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Adding an article to the knowledge base

Adding a new article to the knowledge base is as easy as creating a post and selecting some categories.

Step 1:

Click on “Posts” then “Add New Post” from the admin menu. When you are logged in, you can also click on “+ New” in the menu at the top of any page.

Step 3:

Set the category as “Knowledge base” and choose one or more subcategories.

If your article doesn’t fit within any existing category, you can create a new category using the “Add New Category” link shown above.

Name your new category and set the parent category to “Knowledge base”. Your new category will automatically show up on in the menu on the left side of the knowledge base.

Step 3:

Add your title and start creating your post.

Step 4:

Hit publish, and you’re all set. Your article will automatically be added to the knowledge base homepage, as well as to any categories you selected.

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