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New in the Archives, March-April 2024

Newly available:

HMC-1406-AHS: Catherine Jenne slides; 1961-1963, 1966-1969. 0.06 cubic feet. Slides depicting sites across Alaska, Seattle, and Yellowstone National Park.

HMC-1450: Earth Resources Co. Livengood mining records: circa 1971. 0.2 cubic feet. Annotated maps and claim information for the mining area near Livengood.

HMC-1451: Alexis Tibor photographs; 2005 May. 0.02 cubic feet. Photographs from a party thrown for Patti Thorne’s retirement from the UAA/APU Consortium Library.

HMC-1452: Kennecott mine powder logbook; 1914-1915. 0.02 cubic feet. A logbook noting the date, name of miner, and amount of powder used in an unidentified Kennecott mine.

HMC-1453: First Congregational Church of Anchorage records; 1964. 0.02 cubic feet. Records of a church in Anchorage, primarily consisting of photographs of the 1964 earthquake.

HMC-1454-AHS: Gordon Green slides; 1952-1964. 0.02 cubic feet. Slides of a downtown Anchorage resident, including scenes from Valdez, parades, a statehood celebration, and Fur Rendezvous.

HMC-1455-AHS: Joseph Hanus slides; circa 1950-1951. 0.02 cubic feet. Slides taken or collected by a road construction worker in Alaska in the 1950s.

HMC-1456: Bowles family papers; 1964. 0.01 cubic feet. Photographs and film from Anchorage in 1964.

HMC-1458-AHS: U.S.S. Vicksburg sailor collection; circa 1919. 0.1 cubic feet. Photographs, postcards, and pennants likely collected by a sailor on U.S.S. Vicksburg sailing near Juneau.

HMC-1459: Unidentified oil company employee slides; 1964. 0.02 cubic feet. Slides of an oil company employee depicting the Alaska Highway and 1964 earthquake damage in Anchorage.

HMC-1460-APU: Lost River city development collection; 1972-1974. 0.25 cubic feet. Collected materials related to a proposed development city in on the Seward Peninsula.

EPH-0065-AHS: Yukon Valley News newspaper; 1904 September 7. 0.02 cubic feet.

EPH-0066-AHS: Alaska Pipeline pamphlets; undated. 0.2 cubic feet.

EPH-0552: KAKM and KSKA present Peter, Paul and Mary programs; 1997. 0.02 cubic feet.

EPH-0553: Alaska driver’s manual; circa 1966-1969. 0.02 cubic feet.

EPH-0554: Alaska trial jury handbook; circa 1972-1981. 0.02 cubic feet.

EPH-0555: Anchorage beer coaster collection; 2024. 0.02 cubic feet.

EPH-0557: NYO Games Alaska program; 2024. 0.01 cubic feet.

APU-0014: APU photographs; 1954-1980. 1.5 cubic feet and 24 GB. APU and Alaska Methodist University photographs and slides.

Additions to collections:

HMC-1341: Charles “Clif” Howard photographs; circa 1913-1943. Added 0.01 cubic feet. Photographs taken and collected by a radio operator for the Alaska Communications System.

New online:

29 images from the Walston family slides.

13 images from the George T. Harper papers (including images of some Blacks in Alaska History Project exhibits)

22 images from the Bowles family papers.

11 images from the Rose Kerfoot photographs.

68 images from the James and Marie McDowell papers.

Exhibits and events:

Connor Benson, one of our interns, worked with Becky and the Creative Writing Club to put together a new exhibit for the first floor of the library. The Creative Writing Club selected old exhibit photographs from the Archives. They then crafted poems and short stories inspired by the archival images. The images and their work are now on display. Check it out!

We also hosted our semi-annual Eating From the Archives event: this year was the Cookie edition! Thank you so much who enthusiastically participated. Highlights were the bean sprout ball, rose wafer, ginger cookies, and orange jumbles.

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