Theresa Nangle Obermeyer Collection Description

THERESA NANGLE OBERMEYER. Audio Recording and Press Release;
1994, 1998.
.1 cu. ft.

Theresa Nangle Obermeyer was born on July 25, 1945, in St.
Louis, Missouri. She received a BA from Maryville University in
1967, and a Ph.D. in Education from St. Louis University in 1975.
Dr. Obermeyer moved to Alaska in 1978 and worked as a real estate
broker and educator. She served on the Anchorage School Board
from 1990 to 1994. She was the Democratic nominee for the U.S.
Senate in 1996, and lost to Republican incumbent Ted Stevens.

This collection consists of a press release written by Theresa
Obermeyer, dated February 23, 1998, and an audio recording of
a speech given by U. S. Senator Ted Stevens to the Alaska World
Affairs Council Luncheon at the Anchorage Hilton on October 23,
1994. The press release concerns several lawsuits involving Dr.
Obermeyer and her husband; the Anchorage School Board; and the
Anchorage Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. The speech by Senator
Stevens includes his response to a question, posed by Dr. Obermeyer,
concerning the Senator’s qualifications to practice law in Alaska.
The total running time of the audio recording is approximately
one hour.

Presented to the archives by Theresa Obermeyer in 1998.


KRH (10/1999)

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