Bruce Staser Family Collection Description

BRUCE I. STASER FAMILY. Papers; 1937-1983. .65 cu.

Bruce Ingles Staser, son of Harry and Barbara Staser, was born
in Anchorage, Alaska on October 27, 1919. He graduated from the
University of Alaska (1937-1941) and the United States Military
Academy (1941-1944). He obtained a Masters Degree from the University
of Wisconsin in 1960. Bruce Staser married Betty Jo Thies at West
Point on June 6, 1944. He served in the United States Army from
1944 to 1973. After he retired, he became Adjutant General of
the Alaska National Guard with the rank of Major General on May
1, 1973. He left that post in 1974 and became Executive Assistant
to Mayor George Sullivan of Anchorage. From 1978 to 1982 he served
as Director of Civil Defense in the Anchorage area. His wife,
Betty Jo Staser, also graduated from the University of Alaska
where she received a number of honors. Later she was awarded the
University of Alaska Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1983.

This collection consists of records concerning Bruce Staser’s
work as Director of Civil Defense and his work as Executive Assistant
to Mayor Sullivan. In addition, there are newspaper clippings
concerning his military service in Alaska, the Nuclear Freeze
Debate, and information concerning the Distinguished Alumnus Award
presented to Betty Jo Staser. There are also six color photographs
of the town of Girdwood and various buildings at Monarch Mine,
Crow Creek, dated 1956.

This collection was presented to the archives by General Staser in two parts in 1981 and 1983. Additional
materials are in the Harry Staser Family Collection.



Series A. Personal.

1. Resume – Bruce Ingles Staser.

2. Biographical Sketches.

3. Picture – Major Bruce I. Staser.

4. High School Yearbook; Anchor, 1937. (Returned to donor3/19/90).

5. Master of Science Degree and Thesis – A Survey of the Veteran
Population at the University of Wisconsin to Determine Attitudes
toward Military Service Experience.

6. Betty Jo Staser – Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Series B. Military.

1. “Frigid” Diary: 1946-1947.

2. 505th Photograph record, 1946.

Series C. Correspondence.

1. Correspondence (Director of Civil Defence).

– Rita R. Strachan, Area Supervisor Anchorage School District
to B.S.; May 4, 1978.

– Glenn A. Olds, President AMU
to B.S.; June 5, 1978.

– John B. Peper, Superintendent
Anchorage School District to B.S.; August 16, 1978.

– Donn Liston, Chairman Disaster Committee and Donald C. May,
Director Disaster Services – American Red Cross to B.S.; October
9, 1978.

– D.G. Weiford, Municipal Manager
to B.S.; Dece/mber 12, 1978. D.G. Weiford, Municipal Manager
to B.S.; January 23, 1979.

– George M. Sullivan, Mayor to
B.S.; April 19, 1979. Copy of newsclipping from Anchorage News;
April 16, 1979.

– John F. Franklin, Chief Fire
Department to B.S.; January 12, 1981. Letter attached George
M. Sullivan, Mayor to B.S.; n.d.

– Fritz Pettyjohn to B.S.; May
17, 1982.

2. Correspondence (Complimentary).

– George to B.S.; August 28 (noise ordinance).

– William M. Blair, Society of
Petroleum Engineers of AIME to B.S.; November 3, 1976.

3. Correspondence – Miscellaneous

– Bev [brother] to Bruce and Betty; August 19, 1970.

– Bruce Staser to Cynthia Toohey, Chairperson, Board of Supervisors,
Girdwood, Alaska; July 15, 1985.

– Cynthia Toohey, Chairperson,
Board of Supervisors, Girdwood, Alaska, to Bruce Staser; October
25, 1985.

Series D. City Government (Executive
Assistant to Mayor Sullivan).

1. Job Description for Replacement; January, 1977.

2. Participation in Public Events

3. Speeches written for Mayor
Sullivan; 1976.

– 10th Annual Convention of Alaska Air Carriers Association.

B.S. Public Information Officer to Mayor Sullivan; February 23,

Alaska Air Carriers Association to Mayor Sullivan; February,

Copy of News Article on Convention

Statistical Report on Anchorage International Airport; January,

Welcoming Speech at the Convention; February, 1976.

– Mayor George M. Sullivan Bicentennial Palmer Lecture Series
“This I Believe”; March 30, 1976. 2 copies.

– Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Luncheon.

– B.S. Public Communications Officer to Mayor Sullivan; March 22,

– Speech “On Unification”; March 31, 1976.

– Guest Speaker Alaska Association of Life Underwriters Speech;
May 6, 1976.

– Non-Commissioned Officers Elmendorf AFB NCO Club Speech; May
20, 1976.

Speech “State of the City”; June 4, 1976.

4. Speech by B.S. at American
Legion Auxillary Girls State AMU Campus; June 7, 1976. Letter
of thanks from Billie Martin, Director of Girls State; June 28,

Series E. Newspaper Clippings.

1. Adjutant General; 1973.

2. Adjutant General and Air National Guard; 1973-1974.

3. State of Alaska; 1974.

4. Alaska – Miscellaneous.

5. Nuclear Freeze Debate; 1981-1982.

6. Nuclear Freeze Debate – Letters to the Editor, Anchorage Daily
News; 1980-1983.

Series F. Photographs.

1. Girdwood; 1956.

2. Girdwood Hotel, “Propietors Ayers and Whitney. Beverly
Staser in (the) picture. Gene’s Restaurant on left, Gene `The
Frenchman’ was long dead by 1956”; 1956.

3. Monarch Mine, Crow Creek. Mill building; 1956. 4. Monarch
Mine, Crow Creek. Bunkhouse; 1956.

5. Monarch Mine, Crow Creek. Ore bin; 1956.

6. Monarch Mine, Crow Creek. Flume; 1956.

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