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Anchorage Symphony League records

Guide to the Anchorage Symphony League records

Collection number: HMC-0057.
Creator: Anchorage Symphony League records.
Title: Anchorage Symphony League records.
Dates: 1946-1992.
Volume of collection: 10.55 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Materials in this collection are in English.
Collection summary: Records of a non-profit symphony league.

Organizational history:
The Anchorage Symphony League, known until 1991 as the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League, began in 1967 as an Auxiliary to the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. In 1986, the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League incorporated, became a separate non-profit organization. The purpose of this organization is to aid and promote the work of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and to provide an educational source and agency for such activities.

Collection description:
The collection consists of records of the Anchorage Symphony League and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. Included are the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the League; Board of Directors records, which includes officer and committee reports; and records concerning the various activities of the League, such as benefit concerts and events. In addition, there are scrapbooks which also document the history and activities of the Anchorage Symphony League and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

Arrangement: The collection is arranged in the following series:
Series 1: Administrative records; 1968-1992
Series 2: Historical records; 1946-1990
Series 3: Activity files; 1968-1990
Series 4: Newsletters and news clippings; 1969-1986
Series 5: Audio/visual materials; 1971-1987
Series 6: Ephemera; 1946-1988

Digitized copies: This collection has not been digitized. For information about obtaining digital copies, please contact Archives and Special Collections.

Access restrictions: Special equipment is required to view or access material in Box 6 of this collection. In order to access this portion of the collection, researchers should be aware that digitization fees may apply.

Rights note: Archives does not own copyright to this collection.

Preferred citation: Anchorage Symphony League records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Related materials: Archives & Special Collections also holds the following related collections: Anchorage Symphony Orchestra records; 1953-1995. HMC-0056.

Acquisition note: The collection was placed on deposit by the Anchorage Symphony League in 1986. A deposit agreement was signed by Hope Turpin, President of the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League.

Processing information: This collection was arranged by Lelah Powers of the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League in 1987. The collection was described by Dennis Walle in 1987. The guide to the collection was converted to current standard and series combined by Veronica Denison in 2015.

Container list:
Series 1: Administrative records; 1968-1992. 2.2 cubic feet.
A majority of the records in this series pertain to the administration of the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1-2 Incorporation: ASWL; Festival of Trees 1982-1986
1/3 Tax exemption 1986
1/4-5 Application for permits 1978-1981
1/6 Anchorage Community College permit and documents for events undated, 1979-1980
1/7 Bylaws: Constitution 1971-1986
1/8-23 President files and Board of Directors 1971-1989
1/24-34 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: President files and Board of Directors 1970-1985
1/35-43 American Symphony Orchestra League: President files and Board of Directors 1970-1984
2/1-3 First Vice President reports 1975-1986
2/4 Second Vice President reports 1972, 1976-1978
2/5 Second Vice President, Board of Directors 1987-1988
2/6 Third Vice President reports 1981-1983, 1987-1989
2/7 Concert Program Chairman reports 1972-1980
2/8-11 Recording Secretary meeting minutes and reports 1970-1986
2/12 Recording Secretary Board of Directors: Meeting minutes 1985-1989
2/13-14 Corresponding Secretary: Correspondence undated, 1968-1984
2/15 Corresponding Secretary: Reports 1971-1982
2/16 Corresponding Secretary: Newsletters 1969-1989
2/17 Treasurer reports 1973-1983
2/18 Chairman of Committees: Reports undated, 1971-1983
2/19 Membership Chairman: Reports undated, 1973-1988
2/20-21 ASWL: Membership Chairman: Membership list and directories 1969-1989
2/22 Historian job duties undated
2/23 Archives Committee: Reports 1985-1988
2/24 Nominating Committee: Reports 1978-1989
2/25 Publicity Chairman: Handbook 1983-1984
2/26 Publicity Chairman: Suggestions 1971
2/27 Publicity Chairman: Annual Reports undated, 1971-1984
2/28 Promotion Committee: Reports 1981-1984
2/29 Ticket Sales Committee: Reports 1970-1986
2/30 Card File Committee: Reports 1979-1977, 1986
2/31 Audit Committee: Reports 1972-1978
3/1 Education Program: Docent Program 1986-1992
3/2-3 Education Program: Young People’s Concerts 1969-1988
3/4 Courtesy Committee and Telephone Committee reports 1977-1978, 1988-1986

Series 2: Historical records; 1946-1990. 4.9 cubic feet.
This series contains scrapbooks and brief histories which document the activities of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/5 History: Anchorage Symphony Women’s League undated, 1967-1985
3/6 History: Anchorage Symphony Orchestra 1948-1985
Boxes 7-8 Scrapbooks: Anchorage Symphony Orchestra 1946-1972
Boxes 9-11 Scrapbooks: Anchorage Symphony Women’s League 1967-1990

Series 3: Activity files; 1968-1990. 1.7 cubic feet.
This series contains the programs, reports, photographs, and invitations relating to various activities of the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League. Arranged alphabetically by activity name and chronological by type of document.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/7 Arts Fair reports 1972-1975
3/8 Benefit concerts reports 1971-1975
3/9 Champagne Bridge Benefit reports 1970-1972
3/10 Champagne Pops: Invitations 1969-1986
3/11 Champagne Pops: Programs 1969-1988
3/12-20 Champagne Pops: Reports 1970-1986
4/1 Champagne Pops: Photographs 1986
4/2-3 Champagne Pops: Reports, photographs, correspondence 1987
4/4 Champagne Pops: Reservations 1987
4/5 Champagne Pops: Reports 1988
4/6 Christmas walk reports 1983
4/7 “Come Blow Your Horn” reports 1979
4/8 Fashion show invitations undated
4/9 Festival of Trees: Incorporation 1982-1985
4/10-11 Festival of Trees: Reports 1977-1982
OS Folder 1 Festival of Trees: Posters undated
4/12, OS Folder 1 Interior Design Seminar poster and report 1986
4/13 Luncheons: Christmas 1979-1982
4/14 Luncheons: Installation of officers: Reports and photographs undated, 1986
4/15 Luncheons: Other undated
4/16 Membership tea reports 1971-1985
4/17 Musical Art Supper invitations 1968
4/18 Musicale reports 1971
4/19 Receptions: Invitations undated
4/20 Receptions: Reports 1971-1987
4/21 Snowflake Suite reports 1981-1983, 1987
4/22 Symphony Ball reports 1982-1983, 1987
4/23 Symphony Picnic reports 1971-1973
4/24 Symphony Swing report 1986
4/25 Symphony of Trees reports 1986-1987
4/26 Viennese Waltz Night: Invitations 1976-1990
4/27 Viennese Waltz Night: Programs 1976-1987
4/28-33 Viennese Waltz Night: Reports 1976-1987
4/34 Viennese Ball invitations 1989-1990

Series 4: Newsletters and news clippings; 1969-1986. 0.15 cubic feet.
The majority of the records in this series are the newsletters of the Anchorage Symphony Women’s League.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/1-4 Newsletters 1969-1983
5/5 News clippings 1986

 Series 5: Audio/visual materials; 1971-1987. 0.8 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/6-8 Photographs, slides, and negatives 1971-1987
Box 6 Videos: Public Service Announcements 1982-1985
5/9 Audio Cassette: Docent Program 1986-1987

Series 6: Ephemera; 1946-1988. 0.8 cubic feet.
This series contains programs, flyers, posters, buttons, and pins relating to events held by the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/10-23 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Programs 1946-1986
5/24, OS Folder 1 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Flyers 1979-1987
Box 11 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Phonograph 1985
OS Folder 1 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Posters 1970-1988
5/25 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Postcards 1985-1986
Box 5 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Buttons and pins 1985-1986
5/26 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra: Bag 1985-1986
5/27 Anchorage Chamber Symphony: Programs 1979-1981
5/28 Anchorage Symphony String Quartet: Programs 1977-1981
5/29 Award certificates 1971-1984
Box 5 Champagne Pops commemorative glass undated
Box 23 Guest Book 1970, 1972, 1976

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