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Frederick P. McGinnis speeches

Guide to the Frederick P. McGinnis speeches
Undated, 1967-1981

Collection number: HMC-0173.
Creator: McGinnis, Frederick P. (b. 1921)
Title: Frederick P. McGinnis speeches.
Dates: 1967-1981
Volume of collection: 0.4 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: Primarily speeches given by the President of Alaska Methodist University and a deputy commissioner in the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Biographical note:
Frederick P. McGinnis was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1921.  He received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in 1948, a Doctor of Divinity degree from the University of Puget Sound in 1960, and a Doctor of Humane letters degree from the University of Alaska in 1967.  He served as minister to the First Methodist Church in Juneau from 1950 to 1954 and as minister to the First Methodist Church in Anchorage from 1954 to 1957.  He was the field superintendent for the Methodist Church in Alaska from 1955 to 1959.  In 1959, Dr. McGinnis became the president of Alaska Methodist University (now Alaska Pacific University.)  In 1971, he became the Deputy Commissioner for Field Operations in the Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services.  He also served on the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission from 1962 to 1969 and as a member of the Rhodes Scholarship Committee for Alaska from 1960 to 1964.  He was elected to the Alaska Hall of Fame in 1968.

Collection description:
This collection consists of the texts of addresses and speeches, primarily those given by Frederick P. McGinnis to various Alaskan business and professional groups.

Arrangement: The speeches are arranged in chronological order, followed by undated items and speeches written by others.

Rights note: Archives does not hold copyright to these materials.

Preferred citation: Frederick P. McGinnis speeches, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was provided to the Archives by Frederick P. McGinnis in 1983.  Additional materials were added by Alaska Pacific University in 2005.

Processing information: This collection was described prior to 1990.  The description was rewritten and additional materials incorporated in 2009 by Arlene Schmuland.

Container list:

Folder/Item Speech title, description Date
1/1 “The problem of empty shelves.” Address to the University of Alaska. College, Alaska. 1967
1/2 “Where there’s a will, there’s a way: higher education in Alaska—a look ahead.” Alaska Methodist University Institute. 1967 March 3
1/3 “A new call – to live the future.” Address to the Alaska Federation of Natives. Anchorage, Alaska. 1967 October 19
1/4 “Ethics in business.” Annual meeting of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Anchorage, Alaska. 1969 January 10
1/5 “Moral basis of Alaska Native land claims: comments and observations.”  Speech to the Special Committee on Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement. Anchorage, Alaska 1969 January 17
1/6 “Our unfinished homework.” Keynote address to the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs education workshop.  Anchorage, Alaska. 1969 January 20
1/7 “The gifted age and the university student.” Alaska Methodist University convocation. 1969 September 18
2/1 “An agenda for the Seventies.” Address to the Anchorage Board of Realtors. Anchorage, Alaska. 1970 January 9
2/2 “Expanding expectations.” Address to the third annual Woman’s Worry Clinic.  Anchorage, Alaska. 1970 January 23
2/3 Untitled statement on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline to the U.S. Dept. of Interior hearing. 1971 February 16
2/4 Untitled statement on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline to the U.S. Dept. of Interior hearing. 1971 February 24
2/5 Untitled comments to the Anchorage Medical Society.  Anchorage, Alaska. 1971 March 16
2/6 Untitled statement to the U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works, Subcommittee on Economic Development. Anchorage, Alaska. 1971 April 17
2/7 “Cannikan” draft environmental statement 1971 April 30.  Statement to the Atomic Energy Commission hearing. Juneau, Alaska. 1971 May 25
2/8 “Promises that must be kept.” Commencement address at the Alaska Methodist University. Anchorage, Alaska. 1971 May 30
2/9 “Observations on university students.”  Address to the Alaska Press Club. Anchorage, Alaska. 1970 September 23
3/1 “Promises that must be kept.” Commencement address, Alaska Methodist University. 1971 May 30
3/2 “Future medical systems for Alaska.” Moderator on panel discussion, First Alaska Health Congress. 1971 June 1
3/3 Untitled presentation to the Alaska Press Club. Anchorage, Alaska. 1971 July 21
3/4 Untitled dedicatory address at the Bartlett Memorial Hospital (and tribute to E. L. Bartlett by Vide Bartlett).  Juneau, Alaska. 1971 July 24
3/5 “Alaskan youth: an agenda for the Seventies.” Keynote address to Young Democratic Convention. Kenai, Alaska. 1971 August 21
3/6 “Alcoholism in Alaska.” A briefing memorandum for the Alcohol Beverage Control Board. Fairbanks, Alaska. 1971 November 23
4/1 Untitled comments on naturalization ceremony. Juneau, Alaska. 1972 March 2
4/2 Untitled speech delivered to Anchorage Medical Society. 1972 September 19
4/3 “Correcting Corrections: Mandate For the 70’s”. Address to 2nd Annual Alaska Criminal Justice Conference, Alaska Methodist University. Anchorage, Alaska. 1972 September 20
4/4 Untitled presentation to Easter Seal Society. Anchorage, Alaska. 1972 September 21
5/1 Untitled presentation to the Salvation Army. Anchorage, Alaska. 1973 November 15
5/2 Untitled opening comments at Seminar on Health Care in Alaska. Westward Hotel Anchorage, Alaska. 1973 November 26
5/3 -“Health and Social Services and Pipeline Impact”. Address to Juneau Soroptimist Club. Juneau, Alaska. 1974 January 25
5/4 Memo from Mary Beth Hilburn, Coordinator State Office of Drug Abuse. Subject: Pipeline Impact. Fairbanks, Alaska. 1974 January 29
6/1 Untitled speech at Annual Banquet of the Alaska Nurses Association. 1974 June 5
6/2 Untitled address to First Annual Alaska Labor and Management Employee Affairs inc. Seminar. Anchorage, Alaska. 1974 June 29
6/3 Untitled remarks at memorial for James F. McClain. 1974 October 15
6/4 Untitled opening address to the Alaska Mental Health Association Conference: Mental Health and the Child. In conjunction with the 25th Annual Alaska Science Conference. Anchorage, Alaska. 1974 October 18
6/5 Untitled opening address at the Eighteenth Session of Alaska Comprehensive Health Advisory Council. 1974 October 25
6/6 -“Tell It Like It Is”. Comments to Alaska Seafood Industry Conference on Regulatory Agencies Marine Advisory Program. University of Alaska, Anchorage. 1975 October 30
7/1 Untitled remarks at dedication ceremonies Association For Retarded Citizens (ARC). Anchorage Facility. 1976 July 31
7/2 Untitled comments at Prevention Conference. Anchorage, Alaska. 1976 December 2
7/3 Untitled comments at Public Hearing. Anchorage, Alaska. 1977 March 16
7/4 Untitled dedicatory address to the South Kenai Peninsula Hospital. Homer, Alaska. 1977 May 15
7/5 “Alaska Methodist University in perspective.” Alaska Methodist University alumni convocation. 1977 May 26
7/6 Untitled comments on national health insurance to the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare Public Comment Meeting. Anchorage, Alaska. 1977 October 12
7/7 Untitled comments at Second Annual Symposium on Emergency Medical Services. Anchorage Westward Hilton Hotel. 1977 November 8
7/8 Untitled remarks to Citizen Participation Conference For Low Income Residents of Southcentral Alaska. Anchorage, Alaska. 1978 February 28
8/1 Untitled tribute to William R. Cashen at the Opening Session for the White House Conference on Aging. Anchorage, Alaska. 1981 March 13
8/2 -“A tribute: Mason Robison, MD”. At Elmendorf Air Force Base. Anchorage, Alaska. 1981 June 17
8/3 Untitled comments to Alaska Methodist University/Alaska Pacific University Alumni Association Annual Dinner in honor and tribute to Jeanette Brooks. Anchorage, Alaska. 1982 May 2
8/4 “Socioeconomic impacts: proposed Alaskan northwest natural gas pipeline”. Statement before Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Anchorage, Alaska. 1982 April 20-21
9/1 Health and Social Services needs and strategies In the 80’s”. Alaska State Legislature Conference on Alaska’s Future Frontiers Planning for the Next Ten Years. Undated
9/2 Reports on visit to Peoples Republic of China and observations on health care in China Undated
9/3 Untitled speech to the members of the Alaska Comprehensive Health Planning Agency, Advisory Members of the Council. Undated
9/4 “An Interim economic development plan for Alaska” comments. Undated
9/5 Untitled Commissioner’s opening statement to Governor’s Budget Review Committee. Undated
9/6 -“Alaska Native Student and the Growing Edge”. Undated
9/7 Untitled statement to the Governor’s Criminal Justice Commission. Undated
10/1 “Administrative policy in Alaska: a capsule commentary”. Paper for Southcentral Alaska Chapter American Society for Public Administration by Wanda C. Woolcot. Anchorage, Alaska. 1974 January
10/2 Untitled remarks by Lt. Governor Lowell Thomas, Jr. to the Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. 1976 December 2
11 Duplicate copies of addresses and speeches.

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