Eugene W. Stolz Collection Description

EUGENE W. STOLZ (1923-1999). Papers and Photographs; n.d., 1942-1947, 1953-1954, 1966-1996. .2 cu. ft.

Eugene W. Stolz was from Illinois. During World War II, he enlisted in the U. S. Navy, and later became a naval pilot and officer. Stolz graduated from the Aircraft Machinists Mate School in Jacksonville, Florida, in January 1942. He trained as a pilot at the U. S. Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas, graduating in 1945 with the rank on ensign. During the war he was a member of the VF-9 and the VT (N) 90 Squadrons. He later achieved the rank of lieutenant in the U. S. Naval Reserve. After leaving active service in in 1947, Stolz pursued a career as a pilot. He worked as a bush pilot in Alaska, flying out of Anchorage from 1966 to 1980. Eugene Stolz died in Ingram, Texas, in 1999.

The collection consists of the papers and photographs of naval aviator and bush pilot Eugene W. Stolz. The collection contains: three certificates concerning Stolz’s training as a pilot and service during World War II; Stolz’s leather name tag as an ensign in the U. S. Naval Reserve; two flight record log books; 12 black and white prints; 2 color prints; and one black and white negative. The certificates concern the following subjects: appointment as a commander in the Aviation Cadet Regiment at the U. S. Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas, dated December 15, 1944; designation as a naval aviator for completion of the course at the Naval Air Training Center in Corpus Christi, dated February 14, 1945; and citation for meritorious service during World War II by the State of Illinois in 1947. The first flight record book covers the period from July 1966 to November 1977, and the second book covers the period from March 1977 to 1996. Subjects of the photographs include: Stolz’s graduating class at the Machinist Mate School in Jacksonville, Florida in January 1942; Stolz next to a training aircraft of the VF-9 Squadron at Ocean Field, Virginia in January 1943; the pilots and servicemen of the VT (N) 90 Squadron in front of an airplane and hangar at Martha’s Vinyard, Massachusetts, on November 7, 1945; Stolz with a group at the Flagler Garden Restaurant in Miami, Florida; three naval officers examining an airplane at the U. S. Naval Air Station at Moffett Field, California in May 1953; Lieutenant Stolz in front of a cake in a mess hall aboard the U.S.S. Philippine Sea in August 1954; Stolz in an unidentified group of U. S. Navy pilots and servicemen; an aerial bombing run from above; Stolz in Navy uniform with a fellow sailor; three different portraits of Stolz in uniform, including one negative; a German aviation medallion containing the phrase “Es gibit heute keine inseln mehr”; Stolz beside his small plane in Anchorage in May 1971 (color); and a small biplane on a gravel airstrip (color).

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2005.


JAS (7/2005)

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