Anonymous, “Alaska Wild Plants and Berries” Botanical Specimens Collection Description

ANONYMOUS. “ALASKA WILD PLANTS AND BERRIES.” Botanical Specimens; ca. 1963.
.2 cu. ft.

This collection consists of 22 botanical specimens collected from the vicinity of Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island, and Shishmaref. Many of the samples are accompanied by typewritten notes that identify the specimens and give alternate names, type of habitat, geographic locations where the plants might typically be found, and food preparation methods traditionally used with the plants.

The collection was presented to the archives by Nancy Lesh in 2003.


ABS (04/2003)

Page list:

Page 1: Title page.

Page 2-3: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Koowilngik.

2. Willow leaves.

3. Noon-ee-vak (Rhodiola rosea – sedum roseum).

4. UmlhookeƩruk

Page 4-5: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Ghlkulkuk.

2. Camrock.

3. Gogonuk.

Page 6: Unidentified specimen.

Page 7-8: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Arctic poppy (no description).

2. Bering Sea Spring Beauty.

Page 9-10: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Roseroot, rosewort, stonecrop.

2. Beach greens, seabeach, sandwort, seapurslane, sea-chickweed.

Page 11-12: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Cloudberry, baked appleberry, salmonberry.

2. Bog cranberry, swamp cranberry.

3. Lowbush cranberry, mountain cranberry.

Page 13-14: Description and specimen.

1. Alaska blueberry.

Page 15-16: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Blackberry, crowberry, curlewberry.

2. Red huckleberry.

Page 17-18: Descriptions and specimens.

1. Labrador tea, Hudson’s Bay tea.

2. Strawberry spinach, Indian strawberry, strawberry blite.

Page 19-20: Description and specimen.

1. Sourdock, wild spinach, arctic dock.

Page 21: Specimen.

1. Pussy willow leaves (no description).

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