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Ted Bank papers

Guide to the Ted Bank papers



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Photo Credit/Source: Photographer Unknown, from box 3, folder 6 of the Ted Bank papers.

Collection number: HMC-0068.
Creator: Bank, Ted.
Title: Ted Bank papers.
Dates: 1882-1980, bulk 1948-1974.
Volume of collection: 5.5 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Papers and photographs of an explorer and anthropologist who worked in the Aleutian Islands and Japan.

Biographical note:
Theodore (Ted) Bank, II was born on August 31, 1923, in Patterson, Louisiana. From 1941-1943 he studied human biology at Harvard, leaving to serve as a naval weather observer in the Aleutians and the North Pacific during World War II. After the war he resumed his studies, obtaining a B.S. in forestry at the University of Michigan in 1946 or 1947. Bank went on to obtain his M.S. in ethnobotany from the University of Michigan in 1950, and also did postgraduate work in anthropology there until 1953. He led and participated in numerous scientific expeditions to the Aleutian Islands as well as expeditions to Japan (1955-1956), Argentina, West Africa, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. Bank’s professional positions included village teacher in Atka, Alaska from 1948-1949; executive director of the American Institute for Exploration from 1954-1981; visiting lecturer at the University of Hokkaido (1955-1956); research associate at the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology (1956-1957); assistant professor of anthropology at Chicago Teachers College North (1961-1963); social research anthropologist at Agnews State Hospital (1965-1966); visiting lecturer at College of San Mateo (1965-1966); assistant professor of anthropology at Chapman College, Seven Seas Division (1967); professor of social science at Western Michigan University (1967-1981); and director of the Aleutian-Bering Sea Institutes Program (1969-1981). He was a member of many professional organizations, including the American Anthropological Association (fellow), the Society of American Archaeology (fellow), the Polar Society, and the Pacific Science Association. He was also a fellow of the Explorers Club, a frequent contributor to their journal, The Explorers Journal, and a carrier of Explorers Club Flag #159. He authored many articles and books, including Birthplace of the Winds (1956), a personal account of one of his early Aleutian expeditions. His honors included receiving a Fulbright research scholarship for the study of the Ainu people in Japan (1955-1956). Ted Bank was married three times, to Janet Fowler (1948-1953), Shirley Waterman (1954-1962), and Trina Paula Lindenstein (1963-1981), who often accompanied and assisted him professionally during his expeditions. He had two children, Theodore Paul Bank and Kristin Kara Bank. He died in June of 1981.

Collection description:
The collection consists of records relating to Ted Bank’s activities as an anthropologist and explorer. Included are papers relating to Aleutian-Bering Sea expeditions (ABSE), records of the American Institute for Exploration (AIFE), originally called Institute for Regional Exploration, drafts and publications by Ted Bank, records relating to the American-Japan Society of Hokkaido, motion picture film taken in the Aleutian Islands, and almost 10,000 photographs and negatives relating to Alaskan expeditions, the Ainu people, and other subjects.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following series and subseries:

Series 1: Personal papers; undated, 1947-1974
Series 2: Correspondence; 1939-1978
Series 3: Writing, reference, and research files; undated, 1917-1978
Series 4: Expedition and exploration files; 1948-1979

Subseries 4a: Alaskan expeditions records; 1948-1979
Subseries 4b: Aleutian-Bering Sea Expedition 1973-1974 “Brown Fiasco” records; 1968-1977
Subseries 4c: American Institute for Exploration records; 1948-1974

Series 5: American-Japan Society of Hokkaido files; 1953-1959
Series 6: Photographs; 1882-1980
Series 7: Film; 1949-1954, 1977
Series 8: Objects; undated, 1949-1952

Alternative formats: Copy negatives have been made from selected photographs in the collection.

Digitized copies: Selected items have been digitized and can be viewed on Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: A portion of the collection is closed to access due to the presence of medical data. Because the collection contains potentially culturally and personally sensitive information, prior to access all researchers must sign an archives-provided form agreeing to abide by the American Anthropological Association’s Code of Ethics in using this collection http://ethics.americananthro.org/category/statement/. Please contact an archivist for further information.

Rights note: Archives and Special Collections does not hold copyright to materials in this collection.

Preferred citation: Ted Bank papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Related materials: University of Michigan has some records relating to Ted Bank and his expeditions.

Separated materials: All artifacts from Alaskan excavations were transferred to the University of Alaska Museum in Fairbanks in 1992. Publications were removed from the collection and some were added to the Consortium Library’s Rare Books. Please contact an archivist for further information.

Custodial history: William Woodhams purchased the collection after Ted Bank’s death in 1981.

Acquisition note: This collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections by William Woodhams in 1982, with additions given in 1984 and 1989.

Processing information: This collection was originally arranged and described by Michele Wellck in 1996. The collection was revised by Veronica Denison in 2014.

Container list:

Series 1. Personal papers; undated, 1947-1974. 0.15 cubic feet.
This series consists of Ted Bank’s personal papers, including a short biography, archaeological digs vita, West Coast job search notes, and personal notes.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 “Speaker’s Biography – Ted Bank II” 1972
1/2 “Ted Bank II – Archaeological Digs Vita” 1974
1/3 West Coast job search notes undated
1/4 Explorers Club: bylaws, Lowell Thomas brochure undated
1/5 World Explorations Program (Western Michigan Univ.): PR and development plans 1971-1973
1/6 Personal calendar 1969
1/7 Chapman College: World Campus Afloat 1970
1/8 Unused Christmas cards undated
1/9 Cultural Anthropology course final exam undated
1/10 Personal notes; Deposition, University of Michigan Expedition vs Peter and Nick Galaktianof 1947-1954
1/11 Labels and captions undated

Series 2. Correspondence; 1939-1978. 0.20 cubic feet.
This series contains correspondence regarding an Aleutian research center, research projects, Aleutian missionaries, reindeer, and Atkan resettlement.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/12 Alaska/Aleutian Research Center 1950-1954
1/13 Alaska Historical Library and Museum 1948-1954
1/14 Alaska Native Service 1948-1955
1/15 Aleut Cultural Center (Proposed) 1973-1974
1/16 Aleutian Bering Sea Expedition, queries 1970-1978
1/17 Aleutian Project, cooperation 1968-1973
1/18 Atomic Energy Commission 1950
1/19 Kirk Project: letter from Post Office 1967 December 5
1/20 Laughlin, William 1948-1952
1/21 May, Alan: partial letter from Ted Bank undated
1/22 Missionaries (Aleutian), includes reports 1954-1955
1/23 National Research Council 1953-1954
1/24 Reindeer and trapping: reports, hand-drawn color map, and Bob Reeve materials 1939-1949
1/25 Resettlement Problems (Atka): war claims, notes 1945-1947
1/26 U.S. Department of the Interior 1950-1954
1/27 Other correspondence 1950-1970

Series 3. Writing, reference, and research files; undated, 1917-1978. 0.60 cubic feet.
This series contains articles and drafts written and published by Ted Bank, as well as news releases, articles, and advertisements that mention him. The series also contains Bank’s reference and research files, a majority of which are Alaska-related. His research and reference materials include Aleut school essays, Aleutian and Alaskan medical statistics, and Aleutian vital statistics.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/28 “Birthplace of the Winds” chapter 23: drafts undated
1/29 “History of the Aleut People”: drafts and notes undated
1/30 “Wild Flowers at the Back Door to Siberia” draft undated
1/31 Sketches: Aleutians undated
1/32 Untitled narrative report of Aleutian Expeditions draft undated
1/33 Untitled article about Tanaga Cave: draft 2 black and white photographs of island and cave interior undated
1/34 Untitled article draft about former expedition member Jordal and botanical notes undated
1/35 Untitled article drafts undated
1/36 Artifacts, descriptions, drawings, photographs, and plates from unidentified publications undated
1/37, 6/1 Maps and Figures from publications undated
1/38 “Ethnobotanical Investigations in the Aleutian Islands, 1948 – Part I: Techniques and Objectives”: title page and figure undated
1/39 1946 research reports (Adak): includes hand-drawn color maps and two photographs 1945-1946
1/40 “Leadership Among Aleuts”: report and reference material 1948-1950
1/41 Military Intelligence: report on 1949 Great Sitkin Volcano Ascent, Aleutians by University of Michigan Expedition 1949 July
1/42 “Cultural Succession in the Aleutians”: drafts and notes undated
1/43 “Leadership Among the Aleut”: Appendix I, pp. 196-207 1950
1/44 “The University of Michigan Expedition to the Aleutian Islands, 1948-49”: summary and conclusions 1950
1/45 “Arts and Crafts of the Southwestern Alaska Eskimo”: handout to accompany exhibit at University of Michigan 1952
1/46 “Wild Flowers Deck the Aleutians” 1953 May
1/47 “Orchids of the Tundra” drafts circa 1953
1/48 “Archaeology at Unalaska, Aleutians During 1954: read at the Fifth Alaskan Science Conference 1954 September
1/49 “A Permanent Research Center and Expedition Headquarters in Southwestern Alaska” presented before the Life Sciences Section, Science in the Arctic 1954
1/50 “Ethnobotany of Northern Peoples and the Problem of Cultural Drift” abstract from presentation at the Ninth Pacific Science Congress 1957
1/51 “Medicinal Plant Lore of the Aleut” abstract from presentation at the Ninth Pacific Science Congress 1957
1/52 “Alaska’s Bering Sea Frontier”, “Cry of a Raven” Kiwanis Magazine 1958-1959
1/53 “How Man Came to the New World” Explorers Journal 1962 June
1/54 “An Archaeological Expedition to Unalaska” draft of  “Past Ages of Unalaska” 1963
1/55 Alaska presentation notes 1969
1/56 “The Ainu of Hokkaido” 1970
1/57 “Sea of Okhotsk Eskimoids” 1970
1/58 “Recent Archaeological Finds Relating to Paleo-human Occupation of the Bering Landbridge” read at the Arctic and Mountain Environments Symposium 1972
1/59 “Mounting Your Expedition” 1977
1/60 “Your Expedition” 1978
1/61 News releases 1954-1970
1/62 “Exploring Today with Explorer-anthropologist, Author and Lecturer Ted Bank II” circa 1966
1/63 “Introduction to the Non-Western World” WMU-TV brochures circa 1968
1/64 “High Adventure with Ted Bank” 1970 April
1/65 “Frontier Classroom” flyer 1973
1/66 “WMU Prof Leads Aleutian Island Expedition” circa 1973
1/67 The Unalaskan – No. 5 1969 July
1/68 News clippings; Journal articles undated
1/69 Books to purchase: files, notes, and articles undated
1/70 Aleut essays: essays by school children and Billey Golley’s composition book undated, 1948-1949
1/71 Aleut essays: “Life on Atka in Old Time” told by Cedor Snigaroff 1952 September
1/72 Restricted: Aleutian medical records: reports, statistics, correspondence 1941-1951
1/73 Atka families: records of births, deaths, percentage of Alaska Native circa 1940
1/74 “Blackfeet Tribal Traditions Preserved on Great Northern Railway Calendars” Great Falls Tribune 1952 March
1/75 Card file: authors undated
1/76 Card file: contacts: “s” undated
1/77 Card file: contacts: points undated
1/78 Card file: drawings and notes undated
1/79 Card file: habitats undated
1/80 Card file: Hultén undated
1/81 Card file: Mosses of the Aleutians undated
1/82 Card file: seminar undated
1/83 Card file: subjects undated
1/84 Card file: other undated
1/85 “Comparative Data on Imaknak Sites from Collections at the Chicago Natural History Museum, May 6, 1957” 1957 May 6
1/86 Genealogies and blood groups (Aleutians) 1945-1949
1/87 “Vital Statistics Record for Atka, Alaska” 1917-1948
1/88 Akutan Harbor sub bottom profile data undated
1/89 Proposal for excavations in Japan circa 1957
OS Folder 2 South Amaknak Island proposed Mine Wharf and Facilities, U.S. Army Map circa 1944
6/2 Atka Village News 1946
6/3 Census data fort Aleutian villages 1940-1951
6/4 Rhodesia National Tourist Board Commentary on slides undated

Series 4. Expedition and exploration files; 1948-1979. 1.05 cubic feet.
Series 4. Subseries 4a: Alaskan expeditions records; 1948-1979. 0.40 cubic feet.
The subseries contains records related to Ted Bank’s Alaskan expeditions. Included are records relating to personnel, equipment, films, permits, plans, itineraries, specimens, and collected data.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/90-91 Aleutian film keys undated
2/1 American Institute For Exploration expedition application undated
2/2 Photocopies of Aleutian photographs undated
2/3 Project prospectus: Scientific Work in Alaska and Aleutians 1948
2/4 Equipment requests 1948-1950
2/5 Operational plans and reports: field and overall plans 1948-1950
2/6 1948-1949 Aleutian Project: notes, correspondence 1948-1950
2/7 Aleutian Expedition collections, lists, catalogues 1948-1967
2/8 Permits and letters of introduction 1948-1954
2/9 Proposed itinerary for Aleutian expedition,  Summer 1949 circa 1949
2/10 Agattu Operation 1949: operational file 1949-1950
2/11 Expedition personnel: correspondence, black and white photo of Bob Drueger and wrecked airplane 1949-1950
2/12 Equipment lists 1950
2/13 Specimen labels: “Ethnobotanical Specimens from the Aleutian Islands” 1950
2/14 Project prospectus: “Ethnobotanical Investigations in the Aleutian Islands” circa 1950
2/15 Rough data, comparisons, Aleutian-Wide circa 1952
2/16 Rough data, comparisons, inter-site, with University of Michigan data circa 1952
2/17 Expedition Personnel: applications 1950-1955
2/18 1951 & 1954 Personnel: correspondence 1951-1955
2/19 Expedition operations and schedules 1951
2/20 1950-1952 Aleutian Project: notes and plans 1950-1951
2/21 Unalaska Island Research Center: proposal 1951-1953
2/22 Insurance of equipment in University of Michigan Old Maternity Hospital 1952
2/23 Expedition equipment inventories 1954
2/24 “1954 Aleutian Expedition – A Preliminary Brochure” 1954
2/25 Aleutian Expedition notes and reports by Jay Ellis Ransom 1954
2/26 Expedition operations and schedules 1954-1955
2/27 Letters to product donors regarding product performance in 1954-55 Expedition 1955
2/28 “Summary of Findings in 1954-55” circa 1955
2/29 “Friends of the Alaskan Summer Institutes” – AIFE circa 1968
2/30 Letters of introduction 1969
2/31 “Preliminary Report on the Zoological Survey of the 1969 Michigan Aleutian Expedition” by John Martin and Tom Ball circa 1969
2/32 1973 ABSE Aleutian Expedition Program: correspondence, notes 1970-1975
2/33 1973 Programs Planning: Rough Notes #1: ABSI, WEP, AIFE 1973
2/34 1973 Expedition: correspondence on equipment, supplies, and expenses undated, 1973
2/35 1973 Aleutian-Bering Sea Expedition Prospectus: “A Study of Cultural Influences Upon the Creative Expressions of the Aleut-Eskimos (July-August 1973)” 1973 January
2/36 “Disposition and Ownership of Field Data”: ABSE 1973 May
2/37 Application: Aleutian-Bering Sea Expedition 1975
2/38 British Alaskan Expedition: American Logistics Support Team: map 1978
2/39 Other Alaskan expedition material 1949-1979
OS Folder 2 Eider Point, Unalaska elevation map, hand-drawn: shows excavation site undated
OS Folder 2 Unalaska Island: excavation sites and film sequence sites undated

Series 4. Subseries 4b: Aleutian-Bering Sea Expedition 1973-1974 “Brown Fiasco” records; 1968-1977. 0.20 cubic feet.
This subseries consists of materials from an original folder titled “ABSE 1973-1974 ‘Brown Fiasco’”. The records in this subseries relate to disputes with John Brown, the acting city manager of Unalaska at the time of the 1973-1974 Aleutian-Bering Sea expedition.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/40 “Proposed New Location of the Aleutian-Bering Sea Institutes Research Station on Unalaska Island in the Aleutians” undated
2/41 Correspondence: Susan van Bragt to Dean Greenberg undated
2/42 Correspondence: Michael Rosenbaum to Dean Greenberg undated
2/43 Correspondence: John Brown to Sen. Mike Gravel 1973 August 16
2/44 Correspondence: John Brown to Ted Bank 1973 August 17
2/45 Correspondence: Dean Greenberg to Ted Bank 1973 August 21
2/46 Correspondence: Dean Greenberg to John Brown 1973 August 21
2/47 Correspondence: Dean Greenberg to Ted Bank 1973 September 10
2/48 Correspondence: Chuck Woodward Letter 1973 September 10
2/49 Correspondence: Ted Bank to Dean Greenberg 1973 September 20
2/50 Correspondence: William David Nager 1973 October
2/51 Correspondence: Wally Gardipe 1973 October 4
2/52 Correspondence: Paul Nager Letter 1973 October 6
2/53 Correspondence: Ralph E. Hansen 1973 October 11
2/54 Correspondence: David Danforth to Dean Greenberg 1973 October 22
2/55 Correspondence: Dean Greenberg to Ted Bank 1973 October 25
2/56 Correspondence: McCasland 1973 November 2
2/57 Correspondence: Frank S. Bernard to Ted Bank 1973 November 27
2/58 Correspondence: Ted Bank to Dean Greenberg 1974 March 15
2/59 Correspondence: Edward H. Kliese to Ted Bank 1974 May
2/60 General correspondence 1968-1974
2/61 Ralph E. Hansen report 1973 October
2/62 Roster of expedition participants 1973
2/63 other 1973-1977

Series 4. Subseries 4c: American Institute for Exploration records; 1948-1974. 0.45 cubic feet.
This subseries contains the records related to the American Institute for Exploration, originally called Institute for Regional Exploration. The subseries includes correspondence, handouts and flyers, clippings, annual reports, and financial records.

Box/Folder Description Dates
2/64 Expedition handouts and flyers undated
2/65 Letterhead undated
2/66 Institute for Regional Exploration: brochure 1950-1955
2/67 Institute for Regional Exploration: clippings 1959
2/68 “Scenes from Expeditions Sponsored by the American Institute for Exploration, 1954-1958” undated
2/69 American Institute for Exploration: history, 1966 Annual Report 1967
2/70 American Institute for Exploration: correspondence 1967
2/71 “High Adventure in Western Alaska”: AIFE handout circa 1979
2/72 Grants: correspondence 1948-1969
2/73 Aleutian-Bering Sea Expeditions: summary of financial reports 1969-1973
2/74 1968 income tax return, receipts 1969
2/75 1969 income tax return 1969
2/76-78 1970 income tax returns and receipts 1970
2/79 1970 documentation for IRS/Michigan 1970-1972
2/80 1973 income tax return, receipts 1973
2/81-82 1973 expedition receipts 1973
2/83 1973 financial records 1973
2/84 Summary of support received by the 1973 Aleutian Program 1974
2/85 AIFE: financial report for calendar year 1973 1973-1974

Series 5. American-Japan Society of Hokkaido files; 1953-1959. 0.20 cubic feet.
This series contains Bank’s files related to the America-Japan Society of Hokkaido and attempts by the Clark Memorial Student Center Committee to found a student center at Hokkaido University. Ted Bank was involved with the student center project.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/1 Constitution 1954 September 6
3/2 “Address by the Honorable Douglas MacArthur II” 1957 July 9
3/3 Clark Memorial Student Center Committee: Correspondence 1956-1959
3/4 Clark Memorial Student Center Committee: Photographs of Hokkaido University undated, 1956
3/5 Clark Memorial Student Center Committee undated, 1953, 1956

Series 6. Photographs; 1882-1980. 1.50 cubic feet.
This series contains the family and professional photographs of Ted Bank. Included are images of Bank’s family and friends, photographs of the Aleutians and Alaskan expeditions, as well as artifacts, drawings, and photographs taken of the various countries Bank visited.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/6-8 Ted Bank and family photographs and negatives: Ted Bank II (from young manhood to 1970s), Janet Fowler Bank, Shirley Waterman Bank, Trina Lindenstein Bank, Theodore Paul Bank III (“Skipper”)(son), Kristin Kara Bank (daughter), Ossie Bank, Carl Bank, and Ted Bank I 1943-1978
3/9 Ted Bank’s Navy service: Weather Central Hill (Adak), Naval Air Base (Adak), rip tide through gap, cliffs, fox standing on sailor (Adak), eaglets and Barny the eagle, Snuffy the fox, skiing, whale ribs (Tanaga), Quonset huts (Adak), abandoned trapper’s cabin (Adak), chow hall and apprentice seaman’s barracks, Kodiak, wrecked Japanese ships, Mt. Pyramid (Kodiak), Ted Bank, Bob Godwin, “Sully” Sullivan, Joe Dubtsham, Walt “Dutch” Koenig, Norm Ward, “Smitty”, unidentified people, and small “Official U.S. Marine Corps Photos” of military activities undated, 1945-1946
3/10 Slides for Promotion Committee: Aleutian expedition people and activities, excavations, sea lions, puffins and other birds, flowers, and Aleutian scenery undated, 1969-1980
3/11-12 Scrapbook album pages: American Geographical Society’s Juneau Ice Cap Project camp, hiking on the Juneau ice fields, climbing Great Sitkin, volcanos, Gareloi crater, Makushin volcano (Unalaska), Akutan volcano, Mendenhall Glacier, Auk Lake, Gastinau Channel, Sitka, Atka, Atka Village, Atka Village School (interior), Attu Village (pre-WWII), Kasheega Village, Unalaska, Dutch Harbor, Nikolski Village, Sheldon Jackson College (Sitka), Russian Orthodox Church (Sitka)(exterior), Juneau airport, cooking Kamp Pack foods, excavation at Amaknak archaeological site (Unalaska), excavation at Umnak, Aleutian burial masks, artifacts, Burchcraft boat, Johnson motor, Unalaska town council meeting, Russian Orthodox Church in Unalaska (exterior), Father Baranoff, the holy cloth of Father Veniamenof, Russian Orthodox church services and weddings, graveyard (Unalaska), unidentified church interior, men working on clinic building (Unalaska), cleaning and drying fish, gathering blueberries (Unalaska), kayak, salmon spearing and netting, fish weir, salmon tender (Sitka), totem pole (Sitka), fishing in Iliuliuk River (Unalaska), playing song game (Unalaska), seismograph station (Unalaska), proposed Alaskan research center headquarters (U. of Michigan), submarine base (Unalaska), dock and boat ramps (Unalaska), cannons (Unalaska), sea cave (Unalaska), Priest Rock (Unalaska), Split Rock/Mummy Isle, Unalaska mail boat, barge at Nikolski Village, Reeve Aleutian Airways airplane (at Atka), barabara (Attu), woven grass “Attu” baskets, seal gut bag, seal gut coat, flowers, plants, Aleutian gardens, whale birds, S.S. Aleutian, Ted Bank’s birthday party (Unalaska), Ted Bank, Shirley Bank, Walter Dyakanof(f), Ainu warrior (Hokkaido), Ainu boy, Hokkaido excavation, Lahu Village (Thailand), unidentified city in North Dakota, Glacier National Park, bear cub and buffalo in Yellowstone, lightning in Clearwater National Forest, Huron River, and unidentified people 1949-1975
3/13 Scrapbook/album pages: Russian Orthodox Church exterior (Unalaska), Russian Orthodox Church interior (Atka), Father Makarey Baranoff, Russian Orthodox wedding (Unalaska), Aleutian burial mask, Kagamil Island burial cave, sheep ranching at Chernofski Bay (Unalaska)(ranch owned by Milton Holmes), Baby Isles, Isles of the Four Mountains, Iskinofski Peak, Priest Rock (Unalaska), Wislow-Reese Bay (Unalaska), sea cave (Unalaska), the Teresa Lee, the Reessof, Kristin Kara Bank, 1975 Joint Japanese-American Expedition to the Aleutian Islands members, unidentified Aleutian expedition members, expedition members in Zodiac boats, expedition campsites, eagles, hair seals, sea lions, gulls, puffin, fox, crab, and flowers undated, 1973, 1975
3/13 Scrapbook/album pages: Russian Orthodox Church exterior (Unalaska), Russian Orthodox Church interior (Atka), Father Makarey Baranoff, Russian Orthodox wedding (Unalaska), Aleutian burial mask, Kagamil Island burial cave, sheep ranching at Chernofski Bay (Unalaska)(ranch owned by Milton Holmes), Baby Isles, Isles of the Four Mountains, Iskinofski Peak, Priest Rock (Unalaska), Wislow-Reese Bay (Unalaska), sea cave (Unalaska), the Teresa Lee, the Reessof, Kristin Kara Bank, 1975 Joint Japanese-American Expedition to the Aleutian Islands members, unidentified Aleutian expedition members, expedition members in Zodiac boats, expedition campsites, eagles, hair seals, sea lions, gulls, puffin, fox, crab, and flowers undated, 1973, 1975
3/14 Adak: Marsden matting, Mt. Moffet, Adak Elementary School, and Adak National Forest sign undated, 1949-1950
3/15 Agattu: aerial photographs from the U.S. Navy 1943-1949
3/16 Atka: aerial photograph, Atka Village, the Russian Orthodox church exterior, the school interior, Mehie Lokanin, Affie Snigaroff, Annie Golley, Annie Snigaroff, Olean Snigaroff, Andrew Snigaroff, Mike Snigaroff with Olean, Andrew, Mary, Annie, Anfusia, and Angelina, Sergius Golley in his store, Nadesta Golley, Periscovia Nevzoroff, Peter Nevzoroff and family, “birthday party for Olean” (Snigaroff?), Ted Bank “and patient”, a bird mound, unidentified woman weaving, Japanese photos of Atka scenery undated, 1949-1950
3/17 Attu: aerial photographs, American soldiers on mountain trail, Attu Village, the Russian Orthodox Church interior, sod houses, and unidentified people 1934-1949
3/18 Great Sitkin: aerial photographs and photographs from climb 1949-1950
3/19 Ilak: U.S. Navy aerial photographs 1944, 1948
3/20 Kasheega Village, Unalaska: George Borenin, his dory, the Russian Orthodox Church exterior and interior, and a gut coat undated, 1954
3/21 Kiska: map of Japanese installations, Japanese guns, a field regiment memorial, ship unloading jeep, ACS huts, a USA Weasil, docks, air strip, and a wrecked Japanese ship undated, 1948
3/22 Nikolski Village, Umnak: woman blowing air through seal intestine and unidentified people 1949-1950
3/23 Shemya: U.S. Navy aerial photograph 1942
3/24 Tanaga: U.S. Navy aerial and cliff view photographs 1943
3/25 Umnak: aerial photographs of Nikolski Harbor 1943
3/26-27 Unalaska: Dutch Harbor, aerial photographs, copy of photo of village from 1882, copy of photo of Attu people, Unalaska school, Elia Makarin, Aleut men working on new clinic building, the Russian Orthodox Church exterior, copy of older photo of church, graveyard, headquarters of Aleutian expeditions, ship unloading, cleaning salmon, gutting seal, interior of bar, kayak, gun/cannon emplacement, front beach, berry picking, people playing song game, Sedanka Point, Priest Rock, Konets Head, Kuliliak Bay, Adagdak Straits, Burchcraft boat, expedition storm camp, sea cave in Unalaska Bay, prehistoric village mound, prehistoric barabara pits, unidentified people and buildings 1882-1978
3/28 Unimak: Shishaldin and Isanotsk volcanos 1950
3/29 People: William Dirks, Koolatchi Nevzoroff, Mike Kushin, John Kushin, and unidentified people undated, 1949
3/30 Alaska expeditions: Airplanes: floatplane landing at Unalaska, airplane landing, Reeve Aleutian Airways airplanes and crews undated, 1950, 1978
3/31 Alaska expeditions: Alaska economic: Sitka fishing fleet, crabbing, seafood processing, sheep ranching at Chernofski Bay (Unalaska)(ranch owned by Milton Holmes), ships, and unidentified mill/factory undated
3/32 Alaska expeditions: Father Markarey Baranoff: wearing vestments inside church, holding large book, portraits, and standing with unidentified people undated, 1949
3/33 Alaska expeditions: Birds: group of birds above feeding whales and huge group of sooty shearwaters 1954-1970
3/34 Alaska expeditions: Boats: Ted Bank, Bill Bouma, Burchcraft and Zodiac boats on shore and in the water, and British Expedition’s kayaks. Some photographs were taken by Mary Henderson, most by Ted Bank 1969-1978
3/35 Alaska expeditions: Campsites: cooking, tents, beached boats, campfire, Ted Bank, Janet Bank, Shirley Bank, Trina Bank, Kristin Kara Bank, and unidentified expedition members 1969-1978
4/1 Alaska expeditions: Church interiors: Father Baranoff, infant baptism, Shirley Bank with camera, church services, people inside Russian Orthodox churches, and church artifacts 1948-1950
4/2 Alaska expeditions: Little Diomede 1949
4/3 Alaska expeditions: Excavations: unidentified excavation sites, using bulldozer, shooting motion picture film, collecting skull, Ted Bank, Jane Phillips, Ken Bay, Kagamil Isle, and unidentified expedition members
4/4 Alaska expeditions: Flowers and plants: Lycopodium, short grasses, Platanthera, Iris setosa, Empetrum, moss, lichen, Campanula, mushrooms, Anemone narcissiflora, Kamchatkan rhododendron, and unidentified plants 1948-1950
4/5 Alaska expeditions: Juneau: Fourth of July parade with floats undated
4/6 Alaska expeditions: Juneau Ice Fields: Juneau Ice Field, Taku glacier system, American Geographical Society Ice Cap Expedition members, University of Michigan expedition members, and unidentified glaciers undated, 1954, 1962
4/7 Alaska expeditions: Kodiak: town, graveyard, and Kodiak City Dock building undated
4/8-9 Alaska expeditions: People and activities: Great Sitkin climb, hiking near glaciers, activities on the Juneau Ice Fields, hiking on Lemon Creek Glacier, using expedition Burchcraft and Zodiac boats, cooking, hunting, onboard Coast Guard cutter, onboard the F.S. Bryant, inside Unalaska expedition headquarters, Ted Bank’s birthday celebration, playing guitar and harmonica, drying plants, working on equipment, displaying Explorer’s Club flag, Ted Bank, Janet Bank, Shirley Bank, Kristin Kara Bank, Jay Ellis Ransom, Dick Lightfoot, George Borenin, D.S. McClain, H.A. Miller, Willie Dushkin, Tom Babb examining rodents, and  expedition members 1948-1978
4/10 Alaska expeditions: Landscapes and scenery: aerial and ground photographs of coastlines, islands, mountains 1948-1978
4/11 Alaska expeditions: Seals and Sea Lions: on shore, on rocks, and underwater 1969-1977
4/12 Alaska expeditions: Seldovia undated
4/13 Alaska expeditions: Sitka: Russian Orthodox Church and town undated
4/14 Alaska expeditions: Towns and villages: mostly unidentified, includes Makushin Bay and village, and Golden North Salmon Derby undated
4/15 Alaska expeditions: Weddings: Russian Orthodox church, officiated by Father Baranoff and wedding receptions 1948-1949
4/16 1969-1971 ABSE negatives and proofs: Zodiac boats, human remains, artifacts, excavations, Unalaska, Priest Rock, sea cave (Unalaska), sheep ranching at Chernofski Bay (Unalaska)(ranch owned by Milton Holmes), Aleutian buildings and scenery, thousands of birds, expedition campsites, expedition’s Unalaska headquarters (exterior and interior), cooking, display of the Explorer’s Club flag, the F.S. Bryant, Ted Bank, Tom Babb examining rodents, and unidentified expedition member 1969-1977
4/17 1973 ABSE negatives and proofs: Unalaska, Dutch Harbor (Unalaska), Eider Point (Unalaska), Amaknak Island, Fort Meyers (Amaknak), Baby Isles, Hog Island (Unalaska), Reese Bay (Unalaska), divers, Zodiac boats, Reeve Aleutian Airways airplane, onboard a Chevron ship, onboard the Hillyer Brown, sea cave (Unalaska), land cave, birds, sea lions, old truck, expedition campsites, camp cookery, expedition headquarters (interior), Ted Bank, Trina Bank, Kristin Kara Bank, Marty McCaslen, Aleutian scenery, buildings and expedition members 1973
4/18-19 Other Alaskan photographs: Pavlov’s Sister Volcano, Gareloi Volcano, barabara pits (Baby Isles), Split Rock/Mummy Island, Cape Morgan (Akutan), Mendenhall Glacier, Aug Lake, Glacier Bay, Mt. Cleveland, Chuginadak Isle, Mt. St. Elias Range, King Island, Jute Bay Oil Camp, Cold Bay, Summit Lake, the S.S. Aleutian, the S.S. Coastal Monarch fire (1950), SE Alaska, totem pole (Cape Fox), an exhibit of Araktuunk Pass Eskimos by Carl J. Henkelmann, sign on steam bath door, fox on beach near Zodiac boat, elk, dogs, glaciers, unidentified people, ships and scenery 1949-1978
4/20 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Negatives and proofs: fishing, marimo ball gathering, weaving, sewing, painting, millet pounding, gathering food, prayer stick carving, indoor ceremonies, indoor scenes, man with bow and arrow, outdoor ceremonies, outdoor scenes, portraits, Japanese excavations, and artifacts 1955-1957
4/21 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Fishing and marimo ball gathering: spear fishing, fishing with a line from a boat, gathering marimo balls, Ted Bank, and Ainu people 1955-1957
4/22 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Weaving, sewing, and painting: Ainu women weaving willow root basket, weaving Ainu cloth from tree fibers, sewing/embroidering Ainu-patterned cloth, painting wooden animal figures, Shirley Bank, and unidentified Ainu people 1955-1957
4/23 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Millet pounding: large wooden mortar and pestle, pounding the millet, winnowing the millet, Ted Bank, Shirley Bank, and Ainu people 1955-1957
4/24 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Gathering bark, wood, food: Ainu people gathering bark for weaving, gathering wood, grass, and roots, and picking grapes 1955-1957
4/25 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Digging: Ainu men digging with sticks 1955-1957
4/26 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Carving prayer sticks (Inau): Ainu men carving prayer sticks 1955-1957
4/27 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Indoor ceremonies ceremony with Ted Bank and unidentified Ainu people drinking from large cup with moustache lifter, ceremony praying to gods of the house, and unidentified indoor activities 1955-1957
4/28 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Indoor dancing: Ainu man with scarf on head dancing with woman and rolling on floor while observers laugh and smile 1955-1957
4/29 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Indoor scenes: women playing Jew’s harp (mukuri), Explorer’s Club flag, and Ainu people 1955-1957
4/30 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Man with bow and arrow 1955-1957
4/31 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Outdoor ceremonies: dressing for ceremonies, ceremony involving prayer sticks, beverage drinking with moustache lifter, dance of six women, dance of three women tossing hair, sword dance, hunting ceremony, grasshopper dance, dance of five women, spectators, women displaying Explorer’s Club flag, and women looking at Glamour magazine 1955-1957
4/32 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Outdoor scenes: Ainu greeting, men examining stick, adults playing with child, mothers with children on their backs, and other Ainu people 1955-1957
4/33 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Portraits and other: people looking at photos, the Akan Ainu Chief, Biki, woman with tattooed arms, Ainu people posing for portraits, blowing bubbles, carving wood, painting, playing with puppets, Ainu grave sign, Ainu thatched hut, Ted and Shirley Bank, bear cub 1955-1957
4/34 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Japanese excavations: photographs labeled “Oketo”, “Shirataki I”, and “Shirataki Site II”, Shirley Bank and others walking along railroad tracks, Japanese children gathered around Ted Bank to watch him work, Japanese students surveying the site and beginning the excavation, people observing the progress of the dig, people examining what has been uncovered, objects uncovered, group photos with Ted and Shirley Bank, display of the Explorer’s Club flag, excavation test profiles, and Ted and Shirley Bank examining plants 1955-1957
4/35-36 Ainu and Japanese photographs: Other photographs: Farming family, Hokkaido farm, Tokyo, Sapporo, Akan, Matsushima Park, Mt. Asahi-dake, Gold Road, Hell Valley, horses, Hagoromo Waterfall, Hidaka mountains, Shôwa Shinzan, Lake Shikotsu, Volcano Tobachi, Daisetsu National Park, Akan National Park, Poroshiri-Kar I, Kawayu, Lake Dôya, Bihoro Village, lighthouse near Atami, Great Buddha Shrine (Nara), Nagoya Castle (Nagoya), Daibutsu (Kamakura), the Super Train (from Tokyo to Osaka), the Ginza (Tokyo), woman grading pearls (Pearl Island, Toba), Japanese man examining National Geographic magazine, inside retail stores, Japanese baseball game (Akan), street magician, flower market, shoe shine girls, women cleaning fish, children playing, school children (Sapporo), kindergarten band practice (Sapporo), villagers watching construction project, inside museum, dinner parties, bedroom, party, street scenes, winter and Christmas scenes, snow sculptures, parks, rose garden, plants, flower arrangements, Ted Bank, Shirley Bank, and many unidentified Japanese people and scenic photos. A few of the photos are from Quantas Airlines 1955-1957
5/1 Burma 1923
5/2 Brazil undated
5/3 Ceylon 1926
5/4 China undated
5/5 Congo: Watusi warriors, Pygmy, and elephant undated
5/6 Costa Rica 1920
5/7 Egypt: Sphinx, the pyramids, the Colossi of Memnon, Karnak, Luxor, and Cairo. Photos from Quantas Airlines and Society Expeditions undated
5/8 Ethiopia undated
5/9 Hong Kong: Hong Kong harbor, Yamati typhoon shelter (Kowloon), Aberdeen village, Chinese resettlement area flats for refugees, Chinese peasant woman, Chinese sampan woman, children, Chinese fisherman, and a Chinese Junk. circa1957
5/10 India: tea growing (Darjeeling), unloading gravel ships (Bombay), planting rice (Madras), carving elephant tusk (Delhi), and Mahagalipuram (Madras) undated
5/11 Iran: Tehran, Alborz Mountains, a tea picker, a woodwork student (College of Fine Arts, Tehran), and sturgeon fisherman repairing nets undated
5/12 Malaysia: mosque (Kuala Lumpur), the Academy of Science (University of Kuala Lumpur), high density home units (Kuala Lumpur), child tin miner (Ipoh), and girls picking tea (Cameron Highlands) undated
5/13 New Guinea: Busama Beach, Roku Village, Hewa tribesman, man wearing Bird of Paradise headdress, and ceremonial “Mud Men” of the Asaro tribe undated
5/14 Philippines: Manila, Luneta Park (Manila), alpine scenery, woodcarver (Baguio), harvesting sugar cane (Laguna Province), water buffalo, and palm trees undated
5/15 Portugal: Lisbon undated
5/16 Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: maps, Prime Minister Smith and family, Parliament (1965), opening of Parliament (1967), Chief Sigola, Chief Mapanzure, Chief Gutu, Chief Mutasa, other tribal chiefs, ruined city of Zimbabwe, Nalatali Ruins, Chiweshe Tribal Trust Area, Kariba Lake, Victoria Falls, Salisbury City, Highfield African Township, Marimba Park, Bulawayo, mud and thatch house, Dunuza African School, Fletcher High School (Gwelo), Minister Rudland, Chief Mukanganwe, University College of Rhodesia, Chibero Agricultural College (Norton), mobile chest x-ray truck, Mpilo Central Hospital, Salisbury Cerebral Palsy Association, Harare Woman’s Institute Club, Harare Beauty Salon, Rhodesia Chrome Mines, Rhodesia Bata Shoe Company, children, Jacha Rusike, oxen drawing sledge, picking tea, picking cotton, Cyrene Mission, witch doctor, dance to call upon Chimombe, people carrying items, cooking, woman smoking pipe, Noel Chiweche, George Hartley Swimming Pool, African air hostesses, Wankie Colliery Company, man carving wood, sculptures, prehistoric art, elephant, and flame lily 1965-1967
5/17 Singapore: high density homes, Tiger Balm Gardens, roadside stalls, and parking structure undated
5/18 South Africa: railway station (Johannesburg), Pretoria, Premier Diamond Mine (Cullinan), and gold miners (Blyvooruitzicht Gold Mine) undated
5/19 Sudan undated
5/20 Tahiti 1959
5/21 Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, University College (Dar es Salaam), Mount Kilamanjaro, Ngogongoro Crater, Chunya escapment, Bismarck Rocks, fishing boats, lions, Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, giraffes, elephants, Bagamoyo, Mnazi Mmoja, Kilimanjaro Hotel (Dar es Salaam), sisal plantation, tea estate, women carrying cotton, drying sisal, picking tea, picking cotton, picking coffee, textile factory, sugar cane, diamonds, refinery, and cement factory undated
5/22 Thailand: Bangkok, floating market (klong)(Bangkok), Buddhist temple (near Bangkok), King’s summer palaces, Maéo man (Chieng Mai), Maéo child, Lahu man playing gourd pipe, man tossing a fishing net, woman carrying grain, harvesting rice, dancers (Timland), boxing match (Bangkok), Mr. Young, a python circa 1957
5/23 Other countries: woman playing pipes, men playing drums, woman washing clothes, men stripping buri straw, ruins, floating market, man with pick, people by swimming pool, pedicabs, Iban family, street scenes, landscapes, monkeys, pigs, a bird, displaying the Explorer’s Club flag, Ted Bank undated
5/24-30 Figures, artifact photographs, and drawings: drawings of artifacts, drawings and figures, photos of artifacts, bits and pieces (cut from artifact photos), human remains, maps and figures, drawings and artwork undated
5/31 People: Director of U. of Michigan opera group, W.D. DeDula, Marina (Hodikoff) Callstraom, Martha (Hodikoff) Woods, Brian Callstraom, Teresa Callstraom, Agnes (Prosoff) Northup, the “Jervis children”, “Mr. Bill, Amile, Steve, Jake”, “Dotty Ann”, Major James C. Sparks, Col. Gordon Cooper, Lt. Col. William Frasca, Major Sparks, Gen. John C. McConnell, Col. Frank Borman, Lt. Col. Gus Grissom, Lt. Col. David R. Scott, Lt. Col. Michael Collins, Lt. Col Buzz Aldrin, a group of young men (college students?) pushing a car labeled “Runyan Buggy”, Ted Bank and others camping, Ted Bank, a female nude 1939-1970
5/32 Lightning undated
5/33 “Dirt for Sale”: people digging in the snow and dirt, a trunk filled with snow and dirt, two young women seated at a table with a “Dirt 5¢ a Bag” sign, their customers, and bags of dirt undated
5/34 Animals circa 1957
5/35 Picnic, people in park, scenery, plants, buildings and smoke on a college campus, New York City, and Ted Bank with unidentified people, dead whales on beaches, general merchandise store in Dublin, Michigan, roads, bridges, cars, unidentified buildings, a Christmas tree, home interior photos, a graveyard, and patterns made by moving camera circa 1957-1960
6/5 Unalaskan man gutting seal, and sea lions underwater undated
5/36 Aleutian numbered negatives and proofs: weddings, boats, man sawing wood, woman cleaning fish, the Russian Orthodox church at Unalaska (exterior), the Russian Orthodox church at Kasheega Village (exterior), Olean’s birthday party, Father Baranoff, Janet Bank, expedition camps and activities (Great Sitkin climb?), unidentified church interiors, unidentified buildings, and unidentified people circa 1948-1950
5/37 Southeast Alaska expeditions: glaciers, expedition members, Explorer’s Club flag, buildings, ice cap research station, and snowmobile, Dutch Harbor, Margarets Bay (Unalaska), Amaknak Island, Priest Rock, Chapel by the Sea (Unalaska), Zodiac boats, Ted, Shirley, and Trina Bank, the Garland, the MV Expansion, the F.S. Bryant, excavations, Ted Bank photographing starfish, Ted Bank fishing, expedition campsites, Alaska Coastal Airlines building and airplanes, Reeve Aleutian Airlines airplane, sheep ranching at Chernofski Bay, children playing, cooking, birds, scenery undated
5/38 Alaska transparencies: Explorer’s Club flag at Juneau Ice Cap camp, glaciers, scenery, and birds undated
5/39 Charts, maps, figures undated
5/40 Color transparencies undated
5/41 Negatives and proofs undated
5/42 Black and white 35mm negatives undated
5/43 Copy negatives undated

Series 7. Film; 1949-1954, 1977. 1.0 cubic feet.
This series contains motion picture film taken by Ted Banks. Film subjects include his Aleutian expeditions, Alaska Natives, ships, flowers, scenery, and animals. The film reels have been transferred to VHS and mini DV video cassettes. The film descriptions that were provided by Ted Bank are noted in the table below.

Box Tape Reel Description Dates
5 1 1 “Bank 1949 Aleutians—Aleut Weaving,  not edited”: Boat in water,bundles of grass drying, person examining bundles of grass, three people near airplane (one in doorway of plane), woman weaving grass, small finished baskets, man with pipe walking on beach, tent on shore, woman weaving (same woman), abrupt end undated
5 2 2 “Bank Aleutians Reel 10x Selections Originals” (described by Ted Bank): Leader, Kasatochi volcano with lake in center—extinct, ancient crater; Mountains of Adak; aerials of volcanos: Tanaga, Gareloi—craters of Great Sitkin, volcanos of Alaska Peninsula from cockpit of Reeve plane; good shots of scenic. Cathedral peaks—close-up of ridges, Pavlov and Shishaldin volcanos, reindeer at Umnak—action, last Aleut bidarka (skinboat) shows in 1954 being paddled by Aleuts and students, wildflowers: Rhododendron, dvyas, cow parsnip, more Rhododendron; person walking thru cow parsnip growing taller than person; wild geranium; ground squirrel, Huge cloud of millions of “whale birds” (Sooty shearwaters) hovering over submerged whales; camera moves into swirling mass of sea birds GOOD, Split Rock (mummy isle visited by kayakists in 1978) —showing foreboding rock; reef area; seal on rocks; puffin in water; reef life (crabs, etc.), Cathedral rocks and Makushin Bay in 1954—Site of 1978 camp, Mimulus (monkey flower) and poisonous monkshood used by ancient Aleuts – flowers, Sea lions in water; Priest Rock guarding entrance to Unalaska Bay (seen by Capt. Cook in 1778); giant sea cave nearby – all seen and recorded by Cook, Wildflowers in wind, including white orchid, Blue fox (now rare) cub and den, aerials of volcanos 1949-1954
5 3 3 “Ted Bank Aleutian Mixed ‘54/49 Core 11Z,” “Amaknak Dig—2,000 Year old site”: People working on dig site; woman walking to dig; people working at dig; couple hiking with baby in backpack; layers of earth; skeletons; onboard a ship/boat; mountains from the air; airplane landing on snow/mtn.; unloading airplane; campsite; wind blowing tent, people climbing mountain; airplane taking off from snow/mtn.; mountains from air; water from air; glacier; abrupt end undated
5 3 4 “The Aleutian Institute Presents: the Ascent of Great Sitkin” filmed by Ted and Jan Bank during 18 months of exploration in the Aleutian Islands as members of the University of Michigan-Office of Naval Research Joint Aleutian Expedition”: Islands from the air, inside airplane, map showing Great Sitkin Island, landing in boat, walking/hiking with backpacks, campsite, flowers, fox, hiking across snow, campsite on snow, summit/crater, view from top, “The End” 1950-1951
5 4 5 “The Aleutian Institute Presents: “Bering Sea Frontier” filmed by Ted and Jan Bank during eighteen months of exploration in the Aleutian Islands as members of the University of Michigan-Office of Naval Research Joint Aleutian Expedition: Mountains/islands from air, School Exterior (Adak Alaska Elementary School), gun emplacement , flowers and plants, Jan eating wild berries, scenery, village, Russian Orthodox graveyard, Church interior, people harvesting grasses, grasses drying, woman weaving, finished baskets, Men hunting, herd of reindeer, dead reindeer, sea lions, men unloading boat, men hiking to cave, bones/artifacts in ground, mask and skull, scenery, “the end” 1950-1951
5 1 6 “Ted Bank Aleutian Expedition Reel #5 (Burials – Archae) Burials Reel #A5”: Island coastline, mountains/islands/volcanos from air, man surveying, man adjusting hat, men working with tractor on island excavation site, scenery, two men talking, man walking, man taking things out of bag, plants and flowers, man digging hole, layers of earth, woman working at desk at excavation site, excavation site, people working at site, buried skeletons, abrupt end undated
5 1 7 “Aleutian Doc. Bidarka” from HTV Cardiff, Oxberry: Sea lions, birds in flight, float on beach with driftwood, people examining fishing float, people on pile of driftwood, port (shows ship Viceroy), crabs, Pacific Voyager (Seattle), processing crab legs undated
5 5 8 “Ted Bank Original 1977 Reel #1” (described by Ted Bank, titled “Ted Bank—Aleutian 16mm Commercial Ektachrome:  Blk leader followed by u.exp. light, Aerials of lakes on Alaska Peninsula (light), aerials of peninsula terrain—light & under, cockpit of Reeve Aleutian plane, aerials of beaches (good), shots of cockpit, volcanos coming up (much panning), glaciers and volcanoes of Alaska Peninsula. Mostly OK., CU of expedition people in plane, Cockpit – pan to approach to Unalaska I., Unalaska’s shoreline from air; Dutch Harbor landing—mostly good, eagle nest; flying eagles; much panning and zooming, Zodiac into and out of sea cave; action shots; rough water; too much zooming, Zodiacs and sea lions on rocks; sea lions rush into water—OK unsteady (all at Akutan), Seals (hair seals) on beach of Baby Isles; group of adults and young, Green slopes and beaches/panning to coastline – too much panning. One good shot of young seal skeleton (starved) on beach, Panning coastal rocks in fog; some shots of sea parrots (puffins) at nests, Miscellaneous: sea birds, cliffs; black underexposed, Sea lions from shore at Akutan – family rookeries—GOOD, bad stuff, puffins in dens, flying; puffins standing at borroughs – Baby Isles—GOOD, Miscellaneous panning – no good, Miscellaneous – People at Eider Pt., WWII Quonset huts, beaches, etc., END 1977
5 5 9 “Ted Bank Aleutian Original 1977 Reel #2” “Head – WIP119273 – Reel #2” described by Ted Bank, titled “Ted Bank Aleutian 16mm Commercial Ektachrome—ORIGINAL 1977 footage—Core # 2”: Unexposed leader, miscellaneous shorelines; Eider Pt.; Pan of Unalaska Bay, Skull found in cave—good for fill-in at HTV Split Rock Cave!, Meadows, vegetation, mountains, GOOD of puffin city in Baby Isles; action shots of puffins, Baby Isles showing ancient raised beaches; archaeological significance/pan to camp and zodiacs, people, Unalga camp activities/student explorers/panning to meadows, mts. of Unalaska, rocks in fog, Sea lions on beach, Akutan – some VERY GOOD shots of family groups; bulls fighting; baby sea lions, Camp at Broad Bay; panning of typical lush Aleutian vegetation – students at camp, puffins at dens, flying, in water – mostly OK, Mountains and snow at Unalaska – distant scenic – ok, Sea lions – good close-ups of action; best sequences of young and family groups, puffins – ok, people at camp – Baby Isles, sea lions – additional very good sequences 1977
5 5 10 “Legend Cave Story Sequence/Fall Into Cave” (white on brown drawings):Island, people sitting in a circle, old man speaking, person near hole in ground, two Aleut men dressed in traditional fashion, old man, Aleut man with hat and pierced nose, pan of drawing from cave interior to top of island, island surface, person climbing/falling into cave, skull, end undated

Series 8. Objects; undated, 1949-1952. 0.80 cubic feet.
This series contains Aleutian, Ainu, and Japanese objects collected by Ted Bank. Objects include Aleutian grass baskets, an Ainu prayer stick, cloth made from pounded plant fiber, as well as a miniature fur parka, harpoon, and paddle.

Box Description Dates
7 Aleutian woven grass basket with lid: 2 inches tall, 2.5 inches diameter, purple, red, pink, blue, and green accents undated
7 Aleutian woven grass basket with lid: 4 inches tall, 2 inches diameter, woven around bottle, decorated with roses and accents in red, pink, green, and blue undated
7 Partially woven Aleutian grass basket: 2.75 inches diameter undated
7 Partially woven Aleutian grass basket lid: 0.875 inch diameter undated
7 Aleutian grass strands: labeled “Atka Aleuts. EB-1275 – Weaving strands – Elymus – ready for basket weaving [?] – Jan Bank Aug. 1949” 1949
7 Wooden form for basket weaving: cylindrical on one end and spherical on the other end, 6.75 inches high, 2.5 inches diameter undated
7 Miniature fur parka: 4 inches high undated
7 Miniature harpoon: 7 inches long undated
7 Miniature paddle: 10. 5 inches long, labeled “No. 9” undated
7 Stone spear point: labeled “Isaya-gun. Hokkaido. Japan. [Matudaira] M. Yoshizaki 1952. No. 1304” circa 1952
7 Ainu carved prayer stick (Inau): 17 inches long circa 1952
7 Ainu carved wood shaving headdress circa 1952
7 Matting decorated in red and black: possibly Ainu, 11 X 15 inches circa 1952
OS Folder 1 Printed cloth: depicts traditionally dressed Ainu man, 13 X 35 inches undated
OS Folder 1 Printed cloth: depicts traditionally dressed Ainu women, 13 X 35 inch undated
7 Three carved sticks: pointed on one end, decorated with minuscule curled wood shavings on the other end, 4.5 inches long undated
7 Carved stick: pointed on one end, decorated with spiraling wood shavings on the other end,  5 inches long undated
7 Small wall-hanging in the shape of an Ainu robe: printed cloth, 7.5  X 11.5 inch undated
OS Folder 1 Printed cloth for hanging: blue, gray and black on a white background – mountains and river scene, 13 X 35.5 inch undated
7 Black kimono sash: New Caravan brand, 93 inches long undated
7 Fine Japanese brush: 6.5 inches long undated
7 Bamboo chopsticks: 8.5 inches long undated
7 Carved bamboo piece: 7 inches long undated
7 Carved stick: slot at one end, Japanese character carved on stick, 23.5 inches long undated
7 Carved stick: pointed at both ends, spiral carving around one end, 11.5 inches long undated
OS Folder 1 Painted cloth made from pounded plant fiber: has been used as wall hanging, 39 X 45 inches undated
OS Folder 1 Painted cloth made from pounded plant fiber: backed with woven cloth, 27 X 60 inches undated
7 Sand Dollar, 3 inches diameter undated


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