Guide to the AK Statehood Commission oral history records.

Guide to the Alaska Statehood Commission Alaska statehood movement oral history records. 

Collection number: HMC-0030.
Creator: Alaska Statehood Commission.
Title: Alaska Statehood Commission Alaska statehood movement oral history records.
Date: 1981.
Volume of collection: 1 cubic feet.
Language of materials: Collection materials in English.
Collection summary: An oral history project documenting Alaska’s progress to statehood.

Organizational history:

The Alaska Statehood Commission in 1981 embarked on an oral history project to record the recollections of those individuals who participated in the Statehood Movement. The investigators contacted and interviewed over 50 participants. The primary subjects were members of the Constitutional Convention, prominent individuals who promoted statehood, and participants in the government pro-statehood activities. Among those interviewed were Leo W. O’Brian, a Congressman from New York, who sponsored the statehood bill in the United States House of Representatives.

Collection description:

This collection consists of an historical essay on the Statehood Movement including an overview of the project, and biographical sketches of the interviewees. The collection also contains tapes and tape logs for 52 interviews. There are 60 tapes in the collection.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged by series: essay, tape logs, and tapes.

Rights note: The Archives does not hold rights to these materials.

Preferred citation: Alaska Statehood Commission Alaska statehood movement oral history records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Acquisition note: This collection was acquired by the Consortium Library in 1983 and transferred to the Archives.

Processing information: This collection was described in 1984.

Location of originals: The originals of this collection are at the Oral History Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Rasmuson Library.

Container list: (renumber folders in box 1)

Series 1: Statehood essay; 1981. 0.1 cubic feet.

Box/Folder Item
1/1 Alaska statehood essay.

Series 2: Tape logs; 1981. In alphabetical order by last name of interviewee. 0.4 cubic feet (52 items).

Box/Folder Interviewee
1/2 Karl Armstrong.
1/3 Robert Atwood.
1/4 William L. Baker.
1/5 Norman Banfield.
1/6 Ernest Bartley.
1/7 Carl Brady.
1/8 Seaborne Buchalew.
1/9 Edith Bullock.
1/10 John Butrovich.
1/11 Clifford Cernick.
1/12 Frank Chapados.
1/13 Jack Coghill.
1/14 Robert DeArmand.
1/15 Tom Fink.
1/16 Helen Fischer.
1/17 Dorothy Haaland.
1/18 Frank Harris.
1/19 John Hellenthal.
1/20 Chuck Herbert.
1/21 Walter Hickel.
1/22 Herb Hilscher/Steve McCutchen.
1/23 Philip Holdsworth.
1/24 Jim Hurley.
1/25 Joe Josephson.
1/26 Wendell Kay.
1/27 Bruce Kendall.
1/28 Yule Kilcher.
1/29 Leonard King.
1/30 Roger Lang.
1/31 George Lehleitner.
1/32 Edward “Russ” Meekins.
1/33 Dr. Lee McKinley.
1/34 Vern Metcalf.
1/35 Ralph Moody.
1/36 Les Nerland.
1/37 Katherine Nordale.
1/38 Leo O’Brien.
1/39 Raymond Plummer.
1/40 Bill Poland.
1/41 Harold Pomeroy.
1/42 Elmer Rasmuson.
1/43 Tillie Reeve.
1/44 George Rogers.
1/45 C. W. Snedden.
1/46 George Sullivan.
1/47 George Sundborg.
1/48 Clem Tillion.
1/49 Judge von der Heydt.
1/50 Ada Wein
1/51 Barrie White.
1/52 Lew Williams.
1/53 George M. Yeager.

Series 3: Oral history tapes; 1981.  0.5 cubic feet (60 cassette tapes).

Box/Item Interviewee
2/1-3 Karl Armstrong (3 tapes).
2/4 Robert Atwood.
2/5 William L. Baker.
2/6 Norman Banfield.
2/7 Ernest Bartley.
2/8 Carl Brady.
2/9 Seaborne Buchalew.
2/10 Edith Bullock.
2/11 John Butrovich.
2/12 Clifford Cernick.
2/13 Frank Chapados.
2/14-15 Jack Coghill (2 tapes).
2/16 Robert DeArmand.
2/17 Tom Fink
2/18 Helen Fischer.
2/19 Dorothy Haaland.
2/20 Frank Harris.
2/21 John Hellenthal.
2/22 Chuck Herbert.
2/23 Walter Hickel.
2/24 Herb Hilscher/Steve McCutchen.
2/25 Philip Holdsworth.
2/26 Jim Hurley.
2/27-28 Joe Josephson. (2 copies)
2/29 Wendell Kay.
2/30-31 Bruce Kendall (2 tapes).
2/32 Yule Kilcher.
2/33 Leonard King.
2/34 Roger Lang.
2/35-38 George Lehleitner (4 tapes).
2/39 Edward “Russ” Meekins.
2/40 Dr. Lee McKinley.
2/41 Vern Metcalf.
2/42 Ralph Moody.
2/43 Les Nerland.
2/44-45 Leo O’Brien (2 tapes).
2/46 Raymond Plummer.
2/47 Bill Poland.
2/48 Harold Pomeroy.
2/49 Elmer Rasmuson.
2/50 Tillie Reeve.
2/51 George Rogers.
2/52 C. W. Snedden.
2/53 George Sullivan.
2/54 George Sundborg.
2/55 Clem Tillion.
2/56 Judge von der Heydt.
2/57 Ada Wein
2/58 Barrie White.
2/59 Lew Williams.
2/60 George M. Yeager.

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