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Clarence Leroy Andrews papers

Guide to the Clarence Leroy Andrews papers

Clarence Leroy Andrews

Photo Credit/Source: Photographer unknown. Photo was printed from an original glass plate. It is photo number 31 in series 2 of the collection.

Collection number: HMC-0059.
Creator: Andrews, Clarence Leroy, 1862-1948.
Title: Clarence Leroy Andrews papers.
Dates: 1892-1946.
Volume of collection: 1.55 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials are in English.
Collection summary: Primarily photographs of a long-time Alaska resident.

Biographical note:
Clarence Leroy Andrews came to Alaska in 1892. Five years later, he participated in the ascent of Mount St. Elias as part of the Duke of Abruzzi’s party. Later, he worked in various customs offices (Sitka, Skagway, and Eagle) and for the Department of the Interior, the Bureau of Education, and the Reindeer Service. He helped gather material for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Seattle. He also taught at Kivalina and was the reindeer superintendent at Nome. Andrews published books and articles on Alaska and was an advocate of Eskimo rights.

Collection description:
The collection contains a few papers and original photograph negatives including glass plate negatives, as well as copy negatives and glass lantern slides. They include pictures of Andrews; Eagle and the Forty Mile area; the Arctic, Eskimos, and Kivalina; Sitka and Southeast Alaska; family members; documents relating to the Lomen Reindeer issue; wildflowers; St. Lawrence Island; St. Michael; and Point Barrow. While the exact provenance of many of the glass lantern slides is unknown, some of them were most likely purchased for use in speaking engagements.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged in three series:
Series 1: Papers; 1911, 1946
Series 2: Negatives and copy prints; 1892-1924
Series 3: Lantern slides; 1904-1925

Digitized copies: Photographic contents of this collection have been digitized and most items placed on the Alaska’s Digital Archives. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: The glass plate negatives and nitrate negatives are closed to access due to preservation concerns. Digital images of all photographic media are available for researcher review.

Rights note: Many of the photographs in this collection may be in the public domain. Please consult with the archivists for details regarding use.

Preferred citation: Clarence Leroy Andrews papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Separated materials: Published books and magazines have been removed from the collection and placed in the Rare Books collections.

Related materials: Many Alaskan archives and libraries as well as archives elsewhere have Clarence Leroy Andrews collections. These include the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center Archives, the Alaska State Library Historical Collections, the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives, the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections, and the National Archives. Researchers looking for a broad array of materials relating to Clarence Leroy Andrews should consult WorldCat and other archives and library catalogs for more information.

Acquisition note: Series 1 and 2, the papers and glass plate negatives and negatives, were given to the Archives between 1980 and 1993 by Walter Strong who received them from Dean Quam. The glass lantern slides in Series 3 were transferred to the Archives by Alaska Pacific University in 2005.

Processing information: This collection was arranged and described prior to 1990. The guide was updated to current standard by Arlene Schmuland in 2018. At that time published materials were removed and placed into Rare Books.

Container list:
Series 1: Papers; 1911, 1946. 0.01 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
1/1 1 Montesano National Bank audit report, sworn to by Clarence Leroy Andrews 1911
1/1 2 Letter to Clarence Leroy Andrews from James H. Condit regarding the reindeer industry in Alaska. 1946
1/1 3 List of photographs for sale by Clarence Leroy Andrews undated

Series 2: Negatives; 1892-1924. 0.79 cubic feet.
The photographs in this series are grouped by subject.  The item column indicates the order of the images as they occur in the collection. Descriptions may also include the photograph number as listed by Mr. Andrews and if the original is a glass plate negative. Descriptions also include any known condition issues with the original negatives. The individual photographs listed below in box 1 are all copy prints of the original negatives. Access to the original negatives may be limited for preservation and safety purposes, due to condition issues with glass plates and nitrate stock negatives. Most of the negatives have been digitized and are available on the Alaska’s Digital Archives.

Box/Folder Item Description Date
1/2 1 Clarence Leroy Andrews and wolf skin undated
1/2 2 Clarence Leroy Andrews at Eagle, glass negative #302 1905
1/2 3 Forty Mile custom’s house, glass negative #15 1906
1/2 4 Eagle, Alaska–exchange, saloon, and customs office, glass negative #78, buckled emulsion undated
1/2 5 Miners cabin–log cabin at Eagle, Alaska, glass negative #316 undated
1/2 6 Steel Creek–Forty Mile, Alaska, glass negative 1906
1/2 7 Capt. Amundsen at Eagle and Capt. Moag of the wrecked whaler “Bonanza” (at King Point?), glass negative #13 1905
1/2 8 Capt. Amundsen at messhouse, glass negative 1905
1/2 9 Sloop “Gjoa” of Kristiana–Capt. Amundsen’s exploring vessel, glass negative undated
1/2 10 Eagle–dog team on ice Yukon–Jules and Jack, glass negative cracked undated
1/2 11 Indian canoes on Yukon at Eagle, glass negative #14 undated
1/2 12 Sun-half hour, noon–Eagle, glass negative #24 undated
1/2 13 Indians at N.A.T.&T.–Eagle, Alaska, glass negative #17 1905
1/2 14 Indians at Eagle, February, glass negative #318 1906
1/2 15 “Indian bringing in caribou meat”–“Old Moses” bringing in caribou meat, Eagle, glass negative 1906
1/2 16-17 Simon mending snowshoes–Eagle, glass negative undated
1/2 18 “Eaglelites 1904”–group at customs, Eagle, summer, glass negative #605a 1904
1/2 19 “Monarch” at Eagle, glass negative #607 1904
1/2 20 Mrs. John Renshaw and vegetables and fruit–at Eagle, Alaska, glass negative #614 undated
1/2 21 “Returning from a duck hunt at Point Barrow”–Eskimo hunters with eider ducks killed at the Hunting Station under Pt. Barrow. Brower had them killed for the ice bound whalers 1897-1898
1/2 22 Dog team at Nome, winter 1899-1900
1/2 23 Mail carrier on the Arctic shore undated
1/2 24 Copy of note left in a cache on a small island near Banks Land by Capt. Collinson of the ship “Enterprise” in 1851, and a list of caches left by him for use by Franklin expedition members found by an Eskimo and brought to Kotzebue in 1929–found there by CLA while acting Supt. of schools undated
1/2 25-26 White gyrfalcon mounted (one negative damaged) undated
1/2 27 Anarok’s Wife, Kivalina 1924
1/2 28 Anarok’s Daughter “Vera,” Kivalina 1924
1/2 29 Martha Weenamee and ________, Kivalina 1924
1/2 30 School children at Kivalina 1924
1/2 31 Clarence Leroy Andrews about 35 years, Skagway, glass negative #77 1900
1/2 32 Blockhouse–Sitka, Alaska, glass negative 1892
1/2 33 The Bishop’s House at Sitka Bishop Rowe–Episcopal, glass negative 1915
1/2 34 Denver Glacier, glass negative 1903
1/2 35 One of my lean goats at Glacier Station, glass negative 1902
1/2 36 Sink hole-moraine of the Norris Glacier pit left by melting iceberg, Norris Glacier, glass negative undated
1/2 37 Iceberg at Taku Inlet, glass negative undated
1/2 38 Morning at Bishop’s Point, glass negative undated
1/2 39 Turning Island, glass negative undated
1/2 40 Mother, Birdie, Mame, and Lou at the old home, glass negative 1894
1/2 41 Uncle O.J. Carr and Aunt Lou, the MacMillons, glass negative 1893
1/2 42 Francie–hair, glass negative undated
1/2 43 Two children, glass negative undated
1/2 44 Snow picture from front of my house–house where Aunt Lou used to live, glass negative undated
1/2 45 Anemone–on top of Mt. Juneau, glass negative 1915
1/2 46 Browneyed Susan–Eagle, glass negative 1904
1/2 47 Devil’s club, glass negative undated
1/2 48 Gooseberries–Juneau, glass negative undated
1/2 49 Some Alaskan mushrooms at Skagway, glass negative 1902
1/2 50 California poppies in Alaska–Juneau, glass negative 1904 June
1/2 51 Spirea–near Juneau, glass negative 1915
1/2 52 Valerian–near Juneau, glass negative 1915
1/2 53 Alaska wildflowers, glass negative 1904
1/2 54 Alaskan wild roses and Virginia cowslip–Eagle, glass negative undated
1/2 55 Lomen reindeer tag undated
1/2 56 Lomen tag and photo undated
1/2 57 Lomenized reindeer combination–picture of tag undated
1/2 58-59 Letter: Carl Lomen to J. Wagner 1929 September 18
1/2 60-62 Letter: Carl Lomen to S. Chance 1930 November 20
1/2 63 Letter: R. Ferguson to L. Sellers 1930 November 28
1/2 64 Letter: R. Lomen to L.R. Sellers 1931 March 19
1/2 65 Lomen business prospectus
1/2 66-67 Lomen Reindeer Corporation financial statement 1929 March 13
1/2 68-73 Newspaper clippings 1916-1935
1/2 74 Document fragments undated
1/2 75 Map of northern Alaska undated
1/2 76 Map of Alaska 1913
1/2 77 Map of Alaska 1931
1/2 78 Coxey’s Army 1893
1/2 79 Racing canoes–Ballast Island, Seattle, glass negative 1893 July 4
1/2 80 Racing canoes, glass negative undated
1/2 81 Denver and Rio Grande Railway, glass negative undated
1/2 82 At the foot of Niagara Falls, glass negative 1914 April
1/2 83 Falls Church, Virginia where Washington was a vestryman, glass negative undated
1/2 84 Library of Congress fountain, glass negative #79 undated
1/2 85 Farm photographs–sheep 1914
1/2 86 Farm photographs–sheep and goats 1915
1/2 87 Skunks at Lake Chitan, glass negative undated
1/2 88 White Sage brunch, glass negative undated
1/2 89 Fur bearing animals (copy from a publication) , glass negative undated
1/2 90 “Portraits of inhabitants of Kotzebue Sound” copy from a publication, glass negative undated
1/2 91 Map on the Church in Alaska, glass negative undated
1/2 92 Hotel Ozark undated
1/3 Copies of original negative envelopes 1892-1924
1/4 Original negatives of the preceding prints 1892-1924
2/2-92 Original negatives of the preceding prints 1892-1924

Series 3: Lantern slides; 1904-1925. 0.75 cubic feet.
Descriptions in quotes were taken from captions. Several of the slides, particularly those taken in Washington, British Columbia, and southeast Alaska were commercially produced and colorized slides taken by George Robinson during a trip to southeast Alaska in 1928. Other slides may have been purchased as well. Many of the glass lantern slides in this series are broken or chipped: for safety and preservation reasons, access to the original slides will only be provided in limited circumstances: researchers should contact the Archives in advance of a visit if needing access to the originals. The slides have been digitized and are available on the Alaska’s Digital Archives.

Box/Item Description
3/13 “Sunset”
3/16 Town office
3/17 “In Lynn Canal”
3/18 Coast scene
3/19 Island scene
3/19a City scene
3/20 “Houses of Gambell”
3/21 “Indian village at St. Michael”
3/22 “Indian village at St. Michael”
3/24 Gold dredge
3/25 Islands from a boat (Anvil Island)
3/25a Children
3/26 “West village Kinegan”
3/27 Buildings
3/28 Coast scene
3/29 “Crested auklets, Diomede Ids”
3/30 Men and building
3/31 Arctic Circle map
3/32 Village
3/33 U. S. public school
3/34 Winter houses
3/35 Winter houses
3/36 Drying skins
3/37 Winter scene
3/38 Sky and shore
3/39 Men in umiak
3/40 Man and dog team
3/41 Men with umiak
3/42 Men hunting
3/43 Tent scene
3/44 Men carrying umiak
3/45 Putting out to sea
3/46 Whale hunt
3/47 Dog team
3/48 Two women jumping on a board
3/49 Blanket toss
3/50 Blanket toss
3/51 Time exposure of the midnight sun
3/52 Time exposure of the midnight sun
3/53 Sand dunes
3/54 Tundra scene
3/55 Dead loon
3/56 Nest with eggs
3/57 Four dead eiders
3/58 Nest with eggs
3/59 Eiders
3/60 Nest, willow ptarmigan, Wainwright Alaska
3/61 Least sandpiper nest, June 18, 1925
3/62 Longspur, June 18, 1925
3/63 Sod house
3/64 Women sewing
3/65 Women sewing
3/66 Man with seal
3/67 Man throwing object
3/68 Children playing kickball
3/69 Village scene with dogs
3/70 Dogs with sled
3/71 Men in kayaks
3/72 Men in umiak
3/73 Sailboat with dead walrus
3/74 Women butchering walrus
3/75 Walrus meat at Pt. Barrow
3/76 Women butchering walrus, 1925
3/77 People butchering beluga whales
3/78 Whale fetus
3/79 Herd of reindeer
3/80 Reindeer
3/81 Reindeer
3/82 Reindeer
3/83 Baby reindeer
3/84 Reindeer
3/85 Village scene
3/86 Reindeer pulling sleds
3/87 Reindeer pulling sled
4/88 Reindeer and herders
4/89 Reindeer
4/90 Public school
4/91 Classroom scene
4/92 Young women sewing
4/93 Children
4/94 Children
4/95 Three women and a man
4/96 Man and women
4/97 Man
4/98 Woman
4/99 People
4/100 Woman and baby
4/101 Women with baby
4/102 Dog
4/103 Dog
4/104 Two puppies
4/105 Village building
4/106 Village scene
4/107 Ship coming in
4/108 Ship at anchor
4/109 Child
4/110 Eaglets in nest
4/111 Two boys standing under a wooden gate
4/112 Mountain scene
4/113 Mountain scene
4/114 Men with shovels on a beach
4/115 Travel itinerary, Inside Passage, 1928
4/116 “Alaska – Treasure-house” clipping
4/117 Woman posing on overlook
4/118 Man posing on overlook
4/119 Street scene
4/120 Woman posing by model ship
4/121 Woman posing on overlook
4/122 Man looking through binoculars
4/123 Woman posing by overlook as steamship goes by
4/124 Woman watching steamship
4/125 Passengers disembarking from ship
4/126 Tourists posing by totem poles
4/127 Tourists posing by totem poles
4/128 Woman posing by a totem pole
4/129 People walking by totem poles
4/130 Woman posing by a totem pole
4/131 Tourists posing by a totem pole
4/132 Tourists and totem poles
4/133 A woman with two children
4/134 Children climbing on a coal pile on a dock
4/135 Children on a dock in front of a steamship
4/136 Woman standing on the deck of a steamship
4/137 Woman and man at an overlook over a city
4/138 “CPR Steamer: Princess Alice at dock. 3 hour stop-over. Photo taken at 9:30 pm June 1928 Alaska, Ketchikan, largest city in Alaska.”
4/139 Woman on a deck of a ship
4/140 Woman on a deck of a ship
4/141 “65. Totem poles on Main St. Wrangel. Photo, slide, and coloring by Geo. A Robinson. Alaska and British Columbia – Personal Lecture Set.“
4/142 Woman posing by a totem pole
4/143 Woman posing by a totem pole
4/144 Woman silhouetted on the deck of a ship
4/145 “Seattle Gold Rush”
4/146 “Alaska Trail of ’98 Dead Horse Gulch, White Pass. Pacific Stereopticon Co., Los Angeles”
4/147 “90. Sightseers dog team, Broadway, Skagway. Photo, slide and coloring by Geo A. Robinson. Alaska and British Columbia Personal Lecture Set.“
4/148 Women at a greenhouse
4/149 “Skagway, Alaska. 93. Mrs. Blanchard’s garden, G. A. R. Tulips. Photo, slide and coloring by Geo. A Robinson. Alaska and British Columbia Personal Lecture Set.”
4/150 “Pullen House and Mrs. Harriet Pullen, Skagway, Alaska.”
4/151 “Skagway Trail”
4/152 Woman at a scenic overlook
4/153 “Looking to Skagway. White Pass and Yukon Railroad. Negative # 99.”
4/154 People next to a train
4/155 “Pacific Stereopticon Co. Los Angeles, CA.”
4/156 The Canada US border
5/157 “Tunnel Mt. WP & YRR #100 Skaguay.”
5/158 “Alaska totem poles”
5/159 “Totem poles”
5/160 “Alaska Days of ’98. Jacobs Ladder, Chilkoot Pass. Pacific Stereopticon Co. Los Angeles, California”
5/161 “Alaska Trail of ’98. Ready for the dread Chilcoot Pass. Klondikers leaving Dyea. Pacific Stereopticon Co., Los Angeles”
5/162 People on the deck of a ship
5/163 “Chart of the world on Mercator’s Projection”
5/164 “In Wrangell Narrows. Str. Princess Mary”
5/165 Ketchikan
5/166 “Salmon at Ketchikan. CLA.”
5/167 “Young Chief Shake’s totem”
5/168 “Indian Pass. DCA.”
5/169 Unidentified hillside
5/170 Juneau and Gastineau Channel
5/171 Mountain scene
5/172 City scene (Juneau?)
5/173 “Head, Turnagain Arm. A. N. Ry. “
5/174 “Forest at Knik”
5/175 “Midnight at Eagle. July 1, 1904. CLA”


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