Steven and Leslie Collection Description

STEVEN AND LESLIE. Motion Picture Film; 1960. .25 cu. ft.

Steven is the person who likely took this home movie footage. Leslie is the small girl seen dancing with scarves in the back yard of a house.

The collection consists of the home movies of Steven’s (last name unknown) visit to Alaska in 1960. The collection contains: one reel of 8 mm color motion picture film (208 feet or 14 minutes); one videocassette copy of the film; and a MiniDV digital master tape of the film. Alaska-related subjects of the film include: aerial views of Southeast Alaska; the Seward Highway; Portage Lake and Portage Glacier; Hatcher Pass; Inupiat dancers and drummers in parkas, as well as a brass band, performing in front of the sign for the Guilded Cage Curio Shop of the Alaska Crippled Children’s Association, in Anchorage; the Fourth of July Parade on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage; and the Ship Creek area of Anchorage. Parade participants included U. S. Army troops, tanks, various floats, children, and a girls’ drill team. Other footage shows a small girl dancing with scarves in a yard on Victoria Avenue (city unknown); a man and woman and two boys with a kennel of doxens in front of their travel trailer; and people camping and fishing at various lakes, rivers, and streams.

The collection was acquired by the archives in 2003.


JAS (7/2004)

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