Old Believers, Naturalization Ceremonies Collection Description

2 audiocassettes.

The Old Believers are a religious group which fled Russia during
the time of Czar Peter the Great to escape persecution for resisting
his attempt to merge the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches.
Moving first to Siberia, small groups later moved in stages to
Manchuria, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Turkey; they
came to America in 1962 at the invitation of U.S. Attorney General
Robert Kennedy, and settled in Oregon. A group of Old Believers
moved to Alaska from Oregon in 1968 and established themselves
on the Kenai Peninsula near Homer, and later on Kachemak Bay.
The name Old Believers comes from their strict adherence to the
old beliefs and customs of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1975
and 1979 groups of Old Believers took the oath of citizenship
and became American citizens.

The collection consists of a recording of the 1975 naturalization
ceremony and a recording of the 1979 naturalization ceremony.

The collection was presented to the archives by Benjamin
B. Talley in 1981.


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