Evan Lester Sitter Collection Description

EVAN LESTER SITTER (1898-1986). Motion Picture Film;
1 videocassette.

Evan Sitter was born in Anna, Illinois, in 1898. His father
acquired land in McLean County, Texas in 1899 and began ranching.
He moved his family there in 1910. Evan Lester Sitter married
Leona Watkins in 1917; they had three children. In 1946, he suffered
a massive heart attack which forced him to retire from ranching.
Thereafter, he devoted his time to study. In 1948, Sitter and
his wife went on an excursion to Alaska with Charles E. and Maude
Coke, a Chevrolet dealer in McLean County, Texas. He died in 1986.

This collection consists of a VHS videocassette copy of a
color 16mm film made by Sitter while on the trip to Alaska in
1948. The trip included stops at Glacier National Park, the Canadian
Border Customs Building, Dawson, the Peace River Bridge, Fort
Nelson, Lake Louise, Laird Lodge, the Alaska/Yukon Border, Fairbanks,
Nome, Kotzebue, Copper Center, Thompson Pass, Valdez, Juneau,
Ketchikan, and Seattle. Included are pictures of mountains, rivers,
waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, buffalo, bears, a fish wheel, ships,
and planes.

The film was loaned to the Archives in 1987 for copying by
Lester D. Sitter.


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