History of Sand Lake Project Collection Description

HISTORY OF SAND LAKE PROJECT. Records; 1988. .5 cu.

A group of fourteen sixth grade students from Sand Lake and
Chinook Schools combined, in 1988, to write a history of the Sand
Lake neighborhood in Anchorage. Led by their teacher, Connie Marinella,
and parent volunteer Liz Lauzen, the students conducted oral history
interviews with the pioneers and homesteaders who originally settled
in the Sand Lake area. Students also visited the Bureau of Land
Management (BLM) to research homesteading records. All interviews
were conducted by the students, either in person or by phone.
The pioneers interviewed include Vern Risch, Ella McRae, Karen
Young, Bill tanner, Bob Evenson, Kathleen Erenson, Mike Rogers,
Marty McGee, Dorothy Holland, Jum Utter, Don Putman, Mrs. Muth,
Joe Hayes, and William Imlach.

The collection is divided into six series. Series one contains
published copies of the Sand Lake History Project. Series two
contains notes of interviews with Sand Lake pioneers, including
transcripts, plus audio tapes of two interviews. Series three
contains photographs used in the publication or for post publication
purposes. Included in this series are 43 black and white prints,
and 49 black and white negatives. Series four consists of records
obtained from the BLM. Series five includes additional research
materials gather by the students. Series six concerns the public
response to the project’s publication including 17 black and white
prints and 18 negatives relating to a television interview with
the student authors.

This collection was presented to the archives by Liz Lauzen
in May 2000. A deed of gift was signed in June 2000.


KRH (5/2000)


Series 1. Published Report; 1988.

1. “History of Sand Lake.” Copyright 1988, Grade
6 students, Sand Lake Elementary and Chinook Elementary Gifted
Program. Researched and written by students Mark Allegrezza,
Courtenay Birdsall, Nikolas Fode, Robert J. Hardcastle III, Raymond
M Jebsen, Rachel Kane, Joy Kissick, Katy Lauzen, Eboney Nelson,
Shelia Parker, Travis L. Raskey, Mike Ross, Loren Shinohara,
Ben Westley, with Connie Marinella and Liz Lauzen; 1988.

Series 2. Interviews; 1988.

1. Vern Risch, Karen Young, Bill Tanner, Bob Evenson, Kathleen
Evenson, Mike Rogers, Marty McGee, and Dorothy Holland. Panel
interview transcript and audio tape; February 16, 1988.

2. Joe Hayes, interview notes; 1988.

3. William Imlach, interview notes; February 9, 1988.

4. Ella McRae, interview transcript and audio tape; March 2,

5. Mrs. Muth, interview transcript and notes; March 8, 1988.

6. Don Putnam, interview transcript; 1988.

7. Vern Risch, interview notes; February 16; 1988.

8. Jim Utter, interview transcript; 1988.

9. List of possible interview leads; 1988.

10. List of pioneer phone numbers; 1988.

Series 3. Photographs; 1988.

1. Mrs. Muth Photos; n.d. (5 b&w prints, 16 b&w 120mm

2. Risch Homesite; ca. 1950s. (9 b&w 120mm negatives and
6 xerographic copies).

3. Aerial Photographs; 1950, 1962, 1970. (3 b&w prints).

4. Student authors;1988. (25 b&w prints and 24 b&w 35mm

5. Dimond High School dedication; April 1967. (2 b&w prints).

6. Miscellaneous Photographs; n.d. (13 b&w prints).

7. Publication photograph page layouts; 1988.

Series 4. Bureau of Land Management Records; 1988.

1. 23 plat and survey maps of Anchorage and Sand Lake areas;
1988. (Flat Cab. D)

2. Notes on BLM maps and records; 1988.

Series 5. Other Research; 1988.

1. Articles and reports on the history of Anchorage neighborhoods
outside of Sand Lake; n.d., 1988.

Series 6. Post-Publication Responses; 1988.

1. Sand Lake History and auto tape sent by Charles Lavin,
in response to the project; November 1988.

2. 17 b&w prints and 18 negatives relating to a TV interview
with the student authors.

3. Program from Sand Lake School Dedication; May 12, 1988.

4. Anchorage Times article; May 31; 1988.

5. Senior Voice article; August 1988.

6. West Side Pulse article; November; 1988.

7. We Alaskans article; July 1988.

8. Anchorage Times “Dear Bud” column; February
2, 1990.

9. “Thank You” letter from Mrs. Muth; July 5, 1988.

10. Partial list of orders for book; 1988.

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