Richard Dauenhauer papers

Guide to the Richard Dauenhauer papers

Collection number: HMC-0099
Creator: Dauenhauer, Richard
Title: Richard Dauenhauer papers.
Dates: 1961-1985.
Volume of collection: 3.6 cubic feet
Language of materials: Collection materials predominantly in English.
Collection summary: These papers primarily related to Richard Dauenhauer’s work as a poet, educator, and translator, including drafts of writings, correspondence, and curriculum materials.

Biographical note:
Richard Dauenhauer holds a B.A. in Russian and Slavic languages from Syracuse University, a M.A. in German from the University of Texas, and a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Wisconsin.  He studied in Finland under a Fulbright Fellowship in 1966-1967.  He came to Alaska in the late 1960s to teach at Alaska Methodist University and also became involved in studies of Tlingit language and oral tradition.  He is an author and poet and has published several volumes of poetry as well as translations of poetry from languages including German, Russian, Finnish, and classical Greek.  In 1981, he was named to a four-year term as Poet Laureate of Alaska.

Scope and content note:
Included in this collection are drafts of published and unpublished poetry and translation works, notes, correspondence, drafts of essays by Richard Dauenhauer and others.  Records also include materials relating to his Tlingit language and culture studies and his work with the University of Alaska’s Instructional Telecommunications Consortium.

Arrangement: The series in the collection relate to specific projects or record types.  Records are arranged chronologically within series.

Series 1: Poetry Manuscripts; 1961-1980
Series 2: Haavikko poetry translations; undated, 1968
Series 3: Glacier Bay Concerto; undated, 1971-1980
Series 4: Doxologies; 1978-1985
Series 5: Phenologies; undated, 1979-1983
Series 6: Literary Review; 1966-1971
Series 7: “Finnbook” (Snow in May); undated, 1971-1980
Series 8: Tlingit/Native Language and culture studies; undated, 1971-1982
Series 9: University of Alaska Instructional Telecommunications Consortium (UAITC); 1981-1982

Rights note: Richard Dauenhauer retains copyright and publication rights to all materials authored by him.  Materials authored by others may be subject to copyright.

Preferred citation: Richard Dauenhauer papers, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: The collection was deposited in the Archives by Richard Dauenhauer in 1985 and a deed of gift signed in 1996.

Processing information:  This collection was arranged and described prior to 1990.  Folder titles were retained where provided.

Container list:
Series 1: Poetry Manuscripts; 1961-1980.  0.7 cubic feet.
This series consists of drafts of poetry, notes, and translations by Richard Dauenhauer primarily relating to his period of graduate studies at the University of Texas and literature studies in Finland.

Box/Folder Description Dates
1/1 Poetry 1961-1963
1/2 Fall writing course 1963
1/3 Poetry 1964
1/4 Poetry 1964-1966
1/5 Old manuscripts – Texas, Finland undated 1966
1/6 Poems 1966-1967
1/7 Miscellaneous manuscripts/translations/copies 1967-1969
1/8 Poetry 1968
1/9 Medium: letters, advertisements, and poetry drafts for an experimental poetry translation magazine proposed by Richard Dauenhauer 1968
1/10 “Idea of Order” material for Concerto Poems undated 1968-1969
2/1 Miscellaneous poetry manuscripts. 1969-1975
2/2 Miscellaneous poetry and manuscripts circa 1960s-1975
2/3 Notes to Poems/miscellaneous manuscripts 1960s-1970s
2/4 Manuscripts 1960s-1970s
2/5 Manuscripts 1960s-1970s
2/6 Poetry manuscripts Phrenologies, Glacier Bay Concerto undated, 1980
2/7 Old manuscripts undated
2/8 Poetry translations undated
2/9 Drafts and duplicates undated

Series 2: Haavikko poetry translations; undated, 1968.  0.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of the poetry of Finnish poet Paavo Haavikko as translated by Richard Dauenhauer for a manuscript entitled The Aspen grove: poems by Paavo Haavikko.

Box/Folder Description Dates
3/1 Haavikko—earlier versions 1968 June
3/2 Haavikko—first version undated
3/3 Haavikko—first drafts undated
3/4 Haavikko—first and second drafts undated

Series 3: Glacier Bay Concerto; undated, 1971-1980.  0.65 cubic feet.
This series consists of drafts of the various movements of Richard Dauenhauer’s Glacier Bay Concerto, a work of Alaskan poetry.

Box/Folder Description Dates
4/1 Glacier Bay Concerto—poems in progress undated 1971-1972, 1975
4/2 Drafts—notes to Glacier Bay Concerto 1976
4/3 Glacier Bay Concerto Parts I and III (Xerox) 1976 December
4/4 Glacier Bay Concerto—draft with cover art 1980
4/5 Glacier Bay Concerto—first movement undated
4/6 Glass carbon.  Draft of the first movement entitled “Commander Glass cuts deeper into Kake” undated
4/7 Glass copy one undated
4/8 Glacier Bay Concerto undated
4/9 Glacier Bay Concerto—drafts and rejects undated
4/10 Glacier Bay Concerto—part II copy undated
4/11 Glacier Bay Concerto—final draft (electrostatic copies) undated

Series 4: Doxologies; 1978-1985.  0.8 cubic feet.
This series consists of drafts of a poetry work entitled Doxologies.

Box/Folder Description Dates
5/1 Doxologies—old copy  1978
5/2 Doxologies—draft of August 1979 from which clean copy was typed  1979 August
5/3 Doxologies 1979 August
5/4 Doxologies manuscript—old 1980
5/5 Doxologies—original 1980
5/6 Doxologies—working draft and corrections 1980 February
5/7 Doxologies—extra two-sided copy 1980 March
5/8 Manuscript Doxologies 1980-1981
5/9 Manuscript Doxologies 1980-1981
5/10 Doxologies 1981 August 5
5/11 Doxologies—draft 1981 August 5
6/1 Doxologies—master original 1981 September
6/2 Doxologies—copy, complete, 1981 September 18
6/3 Doxologies, working draft copy 1981 February
6/4 Doxologies 1981-1984
6/5 Doxologies—manuscript and printout 1984 January and April
6/6 Doxologies 1984 April
6/7 Doxologies—working draft 1985 September
6/8 Doxologies 1985 September 3
6/9 Doxologies—manuscript undated

Series 5: Phenologies; undated, 1979-1983. 0.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of drafts of and correspondence related to Phenologies.

Box/Folder Description Dates
7/1 Phenologies—manuscript and correspondence through 1983 1979-1983
7/2 Phenologies 1981 June 17
7/3 Phenologies—copy 1981 June 22
7/4 Phenologies undated
7/5 Phenologies—rejects undated

Series 6: Literary Review; 1966-1971.  0.35 cubic feet.
This series consists of records relating to the publication of a Finnish literature issue of Literary Review magazine.  Records include correspondence, translations of Finnish poetry, short stories, drama, and drafts of essays.

Box/Folder Description Dates
8/1 Parnasso—poems and essay material.  Draft of a manuscript entitled Poems from Parnasso: fifteen years of modern Finnish poetry 1951-1966 1966
8/2 Literary Review—original.  Correspondence between Richard Dauenhauer, the editor of the magazine, and various authors 1968-1971
8/3 Introduction 1969
8/4 Haavikko manuscripts: Two drafts of The aspen grove: poems by Paavo Haavikko translated by Richard Dauenhauer undated
8/5 Haavikko: Notes and drafts of an essay on the poetry of Paavo Haavikko undated
8/6 Other manuscripts: Draft of an essay on Finnish poetry and poetry translations undated
8/7 Literary Review essay undated
8/8 Drafts.  Typed drafts of translation of Finnish poetry, short stories, and drama undated
8/9 Literary Review draft undated
8/10 Drafts undated
8/11 Drafts undated

Series 7: “Finnbook” (Snow in May); undated, 1971-1980. 0.35 cubic feet.
This series consists of records relating to the publication of an anthology of Finnish literature in English translation based upon the Literary Review Finnish literature issue.  Records include correspondence, drafts of essays, and translated works.

Box/Folder Description Dates
9/1 Literary Review—notes and scraps.  Notes and other material concerning publication 1971
9/2 Literary Review correspondence.  Correspondence between Richard Dauenhauer, Phillip Binham, various authors and translators, and the publisher of the Literary Review undated
9/3 “Finnbook” rights correspondence.  Correspondence between Richard Dauenhauer, various authors and translators, and publishers 1973-1974
9/4 “Finnbook” rights correspondence 1975-1980
9/5 Finnbook—recent correspondence.  Correspondence between Richard Dauenhauer, various authors, and the editor of Associated University Press concerning publication problems 1973-1978
9/6 Finnbook—additions and corrections 1974
10/1 Finnish poetry—miscellaneous translations undated
10/2 Finnish short stories—miscellaneous translations undated
10/3 Poetry and prose copies undated
10/4 Finnish poetry and short stories—translations undated
10/5 Knight essay: Essay by William Knight on contemporary             Finnish poetry undated
10/6 My essay and introduction—first drafts and rejects undated
10/7 General book material undated
10/8 General book material undated
10/9 Snow in May—original photographs for illustrations: 36 black and white photographs of various scenes in Finland and various Finnish authors undated

Series 8: Tlingit/Native Language and culture studies; undated, 1971-1982.  0.35 cubic feet.
This series consists of records relating to Richard Dauenhauer’s studies of the culture and language of Alaska Native groups, particularly the Tlingit language and culture.  Records include correspondence, notes, essay and paper drafts, and grant proposals.

Box/Folder Description Dates
11/1 Supergrant.  Letters, proposals, notes, and other materials concerning the Tlingit Language Institute and the establishment of a center for Alaska Native Languages at the University of Alaska 1971-1972
11/2 UAF typescript (A Cry for Shaadaax).  Drafts of an essay entitles  “A cry for Shaadaax: style and personality in Tlingit prose narrative” 1974
11/3 Shaadaax 6 1974
11/4 AP 7.  Draft of paper entitled “Ixt’ik ‘Eesh: A Tlingit tradition bearer” 1974 December
11/5 Narrative frame version IV.  Draft of essay abstract entitled “The narrative frame: style and personality in Tlingit prose narrative” 1975 September
11/6 Essay on the history of Tlingit language scholarship 1975 December
11/7 Grants: Correspondence and other materials concerning grants to publish a Tlingit language reader 1975-1976
11/8 Conflicting visions—rough drafts.  Records relating to a paper concerning the impact of education on the language and culture of Alaskan natives 1980
11/9 Aleut Art: Paper draft authored by Lydia Black 1982
11/10 Songs (10) (Tlingit).  Draft translations of Tlingit songs undated
11/11 Historical background 2: Paper draft concerning the historical background of modern Tlingit culture undated

Series 9: University of Alaska Instructional Telecommunications Consortium (UAITC); 1981-1982.  0.25 cubic feet.
This series consists of records relating to Richard Dauenhauer’s involvement in a production of a Crosstalk Alaska program on increasing teaching effectiveness with native students, including correspondence, notes, and drafts of scripts.

Box/Folder Description Dates
12/1 UAITC correspondence 1981-1982
12/2 Typescripts 1981 September-1982 April
12/3 Script—final stages 1982 May


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