U.S. Eleventh Air Force, Eleventh Fighter Squadron Collection Description

UNITED STATES. ELEVENTH AIR FORCE. ELEVENTH FIGHTER SQUADRON. Photograph Album Contact Sheets; 1945. .1 cu. ft.

The Eleventh Fighter Squadron, a unit in the Eleventh Air Force, was assigned to the XIth Fighter Command in June 1942. From September 1942 to August 1946, the squadron was assigned to the 343rd Fighter Group. The squadron was first stationed in Alaska at Elmendorf Field in December 1941, with detachments at Fort Randall and Fort Glenn. The squadron was later stationed at Adak Army Air Field in February 1943, with detachments at Amchitka and Fort Glenn. Finally, the squadron was stationed at Shemya from August 1945 to August 1946. This squadron flew P-40E fighter aircraft.

The collection consists of contact print sheets of pages from a unit photograph album of the Eleventh Fighter Squadron. The collection contains five photographic contact print sheets taken of five different album pages comprised of 92 different photographs. The first sheet is of the squadron’s new day room (May 30, 1945), along with a unit basketball team and soldiers playing baseball. The second sheet is of an officer’s club party (June 4, 1945). The third sheet is of various unit personnel working and socializing. The fourth sheet is of a transportation unit, other unit personnel, and interior views of a mess hall, intelligence office, and operations office. The fifth sheet contains individual portraits of eleven squadron pilots.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.


JAS (11/2005)

Contact sheet list:

Sheet No. 1:

“New Day Room, 5-30-45”:

1a. “Lounge & Bar.”

1b. “Pool Room.”

1c. “The old and new (club presidents) T/Sgts. Meharg & Ward.”

1d. “Reading room.”

1e. “Leaning post.”

1f. “S/Sgt. Ruttkay, most responsible for the new day room, relaxes for a moment.”

1g. “Ordnance outing: (clockwise from 12 O’clock) Jackson, Rand, Behme, S. Hamilton, A. Williams, Barker, Morrison, Spanogle, Spry (Base).”

1h. “Just browsing: S/Sgt. Goodman” Soldier looking at book.

1i. “Dissatisfied customer: Cpls. Domkowski and McGrath” Soldiers at bar.

1j. “Free lunch: in line, L to R, Weigand, Spanogle, Read. Munching: Larson.” Soldiers at buffet line.

1k. “Loaded and ready: L to R, Weigand, Hess, Evans, Stangell, Wilbanks, Pavlovig, Fabing McGrath” Group photo of soldiers in 11th Fighter Dayroom.

1l. “Labor Batallion: Dayroom constructors, L to R., Pavlovic, Pounds, Ruttkay, Stokes. The man with the stogie: Joe.”

1m. “Star gazing: Sgt. Dobson” Soldier laying on star on floor.

1n. “Table talk: Tully, Larsen, Stephens, Goodman.”

1o. “Barmaids in cadence: drink dispensers Pounds and Senffner, framed by Beeks, Stangell, Read & Weigand.”

1p. “Forever amber: Cpl. Gardner.” Soldier reading book.

1q. “Mob scene” Soldiers in dayroom.

1r. “The 11th Tigers = Front: Senffner, Shuman, Guzzetti, McGrath, Conley. Rear: Lt. Callahan, Minkler, Reilly, Dallesandro, Bow.” Basketball team.

1s. “Difficult Shot: pool sharpie Walters.”

1t. “Sgt. Barker in Esquire” Soldier at reading table.

1u. “Traffic tieup: Klevanski & Guzzetti chase fly in practice game against 136th Radio Security Detachment” Soldiers playing baseball.

1v. “Lt. Callahan scores again” Basketball game.

1w. “Guzzetti around right end” Basketball game.

1x. “One for McGrath” Basketball game.

1y. “Hit it ya bum: with Lt. Callahan pitching and Minkler behind the plate, the 11th faces the 136th in a practice game” Baseball game.

Sheet No. 2:

“Officers’ Club Brawl, 4 June 1945”:

2a. “Magician Willie (Dee) Drendorff.”

2b. “Love in Bloom: Lt. Foster & Celeste (Marie) O’Malley” Man and woman on couch.

2c. “Confidential chat: Maj. Combs and Lt. Richards” Man and woman sitting on folding chairs.

2d. “Willie’s as confusing as case of “DT’s” Magician performing card trick.

2e. “Lt. Col. Harper, Dorothy Miller, Capt. Limeburner.”

2f. “Step aside chum: Lt. Margaret Carlson, Lt. Traut, Lt. Nelson.” Officers dancing.

2g. “The wolfpack: Lts. Wilkinson, Silvey, Fugit, McQuinn, Looney.”

2h. “Watch that hand: Dorothy Miller, Capt. Limeburner, Lt. (JG) Dotty Reed, Lt. Buchy, F/O Wilkinson, Lt. (JG) Gallagher (hiding).” Officers dancing.

2i. “Pilot fatigue” Sleepy party goer.

2j. “Needed: one good bass = Lts. Sharp, Viola Boosalis, Traut, Carlson.” Officer singing.

2k. “Party spirit = Background: Lt. Goldstein, Lt. Richards, Capt. Silberstein, Lt. (JG) Reed, Lt. Buchy. Foreground: Capt. Limeburner, Miss Miller.”

2l. “Painless operation = Playing a conspicuous role is Lt. Rhoades, ably supported by Lt. (JG) Mary K. Groman.” Officers dancing.

2m. “Rat race” Officers dancing.

2n. “Contentment” Officers dancing.

2o. “An even match = Lts. McQuinn, Bloom, Looney, Lt. (JG) Reed, Lt. Goldstein.”

2p. “Prettily posed = Lt. Foster, Miss O’Malley, Lts. Nelson, Quigley, Sharp, Boosalis, Carlson, Traut.”

2q. “Accentuate the positive = Lt. (JG) Gallagher, Maj. Combs, Lt. Richards, Lt. Buchy, Lt. (JG) Gurman, Lt. Nye, Lt. Rhoades.”

Sheet No. 3 (No. Title):

3a. “Enroute to Benning for Paratrooper training, these three toast the 11th with some of Anchorage’s best: Sgt. Chandler, S/Sgt. Menk, Cpl. Montemayer.”

3b. “Ready for the kill. Sgt. Chandler, S/Sgt. Menk, Cpl Montmayer, Cpl. Mitchum, grouped around the Lido target: Jerry Christianson.” Signed photo with woman in center.

3c. “Proving that there’s but a might small hop from Adak to Anchorage civilization are: Cpl. Montmayer, Sgt. Chandler, Cpl Mitchum (relaxed).” Soldiers at table.

3d. “Love O love, where is thy sting?” Soldier and Jerry Christianson.

3e. “Not bad, huh?” Cpl. Montmayer and Sgt. Chandler with woman Helen.

3f. “Ready to give the gas truck chauffeur a helping hand is S/Sgt. Grossman.” Soldiers fueling fighter planes.

3g. “S/Sgt. Tully & Sgt. Shuman” Soldiers sitting outside of quarters.

3h. “S/Sgts Hogan & Gustafson” Soldiers sitting on footbridge over trench.

3i. “Taking advantage of a fine day.” Fighter planes lined up on airfield.

3j. “T/Sgt. Max Williams” Soldier at desk next to his bunk.

3k. “Grossman bares teeth” Soldier in leather flight jacket.

3l. “T/Sgt. Everitt” Soldier reading book on his bunk.

3m. “Engrossed in their ping pong game are Sgt. Ferguson, Cpl. Senffner.”

3n. “Once in a lifetime: Maguire, Cusick, Peerman” Soldiers shoveling snow.

3o. “WPA buddies: Cusick & Peerman” Soldiers with snow shovels.

3p. “California, here I come: Front row left (in sweater) is S/Sgt Stephens, mayor of the Tundarena.” Group photo for Tundarena State Week.

3q. “S/Sgts. Maguire, Blumenthal, Van Allen, Walsh.”

3r. “Drying room photo lab.”

3s. “Sgt. W. Thomas, Lt. Creighton.” Soldier working on airplane engine.

3t. “Gun camera section, photo lab.”

3u. “S/Sgt. Sawlan” Soldier in cockpit of fighter plane.

Sheet No. 4 (No Title):

4a. “Transportation = (Standing , L to R) Lt. Levinson, Benson, Biondolillo, Counts, Montemeyer. (Front) Bray, Athey, Bencosky, Bosiacki.” Group portrait.

4b. “S/Sgt. Bray, Transportation.” Portrait.

4c. “Here we eat what’s put before us” Interior of mess hall.

4d. “Lt. Breed” Soldier in flight suit.

4e. “S/Sgt. Tierney & Sgt. Maguire in Office of S-2.”

4f. “Lt. Mozley in war room.”

4g. “Java jockies in S-2 hut: Lts. Box and Gary.”

4h. “Stanley & Spradlin.”

4i. “Lts. Mozley & Johnson.”

4j. “Flight status boards in alert: Lts. Hill and Box on readiness.”

4k. “S/Sgt. Tierney.”

4l. “Lindstrom & Moskivitz.”

4m. “Cpls. Cassell & Archidipane, Opns.”

4n. “Get set – one the line” Group photo of soldiers.

4o. “Bob Gardners’s sack area.”

4p. “Bob Loman (Curtiss Representative).”

4q. “Reilly in the sack.”

Sheet No. 5 (No Title):

Portraits of Officers:

5a. “Torquato E. Bazzionotti, 2nd Lt.”

5b. “David E. Bell, 2nd Lt.”

5c. “Robert J. Belmore, 2nd Lt.”

5d. “Donald L. Bentsen, 2nd Lt.”

5e. “Robert W. Blean, 2nd Lt.”

5f. “Howard E. Blender, 2nd Lt.”

5g. “Vincent L. Bogart, 2nd Lt.”

5h. “Emory Dillashaw, 2nd Lt.”

5i. “Darwin O. Elliott, 2nd Lt.”

5j. “John W. Percy, 2nd Lt.”

5k. “Orville W. Speck, 2nd Lt.”

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