Personal correspondence; undated, 1929-1995
Series 4: Diaries; 1931, 1956-1993
Series 5: Writings; 1930-1993
Series 6: Travel materials; undated, 1937-1956
Series 7: Post-retirement military files; 1967-2000
Series 8: Photogrammetry and photogrammetric invention files; 1921-1954
Series 9: Engineering career files; undated, 1957-1973
Series 10: Political files; 1960-1996
Series 11: Capital relocation files; 1962-1985
Series 12: Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project files; 1977-1982
Series 13: “Alaska at War” documentary project records; 1982-1989
Series 14: Organizations; 1938-2002
Series 15: Subject files; 1942-1998
Series 16: Personal photographs; 1898-1991

Alternative formats: Xerographic copies, contact prints, and copy negatives have been made of many of the photographs in the collection. Electronic transcripts of the daily logs written by Talley while stationed in Alaska are available. Please consult an archivist for more details.

Digitized copies: 46 photographs from this collection have been digitized and can be found on Alaska’s Digital Archives.  For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections. A digitized copy of a reel-to-reel audiotape is available but not available online. Contact the Archives for more information.

Rights note: Copyright to materials created by Benjamin Talley has been transferred to Archives and Special Collections. Materials not created by Talley may be subject to copyright not owned by the Archives. Copyright to materials related to the 1934-1935 stratospheric flights is held by the National Geographic Society.

Preferred citation: Benjamin B. Talley papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Much of the published material in the collection was removed, and selected items have been added to the Library’s Rare Books collection. Collection originally included the papers of Benjamin Talley’s second wife, Manila D. Talley, which have been moved to their own collection.

Related materials: Archives and Special Collections also holds the Manila D. Talley papers.

Acquisition note: The collection was presented to the archives by Benjamin B. Talley and wife Virginia Talley between 1980 and 2004. A deed of gift was signed in 1986.

Processing information: This collection was described by Jeffrey Sinnott in 2006. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard by Gwen Higgins in 2016. At that time much of the published material was removed and the Manila D. Talley papers were established as their own collection.

Location of originals: Many of the photographs in the collection are copies of original photographs belonging to Talley. The originals are presumed to have remained with Talley’s family.

Container list:

Part 1: Military career and related materials; 1928-1977.
Part 1. Series 1: Military correspondence; 1938-1956. 1.0 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s incoming and outgoing personal and professional correspondence including letters and telegrams. This file was created by Talley to document his military career.

Box/Folder Description Date
1/1 Correspondence 1938
1/2-3 Correspondence 1939
1/4 Correspondence 1940 February-1941 May
1/5 Correspondence 1941 June-1942 January
1/6 Correspondence 1942 February- September
1/7 Correspondence 1942 October-1943 March
1/8 Correspondence 1943 April-December, April 1944
1/9 Correspondence 1945 December
1/10-12 Correspondence 1946
1/13-18 Correspondence (includes index) 1947
1/19-22 Correspondence (includes index to 1948 January-July correspondence) 1948
1/23 Correspondence 1952-1954
1/24-25 Correspondence 1955
1/26 Correspondence 1956 January-March

Part 1. Series 2: Personnel files; 1940-1957. 0.75 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s personal copies of personnel records concerning pay and allowances, personal equipment, shipping, orders, promotions, assignment to quarters, physical examinations and immunizations, travel, and flights. It also includes telegrams and radiograms.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/1-5 20l File (Includes awards, immunizations, and a Personal Qualification Record) 1940-1952
2/6 Orders 1933-1940
2/7 Pay and Allowances Account 1940-1955
2/8-9 Travel records 1941 February-1943 June
2/10 Per diem vouchers 1941 February-1942 November
2/11 Travel records 1940-1941
2/12-13 Travel records and movement orders 1945 January-1947 December
2/14-16 Travel records 1948-1955
2/17 Pilot’s log book 1941-1943
2/18 Individual flight record 1934 April-1943 June
2/19 Flying time (statements of flying time) 1941 December-1943 June
2/20 Retirement 1956-1957

Part 1. Series 3: Fort Logan, Colorado photographs; 1928. 0.2 cubic feet.

This series consists of large format panoramic prints of the members of the 2nd Engineers Battalion and its quarters at Fort Logan, Colorado, as well as the Broadmoor Hotel at Colorado Springs.

Box/Item Description Date
 24/1 Group portrait of Headquarters Company, 2nd Engineers; San Antonio Photo Service, San Antonio, Texas circa 1928
24/2 “‘E’ Co. 2nd Eng’r’s – Ft. Logan, Colo – 1928 – Capt. P. M. Ellman, Com’d’g.” Group photo; National Photo Service, San Antonio, Texas, Photo #1533-B 1928
24/3 “2nd Engineers – Ft. Logan, Colorado – 1928 – Lt. Col. W. T. Hannum, Com’d’g.” Group photo on parade ground with horses, wagons, and mules; National Photo Service, San Antonio, Texas, Photo # 1536A 1928
24/4  “Birdseye View of Ft. Logan, Colorado – Snow Covered Rockies in Background” Panoramic Photo with 2nd Engineers quarters, post headquarters, and hospital identified; National Photo Service, San Antonio, Texas, Goldbeck Photo # 1530 circa 1928
24/5 “Broadmoor Hotel – The World’s Finest and Cheyenne Mountain – Colorado Springs” Panoramic photo of hotel and lake; National Photo Service, San Antonio, Texas, Goldbeck Photo No. 1537-A circa 1928

Part 1. Series 4: Fort Humphreys, Virginia materials; 1928-1929. 0.01 cubic feet.

This series consists of programs for the April Horse Show, the Graduation Horse Show, and graduation exercises of the officers and reserve officers class at the Engineer School at Fort Humphreys, Virginia. Also included with these items is a certificate for completion of a correspondence course on chemical warfare and a toll service statement from the period.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/21 Fort Humphreys, Virginia: Certificate of completion of Course in Chemical Warfare for Chemical Warfare Officers, horse shows, graduation Exercises of the Company Officers’ Class and the National Guard and Reserve Officers’ Class, Harris Hall, Toll service statement, Post Signal Office 1928-1929

Part 1. Series 5: Nicaragua papers; 1928-1977. 0.3 cubic feet.

This subseries consists of papers relating to Talley’s participation in the Nicaraguan Canal Survey as an officer of the United States Army Engineers Battalion in Nicaragua from late 1929 to 1931. The series includes military records, newsletters, memorabilia, a brief account of the Managua Earthquake of 1931, a diary Talley kept while in Nicaragua, and maps. The military records include memoranda, orders, letters, a mobilization order, and accounts of a vaccination campaign and the canal survey. The newsletters include those of the Guardia Nacional de Nicaragua and the Second Brigade of the U. S. Marine Corps, both in Managua.

Box/Folder Description Date
2/22 Nicaragua military records: memoranda, special orders, letters, article manuscript 1929-1933
2/23 Nicaragua military newsletters 1930-1931
2/24 Nicaragua clippings 1929-1933
2/25 Nicaragua memorabilia (calling cards, invitations, lottery ticket, programs, Thanksgiving menu etc.) undated, 1929-1931
2/26 “The 1931 Managua Earthquake,” Nicaragua 1977 March 5
2/27 Nicaragua Diary. Talley kept this diary in an Engineer’s Level Book in pencil, with writing one side of each page from front to back, and then continued from the rear of the book to the front on the other side of the page. 1930 March
Oversize folder 1 Nicaragua maps undated, 1928-1930

Part 1. Series 6: Nicaragua photographs; 1929-1931. 0.45 cubic feet.

This subseries consists of photographs taken by Talley and others to document the activities of the United States Army Battalion in Nicaragua, during the period of their Nicaraguan Canal Survey of 1929 to 1931. The series contains over three hundred different numbered photographs, most with captions, that were taken under the direction of Talley as a press officer for the battalion. Subjects of these photographs include survey crews, camps, supply boats, a Nicaragua Canal Commission inspection, the Managua Earthquake of March 1931, U. S. Army Engineer officers and enlisted men at their headquarters in Granada, archaeological artifacts and various entertainment and social functions. Individuals pictured include Nicaraguan President Adolfo Diaz, General Augusto Sandino, and Talley’s friend from San Marcos, J. C. Kennedy. The item numbers reflect the order in which the photographs appear in the folders. Numbers written on the photographs can be found in the photograph descriptions.

Box/Folder Item Description
2/28 1-469 Xerographic copies of Nicaragua photographs: 469 photographs of Nicaraguan scenery, wildlife, people, cities and towns, and archeological sites. Included are views of the cities of Granada, Managua, Bluefields, Greytown, Castillo, San Miguelito, Cornito, and those of surveying parties. Many of the photographs are annotated by Talley and include captions. These copies include those of contact print sheets and original prints; circa 1929-1933
2/29 Numbered lists of Nicaragua photographs and their captions, Nos. 57-103, 210-303
3/1-4 1-306 Numbered Photographs of the United States Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua (USAEBIN). Individual item numbers reflect numbers on the reverse of the photographs; 1929-1931
3/1 1 “Hotel Prado, San Carlos, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 2
3/1 2  “San Francisco, the Headquarters of the USA Engr. Bn. in Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 3
3/1 3 “Fountain in the Garden of San Francisco, Granada, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 5
3/1 4 “Quartel, Corinto, Nicaragua. Temporary quarters of Engineers at Corinto upon arrival” USAEBIN no. 6
3/1 5 “Fort San Carlos, San Carlos, Nicaragua. A Guardia Nacional in door[way].” Building with American flag outside of window. USAEBIN no. 10
3/1 6 “Engineers unloading equipment at the Monastery of San Francisco, Granada.” USAEBIN no. 17
3/1 7 “Co. B, U. S. Army Engineer Bn., enroute to Greytown on the San Juan River” 1929 November 21. USAEBIN no. 18
3/1 8 “Bull baggage cart, Granada.” USAEBIN no. 19
3/1 9 “The Steamer Victoria which runs from Granada to San Carlos.” USAEBIN no. 21
3/1 1o “Bridge connecting Isla[nd] and the mainland. Corinto is located on the island.” View of railroad bridge from train. USAEBIN no. 23
3/1 11 “Lupone’s Continental Hotel, Corinto, Nicaragua.” Front view of hotel. USAEBIN no. 24
3/1 12-13 “Unloading beef for Engineers, Granada.” USAEBIN no. 26-27
3/1 14 “Engineers leaving Granada on the Victoria.” Soldiers at ship’s railing at dock. USAEBIN no. 28
3/1 15-16 “Engineers enroute from transport Chateau Thierry to Corinto in Marine Corps motor sailors.” Soldiers on boat deck. USAEBIN no. 30-31
3/1 17 “Boa Constrictor killed by Engineers, Granada.” Soldier holding up dead snake. USAEBIN no. 34
3/1 18 “Dredge at Greytown left by the Maritime Canal Co. upon abandoning property in 1893.” Dredge in distance. USAEBIN no. 38
3/1 19 “Co. B, USA Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua land at Greytown from pontoon on which they came 130 miles down the San Juan River from San Carlos.” USAEBIN no. 39
3/1 20-22 “Co. B, USA Engineer Bn. in Nicaragua on San Juan River in pontoon boats powered with outboard motors.” USAEBIN no. 40-42
3/1 23 “Native hut along the San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 44
3/1 24 “Castillo, Nicaragua from the San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 46
3/1 25 “Native hut, near Castillo.” USAEBIN no. 47
3/1 26 “The trimotored fleet of the Engineers on the San Juan River. A trip is made from San Carlos to Greytown and return each week. A total distance of about 260 miles.” USAEBIN no. 48
3/1 27 “Co. B, eats chow enroute to Greytown.” Men eating on boat. USAEBIN no. 49
3/1 28-30 “Launch and pontoons of Engineers on San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 52-54
3/1 31  San Juan River Boat. Dogs casts, bananas, pigs, men, women and children are packed in like sardines for the three day journey up the San Juan from Greytown” USAEBIN no. 55
3/1 32  “The steamboat channel leading to Greytown.” Soldiers on boat. USAEBIN no. 57
3/1 33 Sparse settlements on the lower San Juan River. USAEBIN no. 59
3/1 34 “Castillo, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 61
3/1 35 “Boats of Engineers at Castillo, men unloading preparing for passage of rapids.” USAEBIN no. 62
3/1 36 “Rearranging cargo on the supply boats at El Castillo prior to shooting the rapids of the San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 63
3/1 37 “Ochoa Landing. At Ochoa, located midway from San Carlos to Greytown, the main camp of the survey has been established. It is here that Co. F, 11th Engineers, commanded by 1st Lieut. Stanley, are surveying the central division of the route…” USAEBIN no. 67
3/1 38 “The Steamer Victoria leaves San Carlos for its return to Granada.” Busy dock scene. USAEBIN no. 70
3/1 39 “Mr. Peyton and Mr. Brand, the only white people living in Greytown. Mr. Peyton is English Consul and Mr. Brand is an American from Louisiana who came to Nicaragua with the Canal Co. in 1890, bought land and has been waiting to get rich when the canal is built. (Mr. Peyton is the small man in the light suit.).” Men standing on veranda of two-story house. USAEBIN no. 72
3/1 40 “The Protestant Church at Greytown.” USAEBIN no. 74
3/1 41 “‘Buffalo Bill’ a la canalero.” Man holding pistols. USAEBIN no. 75
3/1 42-43  “Greytown (San Juan Del Norte). Engineers of the present canal survey mission taking over the abandoned machine shop of the Maritime Canal Company, which was active in 1890. This building has been salvaged and removed by the Engineers now engaged in the new survey.” USAEBIN no. 94-95
3/1 44 “Headquarters of Co. A, 29th U. S. Engineers at Greytown” USAEBIN no. 96
3/1 45 “The business district,” Greytown. USAEBIN no. 97
3/1 46 “Customs House at Greytown. Customs house, residence, freight depot and wharf all in one.” USAEBIN no. 98
3/1 47 “Church at San Carlos. Lake Nicaragua and islands in the background.” USAEBIN no. 99
3/1 48 “San Carlos, from the fort.” Elevated view toward lake. USAEBIN no. 100
3/1 49 “Mountains and San Juan River near Castillo.” USAEBIN no. 103
3/1 50 “A modern hospital is established at Ochoa. Hospital tent.” Two men standing inside tent. USAEBIN no. 104
3/1 51 “The Engineer’s laundry is done by hand in Nicaragua. Scene at Granada.” Natives at laundry station. USAEBIN no. 106
3/1 52  “Entrance to the Headquarters, USA Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua, at the Monastery of San Francisco at Granada.” Man with handcart on ramp into doorway. USAEBIN no. 107
3/1 53 “Engineers unloading freight from trucks an San Francisco in Granada.” USAEBIN no. 111
3/1 54 “Brother and sister. Native children at Granada.” USAEBIN no. 112
3/1 55 “A Nicaraguan ‘Hot Dog’ stand at Granada. Here the local firewater, Auguardiente, is sold.” USAEBIN no. 113
3/1 56 “The Beef for the Engineers arrives by boat at Granada.” Steer swimming to shore. USAEBIN no. 117
3/1 57 “Ditto of 117, scene on the boat at Granada.” Men hoisting steer off boat. USAEBIN no. 118
3/1 58 ” Three soldiers and two bottles of beer. Granada.” Men drinking beer on steps. USAEBIN no. 119
3/1 59 “Street scene in Granada.” People and donkeys on street. USAEBIN no. 120
3/1 60 “Unloading cattle at Granada.” Cow being lowered into water from boat. USAEBIN no. 121
3/1 61 “The Engineers came ashore from the Chateau Thierry in small boats.” Soldiers on boat. USAEBIN no. 122
3/1 62 “Francisco Silva, judge and chief of police, Granada.” Man mounted on horse. USAEBIN no. 124
3/1 63 “Engineers unloading freight from cars at Granada.” Men loading tent poles onto truck. USAEBIN no. 125
3/1 64 “A boy taking straw to town. Granada.” Boy on loaded horse on cart path. USAEBIN no. 130
3/1 65 “Washerwomen at San Carlos.” Women doing laundry on platform at shoreline of lake. USAEBIN no. 132
3/1 66 “Bull cart with four bulls and a headlight at San Jorge, Nicaragua. This cart is for passenger traffic between San Jorge and Rivas a distance of about five miles.” USAEBIN no. 133
3/1 67 “Water front at San Carlos.” USAEBIN no. 134
3/1 68 “The Main Street of San Carlos. The pavement is of cobblestones…” USAEBIN no. 135
3/1 69 “Bull cart with two bulls at San Jorge.” USAEBIN no. 136
3/1 70 “Lieut. Talley, C. E., at San Carlos.” Talley standing with foot on small boat. USAEBIN no. 136
3/1 71 “Engineers on the train from Corinto to Granada.” Men looking out of open windows of passenger car. USAEBIN no. 144
3/1 72 “The department of street cleaning at Granada.” Vultures near tent camp. USAEBIN no. 146
3/1 73 Headquarters of the Engineer Supply Detachment, at San Carlos.” Tent and oil drums near path. USAEBIN no. 147
3/1 74 “Venders of ‘dulco’ – the native sweets, San Carlos.” Woman and children at tent camp. USAEBIN no. 148
3/1 75 “Meeting the train at La Pas.” A gathering of men and women. USAEBIN no. 149
3/1 76 “Guardia Nacional de Nicaragua. The Guardia detachment at San Carlos. The Guardia Nacional is the new military force of Nicaragua, and is officered by American Marines.” Four soldiers outside building. USAEBIN no. 153
3/1 77 “Chico, the pet monkey at Granada.” USAEBIN no. 156
3/1 78 “Native boat on the San Juan River overtakes the Engineer boats near Carlos. Great rivalry exists between the native boatmen and the Engineers to see who can make the trip from Greytown to San Carlos in the least time.” USAEBIN no. 162
3/1 79 “A close-up of one of the native boats on the San Juan River. November 1929.” Same boat as above. USAEBIN no. 162
3/1 80 “Old Glory and the Guidon of Co. A, 29th US Engineers float proudly in the breeze at San Carlos, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 163
3/1 81 “Another scene of the native river boats on the San Juan River” USAEBIN no. 164
3/1 82 “The Engineer camp at Ochoa.” Tent camp next to river. USAEBIN no. 166
3/1 83 “Machuca Camp, a sub-camp from Ochoa. Machuca lies at the foot of the rapids in the San Juan.” Distant view from river. USAEBIN no. 167
3/1 84 Soldier with covered wagon and oxcart. USAEBIN no. 172
3/1 85 “The old and the new in Nicaragua. The white man and the native Indian.” Lt. Ross, Guardia Nacional, Miss Julia Kautz and Ricardo Kautz, at an Indian settlement on the Malchora River, near San Carlos. USAEBIN no. 173
3/1 86 “Indian Boy at home near San Carlos, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 174
3/1 87 “The Mozo Family crushes its own corn for meal.” USAEBIN no. 174
3/1 88 “Washing scene at San Carlos.” USAEBIN no. 175
3/1 89 Train station. USAEBIN no. 183
3/1 90 Talley and teenage girl. USAEBIN no. 208
3/1 91 Three men cooking on wood stove. USAEBIN no. 211
3/1 92 “A small alligator killed at San Carlos.” Tally and alligator. USAEBIN no. 217
3/1 93 Soldiers eating dinner at long mess table. USAEBIN no. 224
3/1 94 “Santa and his reindeer. Soldiers of the Nicaraguan Canal Survey celebrate Christmas at ‘San Grancisco’ in Granada.” Santa figure in handcart with two soldiers dressed as reindeer. USAEBIN no. 226
3/1 95 “‘Forty-Second Street’ at Camp Hoover, Ochoa.” Tent camp with boardwalk beside river. USAEBIN no. 248
3/1 96 “Large dugout canoe showing stern for outboard motor.” Canoe tied to dock. USAEBIN no. 249
3/1 97 “Motor mounted on dugout shown in No. 249.” Dugout canoe with outboard motor tied to dock. USAEBIN no. 263
3/1 98 “The Hains with two pontoons on San Juan at Toro Rapids.” Two engineer supply boats on the San Juan River. USAEBIN no. 267
3/1 99 “Pontoon boats serve as barges on the San Juan River.” Soldiers on two boats. USAEBIN no. 268
3/1 100 “A boa found on a jungle trail.” Soldier holds up dead boa constrictor. USAEBIN no. 269 (306)
3/1 101 “Coffee must be carefully cleaned and dried before packing for shipment.” Man spreading coffee beans for drying on patios. USAEBIN no. 275
3/1 102 “San Carlos, Nicaragua. Engineer Supply Boat leaving San Carlos for the 125 mile trip to the camps down the San Juan River.” Supply boat Childs at dock. USAEBIN no. 287
3/2 1 “A current meter.” Soldier holds meter in water from boat to compute river flow in cubic feet per second. USAEBIN no. 304
3/2 2 “Stream gauging on the San Juan River. Measuring the flow of the San Juan River at Machuca, Nicaragua.” Soldiers in dugout boat below rope stretched across river. USAEBIN no. 305
3/2 3 “Gauging the San Juan River. Lines are strung across the river to which the boat is tied.” USAEBIN no. 308
3/2 4 “Chow time in the jungle…Beans, ‘Corned Bill’ and ‘Gold Fish’ make a meal for the survey parties in the heart of the jungle…” USAEBIN no. 311
3/2 5 “…a man experienced in jungle finds fresh water the ‘bajoca’ vine.” Two soldiers extracting water from large vine. USAEBIN no. 317
3/2 6 “Taking a shot.” Soldier measures topography in the jungle with a plane table and alidade. USAEBIN no. 318
3/2 7 ” A plane table party at work in the jungle along the lower San Juan River.”  USAEBIN no. 320
3/2 8 “Castillo Rapids.” Rapids on the San Juan River. USAEBIN no. 328
3/2 9 “San Miguel, Nicaragua.” View from boat of dock and tropical village on the banks of Lake Nicaragua. USAEBIN no. 334
3/2 10 “A native boat experiences difficulties in its progress up the San Juan River in Nicaragua.” Men pushing covered boat in river. USAEBIN no. 338
3/2 11 “A jungle camp of the US Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua. A scene in the late afternoon when the men have returned from surveying in the jungle.” Men outside camp shelters. USAEBIN no. 345
3/2 12  “The back door to a jungle camp. The kitchen hut of a camp of the USA Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua in the heart of the lower San Juan River jungle.” USAEBIN no. 346
3/2 13 “A Machetero. Natives are used to cut trails through the jungle to permit an instrument survey. On his back are both his food and his camp outfit as he may be several days in the jungle before returning to camp.” USAEBIN no. 347
3/2 14 ” A Canalero tends his boats at one of the outlying camps near San Juan del Norte.” Man with paddle and three small boats. USAEBIN no. 349
3/2 15 “Party of Engineers of the US Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua enroute to a new camp site up one of the smaller rivers in the vicinity of San Juan del Norte, Nicaragua. Lieut. Lane with a survey party going up the Deseado River, near Greytown.” Men sitting atop loaded boat. USAEBIN no. 350
3/2 16 “The beginning of a camp.” Men with boats setting up camp along river. USAEBIN no. 357
3/2 17 Survey party with transit in jungle. USAEBIN no. 371
3/2 18 “Soldier of the USA Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua making a hydrographic survey of the harbor of San Juan del Norte (Greytown), the eastern terminus of the proposed canal.” Man standing in river holding measuring rod. USAEBIN no. 387
3/2 19 “The coast an San Juan del Norte is littered with debris.” A surveying party of three men with transit and rods measuring coastline. USAEBIN no. 391
3/2 20 “The Church at Masaya, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 416
3/2 21 “…the home of Arthur Vaughan near San Marcos.” Two men standing outside large two-story house with large verandas. USAEBIN no. 420
3/2 22 “A coffee beneficio near San Marcos, Nicaragua.” Coffee processing plant. USAEBIN no. 421
3/2 23 “An Engineer Camp in the heart of the jungle along the Lower San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 444
3/2 24  “Distributed around Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua are many stations where daily studies are made of the evaporation of the water from the lakes.” Man measuring water in small evaporation tub or pool. USAEBIN no. 447 (444 caption)
3/2 25 “What an instrument man sees through his transit.” Man holding measuring rod in jungle for surveying party. USAEBIN no. 448
3/2 26 “From San Jorge to Brito there are roads that will permit the passage of bull carts and many were used to transport supplies in the survey of the Western Division of the Canal Line between these points.” Loaded bull cart pulled by four animals. USAEBIN no. 470
3/2 27 Loaded bull cart moving through jungle. USAEBIN no. 472
3/2 28 “Music is a great morale builder.” Three men listening to music on a record player under shelter. USAEBIN no. 477
3/2 29 “A Bull cart used to transport supplies for the US Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua.” Bull cart in village. USAEBIN no. 480
3/2 30 “A Denison of the Nicaraguan Forest. Trees on the western side of Lake Nicaragua often reach ponderous sizes.” Two men leaning against trunk of large tree. USAEBIN no. 502
3/2 31 Logo of the United States Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua incorporating transit, boa constrictor, and machete. USAEBIN no. 521
3/2 32 “A bull cart train of the United States Army Engineers near Rivas, Nicaragua. In this small area the country is sufficiently open to permit the use of bull carts, …” USAEBIN no. 528
3/2 33 “A hog nosed python. Hardly a friend as he lays on the walk constructed from the camp to the river (Along the San Juan River, Nic.)” Snake coiled on log walkway. USAEBIN no. 577
3/2 34 “Proud of his kill: a soldier of the U. S. Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua with a small alligator that has [fallen] prey to his Springfield.” USAEBIN no. 579
3/2 35 Bull cart train moving through clearing. USAEBIN no. 626
3/2 36 “The flag of the ‘Liberator,’ captured by G.N. Sandino’s flag captured by Marines.” Flag with skull, machete and rifle in white against dark background. USAEBIN no. 623
3/2 37 Talley in suit with two men and woman in front of fountain in the Garden of San Francisco, Granada. USAEBIN no. 676
3/2 38 Talley and three men posed with boat. USAEBIN no. 692
3/2 39 “Bull riding in the plaza of the church at the Fiesta de San Blas, Diriomo, Nicaragua.” Distant view of sporting event. USAEBIN no. 697
3/2 40 “A Caballero from the hills.” One of the riders in the Fiesta de San Blas, at Driomo, Nicaragua. USAEBIN no. 698
3/2 41 “President Moncado of Nicaragua with friends at the ‘Fiesta de San Blas,’ at Diriomo.” USAEBIN no. 701
3/2 42 “Over the housetops one sees Mombacho Mountain from Granada.” USAEBIN no. 704
3/2 43 “Three senoritas of Nicaragua watch the bull riding at the Fiesta de San Blas at Diriomo, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 705
3/2 44 “Brito Head on the Pacific. Brito, the Pacific entrance to the proposed canal is guarded by the giant head of a man carved by nature in the cliff.” Waves breaking on beach. USAEBIN no. 785
3/2 45 “‘Coches’ take the place of taxis in Nicaragua. At Masaya, ‘the granary of Nicaragua’, the coches meet all the trains for one ‘real’ or ten cents will take you anywhere in the city.” Coaches at train station. USAEBIN no. 852
3/2 46 “Central Park in Managua.” View of park toward fountain and gazebo. USAEBIN no. 861
3/2 47 Soldier and pet animal on leash. USAEBIN no. 926
3/2 48 Soldiers moving canoe over downed tree across stream. USAEBIN no. 928
3/2 49 “Young Nicaragua looks to the future with a questioning air.” Two babies sitting on blanket. USAEBIN no. 932
3/2 50 Three engineers supply boats tied together for freighting in river. USAEBIN no. 1233
3/2 51 Two soldiers examine transit in courtyard. USAEBIN no. 1274
3/2 52 Soldier with transit in forest. USAEBIN no. 1299
3/2 53 Church with damaged façade. USAEBIN no. 2037
3/2 54 Passenger train with small steam locomotive at station. USAEBIN no. 2063
3/2 55 Automobile in mud up to its axles on road. USAEBIN no. 2091
3/2 56 Two soldiers taking bath in river. USAEBIN no. 2196
3/2 57 Four soldiers. USAEBIN no. 2304
3/2 58 Party of soldiers, pack mules and horse truck. USAEBIN no. 2305
3/2 59 Stable or factory building. USAEBIN no. 2312
3/2 60 Talley with hands on hips on veranda, 1931. USAEBIN no. 2313
3/2 61-62 “Granada and the north end of Lake Nicaragua as seen from the top of Mombacho Volcano (Lieut. B. B. Talley).” USAEBIN no. 2318-2319
3/2 63 Soldiers unloading supplies from boat. USAEBIN no. 2352
3/2 64-65 Soldiers unearthing prehistoric stone idol on Zapatera Island. USAEBIN no. 2353-2354
3/2 66-67 Truck backed up to door of railroad boxcar at station. USAEBIN no. 2364-2365
3/2 68 Portrait of four soldiers in courtyard. USAEBIN no. 2478
3/2 68-69 Soldiers visiting local market. USAEBIN no. 2479, 2490
3/2 70 Man cooking at wood stove. USAEBIN no. 2491
3/2 71 Three members of the Nicaragua Canal Commission stand on bow of engineer launch Ludlow in the San Juan River. USAEBIN no. 2500
3/2 72 Nicaragua Canal Commissioners on board the engineer launch Ludlow on the San Juan River. USAEBIN no. 2506
3/2 73 Man at tent camp. USAEBIN no. 2513
3/2 74 Nicaragua Canal Commissioners aboard small boat in river. USAEBIN no. 2524-2525
3/2 75 “Mr. Sydney B. Williamson en ‘El Alhambra, Nicaragua, 1931.” Cartoon of elderly man with cigarette and beer. USAEBIN no. 2554
3/2 76 Soldier in village street. USAEBIN no. 2616
3/2 77 Soldiers with safe behind automobile in village. USAEBIN no. 2668
3/2 78 Soldiers at station at relief station for earthquake outside of Managua, 1931. USAEBIN no. 2675
3/2 79-80 Displaced people camped with their belongings outside Managua, 1931. USAEBIN no. 2678-2679
3/2 81 Crowd of displaced people at train station. USAEBIN no. 2679
3/2 82 “One Volcano as seen from another – Omotepe Volcano in Lake Nicaragua as seen from the top of Mombacho above the clouds. (Lieut. B. B. Talley).” USAEBIN no. 2720
3/2 83 Talley with pack bulls on grassy hillside. USAEBIN no. 2721
3/2 84 Distant view of processing plant. USAEBIN no. 2788
3/2 85 Soldiers on horses fording stream. USAEBIN no. 2789
3/2 86 Talley in uniform with pistol examining earthquake damage in Managua. USAEBIN no. 2790
3/2 87 Two young women carrying their babies in the street. USAEBIN no. 2798
3/2 88 Soldiers fording canoe. USAEBIN no. 2804
3/2 89 Native man and woman in canoe in river. USAEBIN no. 2811
3/2 90 People constructing road near village. Tractor at left. USAEBIN no. 2813
3/2 91 Soldiers at gravel plant. USAEBIN no. 2815
3/2 92 Talley at entrance to earth tunnel or mine. USAEBIN no. 2816
3/2 93 Another view of soldiers at gravel plant. USAEBIN no. 2817
3/2 94 Talley and soldier at end of wooden bridge. USAEBIN no. 2822
3/2 95 Man with rifle walking down ravine. USAEBIN no. 2825
3/2 96 Dilapidated processing plant. USAEBIN no. 2827
3/2 97 Street scene in city. USAEBIN no. 2830
3/2 98 Man standing atop concrete dam. USAEBIN no. 2833
3/2 99 Views of wooden bridge over canal bed. USAEBIN no. 2834-2835
3/2 100 View of canal bed. USAEBIN no. 2836
3/2 101 View of wooden bridge over canal bed. USAEBIN no. 2838
3/2 102 Talley and canal inspector at top of rocky ravine. USAEBIN no. 2867
3/2 103 Inspection party examines site. USAEBIN no. 2868
3/2 104 Rail line on canal site. USAEBIN no. 2869
3/2 105 Cement dam viewed from reservoir. USAEBIN no. 2871
3/2 106-108 Views of cement dam from below. USAEBIN no. 2872-2874
3/2 109 Top of cement dam from reservoir. USAEBIN no. 2875
3/2 110 Men inspecting canal site. USAEBIN no. 2876
3/2 111 Waterfall from small dam. USAEBIN no. 2877
3/2 112 Pistol in dry canal bed. USAEBIN no. 2878
3/2 113 Man riding donkey. USAEBIN no. 2879
3/2 114 Canal excavation site. USAEBIN no. 2882
3/2 115 Hydroelectric plant at dam. USAEBIN no. 2883
3/2 116 View of concrete damn from reservoir. USAEBIN no. 2884
3/2 117 View of concrete dam from above. USAEBIN no. 2885
3/2 118 Building housing hydroelectric plant and powerline. USAEBIN no. 2891
3/3 1 “Fountain in the Garden of San Francisco, Granada, Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 5
3/3 2 “Porch and patio, San Francisco, Granada.” USAEBIN no. 14
3/3 3-4 “Engineers unloading freight, Granada, Nicaragua.” Soldiers unloading freight from boxcars. USAEBIN no. 15-16
3/3 5 “Engineers unloading equipment at the Monastery of San Francisco, Granada.” USAEBIN no. 17
3/3 6 “Engineers leaving Granada on the Victoria.” USAEBIN no. 28
3/3 7 “Launch and pontoons of Engineers on San Juan River.” USAEBIN no. 52
3/3 8 “The patio of the quarters of Major Dan I. Sultan, Corps of Engineers, Granada, Nicaragua. Major Sultan has charge of the survey.” Mrs. Sultan on patio. USAEBIN no. 80
3/3 9 “Mrs. Dan I. Sultan, wife of Major Sultan.” Woman and two parrots. USAEBIN no. 81
3/3 10 “Swimming pool in the patio of Maj. Sultan’s quarters.” USAEBIN no. 82
3/3 11 “Maj. & Mrs. Sultan outside their home in Granada.” USAEBIN no. 83
3/3 12 “Major & Mrs. Sultan, another scene at their home.” USAEBIN no. 84
3/3 13-14 “Interior of Major Sultan’s quarters.” USAEBIN no. 85-86
3/3 15 “Church at San Carlos. Lake Nicaragua and islands in the background.” USAEBIN no. 99
3/3 16 “Guardia Nacional de Nicaragua.” Four soldiers. USAEBIN no. 153
3/3 17 “The Monastery of San Francisco at Granada. Headquarters of the USA Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua.” Headquarters entrance. USAEBIN no. 161
3/3 18 “The corridor of a Nicaraguan home.” Porch or patio of large house. USAEBIN no. 185
3/3 19 American doctor performing operation in rustic operating room. USAEBIN no. 408
3/3 20 “Many Nicaraguan fincas are in groves of coconut palms.” Cocoanut grove. USAEBIN no. 522
3/3 21 Engineers in Granada in formation with hats on ground beside them. Lieutenant Talley in front at left. USAEBIN no. 585
3/3 22 Engineers in Granada in formation wearing hats. USAEBIN no. 589
3/3 23 Major Sultan with Nicaraguan soldiers in courtyard. USAEBIN no. 633
3/3 24 “Granada. Nicaragua. The drafting room of the United States Army Engineers in Nicaragua engaged in surveying the route for the Nicaragua Canal.” USAEBIN no. 635
3/3 25 “Lieut’s Curran, Talley, Mrs. (Major Hawley, and Lieut. Horn, before the fountain at San Francisco.” USAEBIN no. 676
3/3 26 “Lieutenant Colonel Dan I. Sultan, Corps of Engineers, United States Army, Officer in Charge of the Nicaragua Canal Survey.” Portrait in full uniform. USAEBIN no. 686
3/4 27 “Omotepe Volcano, Lake Nicaragua.” USAEBIN no. 884
3/4 28 “One of the many tarpon caught in the San Juan River.” Two soldiers pose with large fish next to river. USAEBIN no. 889
3/4 29 Soldier working at bench under a shelter at tent camp. USAEBIN no. 899
3/4 30 Soldiers drilling for core samples. USAEBIN no. 901
3/4 31 “Subsurface explorations are made by taking sample or ‘cores’ of earth by means of drills. Gasoline engine driven diamond core drills are used wherever possible, but in the inaccessible regions hand operated earth augers are used to test the dam sites and possible sites for canal locks.” Three soldiers operating drill. USAEBIN no. 904
3/4 32 Another view of the three soldiers operating drill. USAEBIN no. 905
3/4 33 Two soldiers examining core samples held in wooden frame or crate. USAEBIN no. 908
3/4 34 “The Centennial Monument in Granada.” Obelisk in Granada from 1921 commemorating Nicaragua’s independence. USAEBIN no. 993
3/4 35 “‘El Mercado’ from whence cometh Granada’s food.” Soldiers at local market. USAEBIN no. 996
3/4 36 “The army wife follows her ‘canalero’ husband into the jungle.” Two women on the second story porch of jungle house at Camp Hoover. USAEBIN no. 1072
3/4 37  “Good bread requires an excellent oven. Readily adapting himself to his surroundings, the Army cook at Camp Hoover furnishes fresh bread from a mud oven of his own manufacturer.” USAEBIN no. 1083
3/4 38  “At home on a cattle boat. In the survey of the San Juan River from San Carlos to Castillo a cattle boat was used as a floating camp.” Smaller covered boat tied to larger cattle boat. USAEBIN no. 1142
3/4 39 “The supply boats of the lower San Juan River consist of native dugout canoes, which during the dry season often have to be dragged over the sand bars into the succeeding pools of the river.” Three supply boats on river. USAEBIN no. 1157
3/4 40 “A party enters to jungle.” Three soldiers walking into jungle vegetation. USAEBIN no. 1164
3/4 41 “Nature claims her own. At San Juan del Norte, the abandoned dredges of the Maritime Canal Company are crumbling to dust. Purchased from the French after they had abandoned the Panama Canal project, these dredges worked many months on a Nicaraguan Canal in 1893, until in turn, it was abandoned.” USAEBIN no. 1169
3/4 42 “Watersnakes blend into their background. The photographer’s ‘cuyuca’ was tied to this old pontoon, from one of the Maritime Canal Company’s dredges for more than half an hour before the snake was seen…” Snake coiled inside end of pontoon. USAEBIN no. 1202
3/4 43 Soldiers at dock in harbor. USAEBIN no. 1229
3/4 44 “A health survey is made along the canal route. Under the direction of the Medical Officers, on the Nicaraguan Canal Survey, an accurate health survey is conducted in the area along the route of the proposed canal.” Men examine specimens in laboratory. USAEBIN no. 1300
3/4 45 Men load cargo onto ship from flatbed rail cars. USAEBIN no. 2004
3/4 46 Group photo of boys gathered around fountain in park. USAEBIN no. 2027
3/4 47 “Guadalupe Church in Leon is one of the oldest in Central America” Decaying stone church. USAEBIN no. 2028
3/4 48 Lake scene. USAEBIN no. 2044
3/4 49 Portrait of engineer lieutenant in front of map. USAEBIN no. 2066
3/4 50 Three men in dugout canoe in swamp. USAEBIN no. 2097
3/4 51 “Plane-table work in the Rio Negro swamps presents difficulties. Photograph by Newell F. Johnstone.” USAEBIN no. 2098
3/4 52 Group photo of men relaxing at jungle camp. USAEBIN no. 2109
3/4 53 “Natives with pick and shovel dug the San Jorge – San Juan del Sur cut. With labor plentiful at 40 cents a day, the laying of this 17-mile stretch of railroad is being accomplished at comparatively small expense.” Men laying timbers for railroad in deep cut. USAEBIN no. 2139
3/4 54 Engineer logos. USAEBIN no. 2161
3/4 55 Group of soldiers in jungle clearing. USAEBIN no. 2199
3/4 56 Men lying on cots. USAEBIN no. 2372
3/4 57 Soldiers at jungle camp. USAEBIN no. 2374
3/4 58 Group photo of engineer soldiers on beach. Talley standing third from right. USAEBIN no. 2376
3/4 59 “Nicaragua Canal Commission inspects the route of the proposed Nicaragua Canal. The inspecting party consisting of Dean A. Marston, of Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, Major C. P. Gross, Corps of Engineers, Mr. R. G. Finch, Civil Engineer of Albany, N. Y., Lieut. C. D. Curran, Corps of Engineers, Major Paul R. Hawley, Chief Surgeon of the Nicaragua Canal Survey, Lieut. W. E. Potter, Corps of Engineers, Lieut. Leslie R. Groves, and Lieut. Col. Dan I. Sultan, Corps of Engineers, at lunch aboard the Engineer Launch, ‘Ludlow’, on the San Juan River, enroute to Greytown to study the eastern terminus of the proposed canal.” USAEBIN no. 2508
3/4 60 Group photo of inspecting party at tent camp. USAEBIN no. 2519
3/4 61 “Interoceanic Canal Commission inspects the route of the proposed Nicaragua Canal. Greytown, Nicaragua. The Interoceanic Canal Commission consisting of Dean Anson Marston of Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa, Mr. Sidney J. Williamson, Civil Engineer of Washington, D. C., and Mr. R. G. Finch, Civil Engineer of Albany, New York, confer with officers of the Corps of Engineers, U S Army, concerning the Atlantic terminus of the proposed Nicaragua Canal. Left to right: Dean A. Marston, Past-Pres., Amer. Soc. of Civil Engrs., Lt. Col. Dan I. Sultan, Corps of Engineers, Major C. E. Gross, Corps of Engineers, Mr. Sidney J. Williamson, Mr. R. G. Finch, Major Paul R. Hawley, Medical Corps, Chief Surgeon, Nic. Can. Survey, Lieut. Leslie R. Groves, Corps of Engineers, Lieut. T. L. Mulligan, Corps of Engineers.” USAEBIN no. 2529
3/4 62 Boy and girl in theatrical show. USAEBIN no. 2546
3/4 63 Man and woman in theatrical show. USAEBIN no. 2547
3/4 64 Cast photo of theatrical show. Talley wearing top hat in center right. USAEBIN no. 2548
3/4 65 Cast photo of four couples from theatrical show. USAEBIN no. 2549
3/4 66 Cast photo of theatrical show. USAEBIN no. 2550
3/4 67 Men setting up equipment in jungle. USAEBIN no. 2564
3/4 68 “A survey camp on the upper Deseado River.” Jungle camp viewed from hillside. USAEBIN no. 2569
3/4 69 Waterfall in jungle. USAEBIN no. 2588
3/4 70 Surveying crew working in jungle. USAEBIN no. 2593
3/4 71 Soldier at top of wooden bridge next to jungle shelter for generator. USAEBIN no. 2606
3/4 72 Four soldiers with rifles on street corner. USAEBIN no. 2627
3/4 73 Soldier and doctor examine wounded man on stretcher. USAEBIN no. 2635
3/4 74 Displaced people camping with their belongings outside Managua after earthquake USAEBIN no. 2638
3/4 75 People sitting on chairs in street outside houses in Managua after earthquake. USAEBIN no. 2638
3/4 76 “Inspecting the ruins in downtown with Lt. Col. Dan I. Sultan C. E., officer in charge of the survey.” This photo appeared on a 2 page spread in NY Times Photogravure 1931. Talley and Sultan on ruins, along with local men moving rubble. USAEBIN no. 2642
3/4 77 Soldiers with rifles guard the street in Managua after the earthquake. USAEBIN no. 2648
3/4 78 Group photo of Colonel Sultan and other men outside relief tents after earthquake in Managua. USAEBIN no. 2726
3/4 79 Letter accompanying congratulatory letter from President Herbert Hoover for Corps of Engineers soldiers of the Nicaragua Canal Survey, from Major General Lytle Brown, Chief of Engineers, 1931 May 14. USAEBIN no. 2971
3/5 1-25 Unnumbered USAEBIN photographs; undated, 1929
3/5 1 “Major Dan I. Sultan, C. E., U. S. Army (in white), officer in charge of the Nicaraguan Canal Survey, and Major C. P. Gross, C. E. (Brooklyn, New York), who is in command of the troops of the Nicaraguan Canal Survey.” Senior officers in uniform
3/5 2 “Lieut. B. B. Talley, C. E., while officer in charge of the transportation and supply on the San Juan River for the USAEB-N. 1929.” Talley standing with one foot in supply boat
3/5 3 Church building with bell tower
3/5 4 Six officers in pith helmets and jodhpurs
3/5 5 Two soldiers carrying cattle skull on beach next to engineer launch Ludlow
3/5 6 Nicaraguans sorting unknown crop in village
3/5 7 Talley and another soldier with dog and unknown animal pet
3/5 8 Soldier with dog and unknown animal pet
3/5 9 Canoe in rapids
3/5 10 Vegetation near stream
3/5 11 Soldier standing on boulder
3/5 12 Talley standing on boulder
3/5 13 Soldier in formation in front of tent camp
3/5 14 Native woman in print dress near fort at San Carlos
3/5 15 Man standing behind stone idol on ground
3/5 16 “Four Nicaraguan Senoritas on a ‘Fiesta’“
3/5 17 “‘The American Colony’ at Granada, Nicaragua, composed of the officers on duty with the Headquarters of the United States Army Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua, and their families photographed in the patio of the San Francisco Convent, which serves as a cuartel and headquarters for the expedition”
3/5 18 Major Dan. I. Sultan, Major C. P. Gross, and Sultan’s assistant, Lieutenant Caffey
3/5 19 “November 14th, 1929. Company ‘B’, U. S. Engineer Battalion in Nicaragua (on canal survey). Noon chow from the can…” Men having lunch on boat
3/5 20 “Letter of appreciation from President Herbert Hoover to General MacArthur, Chief of Staff, concerning the work of the Army Engineer Battalion on the Nicaraguan Canal Survey; 1931 May 12
3/5 21 Man with small alligator at Engineer Battalion Headquarters at San Francisco, Granada, 1929 December
3/5 22 Country farm scene near lake
3/5 23 View of lake, island and volcano from shore
3/5 24 Aerial view of relief stations and outskirts of Managua after earthquake of 1931
3/5 25 Proof sheet with five numbered USAEBIN photos, including family scenes, a plantation, and stone idols in Granada
3/6 1-86 Nicaragua photographs from original negatives taken by Talley; 1929-1931 (see folder 3/7) Subjects of the photographs include: a wedding between a United States Army officer and a Nicaraguan woman; Talley giving smallpox vaccinations to Nicaraguans; soldiers and their families at docks; scenes of religious festivals and celebrations; engineers swimming; street scenes; boats and canoes on lakes and rivers; villages, farms, dams, and mines; scenery; and people singly and in groups
3/7 1-85 Original negatives taken by Talley (correspond with prints in the previous folder)
3/8 1-19 Portraits and Cartoons
3/8 1 Portrait of Nicaraguan President Adolfo Diaz (print)
3/8 2 Portrait of El General Augusto C. Sandino; 1930 (print)
3/8 3-4 “Patria Y Libertad” Revolutionary logo on extortion letter from A. C. Sandino (prints)
3/8 5 “La Fachada Principal del Cuartel General de la Guardia Nacional. Managua – Terremoto 31/3/31.” Earthquake damaged jail in Managua (print)
3/8 6 “Salon Prio Donde Fue Deleite del Publico Capitalino. Managua. 31/3/31.” (print)
3/8 7 “Parts of Nicaragua and Costa Rica Showing the Line of the Proposed Nicaragua Canal, United States Army Engineers in Nicaragua.” (print)
3/8 8 “J. C. Kennedy, San Carlos, Nic.” Portrait of J. C. Kennedy (print)
3/8 9 “G. F. Borden, M. D., To my friend Lt. B. B. Talley” Portrait of man in suit and hat (print)
3/8 10 U. S. Army sergeant with wife and two small children (print and negative)
3/8 11 Woman on ship’s deck, probably at the port of Corinto (negative)
3/8 12-13 Portraits of J. C. Kennedy at San Carlos (negatives)
3/8 14-16 Talley and young local woman near tent camp, USAEBIN Nos. 206-208 (negatives)
3/8 17 Portrait of Talley sitting with dog on lounge chair in patio at Granada (1 black and white negative, 5 X 7 inch).
3/8 18-19 Portrait of Talley’s young son standing in garden, USAEBIN Nos. 2468 & 2469; circa 1931 (digital copies only)
3/9 Archeological Artifacts; circa 1931
3/9 1-13 USAEBIN Nos. 2363-2364, 2366-2371, 2378-1980. Pictographic drawings carved in a basalt slab on the Isla de los Muertos near Zapatera Island
3/9 14-49 Stone idols from Zapatera Island displayed in the patio at the university in Granada
3/9 50-105 Small artifacts
3/9 77-105 Negatives
3/10 1-24 Engineers trucks with water pumps travel into countryside, Nos. 0-23; circa 1929-1931
3/11 1-16 Ships: Engineers’ supplies being loaded onto large transport ship at port in Brooklyn, New York. U. S. Army Transport Kenowis also in port, U. S. Army Transport Chateau Thierry approaching harbor and at dock
3/12 1-11 Soldiers at Engineers’ headquarters in Granada, area buildings, three church bells, and people in square in front of monastery at San Francisco in Granada; circa 1929-1931
3/13 1-2 Baseball team on steps in front of Engineers’ Headquarters in Granada, and playing game at stadium in front of covered bleachers

Part 1. Series 7: Fort Schuyler, New York; 1931-1934. 0.01 cubic feet.

Photographs of Fort Schuyler, New York, where Talley was stationed with the 29th Engineer Battalion. Summer and winter views of fort buildings, grounds, and surrounding waters, plus views of Talley with rod, reel, and fish and Talley’s living quarters. Item numbers reflect the order in which the photographs appear

Box/Folder Item Description
3/14 1 Talley with rod, reel, bait can and fish
3/14 2 “Looking from parade ground towards Point Roade, left center. Taken in winter. Officers quarters in front”
3/14 3-4 Buildings, grounds and breakwater in summer
3/14 5-9 Winter scenes on fort or surrounding area, and ship in channel
3/14 10-14 Winter scenes of ice, snow, and ships in channel off fort
3/14 15-17 Two women with baby and pet dog at Lt. Tilley’s quarters on fort
3/14 18-22 Talley’s young son and pet dog playing outside family’s quarters on fort

Part 1. Series 8: Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio papers; 1934-1940. 0.15 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers from Talley’s stationing at Wright Field with the Engineer Detachment, Air Corps Materiel Division, from 1934 to 1937. He was involved there with photogrammetry, or mapping using aerial photographs. The papers consist of military files, including officers’ directories, the order promoting Talley to the rank of captain, and an Army Air Corps Materiel Division newsletter with a photograph of Talley; his articles and lectures; and records from his participation as a guest lecturer for the Institute of Geographical Exploration at Harvard University. Also included are Talley’s reports, correspondence, publications, and souvenir items from the National Geographic Society – U. S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flights for which he served as ground crew member and aerial observer.

Box/Folder Description Date
3/15 Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio military files: Officers’ directories, special orders, program of the Semi-Annual Meeting of the American Society of Photogrammetry, Air Corps News Letter, correspondence, figure of an adjustment of a radial line plot 1934-1937
3/16 Wright Field articles and lectures undated, 1934, 1936
3/17 Institute of Geographical Exploration, Harvard University 1934-1940
3/18 “Special Report: Study of the Vertical Aerial Photographs Taken on the National Geographic Society – U. S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flight” 1934
3/19 Bureau of Standards reports 1934
3/20 Correspondence 1934 July-December
3/21 The National Geographic Society-U. S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flight of 1934 in the Balloon “Explorer”; National Geographic Society Contributed Technical Papers, Stratosphere Series, No. 1; Washington 1935
3/22 Stratosphere Flight of 1935 (“Explorer II”): Talley’s letters, memorandum, trip account, and souvenir items 1935-1936
3/23 The National Geographic Society-U. S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flight of 1935 in the Balloon “Explorer II”; National Geographic Society, Contributed Technical Papers, Stratosphere Series, Number 2, Washington 1936

Part 1. Series 9: Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio photographs; 1934-1936. 0.4 cubic feet.

This subseries consists of personal and professional photographs and photo post cards of the preparation for, launching, flight, and landing of these pioneering balloon flights into the stratosphere. Explorer and Explorer II, and they were launched from a camp near Rapid City, South Dakota. Item numbers reflect the sequence of items within a given folder. Numbers found on individual photographs appear in the descriptions of those photographs.

Box/Folder Item Description
3/24 1-7 Aerial photographs from the flights mounted on paperboard; 1935
3/25 1-10 Portraits and stratosphere photo (10 black and white prints, 1 black and white negative); undated, 1935
3/25 1 Captain Albert W. Stevens in uniform
3/25 2-3 Talley in three-piece suit in front of brick building
3/25 4 Talley in shirt and tie in front of gondola trailer
3/25 5-6 “To Captain B.B. Talley with best wishes, AW Stevens OA Anderson” Captains Orville A. Anderson and Albert W. Steven and Anderson in office with trophy cup, National Geographic Society flag, and stratosphere flight photographs; Photo No. 83369-A; circa 1935
3/25  7-8 Captains Stevens and Anderson in harnesses and helmets in front of balloon gondola; 1935
3/25 9 Group photo in front of brick building, probably Wright Field; undated
3/25 10 “The First Photograph Ever Made Showing the Division Between the Troposphere and the Stratosphere and Also the Actual Curvature of the Earth – Photographed from an Elevation of 72,395 Feet, the Highest Point Ever Reached by Man”; Photograph by Captain Albert W. Stevens, Copyright Supplement to the National Geographic Magazine. Photo No. 65908; 1936 May
3/26 1-10 Photo post cards; 1934-1935
3/26 1 “Major W. E. Kepner and Capt. A. W. Stevens (Pilot and Scientific Observer), National Geographic Society – U.S. Army Air Corps Stratosphere Flight – Ascent, Rapid City, S.D., 1934.” Published by Rise Studio, No. 808
3/26 2 “On the way to Stratosphere Bowl”; Photo by Rise Studio, No. 809; 1934
3/26 3  “Capt Albert W. Stevens, America’s Ace Air Photographer, Arrives at Rapid City. Capt. Stevens will act as Scientific Observer on Flight.” Stevens at door of plane; Photo by Rise Studio, No. 811; 1934
3/26 4 “Army Transport (Fokker) Plane which will follow Stratosphere Balloon on its flight.”; Photo by Rise, No. 812; 1934
3/26 5 “Capt. Stevens and Lt. Anderson with Gondola”; Photo by Rise Studio, No. 815; circa 1934
3/26 6 “Preparing Gondola for Flight”; Rise Photo, No. S-3; 1935
3/26 7 “Rigging Gondola”; Rise Photo, No. S-5; 1935
3/26 8 “Members of the Flight Personnel of Explorer I holding a press conference in front of the Headquarters cabin in Stratobowl near Rapid City, South Dakota.”; National Geographic Society; 1934
3/26 9 “Captain Albert W. Stevens, Air Corps, (center) Leader of the Expedition and Scientific Observer. Captain Orvil A. Anderson, Air Corps, (right) Pilot of the Stratosphere Balloon Explorer II. Captain Randolph P. Williams, Air Corps (left) Alternate Pilot and Ground Operations Officer.”; National Geographic Society; 1935
3/26 10 “The stratosphere balloon Explorer I is shown tugging at its mooring ropes prior to the ascension from the Stratobowl near Rapid City, South Dakota, on July 28, 1934.” National Geograpic Society
3/27 1-18 Stratosphere camp and balloon aerial photographs; 1935
3/27 1 (V1-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-5000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 2 (V3-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-5000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 3 (V4-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-5000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 4 (V5-349-I-BF)(6- -35-1P)(12-3000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 5 (V6-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-5000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 6 (V6-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-5000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 7 (01-349-I-BF)(7-1-35-1P)(12-1500) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 8 (02-349-I-BF)(7-11-35-4P)(12-500) Stratosphere Balloon
3/27 9 (03-349-I-BF)(7-11-35-4P)(12-500) Stratosphere Balloon
3/27 10 (04-349-I-BF)(7-11-35-6P)(12-400) Stratosphere Balloon
3/27 11 (05-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-1000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 12 (06-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(12-1000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 13 (07-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(24-1500) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 14 (08-349-I-BF)(6- -35-12N)(24-1500) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 15 (09-349-I-BF)(7-1-35-12N)(12-3000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 16 (10-349-I-BF)(7-1-35-12N)(12-3000) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 17 (G1-BF)(7-1-35-11A) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/27 18 (G2-BF)(7-1-35-11A) Strato Camp, S.D.
3/28 1-47 Stratosphere flight taken from airplane (numbered photos); circa 1934
3/28 1 “Bowl & Crowds after Early Morning Takeoff” No. 12
3/28 2 “Bowl & Road to Rapid City after Takeoff” No. 13
3/28 3 “Looking N. – Black Hills & Rapid City” No. 17
3/28 4 “Looking W. over So. Fork Cheyenne R. at Black Hills – Balloon 12,000’, Photo Ship 20,000’“ No. 25
3/28 5 “Balloon over Edge of Mesa in Bad Lands” No. 26
3/28 6 “Beginning ascent from 12,000’ over Pine Ridge Indian Res.” No. 33
3/28 7 “Balloon 20,000’ – Photo Ship 24,000’“ No. 38
3/28 8 “24,000’ Alt.” No. 43
3/28 9 “Balloon 28,000’” No. 45
3/28 10 “Balloon 30,000 – Spectrograph” No. 48
3/28 11 “Balloon 40,000’ over N. Nebr. from airplane @ 25,600’“ No. 52
3/28 12 “Descent – 25,000’” No. 60
3/28 13 “Descent – 20,000’” No. 62
3/28 14 “Descent – 17,000’” No. 64
3/28 15 “15,000’ – near Holdredge, Nebr.” No. 67
3/28 16 “12,000’ – N. Platte R.” No. 70
3/28 17 “10,000’“ No. 72
3/28 18 “12,000’ – Gondola & Moon” No. 78
3/28 19 “12,000’ – Lowering Spectograph” No. 79
3/28 20 “12,000’ – Lowering Spectograph – Black Hills in background” No. 86
3/28 21 “S. Fork Cheyenne R. ‘ McAllister’s plane upper left” No. 95
3/28 22 “Over Eroded Bad Lands” No. 100
3/28 23 “N. Platte R.” No. 110
3/28 24 “6,000’ – Looking S.E. – Holdredge in distance” No. 117
3/28 25-27 Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, no. 151, 179, 195
3/28 28-32 Stratosphere Camp, no. 160, 230, 231, 233,


3/28 33-42 Black Hills and George Washington’s face carved into Mount Rushmore, no. 173, 175, 182, 186, 188, 207, 208, 212, 213, 222
3/28 43 “The First Stage of the Flight”
3/28 44 “Approaching the Second Stage of the Flight” (two different views of the balloon)
3/28 45 “Nearing the End”
3/28 46 “The Gondola with Instrument Arms Outstretched”
3/28 47 “The Crash”
3/28 48 Close-up of lower balloon tearing away
3/29 1-42 Explorer II ascent and descent taken from airplane (numbered set, EII #1 to 42); 1935
3/30 1-13 Numbered aerial photos, probably taken from balloon (numbered prints, no identification) Photo Nos.: 3-193, 3-194, 3-219, 3-220, 3-230, 3-231, 4-301, 4-346, 4-347, 9-859, 9-860, 9-893, 9-894; undated
3/31 1-83 Talley photos taken at Stratobowl camp before Explorer II flight. Subjects include: Albert W. Steven, Benjamin B. Talley, and Manila D. Talley, and others in front of balloon gondola in shed; area Indians posing in front of balloon gondola; men preparing balloon gondola for flight; NBC radio broadcast facilities; Stratobowl camp and launch area; area scenery; men launching weather balloons; camp headquarters building; night inflation of balloon; men attaching balloon to gondola, and airplanes used to follow flights at airfield with hangars; 1935
Box 25 1-88 Talley photos taken at Stratobowl camp rolled negatives

Part 1. Series 10: Portland, Oregon photographs; 1937-1940. 0.02 cubic feet.

This series consists of photographs from Talley’s stationing at Portland, Oregon. Included are portraits of Talley, images depicting mapping facilities and equipment of the 29th Engineers Battalion, and some personal photographs.

Box/Folder Description Date
3/32 Talley portraits undated, 1939
3/33 29th Engineers: photographs primarily of mapping facilities and equipment with one image each of unit basketball team, kitchen, and dress parade. Talley is in only one these photographs undated

Part 1. Series 11: Alaska papers; 1940-1943. 0.25 cubic feet.

This subseries consists of  a memorandum to Colonel Dunn, as well as Talley’s daily logs, written during the period in which he was in charge of construction in Yakutat (October to December 1940) and Officer-in-Charge of Alaskan Construction (January 1941 to June 1943). These logs provide a detailed and comprehensive account of military construction in Alaska during much of World War II, particularly the construction of garrisons at Seward and Whittier, in the interior of Alaska, and in the Aleutians. In the logs, Talley also records his participation several reconnaissance missions to the Aleutians, and accounts of his participation in the landing on Adak and the Battle of Attu. The logs also contain much important information on command relationships in Alaska, and the labor, supply, and transportation situation in the territory during the war.

Box/Folder Description Date
3/34 Memorandum to Colonel Dunn concerning construction projects in Alaska 1941 February 10
3/35 Daily log. Transcript available 1940 October 22 – December 31
3/36 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 January 4-18
3/37 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 January 19-24
3/38 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 January 25 – February 25
3/39 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 February 26 – March 16
3/40 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 March 17-24
3/41 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 March 25-29
3/42 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 March 30 – April 4
3/43 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 April 5-15
3/44 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 April 16-30
3/45 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 May 1-13
3/46 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 May 14-25
3/47 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 May 26-30
3/48 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 May 31 – June 10
3/49 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 June 11-25
3/50 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 June 25 – July 2
3/51 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 July 3-20
3/52 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 July 20-26
3/53 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 July 27 – August 17
3/54 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 August 17-24
3/55 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 August 25 – September 7
3/56 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 September 8-10
3/57 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 September 11-24
3/58 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 September 25 – October 27
3/59 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 October 28 – November 6
3/60 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 November 26 – December 9
3/61 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 December 10-21
3/62 Daily log. Transcript available 1941 December 22-1942  January 4
3/63 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 January 5-18
3/64 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 January 19 – February 13
3/65 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 February 14 – March 27
3/66 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 March 28 – April 26
3/67 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 April 27 – May 8
3/68 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 May 9-26
3/69 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 May 27 – June 20
3/70 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 June 21 – July 8
3/71 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 July 9 – September 15
3/72 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 September 16 – October 16
3/73 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 October 17 – November 8
3/74 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 November 9-24
3/75 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 November 25 – December 2
3/76 Daily log. Transcript available 1942 December 2-1943 January 1
3/77 Daily log. Transcript available 1943 January 2-14
3/78 Daily log. Transcript available 1943 January 15 – February 5
3/79 Daily log. Transcript available 1943 February 6 – March 13
3/80 Daily log. Transcript available March 14 – April 12, 1943
3/81 Daily log. Transcript available 1943 April 13 – June 13
3/82 Whittier Tunnel “Holing Through” ceremony and Army-Navy Production Award presentation ceremony 1942 November 20, 1943 January 9
3/83 Plant specimens collected by Talley during Alaska campaign 1942-1943
4/1 Clippings 1940-1943

Part 1. Series 12: Alaska photographs; undated, 1940-1943. 0.25 cubic feet.

This subseries consists of photographs from Talley’s service in Alaska. Locations where the images were taken include: Adak, Cold Bay, Fairbanks, Fort Richardson, Seward, Anchorage, Umnak, Whittier (“Holing Through” ceremony, November 1942), Yakutat, Attu, and Kiska.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
4/2 1 Adak: first plane to land 1941 April 1
4/3 1 Amchitka: Talley on reconnaissance at Constantine Harbor 1942 December
4/4 1-13 Animals: brown bear killed on Kodiak Island, mauled cow, foxes on Adak Island, fox kit, and caribou calf undated, 1941
4/5 1-7 Cold Bay: Blue Goose airplane at dock after forced landing circa 1942 June
4/6 1-7 Fairbanks area: Talley with dog sled and team 1941 April
4/7 1-5 Fort Richardson, Anchorage Engineers Area Office: Colonel Talley, executive officer Captain D. O. Givens, and Lieutenant Baum standing in front of office sign on side of building 1941
4/8 1-3 Mt. McKinley area railroad inspection: Colonel B. C. Dunn, Captain Talley, and Colonel C. H. Lee in civilian clothes at station house and on railroad tracks 1940 September
4/9 1-4 Manila Point at Seward Harbor and railroad car. Talley traveled from Yakutat to Seward, where he was met by Alaska Railroad manager Col. Ohlsen, who had traveled there on his personal railroad motor car. One of these photographs is Manila Point, and the other three are of railroad tracks and Colonel Ohlsen’s motor car 1941
4/10 1 Dr. Romig’s place toward Spenard: frosted trees and gate in winter undated
4/11 1-4 Talley: Distinguished Service Medal presentation at engineers office in Anchorage; U. S. Army Photos 1942
4/11 1 General Simon Buckner pinning medal on Talley with Colonel Edwin in center undated
4/11 2 General Buckner shaking hand with Talley after pinning. undated
4/11 3 Portrait of Talley wearing medal undated
4/11 4 Group photo, including: Lieutenant Colonel Leon B. DeLong, Victor C. Rivers (chief engineer), Lieutenant Colonel B. B. Talley, Robert Musser (assistant chief engineer), Major Dodson O. Givens (executive officer), and Lieutenant James D. Bush undated
4/12 1-13 Talley: Portraits 1941-1942
4/12 1-2 Lieutenant Colonel Talley at desk undated
4/12 3-5 Colonel Talley in garrison cap undated
4/12 6-9 Colonel Talley in dress uniform undated
4/12 10 Colonel Talley in garrison cap in front of Army Engineers Area Office door undated
4/12 11 Bearded Colonel Talley in rain jacket on reconnaissance in the Aleutians 1942 December
4/12 12 Talley in knit cap and rain jacket on reconnaissance in the Aleutians undated
4/12 13 Talley in winter jacket with hood up, tractor in background undated
4/13 1-7 Talley with others undated, 1943
4/13 1-2 Colonel Talley and unidentified man in front of Quonset hut; Roger Dudley, commercial photographer, Seattle, Washington undated
4/13 3 Colonel Talley and Colonel Erie in front of map; Public Relations #414 undated
4/13 4-5 Luncheon at Pacific Huts, Inc. at Seattle, Washington. Those pictured include Major J. D. Lang, Colonel Talley, Frank Hobbs (President, Pacific Huts, Inc.), Major General H. G. Winsor (Northwest Director, War Manpower Commission), George K. Comstock (Executive Vice President, Pacific Huts, Inc 1943 February 24
4/13 6-7 Colonel Talley, Colonel Richard Park (Division Engineer, North Pacific Division), and Captain J. D. Lang examine plans on Park’s desk, Seattle; Public Relations #415 & 416 undated
4/14 1-15 Umnak survey parties. Those people identified include: Second Lieutenant C. H. Lee (chief of party), Colonel Everett C. Davis (chief of survey), and Colonel Talley 1940-1942
4/15 1-4 Volcanoes: Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutians. Popov Volcano is identified in three of the photographs undated
4/16 1-4 Construction building shop interior views 1942
4/17 1-25 Whittier: Construction Building Shop, Whittier Tunnel “Holing Through” ceremony 1942
4/17 5 “Enroute Anchorage to Tunnel Site.” Interior of railroad car. Robert Atwood at left 1942 November
4/17 6 “General Buckner addressing the employees and guests of the banquet – Whittier Camp” 1942 November
4/17 7 “Col. Ohlsen – ditto.” Col. Ohlsen speaking at banquet 1942 November
4/17 8 “‘Friends, Romans, countrymen – keep your ears – mine are sufficient thank you’ (Not the benediction – just my usual humor) They ain’t hungry they’ve done >et.” Left to right: Col. Otto Ohlsen, Al Coker (Superintendent in charge of construction), and Col. Talley speaking 1942 November
4/17 9 “Preparing for the last shot.” General Buckner with hand on switch 1942 November
4/17 10 “Here we go!” Gen. Buckner throws switch 1942 November
4/17 11 “lst try – nothing happened- (blew a fuse) Gen. Buckner throws the switch” 1942 November
4/17 12 “Waiting for the tunnel to clear after the last blast – Bear Valley Portal” 1942 November
4/17 13 Believe it or not – the 2 ends meet 1942 November
4/17 14 “What the inside of a well const’d tunnel looks like” 1942 November
4/17 15 “Watch your step.” Men walking through rubble in tunnel 1942 November
4/17 16 “Over the last muck pile. You will note the ghost of C. Chaplain in The Gold Rush. “Left to right: Rusty Dow (only woman in party at left), Gen. Buckner (right foreground), Col. Talley, and civilian 1942 November
4/17 17 “It’s pretty funny” General Buckner congratulates Col. O.F. Ohlsen 1942 November
4/17 18 “You did a fine job’ Talley to Coker ‘Thanks’ Coker to Talley.” Col. Talley congratulates Al Coker. Left to right: Gen. Buckner, Col. Ohlsen 1942 November
4/17 19 “The 2 tunnel foremen meet at the center of the tunnel. L to R: Col. O. F. Ohlsen mgr Ak RR, Col. B.B. Talley, Gen. Buckner” 1942 November
4/17 21 “The return of the tramline (Chaplain is with us again).” 1942 November
4/17 22 “It must have been pleasant news – I don’t recall.” Col. Talley and Col. Post 1942 November
4/17 23 “1st load of passengers thru the tunnel – on the way in” 1942 November
4/17 24 “It is cold – and all are sober (-2E F)” 1942 November
4/17 25 “This one wouldn’t start either. “Automobile on flatbed railcar 1942 November
4/18 1-36 Yakutat: general scenes 1940-1941
4/18 1 “Yakutat, Alaska.” Libby McNeil Cannery. Staff quarters in foreground. Cannery center with dock on left 1940
4/18 2 “Yakutat, Alaska” Town from harbor 1940
4/18 3 “Hidden Glacier near Yakutat, Alaska” undated
4/18 4 Interior of native church full with congregation 1940
4/18 5 Yakutat from harbor undated
4/18 6 Cannery superintendent’s quarters, Libby McNeil Cannery. Quarters occupied by Col. and Mrs. B.B. Talley,  1940 October to 1941 January 7 undated
4/18 7 Dock and town of Yakutat looking to the northeast undated
4/18 8 Yakutat looking from the west across the bay undated
4/18 9 Bulldozer clearing field undated
4/18 10 “BBT (center) with salmon caught from bridge over the [?] River 5 miles south of Yakutat at terminus of railroad” undated
4/18 11 “Upper reaches of Yakutat Bay looking North East” undated
4/18 12 “Live Seals on Iceberg Near Yakutat” undated
4/18 13 Yakutat in distance from southwest undated
4/18 14-16 Views of Yakutat from harbor undated
4/18 17 Yakutat from west undated
4/18 18-19 Construction party at Yakutat doing soil testing (original prints) undated
4/18 20 Four radio towers with platforms in clearing undated
4/18 21 Road scene at Yakutat after and before digging clams undated
4/18 22-24 Aerial views of Yakutat and radio towers undated
4/18 25 View of Yakutat with Libby McNeil Cannery in foreground undated
4/18 26-29 Views of radio tower and building in clearing undated
4/18 30-33 Libby McNeil Cannery. Quarters leased to army during construction of airfield undated
4/18 34 Aerial of Yakutat. Libby McNeil Cannery at left and docks at right undated
4/18 35 B.A. Jack, native carver, and a harpoon he was making. undated
4/18 36 Left to right: Sam George, Peter Lawrence, David Hewey, and Sheldon James. undated
4/19 1-5 Yakutat: First plane to land at Yakutat Field 1941 May 8
4/20 1-2 Yakutat: Airport opening 1941 May
4/20 1 Left to right beside plane: Gov. Ernest Greuning, Major General Simon Bolivar Buckner, Lieutenant Francis Loomis (Resident Engineer), Major B.B. Talley, and Colonel George Nold 1941 May
4/20 2 Left to right: unknown officer, Major B.B. Talley, and Gov. Ernest Greuning (back to camera) 1941 May
4/21 1-7 Yakutat: Aerial views, flying to Yakutat circa 1941
4/22 1-14 World War II photographs undated, 1940-1943
4/22 1 Japanese water depth gauge; U.S. Army Air Corps photo 1943 June 6
4/22 2 General Simon Buckner near headquarters command post in the Aleutians undated
4/22 3 Partial Mosaic, Holtz Bay, Attu Island (mosaic of aerial photographs 1943 March
4/22 4 “Embarkation of Co. ‘B’, 28th Engineers aboard the U.S.A.T. ETOLIN, Tamgas Bay, Annette Island, Alaska” 1940 October 2
4/22 5 Grave marker: “Sleeping here. A brother in arms who lost youth and happiness for his Motherland, July 25th, Nippon Army” undated
4/22 6 “Canadian and U.S. flags fly over Kiska”; U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo 1943 August
4/22 7 Japanese submarine, Kiska 1943
4/22 8 The 28th Engineers landing supplies at Shemya undated
4/22 9 “Gen. S.B. Buckner (CG. Of Alaska Defense Command) looking at the American flag hoisted above the captured Japanese headquarters in Chichagof Bay after the Japanese had been routed and the island was again in the hands of the Americans. L to R: Lt. Col. Nelson, C.O.; Gen. Buckner, CG of ADC; Col. Culin, C.O. of Holtz Bay forces, during Gen. Buckner’s inspection tour of Attu, Alaska Chichagof Bay” 1943 June 2
4/22 10 Japanese bombing of Dutch Harbor undated
4/22 11 “DOWN BUT NOT OUT. Colonel B.B. Talley resting on the beach during a reconnaissance of Tanaga Island to determine its suitability for an air base. Conditions were suitable on Tanaga, but the advantages of the excellent harbors of Adak outweighed favorable condition at Tanaga, and Adak was rightfully chosen as the site for a major air and naval base in the mid-Aleutians” 1942 October 24
4/22 12 “An officer & gentleman” Colonel Talley in raincoat holding chin undated
4/22 13 Combination print of five images: man with transom, landing craft unloading supplies on beach, bomber landing or taking off, men laying Marston matting for air field, and tractor; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo undated
4/22 14 Sign marking Engineer Hill on Attu Island, named in honor of the 50th Engineer Regiment that fought the last Japanese counterattack on May 29, 1943; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo undated
4/23 1-44 Alaska scenery  circa 1941

Part 1. Series 13: Europe materials; 1943-1944. 0.15 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers and photographs from Talley’s service in the European Theatre of Operations, where he was Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans in V Corps (August 1943-June 1944), Omaha Beach Commander (June-August 1944), Omaha District Commander (August, October-December 1944), Normandy Base Section Commander (August-October 1944), and First U. S. Engineers Special Brigade Commander (December 1944). Papers from this period include a personal diary (June-July 1943), Normandy invasion documents, orders (June 1944), and other papers concerning the evacuation of prisoners of war (June 1944), congressional visitors to Utah Beach Command (September 1944), activities of the 5th and 6th Engineers Special Brigades, and artificial ports and harbors during the D-Day invasion (after-action report, December 1944). Also included are letters of appreciation to Talley from superior officers, and records of Talley receiving the U. S. Distinguished Service Cross, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm. The photographs include a group photograph of V Corps officers, views of an English manor house, and photo postcards.

Box/Folder Description Date
4/24  Diary, Headquarters, V Corps; An account of Talley’s departure from Alaska and his arrival in England circa 1943 June-July
4/25 V Corps Normandy Invasion Documents 1944 May
4/26 Orders 1944 June
4/27 Evacuation of Prisoners of War, Headquarter, First U.S. Army 1944 June
4/28 Congressional Visitors to Utah Beach Command 1944 September, 1945 February
4/29 Headquarters, 5th and 6th Engineer Special Brigade (ESB) documents 1944 October-December
4/30 Part VII: Artificial Ports and Harbors, of after-action report on the D-Day Invasion circa 1944 December
4/31 Letters of appreciation 1944 August-December
4/32 Awards 1944-1945
4/33 Recommendation of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade for the Meritorious Service Unit Plaque 1946
4/34 Group photo of V Corps officers, signed by members circa 1944
4/35 English manor house; U.S. Army Pictorial Service; Negative Nos. ETO-FA-44-155, ETO-FA-44-156, ETO-FA-44-159 1944
4/36 French post cards: Chartres Cathedral, Chateau de Castilly, par Lison, country scenes, Cherbourg city scenes, sail boat race  circa 1944
4/37 Cherbourg Museum: Normandy Invasion exhibit undated, 1954

Part 1. Series 14: Okinawa and Korea; 1945. 0.15 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers from Talley’s service during the invasion of Okinawa, Japan, and the occupation of Korea. Talley commanded the U. S. Engineers Special Brigade in the Pacific-Asiatic Theatre, and was Deputy Commander of the Army Service Forces in Korea. Talley’s papers from Okinawa include an informational bulletin on the formation of the Okinawa District Engineers, drafts of Talley’s messages during the invasion, and a Japanese Kiri Leaf leaflet. Talley’s papers from Korea include intelligence documents, memoranda, an advance party journal, letters to his wife concerning his activities there, proclamations from General McArthur to the people of Korea, Japanese documents of surrender, and souvenir items.

Box/Folder Description Date
4/38 Okinawa: Information bulletin, messages concerning the invasion, leaflet dropped on Japanese troops 1945
Oversize folder 1 Okinawa Base Development Plan, Revisions as of June 1, 1945; Commander Construction Troops, Island Command, A. P. O. 331; Scale 1:100,000 1945 June 1
4/39 Korea: intelligence documents 1945 August
4/40 Korea: memoranda 1945 September
4/41 Korea: journal, Advance Party, XXIV Corps, Kyongsong, Korea; By Colonel B. B. Talley 1945 September 5
4/42 Korea: messages and drafts: Military messages sent by Col. Talley while in Korea to the commanding general, XXVI Corps, U.S. Army and various other officers. The messages concern the arrival of the Japanese surrender party in Korea, the disposition of Japanese military equipment and supplies in Pusan, Korea, the withdrawal of Japanese forces, civilian internees, and other subjects 1945 September
4/43 Korea: handwritten accounts and reports undated, 1945 September 3-5
4/44 Personal notebooks kept by Talley while in Korea 1945
Oversize folder 1 Proclamations 1, 2, and 3 (in English, Japanese, and Korean) issued by General McArthur to the People of Korea. The proclamations concern currency, crimes and offenses, and the authority of United States military forces 1945 September 7
4/45 Documents of surrender of the Japanese at Seoul, Korea 1945 September 9
4/46 Korea memorabilia 1945
4/47 Gold-covered Buddha presented to the National Geographic Society by Benjamin B. Talley for Korean owner, documents and photographs 1945-1947
4/48 Group photos of Major General G. X. Cheves and Staff, ASCOM 24. Talley was the deputy commander of the unit, and is seated to the right of General Cheves 1945
4/49 Simon Bolivar Buckner Monument and Memorial photographs 1946

Part 1. Series 15: Huntington, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky Papers; 1945-1948, 1974. 0.35 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s papers from his service as district engineer in Huntington, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky, in the Ohio River Division of the Corps of Engineers. Talley’s papers from this period include correspondence, prepared speeches, speeches by others, conference materials, articles and papers on radar navigation and mapping of inland waterways, biographical clippings, and clippings concerning floodwalls in the Louisville District.

Box/Folder Description Date
4/50 Correspondence and related materials 1946-1948
4/51-53 Prepared speeches 1946-1948
4/54 Speeches by others 1944, 1947-1948
4/55 Conference programs, proceedings, and related materials undated, 1946-1948
4/56 Articles, papers, maps, and related materials on radar navigation of inland waterways undated, 1947-1949
4/57 Personal clippings 1946-1948
4/58 Floodwall, Louisville District: newspaper clippings 1947-1948

Part 1. Series 16: Subseries Huntington, West Virginia and Louisville, Kentucky photographs; 1946-1948. 0.25 cubic feet.

This subseries consists primarily of official photographs from Talley’s service in Huntington and Louisville in the Ohio River Division of the Corps of Engineers. Many of the images are of groundbreaking ceremonies for area flood protection projects. Of particular interest are photographs of the ceremony, in 1947, in which Talley was presented with the Oak Leaf Cluster for the Legion of Merit.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
4/59 1-6 Legion of Merit medal presented to Lieutenant Colonel John P. Cruickshank, Army Reserve, Huntington, West Virginia, by Colonel Talley at private dinner 1946
4/60 1-10 Oak Leaf Cluster of the Legion of Merit presented to Colonel Talley for service on Omaha Beach in the Normandy Invasion, by Brigadier General D. L. Weart, Division Engineer, Cincinnati, Ohio 1947
4/61 1-4 Louisville Floodwall groundbreaking ceremony at 39th and Rudd, performed by Colonel Talley and Louisville Mayor E. Leland Taylor 1947 March 20
4/62 1-3 A. J. Stewart, Vice President of Citizens Fidelity and Trust Company, presents $350,000 check to Colonel Talley to complete purchase of the Gibbs-Inman Building in Louisville for a permanent home for the Corps of Engineers 1947 June 24
4/63 1-12 Cagles Mill Reservoir Outlet Works groundbreaking ceremony, performed by Colonel Talley, Governor Ralph Gates, and contractor John Kenney 1948 July 1
4/64 1-5 Covington Floodwall groundbreaking ceremony, performed by Colonel Talley and Cincinnati Mayor William F. Rolfes 1948 July 21
4/65 1-18 Farewell dinner for Colonel Talley on his departure from the Louisville District 1948 August
5/1 1-4 Portraits: Colonel Talley, Major General D. L. Weart  undated, 1946
5/2 1-46 Ohio River Division photographs 1947-1948
5/2 1 Lou. F. Wall, equipment operator, is presented with $10 bonus by Mr. Jones, construction superintendent, Terry & Steadman Construction Company (Colonel Talley in foreground); Courier-Journal and Louisville Times Photo 1947 September 21
5/2 2 Colonel Talley and Major General Weart in front of display for engineer radar survey equipment and related Ohio River navigational charts; Received from “The Work Boat,” New Orleans, Louisiana 1948 February 20
5/2 3 Dinner on the occasion of turnover to the City of Cincinnati of the Mill Creek Barrier Dam Project; Left to right: W. R. Kellogg (city manager), Colonel Talley, Morris Edwards, D. K. Fuller, H. A. Seaman, and Don Rolf; Osbourne & O’Hagan, photographers, Cincinnati 1948 February 26
5/2 4 Ohio River Division senior engineers at Cincinnati office; left to right: B. B. Talley (District Engineer, Louisville), H. V. Canan (District Engineer, Nashville), Major General D. L. Weart (Division Engineer), A. M. Nelson (Huntington), and F. H. Falkner (Pittsburgh) 1948 February
5/2 5 Left to right: Colonel Talley, Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, Major General Douglas Weart, and Lieutenant General Raymond A. Wheeler (Chief of Engineers) view flood control model at the Waterways and Flood Control Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio; Marsh Photographic Studio, Cincinnati 1948
5/2 6 Men talking at party; left to right: Mr. Kenyon, Colonel Talley, and Colonel Petit; Phot No. A337-2 undated
5/2 7 Men seated at dinner party; seated left to right: Mr. Kenyon, Major Barjuad, Colonel Bethume, Colonel Talley, Lieutenant Colonel Leguay, Colonel Adams, Colonel Dechaene, Colonel Petit, General Weckerling, General de la Boisse, Colonel Smith, Colonel De Pass, Lieutenant Colonel Amprino, Colonel MacAdam, Major Bergeron, Captain Laurent, and Lieutenant Rishell; Photo No. A-337-6 undated
5/2 8 Group photo at dinner party; seated left to right: Colonel Talley, Colonel Petchot-Bacque, Colonel Howze, and Colonel Duff; standing left to right: Major Cunningham, Colonel Jung, Mr. Valentin, Mr. L’Abbe, Major Boussarie, Colonel Leguay, Colonel Dickens, Colonel Harris, and Major Bergeron undated
5/2 9 Group photo left to right in suits; Jim Haines, Major General Douglas L. Weart, Senator Josh Lee (Democrat, Oklahoma), and Colonel Talley undated
5/2 10 Group photo left to right: Gertrude Weart, Manila Talley, Rae Haines, and Mrs. Josh Lee undated
5/2 11 Pete and Rene, marriage at Evangelical Children’s Home, St. Louis, Missouri 1946 February 10
5/2 12 “Greetings & Best Wishes, Jim Kelley, 1948” Three men view certificate undated
5/2 1-4 Colonel Talley and unidentified man speak at podium undated
5/2 5-8 Colonel Talley, Major General Weart, and others power up river facility undated
5/2 9-13 Colonel Talley at outdoor dinner party; U. S. Army Photographs, Nos. 1-886-(2, 3, 5, 8, and 9)/A1-50 undated
5/2 14-15 Colonel Talley at ceremony for Surveyor (riverboat with radar mapping equipment?); Kentucky Department of Highways Photo, Nos. 436-6 and 436-13 undated
5/2 16-26 Colonel Talley, Manila Talley, A. C. Ingersoll (Mississippi Valley Association), and E. Leland Taylor (Mayor, Louisville), and others at pinning ceremony for Talley at Louisville District office undated
5/2 27-28 Colonel Talley at groundbreaking ceremony for Uniontown, Kentucky Flood Protection project undated
5/2 29-36 Colonel Talley at document signing ceremony undated
5/2 37-39 Colonel Talley with racks of drying tobacco, and unidentified man and woman undated
5/2 40 Car parked in front of building with sign reading “Corbett Ave. Garage” undated
5/2 41 Talley with a family in front of building undated
5/2 42 Co-operative Club International Ceremony undated
5/2 43 Talley with four other men in military uniforms and suits undated
5/2 44 Talley seated at a table with others at a gathering undated
5/2 45 Talley with others standing next to horse-drawn buggies, automobiles, motorcycles, and an airplane undated
5/2 46 Couple on steps of airplane. Written on photograph, “To our friends the Talleys with love Rae and Jim Hay[?]” undated
Oversize folder 1 1-2 Oversize  photographs: Anchorage, and Louisville undated

Part 1. Series 17: Late career; 1949-1956, 1971. 0.5 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s papers from the last seven years of his military career. During this period, he graduated from the National War College, was assigned to the Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 (Intelligence) in Washington, D. C., was division engineer for the North Atlantic Division, New York, and division engineer for the Mediterranean Division, Casablanca, Morocco and Nouasseur, Egypt. Also during this period, Talley was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in April 1955. The series consists of such items as passport and shot records, efficiency reports, publicity and letters concerning his promotion, orders, and letters concerning his retirement from active service, as well as correspondence, certificates, publications, and memorabilia. This series also includes Talley’s own personal statement on his accomplishments and experiences as head of the Mediterranean Division, written in 1971.

Box/Folder Description Date
5/3 Special Equipment for General Officers 1955 April
5/4 Household Goods 1953, 1955
5/5 General and Mrs. Talley’s Passport and Shot Records 1951, 1955-1956
5/6 Efficiency Reports and Papers 1953-1955
5/7 Correspondence Regarding Insurance Policies 1952-1954
5/8 Promotion to Brigadier General 1955
5/9 Congratulatory Messages to B. B. Talley 1955 March-June
5/10 Orders, Leaves of Absence, and Installation Clearance Certificate 1953-1955
5/11 Best Wishes Upon Retirement to General B. B. Talley 1956 February
5/12 Address and Invitation File and Thank You Letters 1955-1956
5/13 Professional License in State of New York 1954
5/14 Service Record Jacket: memorandum certifying Talley as physically fit, and a copy of a statement of personal history for general officers 1955
5/15 National War College and Intelligence Division, Pentagon 1949-1951
5/16 North Atlantic Division 1951-1952
5/17-22 Mediterranean Division: Correspondence, memorabilia, invitations, personnel rosters, automobile documents, personal statement 1955-1956
5/23 Retirement 1955-1956
5/24 Talley portraits: four portraits of Talley’s head and chest, and one of him at his desk undated, 1952
5/25 Hoy W. Wong (Talley’s orderly in Europe during World War II) congratulates Talley on his promotion to brigadier general 1955 April
5/26 Talley with Vice President Richard Nixon and Colonel. J. T. O’Neill (District Engineer, New York) at Society of Military Engineers annual dinner dance in New York. Talley and O’Niell were awarded Distinguished Service crosses for D-Day operations in Normandy in 1944 1955
5/27 North Atlantic Division photographs: Talley posed with others in small boat, meeting of the Society of Military Engineers, New York Mobilization Designation Detachment #11, Public Hearing in Monterey, California, veterans group meeting, Talley meeting with officials Rhode Island officials, promotion ceremony for Corps of Engineers soldier 1952-1954
5/28 Quarters, Nouasseur Air Base, Morocco; Atlas Constructors photos, Nos. AFL 297 to 300 1956 February
5/29  Brigadier General Talley meets with a Moroccan diplomat; Photo by D. Duncan circa 1956
5/30 Farewell Party for General Talley; Photos by Sergeant Broome, Air Force Photo Lab 1956

Part 2: Personal papers.

Part 2. Series 1: Biographical materials; undated, 1925-1999. 0.5 cubic feet.

This series consists of various biographical items documenting the life of Benjamin B. Talley and his family. Types of materials include: news releases, profiles, newspaper clippings, articles, invitations, membership cards, license and registration cards, address lists, family history newsletters and newspapers, legal papers, sympathy letters and cards (upon Talley’s death), obituaries, a funeral program, and souvenir items.

Box/Folder Description Date
5/31 Biographical data and resume undated, 1952-1979
5/32 Biographical profiles 1939-1995
5/33 Clippings and articles 1927-1993
5/34 List of uniform and personal items presented to museum (recipient not mentioned) undated
5/35 Invitations  undated, 1957-1963
5/36 Membership cards undated, 1964-1975
5/37 Licenses and registration cards and records: driver’s, fishing, professional, voter undated, 1946-1975
5/38 Programs 1947-1954
5/39 Certificates 1952, 1990-1998
5/40 Address Lists (damaged) undated, 1969
5/41 The Talley Sheet family history newsletters (Includes list of subscribers) 1970, 1971
5/42 Talley Family clippings undated, 1936, 1945
5/43 Legal papers: divorce from Grace Lattner Talley in 1933 and injury release waiver 1933, 1936
5/44 Sympathy letters upon Talley’s death 1998 November- 1999 April
5/45-46 Sympathy cards upon Talley’s death 1998-1999
6/1 Obituary notices and funeral services 1998-1999

Part 2. Series 2: Oral history interviews and related materials; undated, 1977-1996. 0.45 cubic feet.
This series consists of records of three different oral history interviews conducted with Talley, along with related correspondence. The first is a transcript of a United States Air Force interview conducted by John Cloe in 1979 concerning Talley’s service in Alaska during World War II. The second is two audiocassettes of a Talley narrative concerning Project “Overlord,” including the landing on Omaha Beach and the Normandy Invasion in 1944. The third is a draft (1983) and a published (1994) transcript of a Corps of Engineers interview conducted by Charles Hendricks. There are also correspondence files for the Hendricks interview, Alaska oral history, and the Louisville District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Including two newsletters with biographical articles on Talley from 1996). The series also contains a reel-to-reel audiotape of an account by Talley of the Battle of Attu

Box/Folder Description Date
6/2-3 United States Air Force Oral History Interview: Brigadier General B. B. Talley, USA-Ret, by John Haile Cloe, Office of History, Alaskan Air Command (oral history transcript, 280 pages) 1979 September 14, 28-30
6/4 Project “Overlord” – Narrative (2 audiocassettes, 60 minutes each) undated
6/5-6 Corps of Engineers Interview with Benjamin B. Talley; by Charles Hendricks (volumes I & II, 1st draft, 495 pages) 1983
6/7 Engineer Memoirs: Brigadier General Benjamin B. Talley; interviewed by Charles Hendricks, Fort Belvoir Virginia: Office of History, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (oral history transcript, 300 pages) 1994
6/8 Corps of Engineers Interview with Charles Hendricks: Correspondence and biographical sketch; 1977-1983
6/9 Oral history – Alaska: correspondence 1979-1981
6/10 Oral history – Louisville District, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers: correspondence and newsletters with biographical articles 1995-1996
22/23 B.B. Talley speaking about the Battle of Attu and Korean surrender. The tape aslo contains earlier recordings of Reverend Benson and a family Christmas celebration. A digitized copy of the tape is available. Contact the Archives for more information. 1959-1977 March 10

Part 2. Series 3: Personal correspondence; undated, 1929-1995. 2.0 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s personal correspondence with family, friends, U. S. Army officers, and others. The general correspondence is arranged chronologically. individual correspondents are arranged alphabetically.

Box/Folder Description Date
6/11-7/5 General correspondence 1929-1995
7/6 Messages and cards undated
7/7 V-Mail Correspondence. Correspondents include: Mrs. R. L. McGuffin (sister “Ollie,” Mangum, Oklahoma), Mrs. F. J. Loomis (“Sunny”), Lt. Col. Dodson O. Givens (brother-in-law, Anchorage), Mrs. D. O. Givens (sister “Jennie,” Mangum, Oklahoma), Miss Lydia Sturn (Anchorage), Mrs. Nettie Thomas (Mangum, Oklahoma), Maj. J. W. Baum (San Francisco), Lt. Col. J. D. Lang (Seattle), and Lt. Col. M. N. Huston (Washington, D. C.)  1943 January- 1945 February
7/8 Bill and Katherine Arthur (2 black and white and 1 color photo) 1978-1980
7/9 Mrs. James Edgar Baker (Florence) 1978-1981
7/10 Ed and Helen Bartlett 1976, 1977
7/11 Antoinette de Berenger (Museé d’Arromanches) (3 color photos) 1981-1987
7/12 Clare Booth Luce 1982-1987
7/13 Davis family (Manila Talley’s family) 1943-1981
7/14 Jennie Givens (Mrs. Dodson O. Givens, sister) 1943-1944
7/15 Paul Hoefler 1981
7/16 Alain and Beatrice de la Hossenaye (Beatrice is the daughter of Isabelle de Kergorlay, Marquise de Sayve) undated, 1981-1994
7/17 Jack (nephew) 1956-1958
7/18 Joan (daughter-in-law) 1956-1959
7/19 Grace Lattner (first wife) 1941-1942
7/20 Marvin “Muktuk” and Elsie Marston (includes obituaries and memorial service program) 1979, 1980
7/21 Therese and Etienne de Maupeou (Comte and Comtesse de Maupeou) 1984-1992
7/22 Ollie McGuffin (Mrs. R. L. McGuffin, sister) undated, 1941-1948
7/23 Jane Morgan undated, 1970, 1971
7/24-27 Morsey family (Virginia Talley’s mother and siblings) 1978-1981
7/28 R Street Gang undated, 1978-1981
7/29 Jean Louis and Louise de Rougement (General Comte and Comtesse de Rougement) undated, 1983-1994
7/30 Josephine Sather 1953-1954
7/31 Antoinette and Thierry de Sayve (Comte and Comtesse Thierry de Sayve) 1969-1995
7/32 Richard H. Sneed (Major C.E., AUS, retired) 1992
7/33 Emmett R. Talley (brother) 1936, 1941-1942
7/34 Emory Talley 1979
7/35 John Talley (brother) 1944
7/36 Lattner E. Talley (son) 1942-1943
7/37 Kay Talley (1 color photo) 1980-1981
7/38-45 Manila D. Talley 1941-1967
7/46 Olin W. Talley (brother) 1942
7/47 Steve and Kay Talley (son and daughter-in-law) 1941-1962
7/48 Ted R. Talley (brother) 1954-1957
8/1 Talley – Parmer (Oklahoma) 1978-1981
8/2-5 Talley family 1977-1981
8/6 Harold H. Thomas (nephew) 1957
8/7 D.W. Titus undated, 1974
8/8 Raymond Triboulet (Député du Calvados, later President Comite du Debarquement) 1944-1996
8/9 Odette d’Ursel (Comtesse d’Ursel) undated, 1984-1994
8/10-11 Wheeler 1978-1981
8/11-15 Virginia Wheeler 1975 April-March
8/16 Wilkinson (Vogt) 1978-1981
8/17 “Hoy” W. Wong and Family (Talley’s orderly in Normandy) (4 color photos) 1986-1995

Part 2. Series 4: Diaries; 1931, 1956-1993. 1.75 cubic feet.

This series consist of Talley’s bound diaries, which cover the period after Talley’s retirement from the U. S. Army. These volumes include daily entries, addresses, and attached items including memoranda, notes, business cards, clippings, and memorabilia.

Box/Folder Description Date
8/18 National Diary for 1956, National Diary for 1957 (includes attached loose notes) 1956-1957
8/19 National Diary for 1958, National Diary for 1959 (includes attached loose notes and clipping) 1958-1959
8/20 National Diary for 1960 (includes attached loose addresses and business card), National Diary for 1961 (includes attached loose notes and addresses) 1960
9/1 National Diary for 1962, National Diary for 1963 1962-1963
9/2 National Diary for 1963 (diary for period away from home; includes attached loose notes, addresses, business cards, and clippings), Standard Diary for 1964 1963 June 2- 1964October 18
9/3 National Diary for 1966 (includes attached loose notes, addresses and business cards; also includes inserted copies of memoranda from Talley describing travel to, and conditions in, Da Nang, Vietnam) 1965-1966
9/4 Daily Reminder for 1967 (includes attached loose memoranda, notes, addresses, business cards, and pressed leaf), Daily Reminder for 1968 (includes attached loose notes, addresses, business cards, and a receipt) 1967-1968
9/5 Daily Reminder for 1969 (includes attached loose addresses, business cards, and clipping), Daily Reminder for 1970 1969-1970
9/6 Daily Reminder for 1971 (includes attached loose notes and addresses), Daily Reminder for 1972 (includes attached loose clipping) 1971-1972
9/7 Daily Reminder for 1973 (includes attached loose address), Daily Reminder for 1974 (includes attached loose notes) 1973-1974
9/8 Daily Reminder for 1975, Daily Reminder for 1976 (includes attached loose note, business card, and obituary clipping for Manila D. Talley) 1975-1976
9/9  National Time Line for 1977, National Time Line for 1978 (includes attached loose address) 1977-1978
9/10 National Time Line for 1979 (includes attached loose passage of poem), National Diary for 1980 (includes attached loose notes, addresses, business cards, clipping and restaurant menu) 1979-1980
9/11 National Diary for 1981 (includes attached memorandum on Capital Relocation Legislation, dated June 16, 1981), National Diary, 1982 (includes attached loose notes, address, and business cards) 1981-1982
9/12 National Diary for 1983 (includes attached loose notes, addresses, business cards, clipping and color photograph of Talley family headstone), National Diary for 1984 (includes attached loose notes, addresses and business cards; also includes attached schedule of D-Day trip to Europe in May to June) 1983-1984
10/1 National Diary for 1985 (includes attached loose notes, addresses and business cards), Daily Reminder for 1986 (includes attached loose clipping) 1985-1986
10/2 Daily Reminder for 1987 (includes attached loose note and business cards), Daily Reminder for 1988 1987-1988
10/3 Daily Reminder for 1989, Daily Reminder for 1990 (includes attached loose notes and business card) 1989-1990
10/4 Daily Reminder for 1991 (includes attached loose invoice and address), Daily Reminder for 1992 (includes attached loose notes, addresses and business cards) 1991-1992
10/5 Daily Reminder, 1993 (includes attached typed diary entries for Sep. 1-13)  1993

Part 2. Series 5: Writings; 1930-1993. 0.45 cubic feet.

This series consists of some of Talley’s various published and unpublished writings, primarily concerning his time in Nicaragua, as well as D-Day and his time in Alaska during World War II.

Box/Folder Description Date
10/6  “Some Historical Notes on Nicaragua” (article, 28 pages) 1930 April 2
10/7 “Since Tipatapa” (21 pages plus bibliography) 1930 May 1
10/8 “Little Known Nicaragua” (14 pages) 1930 August 23
10/9 “Wail of the Lonesome Wolf” (article, original draft and carbon copy, 12 pages each). The article is an account of a general conversation between Talley and a native Nicaraguan, which occurred while Talley was on an expedition to an island in Lake Nicaragua to search for archaeological ruins. 1930 December
10/10-13 Fiesta: A Tale of Nicaragua” (book manuscript) 1932
10/14 “Then Came Barbara,” chapters 1 & 2 (fiction, 33 pages) May 1932
10/15 “The Patrol from El Sauce” (fiction, 3 different drafts)  circa 1932
10/16 “Camp Alibi” (fiction, 15 pages) circa 1932
10/17 “The Story He Hoped to Write” (fiction, 18 pages) circa 1932
10/18 “Sandino is Back.” The article is an account of the return of General Agusto Cesar Sandino to Nicaragua, his reunion with President Juan Batista Sacasa, and his return to northern Nicaragua. (13 pages) 1933 February
10/19 “Memories of Nicaragua”; A radio address given over WPAP, New York City, on September 23, 1933, at 6:00 P.M., by Lieutenant B. B. Talley, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army (hand-edited script, 16 pages) 1933 September 20
10/20 “Ancient Cannon Arrive in New York.” Draft of an article on the history of four Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century cannons brought to the United States from Corinto, Nicaragua. The cannon were from the Spanish forts of San Juan and San Carlos (article, 5 pages) circa 1930-1933
10/21 “Great Decision-Omaha Beach 1944” (article, 4 pages plus letter) 1944 June 9
10/22 “The Miracle of the Beaches”; Talk by Colonel B. B. Talley to the American Society of Military Engineers, Cincinnati, Ohio, 13 March 1946 (speech, 7 pages plus related documentation) 1946-1947
10/23 “Omaha Beachhead” (article, plus related letter and television script) 1948, 1954
10/24 “D-Day Plus 10 Years”; By Colonel B. B. Talley; Reproduction for placement in the French Museum at Arromanches, France, on the Tenth Anniversary of D-Day, 1944, in appreciation of the comradeship of those who made Omaha Beachhead secure; Reproduced by New York District, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army (article, 27 pages plus rejection letter and comments from an editor at The American Weekly) 1954 March 22
10/25 “Development of the Delaware River for Commerce.”Proceedings, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 80, Separate No. 503 (article, 8 pages, plus discussion issue) 1954, 1955
10/26 “To Develop a Spring.” Alaska: The magazine of Life on the Last Frontier 1970 July
10/27 “World War II in the Aleutians.” Draft of a talk given by Talley concerning his experiences as head of the Office of Engineering and as Engineer-in-Charge of construction in Alaska from 1941 to 1943 (article, 17 pages) 1971 October 10
 10/28 Operation “Overlord,” “Neptune”: The Landing in Normandy on D-Day, 6 June 1944. A monograph prepared for the Engineer Museum, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 1978 February
10/29 “D-Day 1944 – In Retrospect.” Speech before the Colonel Markle Chapter, Association of the United States Army, New York City, during their annual “D-Day” Memorial Luncheon (article, 11 pages plus insertion page and related attachments) 1989 June 6
10/30 “D-Day 1944 – Planning and Communications” (article, 7 pages) circa 1989
10/31 “D-Day Participant recalls the sights, sounds of battle.” The Anchorage Times 1990 June 6
10/32 “Building Alaska’s Defenses in World War II”; By Virginia M. Talley in collaboration with Benjamin B. Talley, Brig. Gen. USA-Retired; Presented at Alaska at War Symposium (3 drafts, 18 pages each) 1993

Part 2. Series 6: Travel materials; undated, 1937-1956. 0.2 cubic feet

This series consists of materials Talley collected from his travels in the Southwest United States, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Europe.

Box/Folder Description Date
10/33 Change of Station: Trip across Southwestern U.S. en route to Portland undated, 1937
10/34 Alaska-related travel and souvenir items undated, 1939-1947
10/35 Oklahoma highways maps, Oklahoma Department of Highways 1953, 1956
10/36 Europe: Travel literature – France 1956
11/1 Europe: Travel maps and guides – France 1956
11/2 Europe: Travel literature – Italy 1956
11/3 Europe: Travel literature – Spain 1956
11/4 Europe: Travel literature – Switzerland 1956
11/5 Europe: Travel receipts 1956
11/6 Europe: Post cards 1956

Part 2. Series 7: Post-retirement military files; 1967-2000. 1.4 cubic feet

This series consists of Talley’s files concerning his activities as a retired officer of the U. S. Army, including information about reunions he attended. Types of materials represented in the files include correspondence, invitations, programs, briefings, plans, clippings, newsletters, and photographs. Some of these files were maintained for a time by his widow, Virginia M. Talley.

Box/Folder Description Date
11/7 1st Engineer Brigade: correspondence  1989-1994
11/8 1st Engineer Brigade: documents undated, 1989-1993
11/9 1st Engineer Brigade: 531st Engineer Shore Regiment newsletters; 1989-1994
11/10 1st Engineer Brigade: photographs. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri undated, 1989, 1992
11/11 1st Engineer Special Brigade Reunion, October 10-12, 1991, Virginia Beach, Virginia 1990-1995
11/12 6th Engineer Battalion, 6th Infantry Division (Light) Dining Out, and Dining In ceremonies, Fort Wainwright: correspondence, notes, and programs 1990 April 7, 1991 November 1
11/13 11th Army Air Force Reunion, August 1980 – Aleutian Trip: correspondence undated, 1979-1991
11/14 11th Air Force Reunion, August 1980 – Aleutian Trip: documents undated, 1973, 1980
11/15 11th Air Force Reunion, October 17-19, 1986 1986, 1987
11/16 11th Air Force Reunion, August 1990, Anchorage: correspondence 1988-1995
11/17 11th Air Force Reunion, August 1990, Anchorage: documents 1988-1995
11/18 21st Civil Engineering Squadron Combat Dining In, Elmendorf Air Force Base: letter of appreciation, speech notes, and program 1991 May 9
11/19 29th Engineers Division: correspondence 1987-1993
11/20 807th Aviation Engineer Battalion Reunion (Including Yakutat, June 1990) 1986-1995
11/21-22 Alaska: General: correspondence 1977-2002
11/23 Alaska: General: invitations and programs 1983-1989
11/24 Alaska: General: clippings, newsletters, etc. 1983-2000
11/25 Alaska: Short-Snorter undated, 1977-1981
11/26 Alaska National Guard: letter 1975
11/27 Alaska/Siberia Lend Lease Aviators Reunion, July 1992, Fairbanks 1989-1992
11/28 Chief of Engineers Briefing for Retired Engineer General Officers and Key Civilians: letter of invitation, itinerary, and briefing packet 1981 November 20
11/29 Chief of Engineers (Lieutenant General J.K. Bratton) Visit to Alaska: correspondence, itinerary and field briefing 1982 August 2-4
11/30 Corps of Engineers: correspondence 1967-1989
11/31-32 Corps of Engineers: correspondence 1990-2000
11/33 Corps of Engineers: greeting cards and attached letters undated, 1985-2000
12/1 Corps of Engineers: invitations undated, 1982-1999
12/2 Corps of Engineers: documents, publications, and clippings undated, 1973-1989
12/3 Corps of Engineers: Louisville District: 50th anniversary of Cagles Mill Lake, Indiana 1998
12/4 Corps of Engineers: Rivers & Harbors 1980, 1982
12/5 European Theater of Operations: correspondence 1985, 1991
12/6 Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 342, 50th Anniversary Observance of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1991, Fort Richardson 1991 September, December
12/7 Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office of the Commanding Engineer, Washington, D.C: briefing packet 1988
12/8 Japan Alpine-Ski Soldiers Association/87th Mountain Infantry Regiment 50th Anniversary of Kiska Island Landing 1993 August 15
12/9 Normandy Training Center Dedication, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (1st Engineer Brigade): correspondence, clippings, and other documents, 1990 May, June
12/10 Reunions: 531st Engineer Shore Regiment, Topo West Reunion 1988, 1992
12/11 Shemya Air Force Base-renaming to Eareckson Air Force Station (6 color photos) 1993 May 19
12/12 United States Army Corps of Engineers Reorganization Plan circa 1991
12/13 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Special Annual Briefing for Leaders Emeritus, Dec. 1, 1986, Washington, D.C.: correspondence, itinerary, and briefing packet 1986
12/14 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Annual Briefing for Leaders Emeritus, May 4, 1995, Washington, D.C.: agenda and briefing packet 1995 May 4
12/15 U. S. Army Military History Institute: correspondence 1991
12/16 V Corps Reunions: correspondence 1989-1995
12/17-20 V Corps Reunions: documents 1989-2000

Part 2. Series 8: Photogrammetry and photogrammetric inventions; 1921-1954. 0.35 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s patents, descriptions, drawings, manuscripts, correspondence, research materials, photographs on the subject of photogrammetry, or map-making using aerial photographs.

Box/Folder Description Date
12/21 Method and Apparatus for Producing Orthographic Projections: patent license, oath, petition, and specifications 1938
12/22 Map Plotting Device (formerly called Stereo Sketching Device): correspondence and patent license draft, petitions, and specifications with blueprint copies of drawings 1936-1943
12/23 Relief Displacement Compensating Attachment for the Stereocomparagraph: correspondence and patent specifications, descriptions of device with blueprint copies of drawings, and affidavit 1940
12/24 A Method of Mapping with Aerial Photographs: patent petition, specifications, and application addendum 1940
12/25 A Universal Automatic Stereoscopic Plotting Instrument 1940 July 17
12/26 Figures and other drawings of the Stereocomparagraph and other photogrammetric devises undated
12/27 Wright Field, Photogrammetry: drawings, figures, four black and white photographs, and other research materials on the subject undated, 1937
12/28 Photographic Surveying (book): correspondence, manuscript drafts, and related photographs 1945, 1948
12/29 ”Photogrammetric Surveying” chapter in Elementary Plane Surveying (textbook) 1953-1954
12/30 Research materials on photogrammetric instruments 1921-1948
12/31 Photographs of photogrammetric instruments undated
12/32 Correspondence concerning photogrammetry and the stereocomparagraph 1934-1945
12/33 Engineering Applications of Aerial and Terrestrial Photogrammetry: publisher’s prospectus for the book, and an order form for books on aircraft and photogrammetry 1938

Part 2. Series 9: Engineering career files; undated, 1957-1973. 0.35 cubic feet.

This series consists of various materials from Talley’s engineering career after retirement from the U. S. Army in 1956. The materials relate to Talley’s positions as vice president of Raymond International, Inc. in Brazil and vice president and resident manager of Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. in DaNang, Vietnam. There is correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, and memorabilia about the construction of the capital city of Brasilia, Brazil. There are also business cards, travel expense reports, a map of Vietnam, and a drawing presented to Talley, at his farewell party in Vietnam.

Box/Folder Description Date
12/34 Brasilia, Brazil: correspondence undated, 1957
12/35 Brasilia, Brazil: “It Happened Here Yesterday,” English language newspaper column in Brazilian newspaper undated
12/36 Brasilia, Brazil: Brazilian Bulletin (Brazilian Government Trade Bureau publication)–issues and clippings 1961-1966
12/37 Brasilia, Brazil: “This is Brasilia” (copied pages from Revista Da Semana)  undated
12/38 Brasilia, Brazil: newspaper and magazine articles undated, 1957-1968
12/39 Brasilia, Brazil: memorabilia – map, menu, invitation, airline labels, etc. circa 1957
12/40 Business cards undated
12/41 Membership and business cards, receipts: DaNang, Vietnam undated, 1966, 1967
12/42 Travel expense reports 1956 September- 1959 December
12/43 Business cards of others undated
Oversize folder 2 Watercolor drawing presented to Gen. Talley of Metcalf & Eddy Inc. at his farewell party at DaNang, Republic of Vietnam 1967 March

Part 2. Series 10: Political files; 1960-1996. 0.3 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers concerning Talley’s brief political career and his political interests. Talley served as the Director of Civil Defense for Greer County and the City of Mangum, Oklahoma from 1960 to 1962. He also ran for U. S. Congress for the 6th District of Oklahoma in 1962. Items from his time as director of civil defense includes a civil defense operations plan, and related newspaper clippings. Materials from Talley’s congressional campaign include correspondence, biographical summaries, expense and advertising records, newspaper clippings, fliers, business cards, and photographs. There are also political files, consisting primarily of correspondence, from the years 1960-1996.

Box/Folder Description Date
13/1 Republican State Committee Meeting (Oklahoma): minutes 1960 February- March
13/2 Position notes (hand-written) undated
13/3 Agriculture newspaper clippings, correspondence, bacterial examination of water, and 1963 Wheat Stabilization Program undated, 1960- 1963
13/4 Chamber of Commerce, Mangum, Oklahoma 1960
13/5 Director of Civil Defense, Greer County and the City of Mangum 1960-1962
13/6 Rotary Club, Tulsa Oklahoma: Talley Speech: newspaper clippings, newsletter, correspondence 1961
13/7 Greer County, Oklahoma: Area Redevelopment Act: meeting minutes, correspondence, and newspaper clippings 1962
13/8 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Correspondence  1962
13/9 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Biographical Summaries 1962
13/10 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Expenses and Advertising 1962
13/11 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Script for television speech; 1962 April 29
13/12 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Newspaper clippings and miscellaneous records 1962
13/13 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: photo fliers, business cards 1962
13/14 Congressional Campaign, 6th District, Oklahoma: Photographs (9 black and white prints) 1962
13/15 Richard M. Nixon (correspondence, clippings, and bumper sticker; includes correspondence with Eugene McGovern) 1965-1971
13/16 William J. Sheffield (correspondence and campaign resolutions) 1981
13/17-22 Political File (correspondence, clippings, certificates, photographs, and other materials) undated, 1960-1996

Part 2. Series 11: Capital relocation; 1962-1985. 4.6 cubic feet.

This series contains materials concerning the ultimately unsuccessful effort to move the Alaska state capital, in which Talley and his wife, Virginia, were involved.  The series includes correspondence, speeches, articles, legislative materials, and reports.

Box/Folder Description Date
13/23-28 Correspondence 1974-1985
13/29 Speeches 1978-1979
13/30 Drafts and published articles – Anchorage Times article series “The New Capital.”; By B. B. Talley 1974 September-October
13/31 Drafts and published articles – Anchorage Times five part series on capital relocation by B. B. Talley 1980 July
13/32-36 Drafts – Talley capital relocation articles 1976-1982
13/37 Published capital relocation articles by Talley 1976-1978
13/38 Published capital relocation articles by Talley 1982
13/39 Relocation of the capital of Brazil 1959-1975
13/40 Frustrated Alaskans Needing Knowledge (FRANK) Initiative background and DeVries Report 1978
13/41-42 FRANK Initiative amendments proposed by B. B. and Virginia Talley 1981
14/1 FRANK Initiative draft amendments proposed by others 1981
14/2 FRANK Initiative – legal opinions 1975-1981
14/3 FRANK Initiative – Virginia M. Talley opinions 1978
14/4 Capital relocation statues and legislative history 1981
14/5 Capital relocation initiative procedures undated, 1977-1983
14/6 Capital relocation regionalization undated
14/7 Capital relocation general information 1976-1981
14/8 Capital relocation legislative and initiative proposals 1979-1980
14/9-10 Capital relocation draft legislation 1979-1981
14/11 Senate Bill 586 (governor’s capital move bill) memos and amendments 1981
14/12 House Bill 603 (governor’s capital move bill) memos and amendments 1981
14/13-14 Capital relocation – Senate Bill 586 and House Bill 603 drafts and memos 1981
14-15 Capital City Development Corporation (CDC) – early legislation and statutes 1978
14/16-18 CDC – Senate bills 86 and 112, working drafts and Virginia Talley memos 1981
14/19 CDC – Senate Bill 86, amendments 1981
14/20 CDC – Senate Bill 86 as passed and vetoed (includes copies of a ballot proposition) circa 1981
14/21  Report of Alaskans United (Juneau) and other anti-move activities 1962, 1969
14/22 Capital relocation statutes 1974, 1981
14/23 Capital relocation – Frank Harris arguments for 1974 Initiative 1974
14/24 Capital relocation – Boeing Report, reprinted by the Capital Relocation Committee 1974 July
14/25 Capital Relocation Committee meetings 1978
14/26 CSSC publications circa 1976
14/27 CSSC work plan undated
14/28 Capital relocation legislation 1976-1977
15/1 “State Capital Relocation Alternate Plan and Estimate of Cost”; Prepared by B. B. Talley 1979 September
15/2 Capital relocation – B. B. Talley plan 1979 December
15/3 Working papers – B. B. Talley capital relocation plan 1979 September
15/4 “Capital Relocation, An Adjusted Estimate of Cost”; By B. B. Talley 1982 September
15/5 Capital relocation reports, B. B. Talley alternate plan and estimate 1979
15/6 Capital relocation – Mat-Su Borough concept, drafts 1979
15/7 Capital relocation – Mat-Su Borough proposal, financial and bonding 1979
15/8 Capital relocation – Mat-Su Borough proposal, cost estimates and legal issues 1979
15/9 Capital relocation – Mat-Su Borough proposal, maps, notes and memos, CSSC files 1979
15/10 Cost information “basic move” 1977-1978
15/11 Capital  Site Planning Commission CSPC legislation 1977-1981
15/12 CSPC scope, policies and limitations 1978
15/13 CSPC financial plan and bond issue 1978
15/14 CSPC, NCSPC and capital relocation appropriations legislation 1981
15/15 Appropriations limit – constitutional amendments 1981
15/16 Land values 1981
15/17 Capital relocation planning 1981-1982
15/18 New Capital Site Planning Commission action 1981-1982
15/19 Land exchange proposal 1982
15/20 Air transportation information 1982
15/21 NCSPC legal opinions and interpretations 1982
15/22 NCSPC meeting minutes and schedules 1982
15/23 NCSPC resolutions 1982
15/24-25 NCSPC transcripts – reporter’s transcript of the proceedings of a public hearing at Juneau 1982 April 15-16
15/26 NCSPC transcripts – verbatim transcript of a Commission meeting in Anchorage 1982 April 30
15/27 NCSPC transcripts-reporter’s transcript of the proceedings of a Commission meeting in Juneau 1982 May 7
15/28 NCSPC transcripts-verbatim transcript of the proceedings of a public hearing in Nome 1982 May 19-21
15/29 Legislation and studies – impact of capital relocation on Juneau and indemnification 1978
15/30 “No Move Costs More Than Willow”; By B. B. Talley 1974-1981
15/31 Capital Site Planning Commission (CSPC) background memo 1977 November 1
15/32 CSPC “Workbook on Economic and Social Impacts of the Capital Move on Juneau and on the Matanuska-Susitna Borough” 1977 December
15/33 Alaska Capital Project – Juneau impact revisions 1978 January
16/1 “New Capital City Planning Process (NCCPP) background report 1 – Introduction and Overview” 1978 March
16/2 NCCPP background report 2 – “Analysis of State Government” 1978 March
16/3 NCCPP background report 3 – “Program Components for the New City” 1978 March
16/4 NCCPP background report 4 – “Natural Site Conditions” 1978 March
16/5 NCCPP background report 5 – “Water Source” 1978 March
16/6 NCCPP background report 6 – “Energy and Utilities” 1978 March
16/7 NCCPP background report 7 – “Transportation” 1978 March
16/8 NCCPP background report 8 – “Outdoor Recreation Sources” 1978 March
16/9 NCCPP background report 9 – “Financial Plan and Detailed Economic Projections, Part A” 1978 March
16/10 NCCPP background report 9 – “Financial Plan and Detailed Economic Projections, Part B” 1978 March
16/11 NCCPP background report 10 – “Socioeconomic Impact Analysis for Juneau and the Mat-Su Borough” 1978 March
16/12 NCCPP background report 11 – “Environmental Guidelines and Assessment, Permits and Procedures” 1978 March
16/13 NCCPP background report 12 – “Implementation Plan” 1978 March
16/14 New Capital Site Planning Commission (NCSPC) report – “Financing Plan for New Capital City of Alaska” 1978 January
16/15 NCSPC report – “Summary and Rationale of Recommendations and Proposed Legislative Program” 1978 March 15
16/16 NCSPC staff report – “Environmental Assessment Program – Phase I, Source Document 5” 1978 December
16/17 NCSPC report – “Financing and Cost Assumption New Capital Site and Juneau” 1982 March 23
16/18 NCSPC letter and draft report on the Alaska Capital City plan and transit use in other cities 1982 March 30
16/19 NCSPC report – “Progress Report on the Work of the Commission” 1982 April 15
16/20 NCSPC draft report – “Utilities Plan for New Capital City” 1982 April 27
16/21 NCSPC report – “Construction Cost Review” 1982 June 22
16/22 NCSPC summary report – “Plans, Costs and Impacts Relating to Relocation of the State Capital” 1982 August
16/23 NCSPC staff comments -“General and Specific Plans for the Development of the New Capital City” undated
16/24 Frank Orth and Associates, Inc. – “Corporate Qualifications: Socioeconomic Impact Analysis” undated
16/25 NCSPC draft technical report 2 – “Analysis of Alaska Central State Government – Preliminary Data” 1982 January 8
16/26 NCSPC draft technical report 2 – “Analysis of Alaska Central State Government” 1982 January 18
16/27 NCSPC draft technical report 2 – “Analysis of Alaska Central State Government” 1982 March 2
16/28 NCSPC draft technical report 3 – “Population and Facilities Projections” 1982 February 17
16/29 NCSPC draft technical report 3 – “Population and Facilities Projections” 1982 May
16/30 NCSPC draft technical report 4 (with related correspondence) – “General and Specific Plans for the Development of the New Capital City” 1982 March-May
16/31 NCSPC draft technical report 6 – “Transportation Plan” 1982 March
16/32 NCSPC technical report 6 – “Transportation Plan” 1982 April
16/33 NCSPC draft technical report 7 – “Cost Assumptions for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City (‘No Move Study’)” 1982 March-April
17/1 NCSPC draft technical report 8 – “Construction Cost Assumptions” 1982 March 18
17/2 NCSPC draft technical report 8 – “Construction Cost Assumptions” 1982 June
17/3 NCSPC draft technical report 9 – “Real Estate Cost Assumptions for the New Capital Site and For Juneau” 1982 July 1
17/4 NCSPC draft technical report 10 – “‘No Move’ Aspects at Willow, ‘Move’ Aspects at Juneau” 1982 March 26
17/5 NCSPC draft technical report 10 – Cost Estimates for the New Capital City: Construction, Relocation, Indemnification and for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City: “No Move” Costs 1982 June
17/6 NCSPC interim technical report 11 – “Financing and Implementation Plans New Capital Site and Juneau” 1982 April 20
17/7 NCSPC draft technical report 11 – “Financing and Implementation Plans for the New Capital City and for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City” 1982 June
17/8 NCSPC draft technical report 12 – “Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of Capital Relocation” 1982 April 7
17/9 NCSPC draft technical report 12 – “Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of Capital Relocation, Vol. I” 1982 May 26
17/10 NCSPC draft technical report 12 – “Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of Capital Relocation, Vol. II” 1982 May 26
17/11 NCSPC Summary Report – Plans, Costs and Impacts Relating to Relocation of the State Capital 1982 August
17/12 NCSPC Technical Report Number 1 – Introduction and Overview: Legislation and Planning Process 1982 August
17/13 NCSPC Technical Report Number 2 Relocation Plan: Personnel and Space Projections for the New Capital Site 1982 March
17/14 NCSPC Technical Report Number 3 – Population and Facilities Projections 1982 July
17/15 NCSPC Technical Report Number 7 – Cost Assumptions for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City (“No Move” Study) 1982 June
17/16 NCSPC Technical Report Number 8 – Construction Cost Assumptions for the New Capital City, and for Juneau 1982 August
17/17 NCSPC Technical Report Number 10 – Cost Estimate for the New Capital City: Construction, Relocation, Indemnification and for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City: “No-Move” Costs 1982 August
17/18 NCSPC Technical Report Number 11 – Financing and Implementation Plans for the New Capital City, and for Retaining Juneau as the Capital City 1982 August
17/19 NCSPC Technical Report Number 12 – Socioeconomic Impacts of Capital Relocation: Effects on the State, Juneau and Matanuska-Susitna Borough 1982
17/20 New Capital City Planning Process, Background Report No. 13, Legislative Package 1978 March
17/21 Polls and publicity circa 1982
17/22 Political candidates/legislators positions 1978-1982

Part 2. Series 12: Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project files; 1977-1982. 0.1 cubic feet.

This series consists of materials related to the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project on the Kenai Peninsula. Types of material in the series include correspondence between Talley and government officials, plans and analyses concerning the project, and press releases.

Box/Folder Description Date
18/2 Correspondence 1977-1982
18/3 Plans and analyses 1975-1982
18/4 Press releases 1979 November

Part 2. Series 13: “Alaska at War” documentary project records; 1982-1989. 1.8 cubic feet.

This series consists of papers concerning Talley’s role in the planning, development, and fundraising for the World War II documentary film “Alaska at War.” Included are records concerning legislation, fundraising, documentary sources, the Citizens Advisory Committee, proposals, the premier of the film, production costs, and other subjects. Types of records include correspondence, notes, agendas and minutes, proposals, bids, scripts, and reviews.

Box/Folder Description Date
18/5 Correspondence – general 1983-1988
18/6-7 Correspondence – Aurora Films 1985-1987
18/8 Legislation – correspondence 1983-1987
18/9 Legislation – documents and memoranda 1984
18/10 Legislation – documents and testimony 1984
18/11 Funding – Alaska Historical Commission and Alaska Legislature 1985-1987
18/12 Funding – request for fiscal support, Army Corps of Engineers 1986
18/13 Funding – corporate fund raising 1985
18/14 Funding – Citizen’s Advisory Committee (status) 1986-1987
18/15 Funding – donations 1985-1986
18/16 Funding – fundraising, general 1985-1986
18/17 Funding – National Park Service 1985-1987
18/18 Funding – fundraising, general 1984-1986
18/19 Funding – fundraising, summary 1985-1986
18/20 Funding – cost undated, 1983-1985
18/21 Funding – donated funds, authorization for disbursement 1985-1986
18/22 Concept and content 1983-1985
18/23 Documentary sources – general 1982-1985
18/24 Documentary sources – recent film and videotape 1983-1985
18/25 Documentary sources – articles sent by Admiral Russell undated, 1982
18/26 Other documentary sources 1984-1987
18/27 Documentary sources – National Archives undated
18/28 Documentary sources – National Archives, notes and correspondence undated, 1985
18/29  Anchorage Times – articles and letters to the editor 1985
18/30 Japanese, articles and letters undated, 1985
18/31 Key personnel, correspondence 1982-1985
18/32 Citizens Advisory Committee – agendas and minutes, correspondence, notes 1984-1987
19/1 Script draft 1985
19/2 Script draft 1986 June-July
19/3 Script draft 1986 July-August
19/4 Errors in Script 1986 September 25
19/5 Script draft undated
19/6 Scripts drafts, extras 1985-1986
19/7-8 Telephone calls 1985 October-1987 February
19/9 Travel, authorization forms and receipts 1984-1986
19/10 Request for proposal – correspondence 1984
19/11 Request for proposal – Alaska Historical Commission drafts and correspondence 1984
19/12 Request for proposal – Aurora Films proposal circa 1984
19/13 Request for proposal – evaluation 1984 October
19/14 Bids – Pima Paisano Productions 1984 September
19/15 Bids – Action Mobile Television (AMTV) 1984 September
19/16 Bids – Parker Associates 1984 September
19/17 Bids – Image Makers Film Production 1984 September
19/18 Bids – The North Star Chapter, Pearl Harbor Survivors Association 1984 August
19/19 Bids – Mind’s Eye Productions 1984 September
19/20 Bids – Alaska Video Productions 1984 September
19/21 Bids – Alaska Historical Aircraft Society 1984 September
19/22 Bids – Alaska Heritage Film Project, University of Alaska Museum 1984 September
19/23 Premier – correspondence and press releases 1986
19/24 Premier – Northern Television, Inc. 1986-1987
19/25 Premier – Juneau, advertisements and programs 1986
19/26 Premier – 11th Air Force Reunion, programs and itinerary 1986
19/27 Premier – Japanese showing 1987-1988
19/28 Elderhostel showing 1988-1989
19/29 Publicity and reviews 1987-1988
19/30 PBS broadcast (includes publicity and reviews) 1988 April-June
19/31 Master mix sound tape, correspondence 1988 March
19/32 Post production costs, correspondence and reviews 1987 February-August
19/33 Distribution, correspondence 1986-1988
19/34 Cassette sale, correspondence, memoranda, contracts 1987-1989
19/35 University of Alaska Anchorage Archives 1986-1987

Part 2. Series 14: Organization files; 1938-2002. 0.45 cubic feet.

This series consists of Talley’s papers related to his memberships in various professional, veterans, scientific, and social organizations. Professional and scientific organizations include the American Society of Photogrammetry, the Society of American Military Engineers, the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the American Polar Society, the Explorers Club, and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce. Other organizations include the Military Order of the World Wars and The Moles. Types of materials found in these files include correspondence, professional papers, speeches, member lists, and event programs. This series also contains files kept by Talley’s widow, Virginia W. Talley, concerning the Benjamin B. Talley Scholarship Endowment Fund, which is distributed through the Society of American Military Engineers.

Box/Folder Description Date
19/36 American Polar Society 1940
19/37  American Society of Photogrammetry 1965-1972
19/38-39 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons: correspondence 1978-1998
20/1 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Mangum Lodge #61, Masonic Education Awards 1985-1998
20/2 The Explorers Club: correspondence 1946, 1990-1998
20/3 The Military Order of the World Wars: New York Chapter 1951-1953
20/4 The Military Order of the World Wars: Anchorage Chapter 1978-1997
Oversize folder 2 Republican National Committee: Eisenhower Commission certificate, National Convention materials 1992, 1995
20/5 The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce (RSA) 1956-1999
20/6-7 Society of American Military Engineers 1952-1992
20/8 Society of American Military Engineers: programs 1954-1993
20/9 Society of American Military Engineers: Northwest Regional Conference, “Arctic Technology for the Nineties,” Anchorage (program, schedules, and other materials, including those relating to a trip to Prudhoe Bay) 1989 September 6-8
20/10-11 Society of American Military Engineers: Benjamin B. Talley Scholarship Endowment Fund, Inc. (File kept by Virginia Talley)  1999-2002
20/12 Other professional organizations: American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Naval Order of the United States, The Moles, Retired Officers Association, American Society of the French Legion of Honor, Inc., Army Distaff Foundation, Inc. 1938-2000

Part 2. Series 15: Subject files; 1942-1998. 1.3 cubic feet.

This series contains materials collected by Talley related to the 1964 Alaska earthquake, Japan, the oil industry, and various aspects of World War II, including the Aleutian campaign, Japanese involvement in the war, and the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Box/Folder Description Date
20/13-15 Earthquake: Earthquake Testimonial; Earthquake Experience by Bob Reeve 1964
20/16-18 Japan Related Papers: Remarks by Ambassador Mike Mansfield Before the America-Japan Society, Sapporo, Japan; Memoirs of Horace Capron undated, 1986
20/19 Oil industry: Pamphlets, brochures, maps, and other publications concerning the oil industry in Alaska and the rest of the country and its impact on the economy. Included are publications by Alaska Pacific Bank; the Independent Petroleum Association of America; Texaco, Inc.; the American Petroleum Institute; the Alaska Oil and Gas Association; Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. 1975-1978
20/20-21/4 World War II-General Alaska materials: “The Forgotten Front” and The Strategic Importance [of] The Air Force in Alaska, Chapter 1 by John H. Cloe; History of the 802d Engineer Battalion (Construction), 1941-1964; United States Historical Aircraft Preservation Museum; Admiral Nimitz Museum State Historical Park, Fredericksburg, Texas; Alaska at War Veteran’s Day Symposium materials; A Comprehensive Study and Historic Sites Management Plan, World War II Department of Defense Sites, Alaska. Draft; Welcome to United States Army, Alaska 1967-1996
21/5-12 World War II-Aleutian materials: unopposed Landing Plans for Adak Island; diary of Lt. Frank Chown account of Cold Bay and landing on Adak; “The Aleutians” and “U.S. Fighting Men in Alaska;” photographs and map of Adak Island, Cartoons from Adak Island Newspaper The Adakian; materials received from Lawrence Reineke concerning the 11th Air Force and the Aleutians during World War II; “World War II Evacuation of Kiska” Adak Community Forum 1942-1994
21/13-15 World War II-Japanese involvement: Alaskan Air Defense and the Japanese Invasion of the Aleutians, Army Air Force Historical Studies, No. 4 by Lt. Arthur B. Ferguson; “The Japanese Perspective [on the bombing of Pearl Harbor]” by Lieutenant General Masatake Okumiya, Japanese Self-Defense Force (Retired); oral history transcript with General Okumiya and Admiral James Russell by John H. Cloe undated, 1943, 1991
21/16-21 World War II-Normandy invasion: “The D-Day Connection” by MG Bruce Jacob; “General recalls horrors of war: Amphibious raid talk elicits deja vu for Normandy planner”; By Ben Ellis, The Anchorage Times; Engineers in the Normandy Invasion; Prepared by the Society of American Military Engineers; Final Draft; articles; Normandy Beach Operations; correspondence 1946-1998

Part 2. Series 16: Personal photographs; 1898-1991. 0.9 cubic feet.
This series consist of photographs taken or collected by Benjamin Talley outside of his military career. They include photographs of friends and family, photographs taken during a trip to the American Southwest, photographs pertaining to organizations of which Talley was a part, photographs taken during military reunions, and photographs pertaining to Talley’s interest in aerial photography. Also included are photo post cards from Alaska and a camera from the 1930s.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
21/22 1-8 Benjamin Talley, Manila Talley, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Stevens recreating undated
21/23 1-31 Talley family house, Harvard University, and Cambridge, Massachusetts (buildings, street scenes and monuments) circa 1937
21/24 1-62 Talley family personal photographs: child, vehicles, travel trailer, and awards ceremony for women aviators (7 black and white prints, 46 black and white negatives, 10 black and white proof sheets) undated, 1937
21/25 1-145 Gallup, Hopi Village, and Puyé cliff dwellings, including parade and ceremonies from the annual Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial 1937
21/26 1-64 Mesa Verde cliff dwellings, Colorado (28 black and white stereo prints, 36 black and white stereo negatives) 1937
21/27 1-41 Mesa Verde, Colorado, Gallup, Puyé cliff dwellings, and Hopi Village, New Mexico 1937
21/28 1-69 Gallup, Puyé cliff dwellings, and Hopi Village, New Mexico 1937
21/29 1-33 Mesa Verde cliff dwellings 1937
21/30 1-44 Mesa Verde, Colorado, and Gallup, Puyé cliff dwellings, and Hopi Village, New Mexico 1937
21/31 1-8 Mesa Verde Museum, Colorado 1937
22/1 1-15 Gallup, New Mexico 1937
22/2 1-20 Crater Lake, Oregon 1937
22/3 1-22 Portland, Oregon personal photographs: Home in Portland, Talley and wife Manila posed with biplane, Mount Hood, Manila Talley at Fort Rains blockhouse, Talley and wife Manila on rock viewing sailing ship in harbor, Group photo including Benjamin and Manila Talley undated, 1938, 1939
22/4 1-6 Yakutat: Christmas picnic 1940 December 25
22/4 1 Left to right: Capt. Frank Loomis, Manila Talley, Lois “Sunny” Loomis, and Capt. B.B. Talley 1940 December 25
22/4 2 Left to right: Lois “Sunny” Loomis, Capt. Frank Loomis, Manila Talley, and Lois Ba 1940 December 25
22/4 3 Enroute to Christmas dinner in the open. Left to right: Manila Talley, Captain B.B. Talley, Lois Baum, Second Lieutenant John Baum, Lois “Sunny” Loomis, and Captain Frank Loomis 1940 December 25
22/4 4 Left to right: Manila Talley, Lois Baum, Lois “Sunny” Loomis, and Captain Frank Loomis 1940 December 25
22/4 5 Left to right: Captain B.B. Talley, Captain Frank Loomis, Lois Baum, Lois “Sunny” Loomis, Lieutenant Birch (behind), Manila Talley, civilian engineer, and Second Lieutenant John Baum 1940 December 25
22/4 6 Capt. Frank Loomis and wife Lois “Sunny” Loomis (followed Talley as R. E. at Yakutat) 1940 December 25
22/5 1-2 Moroccan Royalty at reception in New York 1959
22/5 1 Left to right: Minister Plenipotentiary Ahmad Ben Abaud, B.B. Talley (Vice President, Raymond, International, Inc.), and Crown Prince Maullay Hassan. 1959
22/5 2 Crown Prince Maullay Hassan and sister Princess Lalla Ishu 1959
22/6 1-7 Society of Military Engineers Dinner Dances at Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York 1975-1986
22/6 1 Group photo of Benjamin and Virginia Talley with table mates 1975 November
22/6 2 Group photo of Benjanin and Virginia Talley with table mates circa 1977
22/6 3-4 Group photos of Benjamin and Virginia Talley with tablemates 1981 November
22/6  5-6 Group portrait left to right: Benjamin Talley, Virginia Talley, Mrs. Douglas MacArthur, and Joe Marble 1981 November
22/6  7 Group photo of Benjamin and Virginia Talley with tablemates, Waldorf Astoria Hotel 1986 November
22/7 1-96  Dutch Harbor, Alaska, 1942-1982 Memorial Service; Norm Kaas, photographer 1982 June 5
22/8 1-7  Reunion at Yakutat 1990 June
22/8 1 Left to right: Carolyn Craig, Lois Baum, Lou Dingess, Joy Bitts, Julie Loomis, and Bonnie Talley (standing); Virginia Talley and Dee Taylor (kneeling) 1990 June
22/8 2 Left to right: John Baum, Francis Loomis, Robert E.L. Talley, Thomas Dingess, B.B. Talley, Dean Taylor, Ben Craig, and Max Bitts. 1990 June
22/8 3 Left to right: John Baum and B.B. Talley 1990 June
22/8 4-5 Old locomotive and car, Yakutat and Southern Railroad. 1990 June
22/8 6 At site of old mortar on Pacific Coast west of Yakutat. Left to right: Max Bitts, Dean Taylor, Frank Loomis, and Virginia Talley. 1990 June
22/8 7 At site of old mortar. Left to right: Max Bitts, Dean Taylor, Frank Loomis, and Virginia Talley. 1990 June
22/9 1-36 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Mangum Lodge #6, Masonic Education Awards undated, 1985-1991
22/10 1-84 Personal and family photographs. People identified include: Benjamin B. Talley, Manila Davis Talley, Grace Talley (first wife), Paul Hoefler (explorer from Denver, Colo.) and family, Clarence Cobb, Jeanne Geis (infant), J. C. Talley (in uniform), Hoy W. Wong (Christmas photo greeting card), Jim Parmer (half back, Oklahoma A & M), Toy Ledbetter (half back, Oklahoma A & M). undated, 1933-1956
22/11 1-37 Family photographs undated, 1918
22/12 1-2 Two young men on caribou hunt undated
22/12 1 Man aiming rifle at caribou in field undated
22/12 2 Two men with rifles over dead caribou undated
22/13 1-10 Hiking trip from lake to mountains and glaciers undated
22/14 1-13 Farm scenes including house, fields, horses, tractor, and harvesting equipment undated
22/15 1-15 Hoover Dam: dam, reservoir, generators, spillways, sculptures, and area scenery circa 1935-1939
22/16 1-12 Omaha Beachhead Model circa 1950-1959
22/17 1-30 Klondike Gold Rush era photograph album undated, 1898-1908
22/17 1 “The Graves of 2 English Brothers of the Research Party who went up the Koyukuk, Summer of 1898.” circa 1898
22/17 2 “George Barrack and Party Crossing Lake Louise on the Ice”  undated
22/17 3 “George Barrack and Party lying over at Tagish Portage” undated
22/17 4 “George Barrack and Party Prospecting on Tagish Lake”; Robertson Photo undated
22/17 5 “Dawson Fire Jan. 10, 1900. Dawson Bank of Commerce,” Dawson, Yukon; by Goetzman 1900 January 10
22/17 6 “Scene of First Avenue After Monte Carlo Fire Jan. 10, 1900.”; Goetzmen, Dawson, No. 190 1900 January 10
22/17 7  Men standing amid ruins of fire in Dawson 1900 January 10
22/17 8 “22 BEL UP’ DOMINION” 22 miles below Upper Dominion Creek. Seven men and two mules posed next to their gold sluice; Larrs & Duclos, Photographers, Dawson, Y.T. 1901
22/17 9 Same men and gold sluice taken from upstream 1901
22/17 10 “Men and horse-drawn sleigh in front of Hotel McDonald in Dawson” undated
22/17 11 “Genuine Koyukuk Malamute Dog” undated
22/17 12 “One hour after the Break up on the Koyukuk River, Spring 1899.” Woman sitting on ice block 1899
22/17 13 “Hughes Cabin near Red Mountain on the Koyukuk River where tis said forty Thousand Dollars was taken Out of a Bar…” undated
22/17 14 “Prospectors on the Koyu[kuk] River, Winter 1898.” 1898
22/17 15 “back view of shop” undated
22/17 16 “Geo & Mrs. M…” Shop sled and dogs undated
22/17 17 “Boiler room w Foundry Dept. Showing cupola that iron is melted.” undated
22/17 18 “Front view of shop” undated
22/17 19 Man working iron at anvil in shop undated
22/17 20  “S.S. Yucatan in the Ice, Bearing Sea. June 13.08”; H.W. Laws 1908
22/17 21 “S.S. Yucatan in Ice Bearing Sea. June 13-08”; H.W. Laws 1908
22/17 22 “Five Fingers from Below (P. No. 61 U.C.),” Upper Yukon River undated
22/17 23 “Miles Canyon N.W.T.”; Robertson Photo undated
22/17 24 “Running White Horse Rapids June 1899.”; Robetson Photo 1899 June
22/17 25 Women and girls walking in front of Administration Building, Dawson, Y.T. undated
22/17 26 Man with pack dogs undated
22/17 27 Woman, small child, and dog undated
22/17 28 Studio portrait of man in wool jacket and fur hat against painted backdrop undated
22/17 29 Unidentified town on river (upper portion torn away). undated
22/17 30 “Last Chance Hotel, Open Day, Night, Bar in Connection, T.W. Cross Prop.” undated
22/18 1-31 Alaskan photo post cards (xerographic copies and black and white copy negatives) undated, 1941
22/18 1 “Anchorage Summer Sunset”; Hewitt’s, No. 31 undated
22/18 2 “Alaska Brown Bombers” (bears); Hewitt’s, Anchorage undated
22/18 3 “Moose, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska”; Hewitt’s Photo Shop, Anchorage, No. 76 undated
22/18 4 “Bristol Bay Fishing Boat”; Hewitt’s, Anchorage, Alaska, No. 2 undated
22/18 5 “Gill Netting Salmon, Bristol Bay”; Hewitt’s, No. 22 undated
22/18 6 “Eskimos, Chevak, Alaska”; Hewitt’s, No. 41 undated
22/18 7 “Mission at Chevak, Alaska”; Hewitt’s, No. 44 undated
22/18 8 “Trading Post at Chevak, Alaska”; Hewitt’s, No. 37 undated
22/18 9 “Harvesting Matanuska Grain” with two-horse team; Hewitt’s, No. 89 undated
22/18 10 “Pioneer Peak and Knik River Bridge, Palmer Highway”; Hewitt’s, No. 102 undated
22/18 11 “Pioneer Peak and Matanuska Grain”; Hewitts, No. 86 undated
22/18 12 “Along the McKinley Park Route”; Hewitt’s Photo Shop, Anchorage, No. 70 undated
22/18 13 “Highway, Mt. McKinley Nat. Park”; Hewitt’s, No. 22 undated
22/18 14 “Mile 54 Mt. McKinley National Park”; Hewitt’s, No. 2 undated
22/18 15 “Wonder Lake and Mt. McKinley, Mt. McKinley National Park”; Hewitt’s, No. 4 undated
22/18 16 “White Fox, Mt. Village, Alaska” Airplane and two sleds loaded with furs; Hewitt’s, 43 undated
22/18 17 “Five American and Three Russian Ships – Nome Roadstead.”; Jacobs, Nome undated
22/18 18 “Nome from the Air”; Jacobs, Nome undated
22/18 19 “Storm Damage Oct. 1941”; Jacobs, Nome 1941 October
22/18 20 “Caribou Swimming the Yukon, Alaska”; Schallerer, photographer undated
22/18 21 “Ready for the Winter Trail in Alaska” Man with sled and dog team; Schallerer, photographer, No. S-177 undated
22/18 22 “Seldovia, Alaska”; Hewitt’s, No. 57 undated
22/18 23 “Big Load Salmon, Yakutat, Alaska” undated
22/18 24 “Turner Glacier, Yakutat, Alaska” undated
22/18 25 “Yakutat, Alaska, Mt. St. Elias in distance, Alt. 18,00 ft.” undated
22/18 26 “Eskimos and Husky Puppies, Lower Yukon”; Hewitt’s, No. 39 undated
22/18 27 “Native Graveyard at Eek, Alaska Lower Yukon”; Hewitt’s, No. 42 undated
22/18 28 “Native Woodpile, Lower Yukon”; Hewitt’s, No. 40 undated
22/18 29 “Eskimos standing on top of their underground home”; Hewitt’s, No. 45 undated
22/18 30 “Arctic Seal Hunter”; Hewitt’s, No. 40 undated
22/18 31 “Motorships ‘Discovery’ and ‘Kasilof’“; Hewitt’s Photo Shop, Anchorage undated
22/19 1-14 Aerial photographs, cameras, and accessories circa 1935-1939
22/20 1-17 Wallace Aerial Surveys, Spokane, Washington undated, 1935
22/20 1 “Mt. Hood-Ore.” undated
22/20 2 “Kachess Lake-Wash.” undated
22/20 3 “Lewiston-Ida. & Clarkston-Wash.” undated
22/20 4 “Northport-Wash.” undated
22/20 5 “Oroville-Wash.” undated
22/20 6 “Columbia Crest-Mt. Rainier.” undated
22/20 7 “Mount St. Helens.” undated
22/20 8 “Lakes Below Seven Devils Mts.” undated
22/20 9-10 “Snoqualmie Pass.” undated
22/20 11 “Snoqualmie Pass District.” undated
22/20 12 “Spokane Business Section.” undated
22/20 13 “Felts Field-Spokane-Wash.” undated
22/20 14-17 Photo Nos. SM-87, SM-88, SM-97, SM-98 1935 September 27
22/21 1-37 Olympic Mountains and Western Washington (37 black and white prints, 6¾ X 9 inch) undated, 1933
22/21 1 “W. portion of Baley Range, Wash. looking S.” undated
22/21 2 “Mt. Carrie of Baley Range, Wash. looking S.” undated
22/21 3-8 “The Brothers Mts Wash.” undated
22/21 9 “Dartford,” S. R. No. 3; Official Photograph, Washington State Highway Department. undated
22/21 10 “Duckabush River, Wash.” undated
22/21 11-12 “Hamma Hamma River.” undated
22/21 13 “Mt Hill, Wash.” undated
22/21 14 “Mt. Jupiter, Wash. and lookout.” undated
22/21 15-18 “Mt. Jupiter, Wash.” undated
22/21 19 “S. E. Spur of Mt. Olympus, Wash. looking N.” undated
22/21 20 “Mt Tom to Mt Olympus, Wash. looking N E.” undated
22/21 21 “Mt Olympus, Wash. looking N.” undated
22/21 22 “East of Mt Olympus, Wash. looking N into head of Hob Valley.” undated
22/21 23-24 “Mt. Tom to Mt Olympus, Wash. looking E N E.” undated
22/21 25 “Mt Olympus, Wash. looking N.” undated
22/21 26 “Mt Olympus, Wash. looking N E.” undated
22/21 27 “Mt Olympus, Wash. looking E N E.” undated
22/21 28 “Quinault River, Wash.” undated
22/21 29 “Queets River, Wash.” undated
22/21 30 “(02-110-15)(8-7-33-4:30 P.M.)(12-6000) Mt. Washington, Wash.” 1933 August 7
22/21 31 “(03-110-15)(8-15-33-2:15 P.M.)(12-8000) Mt. Washington, Wash.” 1933 August 15
22/21 32 “Mt Washington, Wash.” undated
22/21 33 “FA-8.” undated
22/21 34 “FA-11.” undated
22/21 35 “FA-11,” Contour lines drawn on print undated
22/21 36 River valley and mountains undated
22/21 37 River valley and mountains; Official Photograph, Washington State Highway Department undated
22/22 1-25 Ohio River Valley; Photo Nos. H-34-76 to 100 undated
Box 23 1 Stereoplast 40mm stereo camera and leather case circa 1930-1939

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