Lois Morey Collection Description

LOIS M. MOREY. Papers and Artifacts; n.d., 1897-1917, 1950,
1970-1971, 1989-1992.
5 cu. ft.

Lois Morey came to Alaska in 1942 and worked as a teacher at
Anchorage High School for one year. She was a recruiter for Libbey,
McNeil and Libbey Canneries in Alaska until 1945, when she returned
to teaching in Anchorage. From 1949 to 1950, she served as the
Principle Teacher at the school in Adak. In 1951, she became Educational
Supervisor for the Alaska Territorial Department of Education
(later the State Department of Education), and served in that
position for ten years during which time she traveled extensively
to rural schools and communities. She retired in 1961.

This collection contains correspondence, publications and clippings,
and artifacts. The correspondence (1970-1971) concerns the gift
of several Alaskan artifacts by Lois Morey to Anchorage Community
College. Other correspondence relates to personal matters. The
publications are newspapers, newspaper clippings, journals, and
pamphlets from various Alaskan towns and villages, including Nome,
Rampart, Teller, and Cape Price of Wales. The artifacts include
both native Alaskan and Russian items. The publications and artifacts
were acquired by Lois Morey during her travels throughout Alaska.
In addition, there is a slide of an Anchorage Bahai group (1941).

The publications were presented to the archives Lois Morey in 1984. The other materials were obtained
in 1987 and 1988.



Series 1. Correspondence; n.d., 1970-1971, 1989.

1. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; January 2, 1970.

2. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; January 8, 1970.

3. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; February 28, 1970.

4. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; April 11, 1970. (Includes list of
books dated April 10, 1970.)

5. N. Lesh to L. M. Morey; October 7, 1970.

6. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; November 14, 1970.

7. David R. Knapp to L. M. Morey; December 29, 1970. (Includes
lists and appraisals of books, pamphlets, and artifacts.)

8. L. M. Morey to D. R. Knapp; January 11, 1971.

9. Dinah W. Thomas To D. R. Knapp; January 22, 1971.

10. N. Lesh to D. W. Thomas; February 1, 1971.

11. D. W. Thomas to N. Lesh; February 5, 1971.

12. Artifact Tags; n.d. 4 items.

13. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; December, 1989. (Includes two 3x5color
prints of L. M. Morey.)

14. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; January 23, 1992.

15. L. M. Morey to N. Lesh; July 20, 1992. (Includes photograph
dated March 1992.)

Series 2. Publications; n.d., 1897-1917, 1950.

1. “History of Teller,” by Walter J. Marx, n.d.

2. Clipping, “To Go to Nome or Remain at Home?” Sunday
Examiner Magazine
, n.d.

3. Clipping, “Scenes Showing Nome’s Celebration of 4th of
July,” n.d.

4. Program of the Grand Opera Performance of “The Bohemian
Girl,” Eagle Hall, Thursday, May 16, n.d.

5. The Eskimo Bulletin, Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska,
Vol. III, July , 1897.

6. Nome Gold Digger, Nome, Alaska, November 1, 1899; Vol.
1, No. 2.

7. Program of the North Pole Dramatic Club of Teller Performance
of “The Public Worrier,” January 31, 1901.

8. Alaska Forum, Rampart, Alaska, Vol. 1, No. 22, February
21, 1901.

9. The Eskimo Bulletin, Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska,
Vol. V, May 1902.

10. Alaska Forum, Rampart, Alaska, Vol. 5, No. 3, Saturday, July
18, 1903.

11. Program, “4th of July Celebration by the Citizens of
Nome;” 1909.

12. Clipping, “Totem Indians of Southeast Alaska,”
by Frank G. Carpenter, The Illustrated Weekly Magazine,
March 10, 1917.

13. The Mukluk Telegraph, Kotzebue, Alaska, Vol. 1, No.
11, November 25, 1950.

Series 3. Artifacts; n.d.

1. Seal Oil Lamp.

2. Indian Hat from Southeast Alaska; made from Alaska cedar bark.

3. Alaska Commercial Company Compote.

4. Ship’s Lantern.

5. Two Carved Paddles from Southeasern Alaska, used in Ceremonial

6. Staffs (or Sticks) from Southeastern Alaska, used in Ceremonial

7. Russian Copper Tea Kettle

8. Gold Scale.

9. Copper covered pail, Russian made.

10. Copper Vodka Cup, Russian made.

11. Hand Cuffs.

12. Piece of Copper off the dome of a Russian Church in Alaska.

13. Kantag (Eskimo Food Bowl), in poor condition.

14. Kantag (Eskimo Food Bowl), in excellent condition.

15. Wooden piece (part of house post from Aleut dwelling on Adak).

16. Adze.

17. Scissors, of Russian made.

18. Padlock.

19. Fish Spear (?).

Series 4. Slide; 1941.

1. Bahai Group in Anchorage; 1941. 1 item (colored slide).

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