Dale A. Stirling Collection Description

DALE A. STIRLING (b. 1965). Papers; 1980-1986. 3
cu. ft.

Dale Alexander Stirling was born in California in 1956. His
family moved to Alaska in 1965. He attended Alaska Methodist University
and graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, in 1980.
In 1984 he received an M.L.A. degree in History from Alaska Pacific
University. Between 1980 and 1986, he worked for the Alaska Department
of Natural Resources as a historian and operated a consulting
firm, Heritage North. In the former position, he wrote water body,
trail, and regional histories; through the consulting firm he
researched and wrote numerous reference and historical monographs.
He has also published articles in scholarly and popular journals.
In the same time period, he provided volunteer archival management
for the Alaskana Collection at Alaska Pacific University. Between
1980 and 1985, he was the editor and publisher of an informal
literary journal, Poetry North Review.

This collection is divided into three parts: papers concerning
Heritage North, copied papers concerning Stirling’s work in the
Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and files of Poetry
North Review
. The Heritage North materials include files of
the Alaska Records Survey funded by a grant from the Alaska Historical
Commission; papers relative to his work on the Alaska Pacific
University’s Alaskana Collection, and other volunteer activities;
and various publications. The Alaska Department of Natural Resources
materials include correspondence, memos, notes, navigability and
trail histories, and regional histories. The Poetry North Review
files include correspondence, manuscripts, financial records,
original copies of issues, and other materials.

This collection was presented to the archives in 1986. A deed of gift was signed in 1986 and
renegotiated in 1996. The donor retains copyright to his papers.
The authors of works submitted to Poetry North Review are
protected by copyright.


Box and Folder List:

Series 1. Heritage North; 1980-1986, 630 items.

These papers relate to Stirling’s work as a historian and archivist
with his consulting firm, Heritage North. Operated as a non-profit
venture, except for free-lance writing, the papers consist of
correspondence, memorandums, research notes, published and unpublished
documents, and other papers associated with his work with Alaska
Pacific University, various cultural and social organizations,
compilation of the Alaska Records Survey, and research and writing
of articles, professional papers, and monographs and reference

Box 1

Subseries 1a. Alaska Records Survey; 1981-1986, 347 items.

1. Alaska Historical Commission Grants

2. Miscellaneous Correspondence

3a. Alaska Records Survey: Manuscript; 1985

3b. Alaska Records Survey: Manuscript; 1986 (Alaska Historical
Commission Studies in History No. 209)

4. Survey Responses: Positive

5. Survey Responses: Other (Alabama to New York)

Box 2

5 (continued). Survey Responses: Other (Nevada to Yukon Territory)

Subseries 1b. Alaskana Collection; 1980-1986, 146 items.

1. Correspondence

2. Historical Correspondence

3. Cataloging

4. Grants

5. Indexes/Inventories/Finding Aids (includes guides to APU Alaskana
collection photographs, post cards, Matanuska Colony records)

Subseries 1c. Volunteer Work/Boards; 1981-1986, 114 items.

1. Friends of the Anchorage Libraries

2. Alaska in World War II Film

3. APU: MLA Advisory Council

4. Alaska Historical Review

Subseries 1d. Publications; 1984-1986, 23 items.

1. Heritage North Publications in History

2. Heritage North Reference Publications

3. Scholarly Articles: Reprints

4. Professional Papers

Box 3

Series 2. Alaska Department of Natural Resources; 1980-1986, 940

These papers relate to Stirling’s employment as a historian working
in the department’s Division of Research and Development, and
later the Division of Land and Water Management, in their Navigability
and R.S. 2477/Public Access projects. The papers consist of correspondence,
memorandums, meeting notes, legal briefs, depositions and expert
witness testimony, maps, field-work notes, historical studies,
and research notes.

Subseries 2a. Administration; 1980-1986, 237 items.

1. Correspondence

2. Work Reports/Orders

3. Travel/Per Diem

Subseries 2b. Navigability Project; 1980-1985, 502 items.
1. Criteria Case Histories

2. Regional Histories

3. Miscellaneous Projects

Subseries 2c. R.S. 2477 Project; 1984-1986, 175 items.

1. Correspondence

2. Memorandums

3. Policy

4. Media

5. Special Studies

6. Trail Histories

Subseries 2d. Miscellaneous Projects; 1980-1984, 26 items.

1. Bristol Bay Area Plan

2. Alaska Heritage Resource Survey

3. Alaska Coastal Zone Management

Series 3. Poetry North Review; 1980-1986, 268 items.

These papers relate to the publication of the informal literary
journal, Poetry North Review, of which Stirling was editor and
publisher, and consist of correspondence, manuscripts, financial
records, promotion, and original copies of all issues of the

1. Correspondence

2. Promotion

3. Book Reviews

4. Finances

5. Subscriptions

6. Poetry North Review: Original Issues

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